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Chapter 313
“Worthy is the first Direct Disciple of Odd Martial Artist . ”

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Jiang Ruoliu's heart sinks, she has a hunch, Li Fuchen is afraid of the person she most wants to meet .

"Vault of Heaven Dance . "

Jiang Ruoliu's dance movement technique seems to have magical power, even if it is a piece of clothing, it will bring endless illusion . Every time Jiang Ruoliu shows Vault of Heaven Dance, Heavenly Dipper Stone Pillar, most heaven's chosen can't look She was afraid of falling into Illusion and showing her ugliness .

Opposite, Li Fuchen has a clear vision .

Jiang Ruoliu's Vault of Heaven Dance is indeed very powerful . Although he is not affected, his mind is very sensitive . He can judge the power level of Vault of Heaven Dance without being affected .

"Flame Demon kills!"

With the black iron sword qi activate's Flame Demon, the power is more than 30% . I saw a red and black cover covering Jiang Ruoliu . The next moment, countless black iron Sword Aura intertwined, leaving a sword mark on Jiang Ruoliu . For almost a moment, Jiang Ruoliu became a blood man .

Jiang Ruoliu, defeated neatly, miserable .

"What, he is not afraid of the Illusion technique?"

Li Fuchen's strength, everyone is not surprised, but Li Fuchen is not afraid of the characteristics of the Illusion technique, but shocked everyone .

Not afraid of the Illusion technique, only two points can be explained .

Either have a secret talent and be immune to the Illusion technique .

Either the spirit will succumb to the extent of ignoring the Illusion technique .

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No matter which one, it is terrible .

"This child is a nemesis of my Three Absolute Palace if it grows up!"

Three Absolute Palace Palace Lord Brows up .

Three Absolute Palace can be ranked among the Ten Great Influences, mainly relying on the Illusion technique Martial Art, but if the Illusion technique Martial Art does not work, the Three Absolute Palace will undoubtedly be stripped of Ten Great Influence and replaced by other forces .

Fortunately, there is only one Li Fuchen .

With Li Fuchen defeating Jiang Ruoliu, the top four Star Lists have basically been confirmed . Although Thunder King Star Situ Lei and King Star Qi Heng have not encountered too many heaven's chosen so far, The strength of the two shows, the first four is stable, there is no need to compare .

In the fifth and third hundred games, King Star Qi Heng did not move . This time his opponent was Teng Qingyun .

Clang clang clang 锵…

Spark Sputtering, Teng Qingyun's dark green bamboo pole, madly slammed on Qi Heng, but the fear of everyone is that Qi Heng has no scars on his body, its powerful defense, actually ignore Teng Qingyun's full attack .

"I surrender . "

Teng Qingyun is stunned .

Even the defense of the other party can not be broken, how to fight .

In the fifth 4,468 games, Thunder King Star Situ Lei confronted Xu Lin .

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"Thunder Fist !"

In the face of the same Half-step Heavenly Dipper Realm, and the cultivation technique reached the seventeenth layer of Xu Lin, Thunder King Star Situ Lei only made a punch, a punch, the sky is full of mad thunder, endless mad thunder gather together, Condensed into a huge Thunder and Lightning Fist, bombarded on Xu Lin .


A stream of blood spouted, and Xu Lin retired and thundered and thundered .

"seventeenth layer cultivation technique?"

Li Fuchen raised an eyebrow .

Situ Lei cultivation's cultivation technique is not the general Profound level top rank cultivation technique, but the Thunder God Sect first cultivation technique, the famous Thunder and Lighting Divine Merit of Eastern Lín Continent .

The same is the seventeenth layer realm, Thunder and Lighting Divine Merit's destructive power is definitely Eastern Lín Continent first, on the comprehensive ranking, Thunder and Lighting Divine Merit is also the top three .

In addition, Situ Lei's Martial Art realm is obviously much higher than Xu Lin .

In the fifth thousand and six hundred games, Qi Heng battled Jiang Ruoliu .

Although knowing that he can't be a Qi Heng opponent, Jiang Ruoliu wants to know if his own Illusion technique Martial Art Vault of Heaven Dance can affect Qi Heng .

