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As the meteor penetrated his body, Ma Taichong became frozen on the spot

It was useless right now even if you had qi armor or even a demonic beast pelt armor.

In a single thrust, everything would be pierced through.

With a swing of the black iron sword, another sword qi was sent out as it cut off an arm from Ma Qingyang. Li Fuchen then said in an indifferent tone, "From now on, any Ma clansmen who dares to take another step in the Zheng clan’s residence, shall all die."

He didn’t kill Ma Taichong. Though with the sword qi penetrating his body, even if he didn’t die, he would be half crippled.

Similarly, he didn’t kill Ma Qingyang either, cutting off an arm was a warning.

"Run, run quickly."

How could the Ma clansmen dare continue to be arrogant. They helped Ma Taichong and Ma Qingyang up, then hurriedly ran away like a dog.

The Zheng clansmen were still shocked and as though they were having a dream. Twice the Ma clansmen came to the Zheng clan’s residence, twice they were chased off like dogs running for their lives.

And the root of it all was this young man in front of them.

A single blade for each of them, getting rid of the Ma clansmen and having them vow to never return to the Zheng clan’s residence again.

Such prowess.

Such brilliance.

No matter the gender or the age, everyone looked at Li Fuchen with reverence.

"Young hero Li, we can’t thank you enough with just our words. Our Zheng Clan may be a small clan and cannot help young hero Li with much. But in the future, as long as young hero Li asks, we will sacrifice our lives if needed!"

The Zheng clan’s patriarch and veteran walked over and bowed with wrapped fists. Their upper body was bent over in a very low position, almost reaching the floor.

The Zheng Clan was much too indebted to Li Fuchen.

Retrieving the jade buddha was one debt.

Resolving the Ma Clan was yet another debt.

Without Li Fuchen, their Zheng Clan may not even exist right now and would have vanished without a trace.

Li Fuchen replied, "You all aren’t indebted to me. I am just returning a favour. Don’t mention this anymore."

A single 3 star secret technique was more than enough to settle all debts. In the heart of Li Fuchen was a steel balance that didn’t wish to take advantage of the Zheng Clan.

Hearing his reply, the Zheng clansmen' view on Li Fuchen rose from reverence to worshipping.

This was what it meant to be a true hero. Humble, generous, and honest.


With the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique at the third rank, Li Fuchen planned to leave the Zheng’s residence.

But he wasn’t going to return to the sect, but back to Mount Soaring Snow.

The milk stone effects in his body was now completely refined. He was determined to reach the completion rank for the Hidden Blood Body Technique this time.

In one of the giant peaks of Mount Soaring Snow…

In the karst cave that was a hundred feet high, was a gigantic stalactite that formed downwards like a god's hammer, about to smash the earth.

Standing by the pool, Li Fuchen tossed a piece of rock in.

Seeing no reaction moments later, Li Fuchen then stripped down and jumped into the pool.


There was just two more weeks before Li Fuchen had officially become an inner sect disciple for three years. Li Fuchen finally attained the completion rank for the Hidden Blood Body Technique. His physical strength was now at 40,000 kg.

"It is time to head back to the sect."

If he didn’t submit the mission within a year or couldn’t manage to complete it, he would be punished. Although it was just some deduction of contribution points, Li Fuchen still didn’t wish for it.

After Li Fuchen left for a few days, Yan Qingwu returned to Mount Soaring Snow.

"How dare he return." Yan Qingwu's face was cold as ice.

The milk stone’s effects within the pool was limited. And as compared to before, the effects were at least reduced by 30%.

"Do not ever let me see you again."

Removing her clothes, the fair and dazzling Yan Qingwu leapt into the pool and sank to the bottom.


"The Mystical Dragon Secret Technique sure is full of mystics. The first and second rank were all about qi compression, but the third rank is how to transmute one's qi. No wonder I couldn’t comprehend it until the fight with Ma Taichong, which triggered the sudden progress."

On the way back, Li Fuchen couldn’t help but reminisce about the things that happened.

