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Chapter 99: Exchanging Information

The specials forces looked at Bai Yi’s group with shock. Their eyes were wide open and their mouths agape. They were initially worried that Ba Yi’s group wouldn’t be able to finish the food. Wasn’t their appetite really too much? Putting aside Woolf with the largest figure, the one with the greatest appetite was actually not him but Bai Yi. They only saw Bai Yi eating non-stop, stuffing all the food in his mouth. Despite so much food on the table, it was all very quickly swallowed in these people’s stomachs.

Not just the adults, but even Momo who was not even a meter tall ate more than what the special forces ate in total.

In truth, the special forces who they had just met were not the only ones shocked, even Woolf and the others felt shocked. Bai Yi’s appetite was very abnormal, he definitely did not eat so much normally.

However, nobody said anything. They didn’t intend to dumbly tell everyone about the secret of Bai Yi’s body. Of course, everyone knew that Bai Yi had his own considerations, he would definitely tell these people some information about the activated cells to exchange for some other information.

While everyone was still in a state of shock, they quickly finished all the food on the table. Brod and his team looked at Bai Yi in amazement. The one who ate the most was him, but where did all that food go to? After eating so much, Bai Yi’s stomach only bloated by a bit, and there were practically no changes. This doesn’t make sense! That amount of food could even fill a few buckets.

Only Bai Yi knew, it was too fast!

The rate of digestion was too fast, the food got broken down the moment it entered his stomach, transforming into special energy. This kind of transformation was even faster and more efficient than a lifeform’s usual metabolism.Perhaps, it was due to his body’s urgent need for energy. Bai Yi silently felt the changes in his body and stuffed another piece of fat meat into his mouth.

“Do you guys always eat so much?” Anna asked in amazement.

“More or less, do you guys know what’s happening in New Zealand?” Bai Yi asked.

“A mysterious virus appeared in New Zealand, making lifeforms fuse with genes from each other as well as becoming violent. In the New Zealand of now, there aren’t many normal lifeforms anymore, most of them have turned into monsters.” Anna said, and looked at Bai Yi’s group. Apparently, they were the monsters that Anna was talking about.

“The explanation outside is a mysterious virus?” Although they knew long ago that those countries wouldn’t tell the public the truth, Bai Yi’s group still couldn’t help but sneer after hearing this explanation.

“That’s right, it’s a mysterious virus. Why?”

Hearing Anna’s question, Bai Yi did not say much. Instead, hewaved his hand at Mavis, who took out that thick notebook. The notebook recorded information about the activated cells, from the Nascent Stage all the way to the Metamorphose Stage. Bai Yi intended to reveal this rough information in the notebook to the people that they would meet along the way. That’s right, Bai Yi never intended to keep these things a secret.

The Progenitor sincerely asked Bai Yi to do something, but he himself did not know what exactly he should do.

However, he must at least let everyone know what had happened to themselves!

Moreover, Bai Yi was never the kind of egomaniac that wanted to control everything in his hands or wanted to accomplish everything by himself. The only outcome to that was nothing getting accomplished. Regarding the activated cells, regarding the evolved lifeforms, it was all an extremely complex topic. The safe path to evolve should be determined and thought out by all the evolved lifeforms.

Without talking about anything else, just the information that plants or animals needed to calm their minds during the LV1-2 Binging Phase couldn’t be found by just himself. It was best for all the evolved humans and lifeforms to slowly research this together.

Anyway, even if Bai Yi was slightly stronger than the majority of people now, he still knew his own limits. He couldn’t act like he was using a hack in a video game, knowing everything and being able to do anything.

Brod accepted the notebook doubtfully and carefully looked at it. The more he read, the more solemn his expression became. The other members of the special forces also looked at the contents and became more and more shocked.

“This is reason behind New Zealand’s transformation?”

“That’s right!”

“How are you guys so sure?”

“It’s up to you to believe it or not.” Bai Yi raised his eyebrows slightly and didn’t say anything more.

“I won’t ask about why you guys are here, but can we know about the situation outside? This isn’t too much, right? In exchange, I will tell you guys some ways to survive in New Zealand now,” Bai Yi said to them while they were still in shock over reading the contents of the notebook.

“If it’s just about the situation outside, that’s fine.” Anna agreed before Brod could say anything.

“Then, what exactly is happening outside now?”

“Ever since New Zealand changed more than two months ago, every country started to guard their shores very seriously, but the country that is the most wary is still Australia. The entire southern coast of Australia is under martial law now and is strictly isolated. From the looks of it now, although activated cells have the reinfection capability, it still can’t reanimate corpses. As such,it’s still relatively easier to quarantine and isolate. So far, things are basically under control.” Brod saw that Anna had already agreed so he started talking. Anyway, these things weren’t some secret.

