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"Liao Hailong, others may be afraid of you. But that doesn’t mean I, Li Fuchen am too. Today we shall see who will be the dead dog."

Li Fuchen’s body shook. His fourth level Origin Realm and thirteenth rank Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique burst forth.

He unlocked his full 15,000 kg of physical strength.

His body suddenly warped and the black iron sword in his hand followed an unique trajectory. In an instant, brilliant lights shot out and the sword accelerated to its maximum speed.

Mystic class, low-tier sword art- Meteor Sword Style.

Two black iron swords, one like lightning, the other like a meteor. They clashed straight into each other.


The terrifying sound of metals crashing resounded, sending a sharp piercing sound into the ears of the surrounding people. The weeds on the surface of the ground were all blown into smithereens. The smaller dirt patches were all crushed into fine sand.

Between the two of them, green and red lights intersected each other. Sparks flew as their swords clash, igniting the bits of grass.

A surge of qi force radiated.

Both Liao Hailong and Li Fuchen took 8 steps backwards.

"Li Fuchen withstood the full force of Liao shixiong’s blade?"

Wu Qingmei who was walking over stared with eyes of daze as she couldn’t believe her own eyes.

Liao Hailong was a inner sect prodigy and two whole levels higher than Li Fuchen. Previously when Li Fuchen defeated Yu Wen Tian, that was because their cultivation levels were almost the same.

Had Li Fuchen only been at the seventh level of the Origin Realm, he would most definitely not have been able to defeat Yu Wen Tian.

Sss. Gao Changtian took a deep cold breath.

"Interesting, this Li shidi is much stronger than my expectations." Chen Fanghua paid attention to every detail.

"The ability to clash with Liao Hailong shixiong?"

Zhao Mingyue was astonished, but her eyes changed from astonishment to a bright glow suddenly.

"Liao shixiong hasn’t exerted his full force yet right? If not, how would he be able to withstand Liao shixiong’s blade?"

The two inner sect disciples who criticized Li Fuchen was shocked.

"Bastard dog, die!"

Liao Hailong consecutively sent out a dozen slashes at Li Fuchen.

Clang clang clang…

Li Fuchen’s Meteor Sword Style was much more valiant than his foe. His qi return speed was extremely fast, not only was he able to block against Liao Hailong’s Wind Lightning Sword Style, he was gradually able to suppress Liao Hailong.

Liao Hailong’s face turned pale, "Li Fuchen, what qualifications does a bastard dog like you, who is just at the fourth level of the Origin Realm, have to block my Wind Lightning Sword Style? Are you using any tricks?!"

"I do not know if this dirty mouth of yours can continue speak later on."

Liao Hailong’s every sentence that contained bastard dog, infuriated Li Fuchen even more. He decided that even if there was no opportunity to defeat Liao Hailong, he would somehow make an opportunity and then give Liao Hailong a few tight slaps.

10 moves, 50 moves, 100 moves…

Soon enough, 100 moves had past.

Either side couldn’t bring each other down.

But with Chen Fanghua’s eyesight, she can make out that Li Fuchen was holding a slight advantage.

"Wind Lightning Intersect!"

Liao Hailong’s Wind Lightning Sword Style turned even more ferocious. He who cultivated the Wind Lightning Sword Style to the near completion stage, had never lost before.

"Break down!"

Li Fuchen’s Meteor Sword Style had long attained the perfection stage. Be it the firepower or the ability to execute had long reached its highest potential.

In mid air, a stream of light burst forth, Liao Hailong’s Wind Lightning Sword Style was utterly destroyed. Three of his blade couldn’t even match against one of Li Fuchen’s blade.

This was where one's overall ability became important.

Li Fuchen wasn’t satisfied to just slightly suppress Liao Hailong. He executed his Shadowless Leg and disappeared without a trace.

He hadn’t even displayed his Wind Shadow Steps. If he combined both his Shadowless Leg and Wind Shadow Steps, his speed could go even higher, but it would affect his attack strength as compared to using the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique.

Liao Hailong was paralyzed after being stabbed by Li Fuchen's blade in the back due to his carelessness.

