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Chapter 311
Eighty-four consecutive victories, eighty-five consecutive victories, eighty-six consecutive victories, eighty-seven consecutive victories .

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There are only five people who can win in a row, including Thunder King Star Situ Lei, King Star Qi Heng, Dragon Sword Young Master Chi Yuye, Three Absolute Fairy Jiang Ruoliu and Li Fuchen .

Since defeating Teng Qingyun, Li Fuchen has never met any opponents . Instead, Chi Yuye has defeated Teng Qingyun and Jin Xudong .

Chi Yuye's 88th game, another strong enemy, is Three Absolute Fairy Jiang Ruoliu .

The battle between the two men was arrogant .

Chi Yuye's strength is strong, but Jiang Ruoliu's Illusion technique Martial Art is not vegetarian . If the spirit will not hold back, it doesn't matter if you are strong .

In the face of Jiang Ruoliu, Chi Yuye's face finally dignified .

Illusion technique Martial Art, I can't help myself . I don't know if I can resist it . If I can't help it, it's not bad if he can play half of his strength . It can't be Jiang Ruoliu's opponent .

Fortunately, for the Illusion technique Martial Art, he is not unprepared .


Upon coming to power, Jiang Ruoliu broke out the imposing manner, implying the imposing manner of the Intent Domain . It seemed to cut the space where the round table was located, and was in the middle of it, and was affected by the Illusion technique aura all the time .

Chi Yuye's heart is tight, and wherever she looks, everything is a bit distorted, and there is a glimpse of it .

Fortunately, the distortion is not very serious, the spacing of ghosting is very small, and his Heavenly Dragon Sword Art, the attack range is quite wide, almost no effect .

"Vault of Heaven Dance !"

Jiang Ruoliu figure shows off and dances .

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The dance is full of magic and aura .

This time, in the eyes of Chi Yuye, the ghosting distance is magnified ten times, and the spirit will all fluctuate wildly and want to indulge in it .

"The great Illusion technique Martial Art . "

Chi Yuye's face changed dramatically .

The Illusion technique Martial Art is many times more powerful than he imagined . If there is no other means, he will lose .

The left hand turned over and the long waist on the right waist fell on the hand, and Chi Yuye blew it up .

The sound of the flute was very impassioned, the tone was cadence, and when he heard the sound of the flute, the crowd seemed to see a terrible battlefield, and the two armies played against each other, and the sound of the world-shaking, and on top of a heap, the Chi Yuye pedal corpse, the left hand with a flute to play, the right hand holding the golden Long sword The body exudes a very strong bully aura, this moment of him, not only the sword in the emperor, but also the sword to kill God .


On the round table, Illusion aura dissipated most of the time, and Jiang Ruoliu's Vault of Heaven Dance was also a stagnation .

"sound wave Martial Art ?"

Jiang Ruoliu looks ugly .

There are many kinds of sound wave Martial Art, pure destructive power, and sound wave mart, Chi Yuye's sound wave Martial Art, which is obviously a kind of spirit . To some extent, it can eliminate the side effects caused by Illusion technique . .


The Vault of Heaven Dance is the Illusion technique movement technique, which is not only full of Illusion technique aura, but also very fast and flexible . The Jiang Ruoliu figure flashes on the left side of Chi Yuye and shoots out .

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This palm, under the rendering of the Illusion technique aura, is equally fascinating, plausible, and imaginary .


Holding the sword in the right, Chi Yuye penetrated Jiang Ruoliu's palm technique qi strength, and the golden sword light vented, forcing Jiang Ruoliu to bounce back and battered and exhausted .

"Jiang Ruoliu, others are afraid of your Illusion technique Martial Art, I am not afraid of it, Heavenly Dragon Sword Art – Soaring Heavenly Dragon . "

The humming sound, the Chi Yuye movement technique, the long sword waving in the hand, the golden sword light condensed, turned into a golden dragon, and swarmed toward Jiang Ruoliu .

Crackle and rattle !

Jiang Ruoliu's defense was broken and the golden sword light sputtered, like a wave, drowning her .

