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"So this is a true Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist?"

Li Fuchen was drenched in sweat, as though he just got out of a pond.

Heaven Realm martial artists are too dominant, there wasn’t a need to even make a move, just their qi presence’s pressure was enough to make the opponent crumble.

The reason why Li Fuchen could withstand Liao Tianyun’s qi presence, wasn’t because he was strong. In fact, even a ninth level Origin Realm, first grade inner sect disciple may not be able to withstand the qi presence of Liao Tianyun. It wasn’t just a matter of cultivation level, but also one's spiritual willpower.

Spiritual willpower was something of a mystery, it was unknown how it could affect one physically.

If an average human believed one's body was ill subconsciously, soon enough, his body would become sick.

Some people, after entering a haunted place will appear to be possessed and have a weird expression or even do things that cannot be explained. It in fact, is because of the victim’s spiritual willpower being affected and thus they began having hallucinations.

The spiritual willpower is an attribute of the inner body, when this attribute is feeling oppressed, the body will develop a drastic reaction.

Those that cultivated the spiritual mind, could even use a single glare to cause the enemy to develop hallucinations and do things that went against the victim’s will.

Obviously such people were almost like legends. There may not even be one in a billion. Only those that possessed a special kind of bone frame were able to cultivate one's own spiritual willpower.

The reason why Li Fuchen can withstand the qi presence of Liao Tianyun was because his spirit force is a few folds stronger than others. His willpower is abnormally strong too. Without those two factors, it would be impossible for him to survive.

"Not bad, defeating Liao Tianjun who had consumed a qi burst pill had already surprised me. I didn’t think that you could even withstand the qi pressure from Liao Tianyun. Do you know that even average Earth Realm martial artists wouldn’t be able to do so?"

Turning around, Zhao Wujin looked at Li Fuchen with a face of admiration.

It was good enough that Li Fuchen had an excellent perception, but even his spiritual willpower is so strong. Zhao Wujin couldn’t help his feeling of love for talents.

Perhaps the normal bone frame will limit the achievements of Li Fuchen, but from his current potential, progressing to the Earth Realm wouldn’t be an issue. With his perception, even after he advances to Earth Realm, he would still be one of the more formidable martial artists.

With a chance encounter, progression to the Heaven Realm wasn’t impossible.

"Many thanks for the grand elder’s help. Fuchen will be ever grateful." Li Fuchen spoke with gratitude.

Had it not been for Zhao Wujin, he would have become a cripple. Whatever peak of martial dao or sword dao would become irrelevant to him.

"Hmph, this is the Cang Lan Sect. If he is allowed to make a nuisance, how will the Cang Lan Sect maintain its prowess." Zhao Wujin stated.

"Grandfather, the Liao Clan is so unreasonable. Shouldn’t you report them to the Sect Patriarch?" Zhao Mingyue came onto the stage too.

Zhao Wujin shook his head, "Do you think it’s that simple to overthrow an ancient clan? Their overall clan strength may seem to be inferior to our Zhao Clan. But in terms of contacts network, they are more superior than us. What’s more, the Liao Clan is a member of the Cang Lan Sect. To overthrow them would be to weaken the Cang Lan Sect’s overall military strength. It would put us at a disadvantage against other sects."

Most importantly, there was no reason for him to be head strong against the Liao Clan, since they didn’t offended him.

Clearing his throat, Zhao Wujin once again looked at Li Fuchen, "With your bone frame, you shouldn’t have the qualifications to be one of our Cang Lan Sect’s prodigies. But after seeing your perception and spiritual willpower, I’ve decided to give you the status of a prodigy. But this status isn’t so firm. If your perception suddenly vanishes in the future and your cultivation speed decreases; this prodigy status will be withdrawn."

As the inner sect grand elder, he had the authority to gift prodigy statuses to disciples and didn’t need to seek approval. Of course the prerequisite is that Li Fuchen needed to have proof of ability and needs to be able to withstand the harsh conditions. It is not as if Zhao Wujin can gift a prodigy status to anyone of his choice.

