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"Li Fuchen, you dare humiliate me?!"

Veins were popping from agitation on Guan Yilong's face as he roared.

"Li Fuchen, do you know the consequences of what you have done?!"

Yang Ao nearly went mad. Since young, when has he ever needed to kneel before anyone. He never would have thought that he would be kneeling before Li Fuchen today.

The two of them didn’t expect Li Fuchen’s ability to be so overwhelming. It was even a few folds stronger than during his battle with Liao Tianjun. The duo could now only think of their pride which was at stake.

"Fuchen’s ability?" Li Tianshi realized that he couldn’t fathom Li Fuchen at all. Li Fuchen's ability improved too quickly. Previously after a short period of time, he had a huge progression, now after yet another period of them, his ability was as overwhelming as this current state.

"So what if I ridicule you guys?" Li Fuchen spoke lightly.

"Li Fuchen, what are you doing?"

Right at this moment, a cold and all mighty voice echoed from afar.

Li Fuchen and Li Tianshi looked over. It was the Shen Tu Clan’s youth generation leader, Shen Tu Jianming.

"Shen Tu Jianming, what has this got to do with you." Li Tianshi's guts got even tougher than before, as he spoke bluntly.

Shen Tu Jianming shot a glare at Li Tianshi, "Li Tianshi, when did your guts grow so tough enough to speak to me in this manner?"

Within the Azure Water Sect, his Shen Tu Clan may not hold any power. But in front of the 3 other major clans of Cloud Mist City, he, Shen Tu Jianming was the heavens. As long as Shen Tu Jianhe was around, his position would always be far superior than the other 3 major clansmen.

"Shen Tu Jianming, if you care for your own reputation, you better get lost now."

Li Fuchen couldn’t be bother to be respectful to Shen Tu Jianming.

Whatever city lord’s clan or Shen Tu Clan, he didn’t put them in his eyes.

Back when at Cloud Mist City, he once dreamt of fighting with the other 3 major clans for power after entering the sect and having some achievements.

But now, he had already discarded that dream. He just wanted to oppress the 3 other major clan now, because the 3 major clans wasn’t worthy enough for him to fight with them.

When he returned to Cloud Mist City, is when the 3 major clans would topple.

"What did you say?!" Shen Tu Jianming pointed at Li Fuchen, trembling with anger.

"I asked you to get lost!" Li Fuchen shouted.

"Li Fuchen, do you know who you are talking to? Are you trying to rebel? Aren’t you afraid that my Shen Tu Clan will punish your Li Clan?" Shen Tu Jianming’s face turn dark, as he revealed some killing intent.

"So what if it is the Shen Tu Clan? If you are not leaving then come over and kneel together."

Li Fuchen waved his hand, an invisible qi force pressured Shen Tu Jianming to kneel.

"Li Fuchen, you b*****d. I will let you die!" Shen Tu Jianming’s eyes were bloodshot.

Pa pa pa pa pa……

Li Fuchen gifted the opposition a few dozen slaps which made Shen Tu Jianming’s face swell up like a pig's head.

"Fuchen, isn’t this too much?" Li Tianshi was still worried about the Shen Tu Clan, as he asked with hesitation.

Li Fuchen didn’t bother, "Don’t worry, I know the limits."

These three clans have had their ways for so many years, it was time for them to pay the price, but a pity that the time hasn’t arrived yet.

Due to the commotion here, it garnered the attention of a few dozen inner sect disciples. Every one of them were pointing and gesturing at Shen Tu Jianming, Yang Ao, and Guan Yilong.

"Isn’t he Li Fuchen? Why is there something happening whenever I see him."

"What could have these three have done to offend Li Fuchen to actually be forced to kneel? Such humiliation!"

"Who asked Li Fuchen to be this dominant that even Liao Tianjun shixiong took a beating and lost an arm."

"Let’s wait and see! The Liao Clan’s revenge will be served sooner or later."

It was normal to have pity for the weaker individuals. Everyone wasn’t delighted to see the dominance of Li Fuchen.

"Dominion Sword shige, something seems to be happening? Let’s go take a look." Hundreds of meters away, a group of inner sect disciples were grouped up. The leader of the group was precisely Dominion Sword, Liu Wuhuang.

Dominion Sword, Liu Wuhuang, ninth level of the Origin Realm. His fame was of the highest within the inner sect that even Yu Wen Tian couldn’t match up to.

