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Chapter 309
"I actually practiced Illusion technique Martial Art!"

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Xu Lin is also changing her face .

Martial Art contains destructive power that destroys the body of the martial artist .

The Illusion technique contains spiritual power and can confuse the mind of the martial artist .

When the two are combined, it is not as simple as adding a first grade to two .

Illusion technique Martial Art, the lowest level is Profound level high rank, its cultivation difficulty, is said to be very exaggerated, Three Absolute Palace many Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist, can be Profound level high rank Illusion technique Martial Art cultivation successful, no one .

And once the cultivation succeeds, the strength will be much more than the martial artist in the same world .

"With Vault of Heaven Dance, Wakabayashi's opponents now only have Situ Lei and Qi Heng . "Three Absolute Palace Palace Lord smiled lightly .

On the side, Three Absolute Palace Supreme Elder, whose hair is gray, said: "The strength of Situ Lei needless to say, Qi Heng's defense is too strong . If Liu will not break his defense, it is not a simple matter to win . "

Jiang Ruoliu, who exposed the Illusion technique Martial Art, surpassed Li Fuchen in an instant . In everyone's opinion, Jiang Ruoliu is definitely a King Star character . Except for King Star, no one is his opponent .

"tch tch, this Star List Great Competition, Worthy is super expert, the strongest Star List Great Competition since its disappearance, how the last ranking is no longer clear . "

"With the Illusion technique Martial Art, I am afraid that the status of Thunder King Star Situ Lei is somewhat unstable!"

“Li Fuchen is also very powerful, except for Three King Star and Jiang Ruoliu, which is his strongest . ”

Everyone has a lot of arguments, and the heart is emotional .

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In the 4,320th game, Li Fuchen successfully won a game .

With this game winning, Li Fuchen reached a eight-game winning streak, and his Heavenly Dipper Battle Qi changed from a giant form to a fierce Flood Dragon form .

Not only did one horn grow on the head, but also claws and fangs, and the scales were bright and neat, like a piece of polished metal copper, exuding terrible pressure and baleful qi .

Also reaching the eighty-game winning streak, there are Three King Star, Jiang Ruoliu and Chi Yuye .

The Heavenly Dipper Battle Qi under the feet of six people has turned into a form of Flood Dragon . For a time, the sound of the Dragon Dragon roaring, shaking the sky, and the faint King aura .

In the fourth thousand and five hundred games, Chi Yuye and Teng Qingyun came together .

On the round table, Chi Yuye has a golden crown on the head, and the face is like a crown jade . The left waist is equipped with a sword, and the right waist is a shackle . At the same time, with a smile, a singular aura is the only one in the sword . He curled up his mouth and seemed to be self-deprecating and like said confidently: "Probably everyone thinks that I am not a Li Fuchen opponent, and probably everyone thinks that my strength is at most equal to you . "

Teng Qingyun frowned, he didn't know what Chi Yuye was going to say .

"My Chi Yuye, it's not a supporting role, Teng Qingyun, let's start with you!"A gust of wind blew through, and Chi Yuye, wearing a gold-rimmed robes, fluttered .


The long sword is unsheathed, and the golden long sword emits dazzling rays of light in the sun .

“Heavenly Dragon Sword Art, Heavenly Dragon Asking Heart . ”


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The terrible sword cry sounded, the next moment, the dazzling golden light broke out, a golden dragon phantom suddenly appeared, and swam away toward Teng Qingyun, the strong imperial gas, sword qi, arrogant, seems to be the whole world The sword filled the cover .

This sword, overbearing to peak .

This sword is arrogant to peak .

Under this sword, all skills seem to have lost meaning .

"What, Heavenly Dragon Sword Art?"

Heavenly Dipper Stone Pillar, the heavenly's chosen stunned .