It turns out that the Illusion technique Martial Art is the Illusion technique Martial Art, and even if it doesn't move King Star Qi Heng, it has a illusion .

Unfortunately, Qi Heng's defense is too strong . Jiang Ruoliu's attack is only drizzy for Qi Heng . After being attacked several times, Qi Heng seized the opportunity and shot Jiang Ruoliu with a punch .

Next, Situ Lei also defeated Jiang Ruoliu .

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As the first King Star, Situ Lei is much stronger than Jiang Ruoliu . Even if it creates a illusion, it does not prevent him from roughly determining the position of Jiang Ruoliu . Next, all he has to do is make a punch . With this fist punching, the fist of the endless mad thunder, slamming into the void, just thunder and lightning, let Jiang Ruoliu be seriously injured, Illusion technique Martial Art is not broken .

Then, Situ Lei defeated Golden Whip King Star Jin Xudong .

The same is King Star, Jin Xudong's strength is a little bit worse than Situ Lei .

On the cultivation technique, Jin Xudong's cultivation technique is inferior to Situ Lei's Thunder and Lighting Divine Merit . On the cultivation technique, Jin Xudong is only a sixteenth layer Apex, which is not comparable to Situ Lei's seventeenth layer cultivation technique . Situ Lei's speed is lightning fast, and it is like a thunder .

Therefore, it is still a punch, and Jin Xudong is defeated .

Perhaps for Situ Lei, whether it is Jin Xudong or Jiang Ruoliu Xu Lin, it is almost the same, anyway, he can't beat him .

“Situ Lei is too strong . ”

"Qi Heng's defense is also strong . Perhaps only Situ Lei's fist can break his defense . I don't know if Chi Yuye and Li Fuchen can break his defense . "

"It's hard to say that the situation is confusing!"

Star List Great Competition At the end of the game, everyone held their breath .

This year's Star List Great Competition is known as the strongest one since the super expert disappeared . Facts have proved that there is nothing wrong with this rumor . This session is indeed the strongest one .

The last Situ Lei and Qi Heng were invincible, and every game was crushing opponents .

Jin Xudong is a lot worse . If it wasn't for the previous session, it would be difficult to become the third King Star .

In this session, the invincible people changed from two to four .

Chi Yuye and Li Fuchen have so far been invincible, and every game has won the crisp and crisp, without a trace of suspense .

On the Heavenly Dipper Stone Pillar, the Heavenly Dipper Battle Qi in the shape of the Flood Dragon under the four feet, from time to time roaring, compared with the other Heavenly Dipper Battle Qi, the four-person Heavenly Dipper Battle Qi, even more Oh, more overbearing, the inclusion of King aura, is also more and more intense, and there is a tendency to change from Flood Dragon to True Dragon .

In this way, the four people are also set off against the domineering, each one has the King of heaven's chosen, the future of the weather .

"I didn't expect it, I can go to this step with Azure Billow Sect Disciple . "

The fact that Zhao Wudu did not do Dharma Idol letter until now, before the Star List Great Competition, his best expectations for Li Fuchen were the top 30 or the top 20, never thought about the top ten, let alone the top four . .

And now it seems that Li Fuchen is likely to be one of the new Three King Stars .

"Who can see it in the future, we are just a small shrimp in the fate of the river, and it will follow the trend . "Ouyang Wentian Road .

Aside, two Azure Billow Sect Supreme Elder nodded . Although they are Shedding Body Realm martial artist, they are no different from mole crickets and ants in the face of fate . It is difficult to see through the fate of another person, especially The fate of heaven's chosen .


Heavenly Dipper Stone Pillar sinks and Li Fuchen's hundred and tenth battle comes .

On the other side, Chi Yuye's Heavenly Dipper Stone Pillar also sank .

The two looked at each other and their eyes sparked in the void .

The Flood Dragon form, the Heavenly Dipper Battle Qi, under the feet of the two men, roared each other, and rushed out of Heavenly Dipper Stone Pillar, a trend of crazy biting .

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