After all, Yu Wen Tian was a 5 star bone frame, Liu Wuhuang was also a 5 star bone frame.

Most importantly, his was much older than Yu Wen Tian. After a short period of time, he would be able to progress to the Earth Realm and be promoted to a direct disciple.

Without much effort, the group arrived at where the crowd was and saw three individuals kneeling on the ground; they saw Li Fuchen at the same time.

"It’s Li Fuchen!" The disciple beside Liu Wuhuang was shocked.

"This Li Fuchen sure is too overbearing. Who does he think he is to force people to kneel?"

"A mere normal bone frame trying to make himself look like a 5 star bone frame. I cannot get use to this."

"Dominion Sword shige, shouldn’t you go interrupt and erase Li Fuchen’s prowess."

In truth, Liu Wuhuang didn’t like Li Fuchen.

He who was titled Dominion Sword, was indeed rather domineering in person.

He allowed only himself to be dominant but not others.

Walking out from the crowd, Liu Wuhuang ignored Li Fuchen and came to the front of Shen Tu Jianming trio, "The three of you may leave! It will never be too late to take revenge, even if it’s ten years later. There will always be an opportunity."

As he stated that, he released his qi presence to negate Li Fuchen’s qi presence.

Li Fuchen laughed, "This shixiong… Aren’t you meddling in something outside of your zone?"

If it had been anyone else who offended him, he wouldn’t have made them kneel, after all kneeling was too much of a humiliation. But these people were the ones who tried to kill him. Why should he care about how they felt?

If Li Fuchen was in the outside world, he would have already killed the three of them.

Liu Wuhuang turned around and replied, "Do you like making people kneel?"

Li Fuchen didn’t express his opinion.

"Your ability is strong, so you can make them kneel. My ability is strong too, should I make you kneel as well?" Liu Wuhuang had eyes like a sword which slashed right at the souls of people and gave off a strong pressure.

"I’m afraid you aren’t good enough." Li Fuchen replied.

"Hoohh… Is that so? I sure would like to try."

The qi presence on Liu Wuhuang’s body grew intense. The dominating qi presence was like the prowess of a king, shrouding Li Fuchen.

With the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique activated, Li Fuchen’s qi presence bursted through the sky. The qi presence gave off the prowess of a mighty king of beasts.

Li Fuchen’s qi presence then clashed head on with Liu Wuhuang's, even suppressing Liu Wuhuang.

Plop! Plop! Plop!

The Shen Tu Jianming trio who just got up, was again pressured to kneel back down from the qi presence of the two. Their minds went haywire and were depressed for a moment.

"D**n it!"

Shen Tu Jianming clenched his fist tightly, feeling the urge to immediately return back to Cloud Mist City to murder the whole household of the Li Clan.

"Do you know the consequences of provoking me?" Liu Wuhuang spoke coldly.

Li Fuchen replied, "You were the one who provoked me first."

"Seems like if I do not teach you a lesson, you will never learn. You shall kneel down too!"

Liu Wuhuang had sharp and discerning eyes which instantly realized that Li Fuchen's qi presence contained some other enhancement and that his original ability wasn’t supposed to be so strong.

With qi gathered in his hands, Liu Wuhuang was about to make his move.

"Stop all this nonsense!"

Right at this moment, an inner sect elder who happened to pass by gave a cold roar. His voice shattered both Li Fuchen’s and Liu Wuhuang’s qi presence.


Everyone was astonished and bowed with respect.

An inner sect elder was unlike an outer sect elder. No one dared to defy them.

"Everyone shall be dismissed from here. What is everyone doing here, causing all this havoc." The inner sect elder was obviously in the midst of a task, hence the reason why he left after giving a simple statement.

"You are lucky today. You won’t be so lucky the next time round."

Liu Wuhuang glared at Li Fuchen and left.

"I shall await for you."

Li Fuchen didn’t even bother to look at the Shen Tu Jianming trio and left with Li Tianshi.

"What a pity to not be able to see Dominion Sword shige teach Li Fuchen a lesson."

"Indeed. But not to worry, the inner sect is only so big. Li Fuchen has nowhere to run."

"I wonder what kind of scene it would be to see Li Fuchen kneeling."

Seeing that the main cast was gone, everyone left, leaving behind the Shen Tu Jianming trio.

The three of them clenched their teeth but couldn’t do anything. Rather, it was Shen Tu Jianming who whispered something to Guan Yilong and Yang Ao.

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