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The Zheng clansmen were all shaking in fear under Ma Taichong's qi presence. Even the Zheng clan’s patriarch and veteran were looking pale, not daring to say a single word.

In this martial world, the difference between cultivation realms was like being separated by a wide canal.

Once at the Earth Realm, one would be able to utilize their qi force.

Qi pressure is the combination of qi presence and spiritual willpower. It has the pressure coming from both attributes.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that under normal circumstances, even eight ninth level Origin Realm martial artists wouldn’t be able to defeat a single Earth Realm martial artist. It wasn’t because of insufficient ability, but battle intent. Under qi pressure, one would be considered competent if one can utilize 60% of his/her original strength.

But if there were more ninth level Origin Realm martial artists, then the situation might be different. With more numbers, the group’s qi force would be stronger. A heaven Realm martial artist wouldn’t dare use just their qi pressure to fight against a troop of a thousand soldiers.

"Where is that little b*****d."

Ma Taichong questioned the Zheng clan’s patriarch and veteran.

"You are already at such an old age. Why are you here spouting all this nonsense, instead of enjoying your time at home?" Li Fuchen slowly strolled out.

"Little b*****d, don’t think you have a sharp mouth. I will teach you a lesson on behalf of your parents."

Ma Taichong used his qi pressure to oppress Li Fuchen.

Against Ma Taichong’s qi pressure, Li Fuchen remained indifferent, "You qi pressure is too weak. Just this level and you dare come here to put on this shameful display?"

Experiencing Ma Taichong’s qi pressure, Li Fuchen estimated his cultivation technique to be a yellow class peak-tier one.

Perhaps Ma Taichong was in the Azure Water Sect during his youth.

Obviously, when he was young, he was at most probably just an odd job disciple or an outer sect deacon apprentice. Which was why he didn’t have the chance to get in touch with a mystic class, low-tier cultivation technique.

To get access to mystic class, low-tier cultivation techniques, one must either be an inner sect disciple, use large amount of contribution points to redeem, or join the Azure Water Army. In short, there weren’t many options.

Ma Taichong expected he couldn’t use qi pressure to oppress Li Fuchen, but instead wanted to test the opposition. Seeing that his qi pressure didn’t work, he ignited his qi and made a move.

"Old dog, I too wanted to try out the power of my secret technique. I shall use you as a guinea pig!"

Fourteenth rank Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique revolving.

Second rank Mystical Dragon Secret Technique activated.


Li Fuchen’s qi presence bursted through the roof and didn’t look inferior to Ma Taichong's. The quality of his qi presence seemed to be even better than Ma Taichong’s. It contained an indescribable imposing aura.

"What? He cultivated the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique to the second rank?"

The Zheng clan’s veteran was dumbstruck, his heart was shocked.

After cultivating the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique, one’s qi presence would contain a special aura that is then able to increase one’s qi force.

He has only reached the first rank of Mystical Dragon Secret Technique, thus the effect of the special aura is minute.

But in Li Fuchen’s qi presence the special aura is at least ten folds stronger than his own.

It was obvious that Li Fuchen’s Mystical Dragon Secret Technique was at the second rank.

"A generation prodigy!"

The Zheng clan’s veteran took a deep breath, trying to suppress the overwhelming dizziness.

Ma Taichong’s eyes shrank as he felt something unusual in his heart.
As matters stood, there is no point in regretting, taking down the opposition came first.

Drawing his sword, Ma Taichong used the Ardent Wind Sword Style on Li Fuchen.

"Meteor Fall." Li Fuchen thrusted.


In the front yard of the Zheng clan’s residence, a violent gale was stirred up, causing everyone's clothes to flutter in the wind.

"He actually withstood my blade. Just what kind of monster is this little b*****d?" Ma Taichong’s scalp went numb.

He who was a second level Earth Realm martial artist, shouldn’t even have needed to make a move against a sixth level Origin Realm martial artist. A simple wave of his hand should have been enough to send his opponent flying.

"Indeed worthy to be a second level Earth Realm martial artist."

Except for cultivation levels, Li Fuchen was much more superior in every other aspect than his opponent.