“Just Australia?”

“Of course not, just that Australia is the closest to New Zealand. New Zealand is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, so although the activated cells seem to be spreading in the ocean, the effects of it haven’t manifested so quickly. Moreover, even if somebody accidentally ate something that assimilated with activated cells and got infected, it can be controlled very quickly as well. This is because it isn’t a zombie virus. It won’t spread from the corpses, and people won’t lose their rationality either. In reality, it isn’t too different from an infectious disease, so it isn’t too hard to deal with,” Anna explained in detail.

Infectious disease?

To think of it, other than the gene fusion capabilities of activated cells, based on just its infectious capabilities, it really wasn’t too different from a normal infectious disease. Additionally, it was not even as infectious as those more serious diseases.

“That is to say, other than New Zealand, there aren’t many changes in the other countries?”

“En, overall, there aren’t many changes. However, the majority of the public is very concerned about New Zealand’s situation. You must know, there hasn’t been any information coming out of New Zealand for the past two months, so everyone is very curious,” Anna said. It wasn’t just the majority of the public, practically everyone was very curious. At the start, they had the choice to accept this mission or not, but even they decided to come here because of the curiosity in their hearts.

“So it’s like that.” Bai Yi nodded. It seemed liked every country was already prepared for something like this.

“By the way, do you guys know about what happened to the people who managed to get out of New Zealand?” Bai Yi asked. When they heard this question, Bai Yi saw that two of them had blank looks on their faces, two of them were calm, and only Anna stiffened slightly.

“As for this question, we aren’t sure either. We don’t even know if there was anybody who managed to get out of New Zealand,” Anna said carefully.

“Then let me phrase this differently, how did the outside world quarantine and stop the activated cells from spreading?”

“Capture and isolated imprisonment.” This wasn’t a secret either.

Isolated imprisonment, it was probably not too different from how an experimental subject was treated. Bai Yi’s group finally knew now. In this situation, they definitely could not leave New Zealand, they would definitely not have a good outcome after getting out.

After this, they exchanged some more information again. Bai Yi’s group got to know more of the outside world, while Brod’s squad asked about information regarding New Zealand. They revealed some things to each other while hiding other things, but overall, they were quite satisfied with the exchange. Brod’s squad slowly relaxed from their initial tension and nervousness as well. No matter when, looking strange wasn’t scary, what they feared most was if they were unable to communicate rationally.

In reality, there were many monster movies in the world, wasn’t there quite a lot of fans of those monsters that could talk?

From the start till end, Bai Yi’s group did not ask them why they had come to New Zealand.

Brod was also seemingly satisfied over Bai Yi’s tacit understanding. If he really asked about this, then they probably couldn’t get along so amiably like now. Moreover, Bai Yi’s group revealed many things as well. They couldn’t confirm how accurate these things were, but if they were all true then it was really a huge matter. They understood the importance of this information more than normal people.

However, how would they know Bai Yi’s intentions? This was all information that Bai Yi had already wanted to tell all evolved humans, letting all evolved humans find a way to survive for themselves. Maybe, they would need the information that other people discovered in the future.

On the second day, the special forces squad said their goodbyes to Bai Yi’s group, preparing to go and carry out that mission of theirs.

“I don’t get it at all, what a one-track mind. Why are they still going to carry out some mission at this time? Aren’t they scared of death?” Woolf said in frustration as he saw the soldiers walk into the distance.

“That’s why they are soldiers, while we are normal people,” Bai Yi said.

These special forces trained by the country would naturally not give up on their mission so easily. Although the helicopter was already destroyed, there were still five people remaining in their squad. Perhaps, in their eyes, five people were already enough to do many things.

“Ok then, they already left. Let me tell you about my experience yesterday.” Bai Yi pointed to his eyes. Bai Yi told them about his experience of the special energy yesterday. He was still unable to actively manipulate the special energy, but if they could passively move it while using some ability, it would still be a significant increase to their strength.

After Bai Yi told Woolf, this guy immediately grabbed his greatsword and tried hard to exert his strength. However, this squatting and shitting posture of his immediately made everyone burst out in laughter.

Woolf tried to exert himself for a long while, but he didn’t feel anything at all. It was the same for Mavis and the rest. Everyone was thinking hard, just how were they supposed to move this special energy? Heloise looked at Bai Yi’s eyes, and thought about Bentham back at the research facility again, seemingly...this was different from how they usually exerted their muscles!

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