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Seeing how miserable Liao Tianjun was screaming, there was nothing but silence around the Feng Yun Stage. No one had imagined that Liao Tianjun would have been so convincingly defeated.

Especially those that knew Liao Tianjun consumed a qi burst pill. They felt even more confused and shocked.

Li Fuchen was only at the sixth level of the Origin Realm now. Wait till he was at the ninth level of the Origin Realm, would his strength be equal to an Earth Realm martial artist?

"Such vicious methods. He actually dares to injure Liao Tianjun shixiong."

"Losing a left arm would reduce the battle strength of Liao Tianjun shixiong by a huge margin. He would be at a disadvantage when he fights against people of an equal level next time."

"True, the left arm may seem to be useless, but it helps the body stay balanced. When at crucial times, one can use both hands to execute a two pronged attack. Hai, what a pity."

"Hmph, cutting off the arm of Liao Tianjun shixiong. This Li Fuchen has completely offended the Liao Clan. His future days will definitely be spent in suffering!"

Except for being shocked by Li Fuchen’s ability, everyone was surprised at his determination and viciousness. When up against notable clans like the Liao Clan, one would always be on the losing end. But if you dared to let them suffer, then there was nothing from stopping them in letting you experience hell.

"Fool, he really thought that after getting off the Feng Yun Stage, all grievances would be forgotten?" Yu Wen Tian didn’t like what he saw and stated the obvious.

"You trash, you dare cut off my son's arm, I will cut off all your limbs!"

With a loud roar, a shadow instantly appeared on the Feng Yun Stage.

It was Liao Tianyun.

After helping up Liao Tianjun who lost an arm and was in a weaken state, Liao Tianyun's qi presence exploded and covered the Feng Yun Stage.

Under the terrifying qi presence, Li Fuchen felt as though he was being pressured by a mountain. He felt weak in his knees and was on the verge of kneeling down.

Absolutely not!

Li Fuchen bit on his lips to forcefully resist this qi presence.

But because he bit with too much force, Li Fuchen didn’t know that he broke the skin on his lips, as fresh blood trickled down.

"Father, I lost an arm, I’m finished." Liao Tianjun felt miserable and spoke with lifeless eyes.

"Tianjun." Liao Tianyun became anxious.

He never would have thought, Liao Tianjun who consumed a qi burst pill would still lose to Li Fuchen. It was totally outside of his predictions.

"Little b*****d, it was just a match and you used such drastic measures? What is your intention?"

Liao Tianyun coldly stared at Li Fuchen, his eyes were filled with murderous intent.

Under the pressure of the qi presence, Li Fuchen couldn’t utter a single word. He grinded his teeth as his nerves were exposed.

From the beginning, Li Fuchen didn’t let out a voice. In his eyes, there was an unyielding expression and not even a hint of intention to beg for forgiveness.

Seeing the expression of Li Fuchen, Liao Tianyun's face darkened. With his Heaven Realm qi presence, he was still unable to make the opposition kneel. The willpower of this disciple is certainly formidable.

Those who had a strong willpower, would typically have great success in the future.

This boy cannot stay.

Liao Tianyun could feel a sense of threat. He let out his murderous intent, "Little b*****d, at such a young age and already so ruthless. To the Cang Lan Sect, you are just a scourge. I shall on behalf of the sect, destroy your dantian and break your limbs."

As he declared this, Liao Tianyun waved his hands and shot out five qi forces which targeted Li Fuchen’s dantian and four limbs respectively.

‘Is this how it will all end!?' Li Fuchen looked at the incoming qi force and roared in his heart.

Off stage, majority of the audience was enjoying his suffering, but a minority of them couldn’t bear to see it.

The Liao Clan was too overbearing.

On the Feng Yun Stage, as long as one did not kill, there were no other rules.

How is it that only your son can crippled Li Fuchen, but Li Fuchen is not allowed to hurt your son? What kind of logic is this?

What’s more, Li Fuchen already tried to let your son off. This ending is all because of what your son did.

