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"A pill that increases qi." Li Fuchen frowned.

This seemed to violate the rules of the Feng Yun Stage. But even the inner sect deacon responsible for the fight wasn't saying anything, it didn't seem right for him to voice it out.

With Li Fuchen inside the range of ten meters, the distorting Earth Scarce sword qi suddenly shot out.

Releasing of Qi.

After consuming the qi burst pill, Liao Tianjun got the ability to release qi and was able to kill people through the air.

Li Fuchen narrowed his eyes and changed his footwork, then vanished into thin air.

Mystic class, low-tier kick arts - Shadowless Leg.

Clang clang clang!

The twisted sword qi dragged across the ground, producing a layer of pale white sparks.

"Can you escape?"

Liao Tianjun gave a menacing smirk as he slashed again and again. The wrapping Earth Scarce sword qi was as though plenty of fish swimming within the radius of ten meters.

Within this ten meter range was definitely a death zone.

Anyone whose ability was inferior to Liao Tianjun, would undoubtedly be slashed by multiple sword qis.

Li Fuchen had extremely fast footwork, as though he lost his bodyweight and turned into a phantom. Shuttling across the Feng Yun Stage, the Earth Scarce sword qi couldn't hit its target.

Liao Tianjun's face darkened, "Do you only know how to escape? Coward."

How could he not know after seeing Li Fuchen's footwork that it probably reached the perfection stage. If not, he wouldn't have been able to constantly evade the Earth Scarce sword qi.

"Escape? That may not be the case."

Li Fuchen did a somersault in mid air, took three steps on the ground and as if he was some kind of green smoke, he passed through the Earth Scarce sword qi and appeared on the left of Liao Tianjun.

Liao Tianjun got dazzled by Li Fuchen's footwork  and was slightly late to react.

But Liao Tianjun had his own strengths. At the crucial moment, he twirled his body like a spinning top and executed the signature move of Earth Scarce Sword Style - Heaven Savage Earth Scarce.

Woosh woosh…

Like a huge spinning top, vigorously rotating. Concurrently, multiple arches of sword qi shot out frenziedly in all directions. Li Fuchen wasn't on guard and didn't have time to evade either, he could only use his sword to deflect the sword qi.

Unknowingly, Li Fuchen got forced to retreat more than a dozen meters.

"Let's see how you dodge this. Squall Quick Sword!"

Stopping his spin, Liao Tianjun shouted and changed his sword stance. The Earth Scarce Sword Style switched to the Squall Quick Sword.

Even though the Squall Quick Sword was just a yellow class, peak-tier sword art and was not as profound nor as powerful as the Earth Scarce Sword Style, its strength was on speed. Not only speed, but ferocious too. As though a squall blowing through, with no way to stop.

"Li Fuchen is going to lose." Off stage someone couldn't help but speak.

Li Fuchen's footwork was indeed great and could easily dodge the Earth Scarce sword qi.

But when Liao Tianjun executed the Squall Quick Sword, the space that Li Fuchen could utilize to dodge would shrink. Don't even speak of a human, even a bird would find it hard to evade.

As the dense sword qi howled, the range of it nearly covered half the Feng Yun Stage.

'Since I cannot display my sword intent. I can only do this.'

Withdrawing the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique, Li Fuchen activated the Wind Shadow Steps. Li Fuchen moved lightly and shot out a few dozen meters like an arrow. This speed was never witnessed before and it was not something an Origin Realm martial artist was capable of.

"How can he be so fast?" The spectators were dazed by Li Fuchen's speed.

"I do not believe that you can evade all of my attacks."

Liao Tianjun turned into a frenzy and poured out all of the qi within his body onto the black iron sword. The sword qi density went up another notch. At the same time, Liao Tianjun's left hand sent out a punch; the punch force envelope Li Fuchen in mid air.

With the punch force approaching and sword qi right behind, had it been anyone else, even a ninth level Origin Realm first grade inner sect disciple wouldn't be able to evade and would have had to forcefully receive the attacks.

But Li Fuchen was different.

Ignoring the inertia forces brought about by the extreme speed, Li Fuchen gently step onto the surface of the ground and flew backwards. No only did he dodge the punch force, he jumped over the sword qi behind him too.

Had it just been so simple… After jumping over the sword qi, Li Fuchen activated the vacuum on his left hand to pull himself towards the ground. He instantly reached the surface, but was in an upside down position.

With the black iron sword on the ground, Li Fuchen displayed some acrobatics and flipped over to land right behind Liao Tianjun.

From the beginning to the end, Li Fuchen gave off a sense of nature and gravity defying stance. It seemed as though even the laws of nature couldn't restrain him.

"Is he still human?"

"Is he a monster?"

The audience all went sluggish.

They never imagined that the human body could achieve this kind of high speed maneuvers, that was challenging the limits of their vision.

"Wind Shadow Steps and Shadowless Leg at the perfection stage! This lad is interesting." The veteran's eyes widened.

He had to admit that Li Fuchen's perception was of a heaven defying class.

Not only is his sword style at perfection stage, even his light body technique and leg styl are both at perfection stage too. If any other disciple who can achieve perfection stage for one of those skills, it would already be enough to be proud of themselves.

"Its your lost."

Before Liao Tianjun could even turn around fully, Li Fuchen placed the sword on his throat.

Liao Tianjun's eyes were bloodshot, he howled, "Lost?! When did I lose?!"


Liao Tianjun suddenly punched Li Fuchen's chest.

Even if he had the physical strength of 20,000 kg and had stunning physical defenses, Li Fuchen couldn't help but spill out a mouthful of blood as he flew backwards.

"Despicable." Chen Fanghua berated.

"Shameless." Zhao Mingyue couldn't hold back her anger.

Li Fuchen had already decided to let his opponent go, but who knew that his opponent didn't admit defeat and instead pulled a sneak attack.

"Li Fuchen, stop being fake. You think you can defeat me like this? On the Feng Yun Stage, except for murder, there is no other rules. It is impossible if you want to achieve victory without a fight. Lay down for me now! Relax, I will only chop off your limbs and destroy your dantian. Hahaha!"

Liao Tianjun followed up after having an advantage. His Earth Scarce Sword Style shrouded Li Fuchen.

"What a careless mistake." Li Fuchen sighed.

His opponent knew Li Fuchen didn't dare to inflict any injuries on him and used it to his advantage.

He too underestimated the opponent's limits of humility. Under such a close range, he didn't have enough time to activate his movement. What's more, the punch force covered a huge radius which he was unable to dodge unless he could dodge instantly.

Li Fuchen took a deep forceful breath and shot up into the sky.

"Since you do not wish to admit defeat, then don't blame me." Li Fuchen's eyes flashed with a cold light.

When his Wind Shadow Steps and Shadowless Leg was merged, it wasn't limited to only this .

With the body like the wind, the wind like the shadow, and the shadow without a trace.

At this moment, Li Fuchen allowed everyone to witness what a light body technique truly was and what it meant to exceed the limits of the human eye.

In a few blinks of an eye, Li Fuchen once again arrived at the back of Liao Tianjun. His current speed was one notch faster than before.

Liao Tianjun didn't think that an injured Li Fuchen could be even faster.

But in his heart, he wasn't worried as he didn't believe that Li Fuchen would dare offend the Liao Clan and injure him.

He underestimated the commitment if Li Fuchen.

A stream of light flashed across. Li Fuchen's sword stabbed into the left arm of Liao Tianjun. Twisting his sword and with a flick, an entire arm rose up into the sky with a rain of blood.


Liao Tianjun let out a loud and miserable bawl.

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