After a few strokes, Jiang Ruoliu finally admitted .

Her Vault of Heaven Dance has little impact on Chi Yuye . If Chi Yuye is only a little better than her, she still has hope for victory, but Chi Yuye direct is too strong and is a level stronger than her .

After defeating Jiang Ruoliu, Chi Yuye's voice reached peak . Without surprise, he will be the King Star of this Star List Great Competition .

According to the Star List Great Competition rules, only the top three talents can be called King Star .

King Star King Star, which stands for King of Star List, King of heaven's chosen .

Although King Star's talent potential may not be the top three, at least the strength is the top three, which is enough .

After all, to be a King Star, talent potential, even worse, at least the top ten, to be King Star .

As for Li Fuchen, this moment was forgotten by everyone .

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In the eyes of everyone, Li Fuchen is stronger, I am afraid it will not be the opponent of Jin Xudong and Jiang Ruoliu, but Jin Xudong and Jiang Ruoliu lost to Chi Yuye .

At this point, the Star List Great Competition has entered a later stage .

The ranking of strength is also beginning to take shape .

Among the six Young Masters, Dragon Sword Young Master Chi Yuye is the first in the industry, Eternal Spring Young Master Teng Qingyun Second, Flying Sword Young Master Luo Feiyun Third, Gale Young Master Han Yiming Fourth, Battle Spirit Young Master Xiahou Chuan Fifth , Heavenly Star Young Master Murong Di sixth .

Among the four fairies, Jiang Ruoliu defeated Xu Lin, who is still the head of the four fairies, Xu Lin is still the second, the third is Su Muyu, and the fourth is Yan Qingwu .

And the mixed ranking of Six Young Master and Four Fairies, Chi Yuye first, Jiang Ruoliu second, Teng Qingyun third, Xu Lin fourth, Luo Feiyun fifth, Han Yiming sixth, Xiahou Chuan seventh, Murong Di eighth Su Muyu ninth, Yan Qingwu tenth .

The next one, Golden Whip King Star Jin Xudong vs . Jiang Ruoliu .

The time of this war is very long .

On direct strength, Jin Xudong is much stronger than Jiang Ruoliu .

However, Jin Xudong did not have the sound wave Martial Art that could compete against the Illusion technique Martial Art, and eventually lost to Jiang Ruoliu .

Li Fuchen's personal event is the 95th, and the person facing the show is precisely Jin Xudong .

Jin Xudong's face is very ugly . As one of the Three King Stars, he has lost to Chi Yuye and Jiang Ruoliu, which is undoubtedly a great shame .

To know that King Star is a symbol of glory, it is better to win, lose, and be more ugly than others .

He seems to have heard that someone is discussing him that King Star is too bad .

Chi Yuye and Jiang Ruoliu are strong, but as King Star, you have to show your own prestige . The last Star List Great Competition, Chi Yuye is ranked 28, and Jiang Ruoliu is only seventh, two The progress is much bigger than him .

Therefore, when he was in a battle with Li Fuchen, Jin Xudong's face was cold and cold .

He can't be defeated anymore .

Otherwise he will be the joke of this Star List Great Competition .

“Jin Xudong is a bit miserable . ”

Qi Heng shook his head .

"This can only blame himself, the skill is not as good as people, and it is useless to say anything . "Situ Lei sneered .

Qi Heng is silent .

In fact, this can't blame Jin Xudong . His progress is big enough . Except for Chi Yuye and Jiang Ruoliu, it can be used against other people .

Unfortunately, Chi Yuye is too perverted, and Jiang Ruoliu's Illusion technique Martial Art is too unsolvable .

"Look at this battle . "Qi Heng stared at the two men on the round table .

On the round table .

Jin Xudong holding a golden iron whip, facing Li Fuchen coldly said: "I advise you to take the initiative to admit defeat, don't let me take action . "

Li Fuchen's strength is only stronger than Teng Qingyun . He does not think that the other party is qualified to fight with himself .

"Don't try to know . "

Li Fuchen slowly spits out a mouthful of impure air ,within the body bone, black iron sword mark lights up .

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