Like Teng Qingyun's Purple Qi Divine Needle, Chi Yuye's Heavenly Dragon Sword Art is also the Profound level top rank sword technique, and is the most terrible Profound level top rank sword technique, which is the secret of Heavenly Dragon Sword Sect . The Golden True Disciple is not eligible for cultivation at all, and only the unspoken Sword Dao genius of Chi Yuye can make an exception to the cultivation .

Once the cultivation of Heavenly Dragon Sword Art, on behalf of Chi Yuye became one of the heirs of Sect Master, there is a chance to compete for the Sect Master in the future .

The entire Heavenly Dragon Sword Sect, Shedding Body Realm lower, qualified for cultivation Heavenly Dragon Sword Art, no more than ten, Earth Fiend Realm cultivation base, only Chi Yuye .

Heavenly Dipper Great Array, Heavenly Dragon Sword Sect Sect Master Eyes are full of confidence, Chi Yuye is not the ordinary Sword Dao genius, but Heavenly Dragon Sword Sect Millennium Sword Dao genius, not only in a few years , Hidden Dragon Sword Technique cultivation to realm of perfection, and even the Heavenly Dragon Sword Art to the great accomplishment .

"Profound level top rank sword technique?"

Li Fuchen had to admit that Chi Yuye was the most talented potential he's chosen .

"Heavenly Dragon Sword Art?"

Teng Qingyun has changed his face .

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His Purple Qi Divine Needle is just the ordinary Profound level top rank Martial Art, and Heavenly Dragon Sword Art is the most peak Profound level top rank Martial Art .

The golden dragon phantom broke through the air, terrifying pressure and sword qi, is also crazy sweeping .

Teng Qingyun shouted, in the hands of the dark green bamboo pole, purple qi vertical and horizontal .

At this moment, Teng Qingyun casts the Purple Qi Divine Needle to peak .


Dark green bamboo pole illusion of infinite purple shadow, purple shadow gathers a bunch of purple light, facing the golden dragon phantom smashing away .


The golden light and the purple light are intertwined, and the entire round table seems to be shaking .

The next moment, a golden dragon phantom that was reduced in a circle, torn open qi strength, swooped to Teng Qingyun .

Crackle and rattle !

Teng Qingyun waved dark green bamboo pole and struggled to resist .

When the golden dragon phantom was crushed, Teng Qingyun had a cold sweat .

“Heavenly Dragon Sword Art , Soaring Heavenly Dragon !”


The sorghum's sword cry sounded again, and the golden dragon phantom crossed the sky, like a golden long rainbow . It was crazy, and it was faster and more powerful .

Resisting the three or four strokes, Teng Qingyun could no longer resist, and was cut by the golden dragon phantom Body Protecting True Qi . The whole person fluttered out of the flesh and blood, and for a time, the blood was filled .

Two moves, Teng Qingyun lost .

The strength of Chi Yuye is so shocking to everyone .

"We all underestimate Chi Yuye, his strength, also the King Star level, and unlike Jiang Ruoliu, Chi Yuye's strength is an upright strength, and Jiang Ruoliu needs to rely on the Illusion technique to confuse the opponent's mind . "

"The situation is getting more and more confusing . I really don't know what the final outcome is . "

After taking a deep breath, everyone was a little excited . Although they are not strong, they can see this kind of heaven's chosen showdown . It is also a very enjoyable and long-sighted thing . After three years, it is estimated that there is no such thing . It’s a grand occasion .

After defeating Teng Qingyun, Chi Yuye won a winning streak with a winning streak .

In his 83rd battle, he finally met a super heavyweight character, Golden Whip King Star Jin Xudong .

No one expected that Chi Yuye met the Three King Star so quickly .

According to the previous example, Heavenly Dipper Great Array will generally leave strong behind .

Golden Whip King Star Jin Xudong His face is gloomy . There are too many uncertainties in this session . One Jiang Ruoliu and one Chi Yuye are uncertain factors . He has no absolute grasp to defeat both .

"Jin Xudong, take action!"

On the round table, Chi Yuye looks calm and seems to be facing one of the Three King Stars, but an ordinary top of the heaven's chosen .

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