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Chapter 95: Dreamless Sleep

Mavis had miscalculated Sharpei’s power at the start of the battle and was sent flying by Sharpei’s tail. After that, all she could do was dodge continuously; she didn’t even have the chance to counterattack yet. After Bai Yi pacified Woolf, he immediately rushed towards that side, but there was somebody even faster than him.

“Sharpei, stop!” Momo’s small body suddenly stood in front of Sharpei and blocked him.

“Momo, no!” Mavis shouted anxiously. Although she seemed quite miserable now, it was just because she wasn’t willing to battle seriously with Sharpei. Or rather, Mavis didn’t really think of counterattacking, she would have achieved her purpose if she could stall Sharpei here. Unexpectedly, Momo was the one who became anxious seeing her in this state and helped her to block Sharpei.

Sharpei pounced ferociously like a tiger, its big mouth almost touching Momo’s body. At this moment, Bai Yi’s heart abruptly squeezed, and held his kitchen knife tightly… Sharpei, you!

However, just when Bai Yi thought that Sharpei’s big jaw was going to crunch down, it actually stopped. The brutality in its eyes gradually calmed down, and its tense body slowly relaxed as well.

“Sharpei, be obedient!” Momo hugged Sharpei’s head and said softly.

Everyone was stunned, especially Bai Yi. From how ineffective his first level mimicry eyes were on Woolf just now, it was clear how hard it was to bring someone back from the berserk state. Unexpectedly, with just a shout from Momo, Sharpei really calmed down slowly. Just what was the reason behind this?

Since even Sharpei had quietened down, Warner who was the last remaining berserk one wasn’t a problem. Pupu was still playing around with Warner and beating him up, and only now did everyone know that Pupu was actually this strong. Also, everyone could see by now that Pupu had a lazy and sly personality. It really seemed to be enjoying openly and justifiably attacking his owner now.

They didn’t move too far and stopped at the edge of the city. No matter what, they did not like camping in the wild. Once they tidied up one of the houses inside the city it would be much better than camping out. Just imagine the chaotic environment inside the rainforest, an evolved insect may be hiding under any leaf on the trees at any time, and these insects could very possibly be fatal to them. Even if they were not fatal, it was still very annoying if some hairy animals climbed onto their bodies.

As for the rat monsters in the city, they were honestly not afraid of them. Based on Bai Yi’s judgment, after the two battles before these rat monsters which had decent intelligence wouldn’t come and throw their lives away again.

“We must now immediately learn the Tai Ji Fist, there can’t even be a second of delay!”

After they tidied up the house, they immediately gathered together. Even if Bai Yi did not say so, everyone else could understand as well. Although only Woolf and a few others fell into that state just now, sooner or later everyone else would be the same. If at that time they fell into some desperate battle again, resulting in all of them falling into the berserk state then there would be nobody to wake them up. Or rather, it might be useless even if they could be awakened, whether they could still retain their intelligence at that time was really up to the will of heaven.

Bai Yi opened the protective case and retrieved a small electronic tablet inside.

The functions of this computer were not too different from a smartphone and actually wasn’t even as complete as a smartphone. However, it was extremely durable and not easily damaged, the screen had its own solar panel which could charge the battery from sunlight. As long as it wasn’t damaged, it could be used indefinitely. In this tablet contained the information they had acquired in the research facility as well as the ‘Tai Ji Fist’.

Of course, they had seen this long ago, that’s also why they hadn’t started learning it.

This was because this set of Tai Ji Fist was an incomplete version, and not suitable for everyone. There was a complete Tai Ji Fist manual gotten from China, but that was only suitable for humans. To think about it, after assimilating with activated cells and fusing with genes from other lifeforms, all of their physical forms had undergone great changes. How could a Tai Ji Fist meant for humans be perfectly suitable for them? Other than the Tai Ji Fist inside, they used science to set dozens of algorithms to deduce why Tai Ji Fist would have an effect on souls, then finally deriving a set of Soul Nourishing Physical Arts that could be used by all lifeforms.

Of course, these dozens of algorithms were all incomplete products as well, nobody knew if it were correct.

However, the most important thing was that none of them could understand it, and they were all very embarrassed.

To speak of it, only Bai Yi and Momo among them still retained their human shape, and probably could learn this, so Bai Yi did not let everyone learn this incomplete version. However, from the looks of it now, even if it was this incomplete version of the Tai Ji Fist with unknown results, they had to practice it as well.

“Let’s not use the deduction algorithm, since we aren’t proficient in this. This original Tai Ji Fist manual was meant for the human body to practice, but we probably can still practice it as well. Of course, there’s no need to force yourself in the parts not suitable for your body, just do as much as you can.” Bai Yi said. (TN: I’m quite confused by this part as well, I guess in the end they will try practicing both versions?)