"Thank you Grand Elder."

Li Fuchen who seldomly showed his emotions became slightly excited after hearing so.

Inner sect prodigies were also first grade disciples, but during the redemption of sect items, they were offered more of a discount than first grade inner sect disciples.

A first grade inner sect disciple got a 30% discount while an inner sect prodigy got a 50% discount. That was 20% less worth in contribution points that he'd have to  fork out.

If he were to go redeem class 2 demonic blood essence, it would only be 100,000 gold coins per bottle rather than the previous 140,000 gold coins. A saving of 40,000 gold coins.

"The best way to repay your gratitude would be to work harder on your cultivation. Keep it up!"

Zhao Wujin patted on Li Fuchen's shoulder.

He was someone who loved talent. Be it Zhao Wuji or Li Fuchen, in his eyes, they were budding talents.

But Li Fuchen was different from Zhao Wuji. There are many unknown factors on Li Fuchen. He dare not predict where Li Fuchen will end up at. Had it not been for his abnormal perception, he would only give some praises and not have gifted Li Fuchen a prodigy status.

"I will not disappoint you, Grand Elder." Li Fuchen nodded.

"I have no other business here now. I shall take my leave." Zhao Wujin smiled. His body flashed and turned into a stream of light as he vanished from everyone’s vision.

"I did you a big favour. Shouldn’t you treat both me and Chen shijie to a meal?" Zhao Mingyue laughed.


During this year, in order to cultivate the Hidden Blood Body Technique, he had already bought three bottles of class 2 demonic beast blood essence. It cost him 420,000 gold coins and he was now only left with 100,000+ gold coins.

But when it was time to offer a treat, it is inevitable and shouldn’t been turned away.

Off the Feng Yun Stage, a majority of the people didn’t leave immediately. Each of them stared at Li Fuchen with eyes of envy and admiration.

"The inner sect grand elder actually gifted him an inner sect prodigy status. How good would it be if I were to obtain it as well. It would at least increase my cultivation pace by a few folds."

"That’s right! An inner sect prodigy can redeem sect items at a 50% discount. It would help save so much contribution points!"

"Don’t admire now. The entire inner sect has less than 30 inner sect prodigies. Even if you were given the prodigy status, you wouldn’t be up to standard."

Everyone started to debate.

Hearing the discussions, Yu Wen Tian gave a humph and left the Feng Yun Stage region.

"Li Fuchen, I shall allow you to be rampant for now." Fang Liehai held back his emotions and left.

"Inner sect prodigy, huh? Li shidi sure got a profit out of this disaster." Chen Fanghua laughed.

Before the crowd managed to dispersed, the trio left for the delicacy pavilion for yet another big meal.

Although Li Fuchen felt the pinch when he had to fork out thousands of gold coins, but when compared to obtaining the inner sect prodigy status, these gold coins weren’t worth anything. It was the cost of the savings from purchasing a class 2 demonic blood essence.

But first things first, there was a need to obtain more gold.


"The first half of the year has already past. It is time for a sect mission again."

A single sect mission a year is the bare minimum requirement that every inner sect disciple must fulfil.

This time, Li Fuchen was prepared to pick a high-tier mission to earn more contribution points and perhaps earn more gold coins too.

Finishing his dinner, Li Fuchen headed back.

At the foot of the mountain, Li Fuchen stopped in his steps as he passed by a courtyard.

This courtyard originally belonged to Zhu Hongxiu.

A year ago, Zhu Hongxiu was promoted to become an inner sect disciple. But one week ago, Zhu Hongxiu vanished together with her cousin brother Zhu Xiaoming. His intuition told him that the Zhu Clan must be in trouble.

A pity that he was just a mere Origin Realm martial artist. He couldn’t even protect himself, it would be impossible to protect a clan. What’s more, Zhu Hongxiu leaving the Cang Lan Sect may not be a bad thing. Thus, Li Fuchen didn’t continue to ponder anymore.

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