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Chapter 98: Three Stages

Mimicry eyes!

The giant winged dragon that initially charged toward them ferociously suddenly went into a daze. Then it slowly landed in front of the group. At this moment, Bai Yi walked past Momo, and his right hand naturally swiped across her back. He drew Momo’s short sword made from special materials. After holding the short knife tightly in his hands, he walked toward the winged dragon.

Everyone looked at Bai Yi silently as he placed the short knife on the winged dragon’s neck. The short knife ground against its keratin-like skin, making a metallic ‘chi chi’ sound. The sound seemed to be ice-cold and harsh.


Bai Yi suddenly said and turned around just when they thought that he would kill the winged dragon. At this moment, the winged dragon suddenly seemed like it had woke from a dream, and it instantly jumped back a distance in fright. It then opened its jaw wide at Bai Yi, but no matter how you looked at it, the winged dragon just seemed to be frightened and instinctively trying to make a show of force.

After seeing that Bai Yi seemed to be ignoring it, the winged dragon immediately spread its wings and flew away like it was escaping.

At this time, Woolf jogged over to Bai Yi as the rest of them wondered what was he going to do. He tilted his head and observed Bai Yi head on. Woolf was startled the moment he saw Bai Yi’s eyes. After a long while, Bai Yi used the back of the blade to hit him on the head, and Woolf finally woke up from his stupor.

“What are you doing?”

“No no no, I was just curious, just what happened to your eyes? It doesn’t seem possible if you say that it’s a simple mimicry ability?” Woolf asked curiously. Of course, it wasn’t a simple mimicry anymore, Bai Yi knew that his eyes had gone through three stages of change.

“I’ll talk about it later. The friend over there, aren’t you going to come out?” Bai Yi said.

All of them looked at a bush in the distance, the captain hiding in the bushes knew that they had been discovered from their expressions. Moreover, he was still in shock at the scene of Bai Yi dealing with the winged dragon, what had happened just now?

The bald captain walked out, and behind him were four other soldiers. They were all worthy of being called elites, most of them had actually survived and they hid so well once they landed. These people all held a submachine gun each and carried other weapons on their backs. However, no matter how you looked at it, they didn’t seem to be the ones that were at an advantage. All of them stared at Bai Yi’s group warily, if not for Bai Yi speaking to them in English first, they would have fired long ago.

“I am Brod, the captain of this squad.”

“Bai Yi, was a human!” Bai Yi said, smiling patronisingly.

After the soldiers heard Bai Yi’s words, they immediately raised their guns. However, the bald captain was more composed and stopped them, walking over to Bai Yi. Although none of Bai Yi’s group looked like a normal human, at least they could communicate now. As such, it wasn’t considered too bad a scenario.

“It’s ok, you guys can still be considered humans now,” the bald captain said.

“Oh it’s like that, that’s great then,” Bai Yi said nonchalantly.

“I think you guys aren’t planning to stay the night in the forest right. Let’s go, to the edge of the city,” Bai Yi said and walked in front.

The bald captain hesitated for a moment but still followed him in the end. They apparently knew a lot about New Zealand’s changes. If the helicopter was fine then all would be good, but now that the helicopter was destroyed the higher-ups were unlikely to send people to save them. That was to say, they had to depend on themselves now. Bai Yi’s group were apparently humans from New Zealand before. They would be able to understand New Zealand’s current situation if they followed this group.

The inner city was the territory of the rat king, so they didn’t enter there. They found a house at the edge of the city that was still more or less inhabitable.

“Be careful, don’t recklessly attack them.” Bai Yi reminded them when he saw the soldiers becoming very tense from the surrounding rat monsters.

“What are those?” The sky was already dark by now, and the vision of these normal people weren’t very good as well. They could only vaguely see something hiding in the shadows, running here and there.

“Rat monsters. They were rats before but assimilated with activated cells. They fused with genes from other animals, becoming this messy rat monster. Of course, they are the owners of the city now,” Bai Yi explained simply.

“Owners?” The soldiers had a strange look on their faces.

“After the humans left the original city, they naturally took over and became the owners of this place. By the way, don’t attack them for no reason, I think that as long as we are still here, they would not attack you either.”


“Because they don’t want to sacrifice needlessly. Even if they were hunting for prey, they would hunt something within their limits, right?” Bai Yi glanced at that white soldier. The rat king had already displayed its good-will. Disregarding how sincere this good-will was, at least the rat king really had not sent any subordinates to continue attacking them. Bai Yi did not want to renegade on this simple agreement because of them now.

“We’ll cook something first, we’ll talk after eating,” Bai Yi suddenly said just when everyone thought they would exchange information now. Everyone looked at Bai Yi but didn’t voice any objections. Only Bai Yi himself knew that he wasn’t trying to make himself seem like a glutton, but it was really his body sending out an intense signal to replenish his energy. Bai Yi could more or less guess what was happening, it was the special energy.