Everyone nodded, as this couldn’t be helped as well.

“Other than that, I noticed one more thing. Although Momo had lost some control over herself as well, she didn’t really lose her rationality completely. Moreover, Sharpei was actually pacified by Momo easily. Can you guys figure out why this is so?” Bai Yi couldn’t figure these kinds of things out by himself. It was best for everyone to search for the reason among the details they saw in their everyday lives.

Everyone immediately looked at Momo and Sharpei after hearing this, Sharpei laid on the floor while Momo leaned on Sharpei’s neck. A cute furry little girl and such a sinister and vicious large dog, it was difficult to imagine that they could get along so peacefully and well.

“Momo, Sharpei, Woolf, and Warner, they all entered the berserk state in that battle at the research facility. If there was some reason to cause a difference in them, then it would be definitely due to something different in that one month.” Mavis said. All of them then observed each other and compared and analysed all the information that they each had right now.

The difference between the four of them in this month?

Weird, they were all usually together. If there were something different, then it was that Bai Yi and Momo usually slept together.

That’s right, sleep!

Bai Yi’s mind suddenly jolted, and he remembered that Yeye said that after entering LV1-3, they would be able to naturally sense the existence of the soul, and also naturally love to sleep, using sleep to balance the incongruence between the body and soul. Within this one month, Bai Yi did not intentionally hypnotise Momo, the most was that he would pacify her somewhat before her sleep, trying to let Momo have a good dream. As for Sharpei, it seemingly rested in the same room as him as well.

“Sleep!” Bai Yi looked at everyone.


“That’s right, it’s sleep. Yeye said before that sleeping is a very magical state, as in this state the body and soul will harmonize naturally. This is a natural way of self-balancing that a LV1-3 would engage in, and from that, they could conclude that a good state of sleep is beneficial to the growth of the soul. If there was a reason why Momo found it easier to control herself, then the only possibility could only be sleep.” Bai Yi explained.

“But in the research facility, didn’t everyone sleep?” Heloise was quite confused.

“No, it’s not the same, as the quality of everyone’s sleep is different. Do you feel that you slept well?”

“I didn’t feel much, just the same as how I slept usually.”

“I dream sometimes.” Woolf scratched the back of his head.

“What dreams?”

“Dreams of fighting, I frequently dream of myself killing a lot of monsters and feeling super good in it,” Woolf said with glee.

“Momo, you?”

“I don’t dream at all, the next time I open my eyes after closing them is the time I wake up,” Momo said seriously.

“Deep sleep, or dreamless deep sleep!” Mavis immediately said.

“Deep sleep and dreamless deep sleep?” Woolf and Heloise asked.

“That’s right, those are technical terms used to refer to states of sleep. Actually, everyone’s sleeping states are split into a few categories. From falling asleep, shallow sleep, deep sleep, dreamless deep sleep, the state of the body is different in every type of sleeping state! Based on medical theory, if somebody can enter the dreamless deep sleep state at will, then the person has no need to sleep for more than eight hours a day, as just one hour of sleep is enough rest for the entire day. However, in reality, that isn’t possible at all, because entering deep sleep is already difficult. As for dreamless deep sleep, being able to sleep in such a state for a short period each time is already very good.” Mavis explained.

“That’s doesn’t sound right. I didn’t have many dreams either?” Heloise disagreed.

“Dream states are also split into many types. The dream state you are talking about should be lucid dreaming, why you yourself realise that you are in a dream. However, many times, we are unaware that we are actually dreaming. As long as we dream, it won’t be considered a dreamless deep sleep.” Mavis explained.

“Most probably, this is the difference between Momo and you guys. From Yeye’s information, a LV1-3 would naturally go to sleep to balance the incongruence between the soul and body. If Momo could sleep this well every day, then her berserk symptoms could be much better than the rest of us.” Bai Yi said at the end.

“But, how did Momo sleep so well?” Honestly speaking, even if it was Woolf or Heloise, they frequently dreamed about the desperate scenes inside the research facility.

“It’s probably my power.” Bai Yi said and pointed to his eyes. “To let Momo sleep better, I would pacify her every night, letting her fall asleep better.” Bai Yi explained.

“It’s your eyes again, can your eyes not be such a monstrosity? I’m getting jealous.” Heloise said in envy.

“You shouldn’t really be envious, there’s a huge element of chance in the emergence of my eye powers.” Bai Yi said. Of course, Heloise was just saying this and wasn’t really jealous. Everyone knew under what conditions Bai Yi’s eyes had transformed, and those conditions were completely unable to be replicated.

“Anyway, let’s try it. I’ll hypnotise Woolf tonight.”

“Only hypnotising one?”

“That’s right, only hypnotising one, because Momo wasn't able to wake up once she fell asleep, so I can’t let everyone enter this kind of sleeping state.” Bai Yi nodded.

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