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Chapter 96: Tai Ji Fist

Of course, when Bai Yi said that Momo couldn't wake up, he didn't mean it literally. He just meant that she slept like a log. It was definitely no big deal in the research facility, but in a city like this it could be extremely dangerous if they slept with no awareness of their surroundings. Although they had guessed that everything was related to sleep, they did not put all their hopes on this either and started studying the Tai Ji Fist.

The Tai Ji Fist was recorded as a video. At the start, it was a rosy-faced old man practicing the Tai Ji Fist, and after he finished the set of movements, the grass underneath his feet actually formed a vague Tai Ji shape. (TN: Tai Ji symbol, you guys should have seen this before)

The first video was the Tai Ji Fist used by this old man. There was a total of 36 movements in his version. This wasn’t the commonly seen simplified 24 forms or the revised 42 movements, and nobody knew where his Tai Ji Fist came from. Although they did now know its origin, it was definitely different from what people commonly see. Behind this research was the more than two hundred countries of the entire world so their combined power and ability would be absolutely astounding. They felt quite shocked watching this video, as they could tell that the old man had not fused with any activated cells. So there were special people like this even among the normal people in the world before.

As for the few sections behind, it was the process of the experimental subject practicing the Tai Ji Fist inside the research facility.

There was only a total of 10 videos in this Tai Ji Fist series. Apparently, they were all specially chosen and there was more than a month gap between each video. Every month, they could see that the body of the experimental subject had changed a lot inside the research facility. At the start, they could still roughly see the sequence of movements in the Tai Ji Fist, but toward the end, they couldn’t understand it at all. It was hard to describe this, but it was just looking at him slowly moving into certain postures. It was very slow but seemed to be very meaningful.

“Although I can’t understand it, from the looks of it he is very strong,” Mavis said at the end.

“Yeah, I wonder if he is out yet.” Bai Yi nodded and carved the old man’s final calm but sharp eyes inside his heart. He was apparently not a normal person, being able to calm down his heart and practice the Tai Ji Fist. He could practice his Tai Ji Fist as if there was nobody around in an environment like the research facility; he was definitely somebody worth taking seriously no matter what.

“Anyway, let’s learn the sequence of movements, starting from the first posture,” Bai Yi said and the few of them came to the courtyard.

The main people were Woolf, Warner, and Sharpei; it wasn’t as critical for the rest of them yet. Moreover, three of them got heavily injured to stop Woolf and Sharpei earlier. For example, the bite wound almost tore off Bai Yi’s entire left shoulder. If it was before, Bai Yi would have probably already been dead. The three of them came to the courtyard and started learning the Tai Ji Fist.

“Then, let’s give it a go. You guys saw it just now too.” Bai Yi turned the tablet screen to face the three of them and played the video again.

“Ok then.” Woolf nodded and followed the first posture as seen in the video, which was the standing posture.

Even though Woolf had just taken the standing posture and hadn’t even started to move, the rest of their brows couldn’t help but twitch. It wasn’t from pain but from trying to suppress their laughter. Woolf now looked just like a bipedal fat dragon, his tummy sticking out while looking shy and bashful. Just by standing there, they could see his tummy shake and ripple. Perhaps, Woolf’s body had gradually changed over time, so he had gotten used to his body by now and had not realized it.

Second Movement: Right Sparrow Tail!

Third Movement: Left Single Whip!

When Woolf started moving, Heloise immediately couldn’t hold it in anymore and burst out laughing. This was really too funny, a dumb and fat looking dragon stretching his arms and legs to make those poses. It made people laugh no matter how you looked at it. Really, Woolf’s actions and the Tai Ji Fist had no similarities at all, even Bai Yi couldn’t take it anymore and turned around. He didn’t laugh, really, he really didn’t laugh out loud.

Even if it was Woolf, he knew that the few of them were laughing at him.

“What are you guys laughing about!” Woolf suddenly stopped.

“Because it’s funny! Woolf, you didn’t see it for yourself, but your poses while going through the Tai Ji Fist is really too damn funny! Too bad there isn’t a camera here, or else we can record your movements and show it to you. You will know just how funny it is then,” Heloise said while laughing again.

“You’re lying! I think I’m doing quite well!” Woolf didn’t believe her.

“If you don’t believe it then you can stop first, and look at Warner’s Tai Ji Fist,” Heloise said.

“Ok, Warner you do it, let me see.” Woolf patted Warner’s shoulder.

After hearing their decisions, Warner couldn’t help but nod; he didn’t seem timid either. At the start when following Bai Yi’s team, Warner was actually quite uneasy and didn’t say much in the team either. However, after going through so much, Warner had finally and truly merged into this team. The rest of them no longer treated him like a kid anymore either. They truly treated him like a member of the team.

“Older brother Warner, good luck!” Momo shouted by the side.

“En.” Warner nodded to Momo. In the team, only Momo was younger than him, so he spoke the most to her.