Any ability wouldn’t have an effect for no reason, Bai Yi’s eyes had already gone through three stages.

First Stage: Awakening.

When Martin died, all the blood in Bai Yi’s body started boiling. Perhaps, this was what Yeye referred to as deep-level fusion. At that time, Bai Yi’s eyes changed for the first time, maximizing the effect of the warning and protective coloration of the colored patterns on his body through his eyes.

Second Stage: When Bai Yi heard the death of Hong Qi Hua.

At that time, his eyes that had not awakened for too long evolved again. It did not just enhance the intimidation of his warning coloration and the befuddlement of his protective coloration, it also developed a simple hypnotic power. However, due to overuse and multiple evolutions of his eyes in a short period of time, Bai Yi’s eyes lost their vision for a month. They had only recovered recently.

Third Stage: When he was almost torn to pieces by Woolf.

He couldn’t describe how he had felt back then, but overall, he just absolutely didn’t want to die in the hands of his teammate for no reason. He didn’t have that kind of intense dissatisfaction or desire, he just felt that he shouldn’t die at this time when he still had so many regrets.

Perhaps Bai Yi’s body had already evolved to this stage, or perhaps it was just responding to his wishes. Nonetheless, the special energy within his body had automatically gathered toward his eyes, enhancing the power of his eyes by another step.

Just like how humans are unable to manipulate their own strength freely, but with greater mastery, their power would still automatically gather at their fist without difficulty. In comparison, special energy was just very foreign and unfamiliar to everybody, to reach the same level of usage as their physical strength would probably require some deep level of sensing or stimulation.

It was just like how intense physical activity would drain a person’s strength and make them hungry. After expending his special energy, Bai Yi felt hungry as well, extremely hungry!

Bai Yi didn’t dare to imagine how much special energy he had consumed from just the 10 or so seconds of using of his eyes. Apparently, the consumption of special energy didn’t seem to have the same limitations as using physical strength. As long as the body needed it, perhaps this special energy could erupt and be used all at once. Maybe this was the reason Bentham was so powerful.

While Bai Yi was thinking about the changes to his eyes, on the other side, Woolf was already getting very friendly with the newcomers. They found that although Woolf looked just like a fat dragon now, his personality was at least like a human, and he was also quite nonsensical. After a while, everyone started to get familiar with each other.

These special forces took out their own food. It was all dry rations like some canned food; they offered Woolf to share the food with them as well. Woolf did not reject them and used two fingers to pick up a can. If he really wanted to use this to stave off hunger, would all the food on them right now even be enough?

“Just one is enough, I won’t be full from eating things like this. You guys can just wait to enjoy Bai Yi’s feast later, he’s a chef.” Woolf said as he carefully grabbed a canned food, reminiscing about the taste in the past.

This squad knew that Woolf wasn’t lying either, that bit of food that they had now compared to Woolf’s huge size didn’t even seem enough to get stuck in his teeth (TN: Chinese idiom, means very little food). At this time, Bai Yi just happened to be cooking the carcass that the rat monsters had given them. Since it was a gift, then it wouldn’t be too small. The carcass was more than 6 meters tall. It looked somewhat like a badger, but its identity wasn’t actually important now, they only had to know that this thing could be eaten…Even if that thing was a human.

That’s right, human!

It was just that nobody said it explicitly. Take Woolf for example. If he walked outside now, he wouldn’t be thought of as a human either. If somebody really killed him, he would definitely be treated like monster meat. There could be no other possibility, it was just this primordial and cruel in New Zealand now.

Seeing that everyone in Bai Yi’s group was injured, the only female in the special forces squad came out wanting to help Bai Yi out. Under the shocked eyes of the soldiers, Bai Yi practically finished cooking the entire monster. It took more than two hours, though of course, that was also because the conditions here weren’t that good.

“Can you guys even eat so much?” Anna asked.

“En, it’s enough,” Bai Yi said. He put a giant thigh meat inside a metal basin he found in the room and poured enough meat broth inside before bringing it outside. At this time, many rat monsters were attracted over here by the smell of food. If not for Bai Yi’s group still maintaining their composure, the special forces squad would have probably attacked long ago.

“Help me send this to your boss.” Under everyone’s puzzled eyes, Bai Yi put the metal basin in front of a seemingly smarter looking rat monster and turned around.

After Bai Yi left, a few rat monsters immediately wanted to get a taste, but they were all chased away by that rat monster he picked. Bai Yi paid attention to everything from the corner of his eyes, confirming his deduction that the intelligence of these rat monsters wasn’t lower than that of a normal child anymore.

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