A yellow class, peak-tier cultivation technique of the highest rank would at best be equivalent to the seventh rank of a mystic class, mid-tier cultivation technique. Li Fuchen was seven ranks higher than his opponent.

In terms of physical strength, the opposition would at best be at 12,000 kg, but he had 35,000 kg.

As for sword arts, the opposition used a yellow class, peak-tier sword art, while he is using a mystic class, low-tier sword art that was at the trance stage with sword intent.

But even with so many advantages, they could only make up for Li Fuchen’s deficit in cultivation levels.

After all, the gap between the two of them was five whole levels. In between was even an obstacle from the Origin Realm to the Earth Realm.

Cling, clang!

The two figures intersected and their swords were clashing. Everything happened at an extreme speed where no one could see clearly.

"Ardent Wind Dance!"

Suddenly, Ma Taichong twisted his long sword, a sword presence like a tornado then came hurling at Li Fuchen.

"Let’s see how you block this!"

After executing this blade, Ma Taichong gave a cold laugh.

He wasn’t all brawn and knew that during a battle, one needed to rely on their advantages and avoid the disadvantages. Li Fuchen may have a strong ability but was unable to release qi; and that was Ma Taichong’s most prominent advantage.

'Even though I can release qi, it isn’t as good as my opponent's. I shouldn't waste my qi like that.'

Activating the second rank of the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique, Li Fuchen could already release qi, but he didn’t want to use it.

Executing the Shadowless Leg, Li Fuchen became like a shadow and dodged the sword qi.

After dozens of exchanges, neither one of them could gain the advantage.

In the crowd of the Ma clansmen, Ma Qingyang was astonished.

"How could it be like this? This isn’t possible!"

He couldn’t comprehend the world of a prodigy and could much less comprehend the world of a heaven defying prodigy

The battle was both intense and calm. Li Fuchen fell into a strange state of mind.

He felt as though something was being nurtured within his body.

As the battle grew even more intense, the feeling would also be intensified too.

"Is it the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique?" Soon enough, Li Fuchen found the root of the cause.

The Mystical Dragon Secret Technique was a battle type secret technique. Only during battle would one comprehend it easier, especially from the second rank to the third rank. One would need to experience hundreds of fights.

Separating his mind into two, Li Fuchen concentrated on both the fight with Ma Taichong and also submerging his consciousness into his body.

Hundreds of acupoints were sparkling within his body.

The Mystical Dragon Secret Technique was different from a cultivation technique, it didn’t require the user to revolve it. It only required the acupoints to be activated in order for qi to flow through. Which would allow qi to automatically revolve and to naturally increase the cultivator’s qi burst power.

But of course, doing so would increase the pace at which the user would expend their qi by two folds or even more.

"As the dragon battles in the wild, its blood would paint the skies yellow."

(TL notes: This is a saying that explains; when one is against an adversary, one would rather give up their life to complete the task)

Unknowingly, Li Fuchen’s heart came out with this very ancient saying.

"You smart aleck, I don’t know what secret technique you are using to increase your ability. But this secret technique is very qi exhausting. Let’s see how long you can endure."

Ma Taichong didn’t feel anxious anymore.

There wasn’t a need to be anxious, what was most important was the end result.

"Is that so?" Li Fuchen smiled mysteriously.

He who had an extraordinary perception, used just one battle to comprehend the key points of the third rank to the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique.

Of course the time he spent previously also played a huge factor in it.


Barely audible, an extremely imposing beast roar echoed.

"What is that sound?" Ma Taichong was startled.

"It’s the sound of your defeat."

Li Fuchen laughed out loud, as a terrifying qi presence bursted into the sky. Shrouded by the qi presence, everyone thought they saw a giant dragon soaring. Their spirit was momentarily stunned and they didn’t dare to move an inch.

"Mystical Dragon Secret Technique, third rank?!"

The Zheng clan’s veteran mouth went wide and couldn’t close back.

"Taste defeat!"

Li Fuchen felt as though his body was like a burning flame that was turning into molten lava flowing within.

With the Meteor Fall executed, a shooting star raced across mid-air.

The glare and speed made the entire front yard of the Zheng clan’s residence look frozen in time for an instant.

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