After Warner took a deep breath, he started to go through the movements of the Tai Ji Fist as well. Of course, with Warner’s round body now in addition to him just learning this for the first time, his standard really wasn’t too good. Sure enough, after watching him, Woolf’s eyes immediately bulged and opened wide, laughing loudly at him.

“HAHAHA! Warner, is that Tai Ji Fist? It looks just like a fat pig shaking its ass and stretching its legs!” Woolf pointed at Warner and laughed loudly.

Warner immediately stopped, he knew of course that Woolf didn’t have any ill intentions and was just making fun of him. However, even if he knew that he couldn’t help but blush and feel embarrassed. No matter what a kid’s skin wasn’t that thick.

“What are you laughing about, your Tai Ji Fist is even uglier than his!” Heloise hit Woolf.

“It can’t be! No matter what I should still be better than Warner.”

“Sharpei, you try it as well,” Momo whispered beside Sharpei’s ears. After hearing her, Sharpei’s huge body couldn’t help but tremble. Really, me too? There were so few similarities between its body and a human at all, how exactly was it supposed to practice this Tai Ji Fist? However, since it was Momo that asked, Sharpei wouldn’t reject it either, although it was quite clueless as to how to go about fulfilling this request.

Sharpei moved to the middle of the courtyard, its four limbs standing on the ground and it slowly raised its left front paw.

Everyone stared at Sharpei’s movements, including Woolf and Warner who had tried it just now. Everyone only saw Sharpei’s left paw slowly but heavily step on the floor, but in that instant, Sharpei’s body seemed to have moved forward a certain distance. It didn’t seem fast, but a soft boom instantly came from the air when it moved. After that, Sharpei continued moving, the seemingly simple movements and swayings brought about tremors in the air around him.

Everyone could see that the Tai Ji Fist Sharpei learned wasn’t the first few videos in the series, but the latter parts. That was the set of movements that a middle-aged man who had already changed into a monster used with all four limbs on the floor.

Woolf and Warner couldn’t even close their mouths now, just what did Bai Yi’s family eat while growing up? Even the dog was so monstrous.

“Sharpei, Sharpei, you’re awesome! Please teach me!” Woolf said to Sharpei.

Everyone couldn’t help but instantly lose their mood from Woolf’s actions. Woolf, can you have some dignity and lower limits? However, Sharpei’s movements did give everyone a great shock. Only Bai Yi looked at Sharpei with deep thoughts in his eyes. The rest of them saw Bai Yi’s actions and stopped fooling around, seriously looking at Bai Yi. Even Sharpei looked at Bai Yi as well, waiting for his comments.

“Very good! Sharpei is really smart.” Bai Yi patted Sharpei’s head and revealed a smile.

Everyone immediately released their breath after hearing Bai Yi’s words. Tsk, there wasn’t anything at all and he still made himself look like he was in deep thought, we still thought that Sharpei did something wrong. However, what the rest didn’t know was that Bai Yi really did have some thoughts, just that it wasn’t convenient to talk about it. Sharpei’s movements were obviously leaning toward a fighting style, just like the experimental subject in the last few videos. It wasn’t really an exercise anymore like the initial Tai Ji Fist.

However, Bai Yi didn’t know whether his thoughts were true or not, and he couldn’t be bothered to talk about it as well. What if the Tai Ji Fist that leaned toward a fighting style could better bring about the cultivation of the soul? If he spoke up now, wouldn’t it obstruct their learning and development?

After laughing about it, the rest of them tried out the Tai Ji Fist as well. In truth, when they first started learning this, all of their movements were quite crude. Even for Bai Yi and Momo who had retained their human shape, they still felt that something was missing even though they mimicked the movements very well.

If they were really to try and put their finger on it, it was…meaning!

Tai Ji Fist wasn’t just a simple movement of the body, there were still the culture, spirit, and aura represented in it. All in all, Bai Yi and Momo now only had the form, but not the essence. However, no matter what, they were still much better than Woolf and the few other idiots. Toward the end, Woolf and Warner seemed to be fooling around more than actually learning the Tai Ji Fist.

Bai Yi saw Woolf fooling around over there but didn’t stop him because he made everyone laugh so hard. In New Zealand now, it really wasn’t often that they could laugh like this.

Of course, it’s fine for today but starting from tomorrow everyone had to seriously learn the Tai Ji Fist.

Suddenly, Heloise who was still laughing loudly turned her head. Very quickly, the rest of them detected it as well, there was a sound coming from that direction. Very quickly, they saw an unmarked assault helicopter flying over from that direction. This assault helicopter apparently saw Bai Yi’s group when they passed by, and hovered around them for a while, seemingly very curious about them. After a while, this helicopter flew away again, disappearing into the distance.

Bai Yi looked at the direction where the helicopter had come from. It was the west, did they come from Australia?

The people in the helicopter were apparently normal humans, what were they doing in New Zealand?

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