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Chapter 308
Without the Profound level top rank Martial Art Purple Qi Divine Needle, Teng Qingyun's strength is similar to that of Xu Lin, and it is similar to the strength exposed by Li Fuchen .

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Pēng pēng pēng pēng ……

Dark green bamboo pole and Profound Light Sword madly fight, almost for a moment, the two will fight for a dozen .

Teng Qingyun's face gradually became dignified . Li Fuchen's consciousness was much stronger than he had imagined . Several times he wanted to seize the opportunity, but he was noticed by the other side, but he was caught unprepared, if not he responded quickly . I am afraid that I will fall .

"The consciousness is quite strong . "

Teng Qingyun's consciousness is naturally far less than Li Fuchen, but Li Fuchen is limited by physical reactions, and it is impossible to put the role of consciousness to the limit . It is not bad to play a very small part .

The dark green bamboo pole was dyed with a layer of purple . Teng Qingyun instantly displayed the Profound level top rank Martial Art Purple Qi Divine Needle, one move one style, which was so fierce and ingenious that he always attacked Li Fuchen from an incredible angle .

What surprised Teng Qingyun was that his attack did not touch Li Fuchen's body . The other party seemed to be unpredictable and could always evade in advance .


Twisted True Spirit, Teng Qingyun's purple-colored bamboo pole in his hand, slammed into Li Fuchen, which was 30% faster than before . It was the unique skill used to defeat Xu Lin – purple qi .

Teng Qingyun believes that no one can avoid this trick except Thunder King Star Situ Lei .

But obviously, this does not include Li Fuchen .

Teng Qingyun At the moment of inspiring True Spirit, Li Fuchen's consciousness has already reacted, and Li Fuchen instantly evades when the opponent's move is out .


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The purple pole, dyed purple, pierced the afterimage of Li Fuchen, and a slender purple qi strength spurt out .


Teng Qingyun's face changed .

"Horn of Flame Demon . "

When Teng Qingyun broke out of the unique skill, it was also the moment when he showed his flaws and evaded the other side's unique skill . Li Fuchen bullied Teng Qingyun, and the sword stabbed the past . The Red Colored One Horned Void Shadow was as fast as electricity .

The old Teng Qingyun can't be evaded, nor can it be hardened by the bamboo pole . The two fingers in the left hand are combined, the purple qi strength is shot, and the Red Colored One Horned Void Shadow is hard .


Qi strength Explosion, Teng Qingyun reversing, blood spurted out .

"This child is highly conscious, and it is hard to imagine that Teng Qingyun's every move will not escape his Magical Eye . "

"In the case of almost the same offense and defense, I am afraid that no one is this child opponent . "

Heavenly Dipper Great Array Outside, the Shedding Body Realm martial Artist sighs in the heart .

Under normal circumstances, consciousness is not cultivating, and as the context of the cultivation base increases, consciousness will naturally increase .

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The root bone is high, the natural consciousness is generally strong, the same is 6 star root bone, also the Earth Fiend Realm peak cultivation base, Teng Qingyun's consciousness is higher than others, but it is obvious, compared with Li Fuchen As soon as Teng Qingyun's consciousness is weakened, it is a lot weaker .

Of course, the Shedding Body Realm martial artist still doesn't know that Li Fuchen's consciousness is much higher than they think, limited by physical reaction, and the performance is not obvious enough .

If Li Fuchen has the physical response of Shedding Body Realm martial artist, it is estimated that as long as one or two of the strengths, you can kill all the rare's chosen, including Three King Star .

A stroke hit Teng Qingyun, Li Fuchen did not give the other side any chance, but also a mad attack .

Teng Qingyun wanted to dodge, but under the conviction of Li Fuchen, every movement he made was expected by Li Fuchen .


Among the electric Flintstones, Red Colored One Horned Void Shadow runs through Teng Qingyun's chest .

Li Fuchen wins .