He wore a class 3 demonic beast pelt armor and had great physical defenses. This stab didn’t inflict any serious injuries but instead affected his overall condition.

"Tri-part Sword Style."

Li Fuchen circled Liao Hailong and constantly striked at him. His sword style varied with each strike, at times it was the Meteor Sword Style and at times it would change back to the Tri-part Sword Style.

"Get away!"

Liao Hailong couldn’t take it anymore and swept his black iron sword in a whole circle. In mid air, it was as though there was a thunderstorm, giving out an intimidating sword presence.

Silent and presenceless, Li Fuchen’s shadow got blown away and then reappeared, this time on the right side of Liao Hailong.

"Meteor Fall!"

With the swing of his sword, the sword light suddenly vanished and turned into a falling comet.


With the qi protection dispersed, the class 3 demonic beast pelt armor was pierced. Liao Hailong spurt out a large mouthful of fresh blood and suffered a serious internal wound.

Meteor Fall's attack power was too formidable, it had both extreme lethality and speed.

Even the class 2 high-tier, Iron Back Gorilla almost got it’s skull pierced through by Li Fuchen.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

After injuring Liao Hailong, Li Fuchen held his breath and shot out 3 consecutive Meteor Falls. Two of them struck at the same spot.

A hole appeared on both the beast pelt armor and Liao Hailong’s skin, causing Liao Hailong to writhe in fear.


Li Fuchen disarmed Liao Hailong’s black iron sword.

"Now who exactly is the dog?"

Li Fuchen stood in front of Liao Hailong, staring at him with a cold glare.

The two inner sect disciples that followed Liao Hailong were both dumbstruck, they never would have thought that Liao Hailong would lose. It was a fact that Liao Hailong was an inner sect prodigy and was two levels higher than Li Fuchen.

"Li Fuchen won?"

Gao Changtian and Wu Qingmei looked at each other with disbelief.

They couldn’t imagine the extent of Li Fuchen’s abilities.

"Chen shijie, Li Fuchen won." The brilliance in Zhao Mingyue’s eyes was extremely intense. This was the first time that she was ever interested in anyone. She couldn’t even be bothered with the 5 star bone frame, Yu Wen Tian.

From her perspective, Yu Wen Tian may possess the potential to achieve the Heaven Dipper Realm. But she who was the granddaughter of the inner sect grand elder, wouldn’t pay extra attention to a future Heaven Realm martial artist.

Unless Yu Wen Tian managed to advance to the Reincarnation Realm.

A pity, even if he had 5 star bone frame, it could not guarantee that he would be able to attain the Reincarnation Realm.

Taking a quick glance at the Cang Lan Sect as well as the surrounding formidable sects, those at the Reincarnation Realm were at the pinnacle of military might.

Reincarnation Realm experts were able to move across the lands unhindered and had an easygoing life.

"Yes, it sure is surprising."

Chen Fanghua stroke the fringe on her forehead and had the same intrigued expression.

"Li Fuchen, you, this bastard dog! One of these days I will personally kill you and destroy everything you have. Despair! Hahaha!" Liao Hailong’s face was filled with madness and grudge.


Li Fuchen slapped Liao Hailong’s face. The opposition’s face instantly swelled up.

"You dare hit me? Do you know who I am?!" Liao Hailong screamed.


Li Fuchen gave yet another slap, with the back of his hand this time.

Pa Pa Pa Pa……

Li Fuchen didn’t allow his target a chance to even speak as he ruthlessly slapped him continuously.

Liao Hailong got slapped silly as his eyes turn lifeless.


Watching this scene, everyone's faces went blank.

Dominance, such dominance.

No nonsense, all actions.

"This is bad, Li Fuchen is being too rash. Liao Hailong is the young master of the prestigious Liao Clan. His status is much higher than Fang Liehai's." Gao Changtian knew very well who and where Liao Hailong came from. If not, he wouldn’t be suffering in silence.

"Damn him! How dare he humiliate our clan's young master. He deserves to die and no one can save him!"

A hundred meters away, two inner sect deacon apprentices roared and sprinted at Li Fuchen. Their eyes were filled with killing intent.

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