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Chapter 97: Hidden Worry Of Intelligence

“Those people are?” Heloise questioned.

“People from outside.”

“People from outside?”

“The people outside of New Zealand. From the appearance of these people, the situation outside probably isn’t as bad as here. Maybe they have managed to control it effectively. No matter what, activated cells isn’t some zombie virus, so it can’t be transmitted from corpses. Even if people had assimilated with activated cells, they wouldn’t lose their minds in the short term either, so it’s still relatively easy to quarantine and isolate,” Bai Yi said.

“The thing I’m more curious about now is, what are these people doing at New Zealand?” Mavis continued.

“I think nobody can guess this.” Bai Yi shook his head.

“Let’s change locations!” He continued.

“Why? didn’t we just decide to stay at this place and learn the Tai Ji Fist?”

“Because we don’t know if they are friend or foe. Although we still treat ourselves as humans now, the other side may not necessarily do so. Don’t forget the information we saw at the start through the internet, all countries have banned any living thing from exiting New Zealand. Yeye also said that it’s very possible that every other country is planning to turn New Zealand into a natural experimentation ground. Even Doctor Wang left the research facility immediately after he learned of the outbreak. It’s just strange that nobody came to retrieve the data from the research facility after more than two months since the outbreak of activated cells.”

“Anyway, we need information about the outside world, but I don’t approve of recklessly coming into contact with people from the outside.” Bai Yi said.

“Let’s go, we need to leave this place immediately.”

“Ok.” Everyone immediately started to move.

At this time, the people in the helicopter were very surprised as well. Although Bai Yi’s group had changed by a lot, it was still possible to tell that they were humans initially. This group of people that came to New Zealand for the first time were very surprised. Before coming here, their superiors had emphasized many times that this place wasn’t some peaceful location, it could completely be said to be a Devil Island.

“I think that we could have tried to communicate with them just now,” said a soldier carrying his gun.

“Don’t do unnecessary things, we still have our mission to accomplish,” the bald team leader said coldly.

“But New Zealand really went through a huge change, seeing those strange and weirdly shaped lifeforms from time to time really gave me a fright.” The other soldier aimed his scope at a target from the entrance of the helicopter. Suddenly, he was stunned for a moment. What was that thing hidden on top of that huge building within the forest?

What was that?

Suddenly, the lifeform lying on top of the building suddenly got up. It then rapidly flapped its wings, shooting toward the helicopter ferociously.

“Captain!” The soldier instantly said in fear.

At this time, the rest of them also saw the monster chasing after them, its wingspan was more than 20 meters and it looked extremely savage. If they really had to make a comparison, it was similar to a winged dragon, but there were also some parts that differed from a winged dragon. This winged dragon fiercely chased after them, flying faster than even the helicopter.

“Attack! Damn it!” The captain swore.

Along the way, although they had encountered flying evolved lifeforms, these normally weren’t able to cause much trouble to them. After all, the lifeforms in New Zealand had only evolved for a little more than two months, they still hadn’t become that strong yet. However, this winged dragon immediately made all their faces change. This guy was definitely an experimental monster that had escaped from the research facility, or a mutant lifeform.

The sounds of gunfire instantly rang, but the winged dragon that chased behind them only closed its eyes, and its body started to spin powerfully in the air. This movement let it dodge a majority of the bullets, and even if the bullets managed to hit the winged dragon they didn’t cause any damage.

A soldier inside the helicopter hurriedly took out a rocket launcher and aimed it at the winged dragon.

However, at this moment, the winged dragon flapped its wings powerfully and a few of its feathers on the side of its wings shot out. These feathers instantly pierced two of the soldiers in the helicopter. Especially the guy with the rocket launcher, the feather directly penetrated his forehead. Not only this, these feathers made of unknown materials even managed to pierce through the helicopter.

Grabbing hold of this momentary pause in their attacks, the winged dragon rapidly closed in and grabbed onto the propellor of the helicopter with its claw.

‘Kacha!’ ‘Kuang!’, the old skin and dirt on the giant claw was sprayed around, but the rotary blades that were spinning at a high speed actually didn’t do much damage to the claw. On the contrary, after receiving this huge obstructing force, sparks and fire burst out from the propeller and it stopped moving.

“Jump off!” The captain roared.

These soldiers were all special forces, so they proficiently carried a parachute on their backs and immediately jumped off. While jumping off, the captain even grabbed the rocket launcher and launched it at the helicopter while he fell. If they still had not jumped at this time, then they could not blame him for being decisive either.

