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With a few dozen class 3 demonic beasts entering the fray, the entire situation on the battlefield had a instant change with the death count raising rapidly.

At this moment, the help talismans weren't reliable anymore.

All of the outer sect elders and inner sect deacons who were at the Earth Realm were all on the front lines dealing with the class 3 demonic beasts. There were only a few outer sect elders who were left to help the disciples.

With so many people crushing their help talismans, these outer sect elders didn't have enough time to help all of them.

"What is that?" Zhao Mingyue pointed at the demonic beast crowd a distance away. There was a group of green or blue humanoids.

"Demons." Chen Fanghua's face turned.

Be it class 1 or class 2 demons, they were all fearsome.

A demonic beast was after all still a beast. Their intellect wasn't high. But demons had an intellect that could be compared to humans.

That's not all, a demon's strength was at least ten folds that of a demonic beast.

A class 1 demon could defeat any kind of class 1 demonic beast. Its ability was even more superior than a class 2 low-tier demonic beast.

Whereas for the terrifying class 2 demons… They could easily surpass the existence of a class 3 low-tier demonic beast.

With intellect and power combined, demons became a taboo that no martial artists wished to discuss about.

"So this is a demon? It can actually feed on flesh to heal its own wounds."

Li Fuchen saw a class 1 demon get injured, but picked up a corpse of a martial artist to feast on. In a short moment, it's injuries all recovered.

"It can actually use weapons too." Zhao Mingyue was astonished.

The weapons that these demons wielded where all heavy weapons. If it wasn't an axe, it would be a club. Although the weapons were poorly crafted and weren't as exquisite as the martial artists' weapons, they had the strength advantage.

"A demon is coming over. Be careful now."

Against a demon, Chen Fanghua dared not be complacent, even if it was a class 1 demon.

Jek jek jek jek jek.

A group of demons let out merciless laughters as they rushed at Li Fuchen's team.

"Myriad Blossom Sword Style!"

Chen Fanghua took a deep breath and executed the Myriad Blossom Sword Style. Countless pale red sword lights enveloped the demons.

Pff pff pff…

At least half of the class 1 demons were dead with a single blade from Chen Fanghua. The rest of the demons used shields to block against the attack.

"Luckily there aren't too many demons in this battle. If not, the result would be so much worse!" The edge of Li Fuchen's mouth twitched.


Dozens of demons still within the demonic beasts army, surrounded Li Fuchen's team.


Intoxicated in the battle, a demon emerged from the demonic beasts and cleaved at Li Fuchen using its axe.

The axe was the size of a grinding wheel and was estimated to be at least 1000 kg. The force from the cleaving axe was enormous but Li Fuchen didn't even try to deflect the axe. He instantly sent the demon flying back into the demonic beasts crowd.

Li Fuchen went silent for a moment. In a solo fight, he could totally instant kill a class 1 demon and the demon couldn't do anything to stop him.

But in a melee fight, demons were extremely cunning, they would never engage in a solo fight but instead use guerilla tactics.

Obviously, Chen Fanghua and Zhao Mingyue noticed this behaviour of the demons as well.
"Myriad Blossom Sword Style."

Chen Fanghua repeatedly executed the Myriad Blossom Sword Style to kill groups and groups of demonic beasts. A few of the class 1 demons didn't lift their shields in time and were slayed by Chen Fanghua too.

Because of this, her qi consumption doubled as well.

With Chen Fanghua's cultivation, she didn't need to consume a yellow class, high-tier qi replenishing pill yet.

Zhao Mingyue was beginning to collapse too, had it not been for Chen Fanghua and Li Fuchen helping her hold on, she would have died a few times.

"Stone Penetrating Drip."

With the sword light being expelled, Li Fuchen pierced through the throat of a class 1 demon. At the same time, Li Fuchen swung his left hand and used the blazing palm force to kill another class 2 mid-tier demonic beast.

Li Fuchen's three man team could still survive, but the situation of Liao Hailong's nine man team had turned for the worst.


Two inner sect disciples couldn't bear it anymore and crushed their help talisman.

Very quickly, an outer sect elder came and carried them out with both his hands.