A pity that Liao Tianyun could not hear the thoughts of these people. He would treat this statements with contempt even if he heard them.

His Liao Clan was an ancient clan of the Cang Lan Sect. How could trash like Li Fuchen be compared to his descendants?

Just as Li Fuchen was about to turn into a cripple…

"Stop it, Liao Tianyun."

A strong and upright voice echoed from above. In the next moment, a qi wall appeared in front of Li Fuchen.

The five qi forces that Liao Tianyun shot out vanished without a trace like a clay ox entering the sea.

Not good. It’s the inner sect grand elder!

Liao Tianyun appeared to be reluctant. He clenched his teeth and once again launched another attack. This time, he used his full force. The frightening qi force felt as though it was about to tear apart the void. On its way, the qi force transformed into a sharp blade from heaven and slashed at the qi wall.

"How dare you! Lay down now!"

The qi wall shooked and smashes the blade of heaven. Next, a horrifying qi presence descended and put pressure onto Liao Tianyun.

A shocking scene happened.

Liao Tianyun who was at the second level of the Heaven Realm, actually couldn’t withstand the qi presence and laid flat on the ground, not being able to move an inch.

When Liao Tianyun tried to use his qi presence to suppress Li Fuchen, he didn’t even managed to make Li Fuchen kneel. Now the grand elder used his qi presence to suppress Liao Tianyun and simply made him lay on the ground. How strong must one be in order to achieve this.

Everyone around the stage was speechless and couldn’t make a sound.

The fight between inner sect elders was not something for them to discuss about, or to intervene in.

In the sky above the Feng Yun Stage, a green robed elder gradually descended. His face was filled with anger.

Inner sect grand elder, Zhao Wujin. Peak level of the Heaven Dipper Realm. One of the Cang Lan Sect’s true higher tier members. Except for the sect patriarch, the great elder, and sect protectors, his status was of the highest and most respectable.

"Liao Tianyun, how dare you. Who do you think you are to interfere with a fight on the Feng Yun Stage? Do you want to rebel?" Zhao Wujin didn’t release his qi presence and continued to suppress Liao Tianyun.

Liao Tianyun shouted while laying on the ground, "Grand Elder, this disciple is ruthless and vicious and didn’t put any regards for someone who is a senior from the same sect. He cut off an arm of my son, how can I forgive him!"

Zhao Wujin had a look of disbelief. He didn’t think that this elder would be so shameless to say such things. He then said, "The Feng Yun Stage has no place for labelings such as who is a senior or a junior. And it was your son who forced his opponent's hands. He reaps what he sows."

"No matter what. My Liao clansman isn’t something he can compare with. Grand Elder, please allow me to punish him."

"What a joke. Scram! If I get to know that your Liao Clan dares try to deal with this disciple, I will report to the sect patriarch and discipline your Liao Clan." Zhao Wujin put on a disgusted look and used his qi presence to force both Liao Tianyun and Liao Tianjun off the stage.

Just as Zhao Wujin was preparing to speak to Li Fuchen, yet another strong and mighty voice echoed.

"Grand Elder, you are too overbearing! Our Liao Clan has many achievements under the Liao Clan. Is this how you should treat our Liao Clan?"

From a distance, a green robed figure flew over. It was a white haired veteran. He was much older than Zhao Wujin, his qi presence was like abyssal ocean. In a swift glance, it was like looking at a huge whirlpool, swallowing all energy.

"Liao Haiwang, is it I, who is overbearing or your Liao Clan? You know it well enough and I won’t debate over it with you too. Take your Liao Clan’s clansmen and leave!" Zhao Wujin stated the name of the white haired veteran.


A majority of the people gasped for air.

What is happening today? First, it’s the inner sect grand elder, Zhao Wujin being here to observe the match. Now even the Liao Clan's founder, Liao Haiwang was here too.

Liao Haiwang, at the ninth level of the Heaven Realm. He was one of the top ten ranked inner sect elders and his status was only slightly inferior to the inner sect grand elder.

Liao Haiwang didn’t want to increase the humiliation, so he only stared at Li Fuchen and the trio parted.

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