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When dawn arrived, Zhao Wuji hurried back with a smile on his face.

He never would have thought that within the two class 4 demonic beasts would be a demon core.

A single class 4 low-tier demon core was worth at least 15,000,000 gold coins.

This was definitely a big windfall. After saving up for so many years, Zhao Wuji only managed to save up a few million gold coins, but that was also because of his huge expenditures.

‘Who knows when I will be able to get a class 4 demon core again."

On his flight back, Zhao Wuji pondered about it in his mind.

Soon enough, he got rid of the dream.

This time was purely luck. On average, out of a hundred class 4 demonic beasts, there may not even be one demon core. He had definitely lucked out this time.

Due to his great mood, on his way back, Zhao Wuji conveniently helped clear out some demonic beasts. With his ability, he didn’t even need to move in close to slay all these low class demonic beasts. Zhao Wuji simply shot out his qi blast to clean off large groups of demonic beasts.

With the help of Zhao Wuji, the beast wave ended even earlier. When the first ray of light shined onto the ground, the battle had ended.

"Everyone! It was due to all your efforts that we could repel this beast wave. The spoils of the battle are yours to reap. But I have to make a statement, during the dispute for spoils, no one is to murder anyone else or to cripple your foe. Those that break the rules will face the consequences."

Standing on the walls of Shouxue Town, Zhao Wuji loudly proclaimed.

"Thank you Elder."

The group cheered out in unison and began to turn rowdy during the claiming of spoils.

On the walls, all of the Earth Realm martial artists didn’t participate in the search for profits. All the class 3 demonic beast corpses had already been emptied by them. Had there been any demon core, they would have gotten it. Class 2 demon cores weren’t even worthy enough for them.
"Elder Zhao, you seem to be in a good mood." An outer sect elder who seemed to know Zhao Wuji smiled.

The stern face of Zhao Wuji appeared to be pleased, "I am lucky enough to have obtained a class 4 low-tier demon core."

"What?! Class 4 low-tier demon core?" The outer sect elder stared with his mouth agape.

The other outer sect elders and inner sect deacon all looked dumbstruck.

Seeing as such, Zhao Wuji became much more pleased.

"Congratulations Elder Zhao! Elder Zhao, don’t forget to treat us to a meal!"

"Yes, Elder Zhao’s luck is through the roof. You need to treat us!"

Zhao Wuji laughed, "Its a must to treat and I will not be stingy either. When we're back at the sect, I will offer you guys a good meal." Unlike back in the sect, the outside world didn’t have any treasure fish or precious ingredients.

Li Fuchen and the rest began their search for demon cores. As long as there was an untouched body of a beast, they would cut it open and search thoroughly.

Of course they didn’t even put class 1 demonic beast corpses in their eyes. Their targets were the class 2 demonic beast corpses.

"Haha! Class 2 mid-tier demon core!"

An Origin Realm martial artist found a class 2 mid-tier demon core and laughed loudly.

Seeing that someone had already got their reward, everyone got even more hardworking.

With a strong consciousness, Li Fuchen didn’t need to be like the rest who were searching after cutting open the corpses.

He pressed his palm on the corpses of the demonic beasts and injected his consciousness.

Within two breaths, he would know whether the corpse contained any demon core.

As such, his efficiency was much higher than the others. Within an hour, he had already harvested three class 2 demon cores.

One of them was a class 2 mid-tier demon core.

"Mmm? This seems like a class 2 high-tier mutated beast, the Golden Fur Bear."

Under the pile of corpses, Li Fuchen spotted a bear type beast with golden fur.

Shoving aside the other corpses, Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up. This Golden Fur Bear’s body was still unopened.

‘Who killed it but didn’t open it up to search for a demon core?' Li Fuchen couldn’t understand.

‘It must have been killed by Elder Zhao Wuji's qi blast. But Elder Zhao is too overpowered, with his qi blast, these whole group of demonic beasts died without anyone noticing.'

Li Fuchen didn’t use his consciousness but instead slashed at the Golden Fur Bear.

The corpse of the Golden Fur Bear couldn’t maintain its previous defenses and was easily split apart by Li Fuchen.

Using his consciousness to scout the corpse, Li Fuchen’s heart raced. In the abdomen area of the bear, he noticed a pale golden demon core which was extremely beautiful.

Using the Red Jade Palm Style, Li Fuchen vacuumed the demon core.

"This demon core would be at least 200,000 gold coins." A smile appeared on Li Fuchen’s face.

Class 2 high-tier demon cores were worth 40,000 gold coins, a similar quality but mutated demon core would be 5 times the price, 200,000 gold coins was definitely a fortune.

"Heavens, it’s a class 2 high-tier mutated demon core. What great luck!"

Nearby Li Fuchen, a Cang Lan inner sect disciple exclaimed.

Li Fuchen frowned, he understood the logic of not revealing one's riches. But didn’t expect himself to be exposed.

Not far away, Liao Hailong looked over and saw Li Fuchen immediately keeping the pale golden demon core. His eyes had a flash of delight.

"Li Fuchen, I will give you a chance to redeem yourself. Hand over that demon core." Liao Hailong walked over with speed and demanded.

Li Fuchen replied, "On what basis?"

"Because you do not have the qualifications to receive that Golden Fur Bear’s demon core."

Liao Hailong didn’t like Li Fuchen at all. On normal occasions, how would Li Fuchen be able to deal with the Golden Fur Bear, but yet he got to profit from luck.

Li Fuchen asked in reply, "Then do you?"

Liao Hailong’s face turned ashen, "Li Fuchen, I do not know who or what gave you the guts to provoke me. It is foolish behaviour and I advise you to not agitate me. I will smack you like a dead dog and step on you to make sure you don’t ever have the chance to recover."

"I sure would like to see, if you are the dead dog or I am the dead sog." Li Fuchen’s eyes flash with a chilling glare.

Even if he wasn’t certain he could defeat Liao Hailong, he was sure he would not lose either.

"Look, Li Fuchen is about to go against Liao Hailong."

"This Li Fuchen is too preposterous. If he was arrogant in the outer sect, so be it. But he dares be arrogant in the inner sect? What's more, Liao shixiong is two levels higher than him."

"Such a weakling and he dares challenge Liao shixiong. He is simply seeking his own death."

Two of the inner sect disciples who was from Liao Hailong’s team criticized Li Fuchen.

"Not good, Li Fuchen is going to lose out."

Gao Changtian and Wu Qingmei noticed the conflict between Li Fuchen and Liao Hailong. Gao Changtian got a bit nervous, after all he had a good impression of Li Fuchen.

"Gao shixiong, don’t interfere. If not, Liao shixiong may turn his anger on you. Let me go convince him."

Wu Qingmei thought that the best way to solve this was to convince Liao Hailong and also convince Li Fuchen to admit his mistake. This way was much better than being humiliated in public.

"Good, very good. This dog-like being dares speak against me. See how I pluck out all your teeth and break your legs. We will then see if you still dare challenge me."

Liao Hailong was now furious.

With his sixth level Origin Realm cultivation and eleventh rank Jade Shadow Mystic Technique exploding, Liao Hailong’s full ability was revealed.

Liao Hailong then slashed with anger, his blade was like a thunderstorm, rumbling and blinding.

Mystic class, low-tier sword art – Wind Lightning Sword Style.

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