Obtaining the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique was undoubtedly his destiny.

This 3 star secret technique was overwhelmingly strong.

When at the second rank, his qi burst was equivalent to his body progressing to the seventh level of the Origin Realm. When at third rank, his qi burst was as though he was at the eighth level of the Origin Realm.

It was a known fact that when a weak martial artist progressed, it is much inferior to when a strong martial artist progressed.

When a weaker individual advanced a level, there are limits to how much their ability would increase.

When Li Fuchen advances a level, his abilities skyrockets.

It is unbelievable that a single secret technique has allowed his combat prowess to attain power like that of an eighth level Origin Realm martial artist.

But after some thought, it wasn’t that surprising after all. The first and second rank of the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique was about qi compression. The third rank transmuted the scarlet fire qi into an even more formidable qi.

Li Fuchen named this formidable qi, mystical dragon qi.

Or maybe fire dragon qi.

The fire dragon qi was extremely domineering. It was like molten lava and wasn’t a qi form anymore. It could be considered a half qi, half liquid state.

"With the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique, I have achieved at least one year's worth of effort. Destiny and fate sure is a mysterious existence."

Smiling while shaking his head, Li Fuchen clamped hard on the class 2 demonic blood horse’s abdomen and increased his travelling speed.


On the final day before his official third year, Li Fuchen had returned to the Azure Water Sect.

Submitting his mission, Li Fuchen let out a breath of relief as he almost missed the time frame.

Walking out of the mission hall and passing by a side route, Li Fuchen saw Guan Yilong, Yang Ao, and Li Tianshi. Li Tianshi was questioning the two of them.

"Guan Yilong! Yang Ao! Li Fuchen still isn’t back yet… Did the two of you do anything?"

Li Tianshi shouted with anger.

Yang Ao and Guan Yilong just snorted, "Li Tianshi. Has your mind become dead? How dare you come talk to us with such an atrocious tone. What’s more, that little b*****d is just a normal bone frame. It would be better for him to die out there and help purify your Li Clan’s bloodlines."

The two of them were certain that Li Fuchen was dead.

But they didn’t think Li Fuchen was done in by their clans' inner sect deacon apprentices. All the inner sect deacon apprentices from their three clans weren’t back yet and were most probably dead.

They assumed that the Liao Clan sent someone to murder Li Fuchen. After all, Li Fuchen was not back yet either.

They felt relieved that Li Fuchen was dead.

They were quite concerned and afraid of the growth of Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen who defeated Liao Tianjun had become their nightmare, causing them difficulty to rest and eat in peace.

"You are despicable." Li Tianshi grieved. After all, he was a descendant of the Li Clan and wanted the Li Clan to thrive and be glorious. Li Fuchen undoubtedly has the potential to become an Azure Water Sect’s direct disciple and bring honor to the clan.

Guan Yilong sneered, "Li Tianshi, you better be more concerned about your own well-being. Who knows when will be the day that you will die."

"That’s right, you better be aware when you walk. Else you may fall to your death!" Yang Ao mocked.

"The two of you seem to be in high spirits!"

A familiar voice echoed.

Yang Ao and Guan Yilong were shocked as they turned around.

As soon as they turned, their faces were full of fear.

"Fuchen! You’re back!" Li Tianshi was very pleased.

Li Fuchen looked at Li Tianshi and nodded. He then gave a cold look at both Yang Ao and Guan Yilong, "Are you guys disappointed that I’m not dead?"

"Li Fuchen, what nonsense are you spouting? I don’t understand."

Guan Yilong held his ground while gulping.

"I said, aren’t you guys disappointed that I am not dead!" Li Fuchen raised his voice. The gigantic voice caused Guan Yilong and Yang Ao to tremble in fear.

"Li Fuchen, you better mind it. This is the sect."

Yang Ao looked back and had the intent to retreat.


Li Fuchen’s qi presence rushed into the sky. His right hand pressed down on the space above the two of them.

Plop! Plop!

The both of them were forced to kneel down.

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