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Chapter 307
Light Dance Fairy Yan Qingwu, Heavenly Star Young Master Murong Di, Battle Spirit Young Master Xiahou Chuan, Wind Snow Fairy Xu Lin, Gale Young Master Han Yiming .

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At this point, Li Fuchen has defeated five Young Master-class fairy figures .

As for Su Muyu, Li Fuchen has not met her yet, but Su Muyu has lost to Murong Di . Naturally, it is impossible for Li Fuchen to be an opponent, so there is no impact if it is not met .

After defeating Gale Young Master Han Yiming, Li Fuchen is on the road, standing on Heavenly Dipper Stone Pillar, figure is straight like a sword, giving a sense of sword qi vertical and horizontal .

Opposite the round table, the Dragon Sword Young Master Chi Yuye industry, one south and one north, is faintly produced .

Star List Great Competition, the more backward, the more intense .

Star Fate Mountain and Heavenly Dipper Great Array seem to have a sense of control, control the rhythm of the game, although there are fierce battles in the early stage, but the frequency is very low, there are very few scenes of the heaven's chosen match .

In the third and second hundred, Eternal Spring Young Master Teng Qingyun confronted Gale Young Master Han Yiming .

Teng Qingyun's weapon is a dark green bamboo pole, bamboo pole is wood-like, like gold and gold, like a work of art .

Han Yiming took advantage of the lightness merit movement technique . He flashed around Teng Qingyun and waited for an attack .

However, Teng Qingyun only forced him to make a fuss .

As the head of the Six Young Master, Teng Qingyun is peak in all aspects, dark green bamboo pole in his hand, as if there is life, a random wave, qi strength in the void, like spring comes, everything grows, does not live interest .

“Perfection level Profound level high rank Martial Art !”

Li Fuchen was surprised .

How can he not see that Teng Qingyun has upgraded the Martial Art's True Meaning to realm of perfection, one move one style, which is very perfect .

With its Earth Fiend Realm peak cultivation base, it is terrible, both in terms of subtlety and power .

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"The grass is growing!"

On the round table, after five strokes, Teng Qingyun killing move, the dark green bamboo pole in the hands, the shadow of the lush bamboo pole, the Han Yiming that is constantly evading .


Han Yiming vomited blood backwards and lost in an instant .

In the third thousand and five hundred games, Teng Qingyun and Xu Lin met .

The battle between the two was extremely fierce, and it was fiercely three points compared to Li Fuchen .

Xu Lin occupies a high cultivation base, and the cultivation technique has a high realm . The imposing manner is compelling, and the blizzard-like qi strength is mad at Teng Qingyun .

Teng Qingyun's cultivation base and cultivation technique are not Xu Lingao, but Teng Qingyun's Martial Art is in a higher position, and Teng Qingyun's consciousness is obviously higher than others . Otherwise, it is impossible to defeat six strokes . Han Yiming .

Pū pū pū pū ……

The bamboo pole is agile and quick, and it bursts into a blizzard . It is only a matter of time . Teng Qingyun Body Protecting True Qi is also covered with a thin layer of frost, and True Spirit runs much slower .

"Wind Snow Connecting Heavens . "

With the cultivation base breaking through to Half-step Heavenly Dipper Realm, Xu Lin showed this trick with almost no sequelae . The moment, the violent wind and snow qi strength rushed to Teng Qingyun .

"It's good . "

Teng Qingyun looked serious, his hand dark green bamboo pole, suddenly dyed a layer of purple .

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Purple is bright, purple is glamorous .


Teng Qingyun screamed and dyed the purple bamboo pole, hot knife through butter, and smashed the wind and snow, and clicked on Xu Lin's Body Protecting True Qi .


The purple qi strength is like a needle tip . It suddenly penetrates Xu Lin's Body Protecting True Qi and shoots into the body .

Blood spurted out and Xu Lin stepped back .

“Profound level top rank Martial Art ?”

Xu Lin was surprised .

Teng Qingyun did not win the pursuit, slowly said: "Yes, my Martial Art, called Purple Qi Divine Needle, although there is no cultivation of True Meaning, but also great accomplishment, breaking your Body Protecting True Qi is easy . "

“Profound level top rank Martial Art of the great accomplishment?”