Yet another two inner sect disciple crushed the help talisman.

Now, Liao Hailong's nine man team was left with five.

"Damn it, these demons are too cunning." Liao Hailong's expression darkened, he who was a prodigy of the sixth Origin Realm, actually got into a mess because of a bunch of class 1 demons.

Had it been a group of class 2 low-tier demonic beasts, he wouldn't have been so desperate now.

"Liao shixiong, Wu shimei, Li Fuchen is over there with Chen Fanghua shijie and Zhao Mingyue shimei. Why not join forces with them." Gao Changtian suggested.

"Okay, Liao shixiong, what do you think?" Wu Qingmei looked towards Liao Hailong.

"They are few in number, it's okay for us to give them some assistance." Liao Hailong didn't want to admit that he required the help from others.

The two teams weren't too far from each other. After spending some time, they finally combined together.

"I wondered why you dared to come to Shouxue Town, turns out it's Chen shijie protecting you." Liao Hailong criticized Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen laughed, "So what if Chen shijie is protecting me? Unlike you who can't even protect your own teammates."

"You…" Liao Hailong looked extremely agitated.

"Enough. Repelling the wave is of the utmost importance now. You don't wish to crush the help talisman now, right?!"

Chen Fanghua stared at Liao Hailong.

The help talisman may save your life, but after being rescued, all the spoils on the battlefield would be unrelated with you. Only those that survived had the qualifications to reap the rewards.

There are more than 100,000 demonic beasts on the battlefield. Even if there is 1 demonic core out of 10 demonic beast corpses, it was enough to make a small fortune.

But of course, that was after winning this battle.

"Hmph!" Sending a cold gaze at Li Fuchen, Liao Hailong didn't continue the conversation.

With the eight of them working together, their battle strength instantly increased. Even when more demons and demonic beasts surrounded them, they felt much more at ease than before.

As the battle was intensified, all eight of them begun to show their true abilities.

Especially Li Fuchen, with his thirteenth rank Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique revolving, caused Wu Qingmei and Gao Changtian who are standing a distance away to both be shocked when they felt the unbearable heat.

'Seems like Li Fuchen's progress became even faster after he advanced to the Origin Realm.' Wu Qingmei thought as she looked to the side.

Although Wu Qingmei liked to create ties with strong prodigies, but she wasn't a loose person. Be it Shang Guan Hong, Yu Wen Tian, or Liao Hailong, she just had a vague relationship with them, none of them were serious affections.

Afterall, she was a 4 star bone frame and she didn't need to be so desperate.

Gradually, she realised that Li Fuchen wasn't just a simple normal bone frame and was worth her attention.

"Li Fuchen, let's change spots, there is a class 1 demon who is very cunning." Wu Qingmei suddenly asked.


Li Fuchen didn't have any suspicion and swapped positions.


With the Dripping Sword Style executed, Li Fuchen slayed the class 1 demon with a single blade.

"Li Fuchen, you sure hide a lot of secrets. From what I see, Yu Wen Tian is not as good as you." Wu Qingmei's innocent face had a trace of a smile.

At a side, Gao Changtian appeared to be gloom. Be it Yu Wen Tian or Li Fuchen, he felt extremely inferior.

"How strong can a fourth level Origin Realm martial artist be?"

Liao Hailong got jealous after noticing Wu Qingmei and Li Fuchen turn a little intimate. He revolved the Jade Shadow Mystic Technique and intentionally bumped into Li Fuchen to push him into the demonic beasts army.

Responding in kind, Li Fuchen found and opportunity and rammed into Liao Hailong, "Since Liao shixiong is so formidable, perhaps you can fight alone."

"Li Fuchen, you are seeking death!"

After taking an ambush strike from a demon, Liao Hailong was furious and wanted to slash at Li Fuchen.

"Liao Hailong, one more nonsense from you and shall leave the team!" Chen Fanghua said coldly.

"Good, very good Li Fuchen. Taking advantage of the favour from Chen shijie and showing me disrespect. Wait till the beast wave is over. I will settle the score with you." Liao Hailong showed restraint and slayed the class 1 demon with a single slash.

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