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The battle stretched late into the night. As the battle was prolonged, the smell of blood was intensified, as though the entire sky was painted red in blood.

Due to the darkness of the night, no one knew the numbers of demonic beasts that were rushing towards them. The endless demonic beasts were slayed batch by batch

"Damn, I have already consumed 5 yellow class, high-tier qi replenishing pills."

"I am on my sixth pill."

"Each yellow class, high-tier pill costs 3000 gold coins. It would be the worst if I cannot recuperate my losses after this battle."

"You still dare to think about after this battle? Endure the beast wave first!"

Some of these inner sect disciple were regretting their decision in joining this mission. Had they known that this beast wave was so treacherous, they would have never participated.


As everyone was intoxicated by the slaying of beasts, a loud beastly roar traveled from the distant darkness.

The beast's roar was as like thunder that shook the earth. Following closely, torrential winds blew, stirring up sands and shards of rocks… Be it the martial artists or the demonic beasts, all of them felt as though their blood was clotted and movements were frozen.


After the loud thunderous beast roar, there was another deep howl of a wolf.

Even though the howl wasn't as loud as the beast roar, this howl was extremely penetrative. Those who had a weak cultivation could feel their hearts racing and head spinning. Then another violent burst of wind came blowing, causing everyone to feel the pressure.

"What a terrifying qi presence." Li Fuchen and the team's expression changed.

Qi presence that induced a violent gale wasn't something that could be done by a class 3 demonic beast.

Only class 4 demonic beasts could achieve this. And against class 4 demonic beasts, that was like going against a Heaven Dipper Realm expert.

Projected by the night light, two gigantic black shadows shrouded the entire sky. These weren't the real bodies, but hallucinations caused by qi presence. Under the influence of such a fearsome qi presence, those below the cultivation of the Heaven Realm would lose all will to fight.

"Heavens, class 4 demonic beasts. We are doomed. A single class 4 demonic beast is enough to raze a city."

"Why are class 4 demonic beasts here at a small scale beast wave? Don't they only appear in large scale beast waves?"

"Kuangshou City experiences a small scale beast wave every year. Every decade there would be a large scale beast wave and every century would be an ultra scale beast wave. Could it be that this year is a large scale beast wave?"

"Impossible, a large scale beast wave wouldn't have just two class 4 demonic beasts but at least a dozen."

"That's right, class 4 demonic beasts appearing in a small scale beast wave is still possible. But we are unlucky to actually experience one."

Everyone's morale began to decline. How would they deal with two class 4 demonic beasts? Even if everyone fought together, it still wasn't enough for the enemy to be satisfied.

"I wonder if Shouxue Town has a Heaven Realm expert supporting it? If there isn't one, we need to retreat right now." Chen Fanghua gave a bitter laugh.

Liao Hailong's eyes flashed as he already had the intention to withdraw.

Zhao Mingyue replied after a delay, "There should be right?!"

They were merely Origin Realm martial artists who were meant to kill the small class beasts. If they met a class 4 demonic beast and did not run, then they would be the fool.

"Hmph, just two weakly class 4 demonic beasts and they dare be so brazen!"

Just as Zhao Mingyue ended her sentence, a cold voice echoed from within Shouxue Town.

In the next moment, a lump of blinding red light exploded forth like a rising red sun.

The red sun rose up tens of meters and suddenly altered its form into red pillars of light, shooting at where the beast roars came from.

Leaving a trail in its path, the air suddenly turned into steam. The terrifying heat ignited all flammable objects and turned them into ash.

"True Inferno Technique!"

Li Fuchen require only one glance to recognise the executed technique.

In the Cang Lan Sect were two absolute techniques. One of them was the True Cang Lan Technique, which was a soft technique. The other was the True Inferno Technique, which was a yang technique.

It is said that both of these absolute techniques were mystic class, peak-tier and each had 21 ranks.

Li Fuchen's thirteenth rank Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique when compared to the True Inferno Technique was only at best the eleventh rank. He would still be 10 whole ranks away from the maximum twenty first rank.

"Its Uncle Wuji." Zhao Mingyue blurted out.

The number of Heaven Realm experts in Cang Lan Sect wasn't a lot, but it wasn't little either. Plenty of them cultivated the True Inferno Technique. Those that were unfamiliar would not be able to recognise who shot out the red light, but Zhao Mingyue could.

"Could it be Zhao Wuji, Elder Zhao?" Chen Fanghua asked.

Zhao Mingyue nodded, "That's right."

Her grandfather was the inner sect grand elder and Zhao Wuji was her grandfather's god-son. He was among the top rankings of the inner sect elders.

"With Elder Zhao here, these two class 4 demonic beasts are nothing to be afraid of." Chen Fanghua let out a breath of relief.

Zhao Wuji was at the seventh level of the Heaven Realm and had the record of slaying class 4 high-tier demonic beasts. If these two class 4 demonic beasts weren't of a high-tier, they were destined for the grave.

Even if they were class 4 high-tiers, they would still be unable to handle Zhao Wuji.

The red pillar of light passed through the middle of the four strongest class 3 high-tier demonic beasts. In an instant, these four beasts turned into balls of flame. With only normal class 3 demonic beast and class 2 demons left, Zhao Wuji didn't even need to make a move. The rest were left to the outer sect elders and inner sect deacons to finish up.

"Thanks Elder Zhao." An outer sect elder gave his thanks in a respectful manner.

Zhao Wuji didn't reply and accelerated towards the two class 4 demonic beasts.

Boom boom!

In the dense darkness, a fire of pillar shot up to the sky, the intense light lit up the battlefield like daylight. As everyone looked over, a figure flew in the middle of the fire pillar, as though a battle god.

"So this is a Heaven Realm martial artist?" Li Fuchen took a deep breath.

Using qi to traverse in the air, making a stance in mid air and clashing against class 4 demonic beasts. Any one of these feats were enough to shake the hearts of men.

Zhao Wuji didn't want to get the others involved and lured the two class 4 beasts away. The sound of the battle gradually got further away and occasionally a thunderous clash could be heard.


Without the interference of class 4 demonic beasts, everyone regained their fighting spirit and started to fight with vigor.

And they were much more ferocious than before.

The appearance of a Heaven Realm expert boosted their confidence and faith, like the dawn of daybreak.

Gradually, Li Fuchen realised that the number of demonic beasts were decreasing. It used to be 2 to 3 beasts concurrently attacking him, now it was just 1 or 2 beasts attacking him.

"The demonic beasts are decreasing, haha! The beast wave is ending!"

Many started to notice this point and begun laughing out loud.

The demonic beast corpses wasn't just ten thousand in number, but a few tens of thousands.

With all these corpses, there would be about thousands of demonic cores. If one was lucky enough to find a few class 2 demonic cores, it would be enough to amass a small fortune.

Afterall, class 2 low-tier demonic cores were worth at least 10,000 gold coins.

Class 2 mid-tier cores were worth 20,000 gold coins.

Class 2 high-tier cores were sold for at least 40,000 gold coins.

A mutated demonic core was five times the value of the respective tier.

In addition to that, demonic beast materials were valuable too. The pelt could used for armor, the claws, fangs, and bones could be used as accessories or weapons. Some of the special demonic beast materials could even be used for tempering a pill.

In short, the entire body of a demonic beast was filled with treasures, but each part differed in value.

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