Xu Lin bit her lip . It is obvious that Li Fuchen did not come up with 10 to 10 of her skills when fighting with her . In most cases, she chose to have a hard time with her, if Li Fuchen took out the battle with Teng Qingyun . She can't support a few tricks .

Where did she know that Burning Heaven True Merit didn't break through the seventeenth layer, Li Fuchen's physical reaction could not support him to fight like this, then Burning Heaven True Merit broke through, Li Fuchen wanted to hone Burning Heaven True Merit and continue to choose hard It is not deliberately hiding this part of the strength .

On the Heavenly Dipper Stone Pillar, everyone was almost numb .

Teng Qingyun, who is the head of the Six Young Master, has lost . Under the Three King Star, who is Li Fuchen?

Perhaps Three Absolute Fairy Jiang Ruoliu has the opportunity to influence the state of Li Fuchen, but it is only speculation that Li Fuchen is so high-spirited that the spirit will be equally strong, and whether the Illusion technique can affect it is still unknown . .

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As for the Dragon Sword Young Master Chi Yuye industry, most people do not think it is a Li Fuchen opponent .

Chi Yuye, how freak, is also a rising star . It is not much older than Li Fuchen . It is already great to be able to catch up with Teng Qingyun .

Azure Billow Sect is also numb, including Zhao Wuwei .

Li Fuchen's performance is too freak, it is more freak than the peak of heaven's bestaven's chosen, to know that Li Fuchen is only twenty years old, waiting for him to be twenty-five years old, is not to have heaven defying .

Since the opening of Azure Billow Sect, such genius has never been seen before .

“It can be accepted as the Direct Disciple by the first Odd Martial Artist, and it will be simple . We all underestimate him . ”

Ouyang Wentian was surprised and happy .

As long as the first Odd Martial Artist is in the day, no one dares to move Li Fuchen, and as long as Li Fuchen can survive, one day in the future, there is no hope of becoming a peak Shedding Body Realm martial artist .

This is because Li Fuchen is a 1 star root bone . If Li Fuchen is a 5 star root bone, then the future must be a peak Shedding Body Realm martial artist .

At that time, Azure Billow Sect does not say whether it can become a peak force, at least can also laugh at Eastern Lín Continent .

In the fourth thousand and three hundred games, Teng Qingyun confronted Jiang Ruoliu .

One is the head of the Six Young Master, and the other is the head of the Four Fairies . The two matchups are in direct pursuit of the Battle of King Star .

Losing to Li Fuchen did not make Teng Qingyun mourn, but made his aura a lot more fierce .

Pēng pēng pēng pēng ……

Jiang Ruoliu's Illusion technique, in Teng Qingyun, has little effect, at least not to make Teng Qingyun's attack biased, and the ability to grasp the timing is worse .

After a great war, the two sides are equally divided .

"Excluding the Illusion technique, Jiang Ruoliu's strength is inferior to that of Xu Lin, and Teng Qingyun's strength is stronger than Xu Lin . "

Li Fuchen sees this in his eyes, secretly thought .

"Teng Qingyun, I lost to you in the last session . In this session, you will lose, Vault of Heaven Dance!"

Jiang Ruoliu's movement technique, suddenly changed, seems to be dancing, dancing, with endless subtle, but also contains the aura, the Heavenly Dipper Stone Pillar, more than 90% of the heaven's chosen, all have an illusion . The whole world seems to be dancing with Jiang Ruoliu, so beautiful, so flamboyant peerless .

“Illusion technique is integrated into Martial Art?”

Li Fuchen's face was amazed .

Under the psychedelic dance of Jiang Ruoliu, Teng Qingyun's consciousness finally became unstable . He snorted and Jiang Ruoliu Teng Qingyun was in front of him, and he suffered a serious injury to Teng Qingyun .

“She, cultivation became Illusion technique Martial Art?”

Golden Whip King Star Jin Xudong has changed his face .

Three Absolute Palace, truly wariness, is not the other Martial Art, but the most terrible Illusion technique Martial Art .

Illusion technique Martial Art, as the name suggests, contains the Illusion technique in Martial Art .

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