With a loud ‘BOOM!’, the helicopter exploded, bursting into flames and the explosion immediately made the winged dragon cry out in pain. One must know that the explosion damaged things in all directions, although the claw of the winged dragon was tough, it didn’t mean that its other body parts were tough.

Bai Yi’s group were still preparing to leave at this time, but they suddenly saw an explosion in the air in the distance. It was already close to evening now, so the explosion in the sky was more noticeable. They looked at each other and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. There was a more than 80% chance that something had happened to the helicopter. Nobody could be sure how New Zealand was like now. Even if the helicopter flew in the sky, it wasn’t necessarily safe.

“Let’s go and see if there are any survivors,” Bai Yi said.

“En.” Nobody else had any objections.

They set off again, preparing to go across the city. Looking at the dark road ahead of them, they couldn’t help but sigh inside. They had travelled across this street quite a few times today. This time, there were still quite a few rats hiding in the shadows. However, these rat monsters seemed to have become smarter as well, they only stared at Bai Yi’s group leaving the city and did not take the initiative to attack.

Even animals could learn to be tame, not to mention these evolved lifeforms which had gained decent intelligence.

When going past a plaza in the city, their breathing gradually slowed because they felt the presence of many rats. After making a turn on the street, they immediately saw more than 100 rat monsters standing at that place. Moreover, there was a rat monster that was more than three meters tall at the forefront, and it appeared to be very strong.

Woolf and the few others immediately gripped their weapons tightly, but Bai Yi gestured for them to not be hasty.

Sure enough, two rat monsters carried over a corpse of a prey in the next moment. Another rat monster carried some other things over and put them in front of Bai Yi’s group. What is this, a sign of good will? Bai Yi looked at the rat monster leader, and suddenly many thoughts went through his head, complex and varied.

“We are just passing through the city, if you guys do not attack us, we will not harm you as well. That’s all, I will take these things, anything else is unnecessary,” said Bai Yi to the rat king as he pointed toward another direction in the city.

“Chi chi!” The rat king didn’t seem to want to conflict with Bai Yi’s group either. After all, they had killed many rat monsters in the battle this afternoon.

“Woolf, take them away., Bai Yi said. Woolf then carried the carcass and the unknown bag made of monster skin. The group then walked through the pathway the rats had opened up for them. These bunch of rat monsters looked at Bai Yi’s group, carrying various glints in their eyes. Even more rat monsters ran and jumped around in the distance, following their progress, but none of them initiated any attacks on Bai Yi’s group.

After arriving at the edge of the city, these rat monsters finally returned to the city gradually, disappearing into the shadows.

“This is really trouble!” Bai Yi said as he looked at the direction the rat monsters had disappeared to.

“What happened?” Woolf asked

“It’s intelligence!” Mavis said as well.

The intelligence of these rat monsters had apparently reached the level of a small child. If they continued to develop, would they eventually become another civilisation of their own? Don’t think that they were being afraid of the sky falling down on them (TN: Chinese idiom that means being afraid of something that is very unlikely to happen, such as the sky falling down), but it was something that could really possibly happen. To think of it, humans also evolved not too long ago from the cavemen age where they were savages.

“Let’s go.” Bai Yi did not continue to ruminate on this problem, it was too early to be worrying about this.

The group headed in the direction where the helicopter met with the accident. After they had walked a short distance, they saw the winged dragon which was bleeding from its abdomen while it flew toward the city again.

This winged dragon didn’t seem to have a good temper. Its stomach was injured, but it wasn’t fatal. The most important thing was how it had initially thought that it had managed to catch a prey, but in the end its prey had exploded and the ‘skeleton’ left behind couldn’t be eaten. It would be strange if it was able to eat the metal parts of the helicopter. Really, I shouldn’t hunt strange things next time.

However, after seeing Bai Yi’s group, this guy immediately judged that these lifeforms walking on the ground were definitely normal prey.

Looking at the ferocious winged dragon-like monster charging toward them, even Bai Yi wanted to facepalm himself. Here it comes again, just at the time when they most didn’t want to battle.

Woolf immediately grabbed his greatsword, wanting to act. The only one uninjured here was him. However, at this time, Bai Yi stopped Woolf and came in front of him, facing the winged dragon.

Bai Yi’s body was really not suited for intense battles now, but he did not intend to engage in that kind of battle. He stood on the spot silently. When the winged dragon approached, he abruptly opened his eyes. At this instant, Bai Yi immediately felt the special energy inside his body flowing toward his eyes.

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