The crowd exclaimed .

Profound level top rank Martial Art, as its name implies, is the most powerful in Profound level Martial Art . In today's Earth level Martial Art scarcity, Profound level top rank Martial Art is supreme .

Profound level top rank Martial Art Although the True Meaning has not yet been realized, the True Spirit revolved method is infinitely mysterious .

It can be seen that Teng Qingyun, the Purple Qi Divine Needle Martial Art, can condense a large number of True Spirit into a line . If you have broken Body Protecting True Qi, if it is nothing, it is Xu Lin . It is estimated that even Three King Star is not willing to directly Take a blow .

“Worthy is the head of the Six Young Master, and actually put the Profound level top rank Martial Art cultivation into the realm of great accomplishment . ”

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Li Fuchen secretly admire .

Profound level high rank Martial Art is always Profound level high rank Martial Art, even if it comprehends True Meaning, the power is greatly increased, in terms of moves, it is not as good as Profound level top rank Martial Art .

Profound level top rank Martial Art, on the move, the mystery reached a peak .

"No, no, this child's Martial Art achievement is catching up with me . "Zhao has a faceless smile .

He is the Heavenly Dipper Realm peak cultivation base, and today he is also competing with the Profound level top rank Martial Art True Meaning .

Ouyang Wentian said: "This child is one of the most prominent people of this era, and this Martial Art is a normal achievement . "

Compared to Zhao Wuwei, Ouyang Wentian was surprised, but not too surprised .

In their time, those who were peak, as long as they didn't die, are now Shedding Body Realm middle rank and even high rank cultivation base, and he is just Shedding Body Realm 2nd layer cultivation base .

And Zhao has never gotten the whole continent, and it was nothing . In the Azure Billow Sect, it was just the ordinary Golden True Disciple .

Naturally, it's hard to imagine the terrible of heaven's chosen .

In the third 650th, Three Absolute Fairy Jiang Ruoliu confronted Flying Sword Young Master Luo Feiyun .

In the face of Jiang Ruoliu, the head of the four fairies, Luo Feiyun did not dare to care about it . The first time the distance was opened, the flying sword secret technique broke out .

Jiang Ruoliu with the Half-step Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivation base, the imposing manner is amazing, and her imposing manner, with the intent of the Intent Domain, Luo Feiyun's flying sword secret technique, is not a problem, but at the moment it is like Lost the head, obviously Jiang Ruoliu did not move, but did not hit her once .

"Illusion technique?"

Li Fuchen has a look .

It is also the absolute's chosen, Jiang Ruoliu's Illusion technique, which naturally prevents Luo Feiyun from falling into Illusion, but it is too simple to let Luo Feiyun be affected .

In the end, Jiang Ruoliu flew Luo Feiyun with the Illusion technique .

At this moment, except for Thunder King Star Situ Lei, even if it does not move King Star Qi Heng and Golden Whip King Star Jin Xudong, it is not serious .

They didn't know how to resist Jiang Ruoliu's Illusion technique . I didn't expect it to be seen for three years . The other's Illusion technique, which has been issued through the imposing manner, is even more difficult to prevent .

In the 3,720th game, Jiang Ruoliu defeated Gale Young Master Han Yiming and Illusion technique prestige ability again, leaving Han Yiming at a loss .

In the third thousand and nine hundred games, Li Fuchen confronted Teng Qingyun .

One is the king of the dark horse, and the other is the first of the six Young Masters . This matchup is undoubtedly a super heavyweight showdown, second only to King Star .

"You are not my opponent . "

Teng Qingyun indifferently said .

Li Fuchen's trump card, has been exposed, in addition to defense, the strength is similar to Xu Lin .

Unfortunately, his Purple Qi Divine Needle has excellent defense effect .

Specially restrained Li Fuchen .

"This may not be the case . "

Li Fuchen was calm and unaffected by Teng Qingyun's words .


Teng Qingyun was a little surprised . Seeing Li Fuchen like this, there seems to be a trump card .

"I have to see, what is your trump card?"Teng Qingyun took the lead in launching an attack, and in the hands of the dark green bamboo pole, he turned into a heavy shadow and drilled to Li Fuchen .

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