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Chapter 94: Changes To The Eyes

Suddenly, a sharp cry came from within the rat mass just as the rapidly running group was about to reach the city edge. After this cry, the initially ferocious rats that were attacking them from all sides swiftly dispersed and returned to the center of the city. Bai Yi saw the remaining rat monsters carry their dead companions inside and knew that the hunt had finished. It didn’t matter to them whether it was Bai Yi’s group or their own companions that became the fruit of their hunt. The number of dead rat monsters could already provide a large amount of meat.

At this time, Bai Yi had a more important thing to do, he had to stop Woolf and the others.

Woolf and Sharpei were still chasing the retreating rats and from the looks of it, they definitely wanted to charge right back in. In reality, Woolf and Sharpei had quite a few injuries on them now. Even if they were confident in their own abilities, Bai Yi knew that they would probably die in a battle of attrition with the rats.

“Momo stop!” Bai Yi shouted at Momo.

Momo instantly paused for a moment and looked at Bai Yi. He approached Momo and stared into her eyes. The colored patterns in Bai Yi’s eyes changed and shifted. Since Momo had not lost her rationality completely in the first place, she calmed down very quickly under Bai Yi’s pacifying.

However, Woolf, Sharpei, and Warner seemed to be the worst affected. After the rat monsters dispersed, the three of them didn’t seem like they had killed enough and charged back in again. Heloise, Mavis, and Pupu each blocked one of the three idiots that had fallen into the berserk state. However, these three idiots no longer saw the difference between friend and foe. After seeing three opponents blocking their path, they immediately started their attack.

Woolf, Sharpei, and Warner’s battle power were completely incomparable to those rat monsters from before.

With just one clash, Heloise was forced to fall back rapidly. If she couldn’t fly things would be bad… Bai Yi thought in his head just as Woolf threw his greatsword out viciously. The heavy greatsword spun and flew toward Heloise in the air, but she didn’t manage to react in this moment. Subconsciously, she stretched out both hands to block in front of her body, but the edge of the greatsword hacked heavily onto her arms. The sickles growing out of her arms and her short sword immediately broke with a ‘peng!’.

If not for the short sword obstructing the greatsword, Heloise would have probably been split into half by Woolf’s sudden attack.

Heloise was already not too proficient in flying; coupled with the heavy injury, she immediately plummeted from the sky. Woolf’s body half squatted on the ground and fiercely shot out. He looked just like an alligator hunting its prey, incomparably vicious. Heloise immediately threw the broken short sword at Woolf, hoping to buy herself a bit of time.

At this time, Mavis wasn’t doing much better either. She only saw that Sharpei fought very ferociously normally, but she only understood now just how strong it was.

Initially, Mavis had just obstructed Sharpei, not letting him continue chasing inside the city. Sharpei stopped at the start but the moment Mavis relaxed a bit inside, it immediately found this gap and ferociously pounced at her. Mavis couldn’t describe its speed in that instant, but Sharpei’s mouth full of sharp teeth suddenly appeared in front of her in the blink of an eye.

Mavis immediately dodged to side. At this time, she did not intend to harm Sharpei, but just planned to stall at this place.

However, just when Mavis thought that she had managed to dodge the attack, the bones growing out of its shoulders seemed to bloom and extend slightly. With just a small error in judgement, the bone spike from Sharpei’s body tore across Mavis in an instant. ‘Puchi!’, two gashes more than 20 centimeters long appeared on her body. Moreover, without waiting for Mavis to react, Sharpei’s tail swept toward her body again.

‘Boom!’, Mavis was sent flying by Sharpei’s tail.

One must know, other than Bai Yi and Momo, everyone else had fused with the genes of an ant. With their weight of less than 200 pounds, it was easy to get sent flying.

Pupu seemed to have an easier time than the rest. Stopping Warner was easier and it just kept on charging at him. They didn’t know what Pupu’s skin was made of, but it was incredibly tough and durable. As long as Warner did not strike any vital areas, he could not pierce its skin. After a while, the two meatballs rammed into each other, but unexpectedly it was Warner who was worse off after the exchange. Pupu seemed to be very happy doing this, this was the rare chance to justifiably and openly thrash its teammates!

Pupu sent Warner flying, but before Warner could land, Pupu had started charging again. Just before Warner landed on the ground, it rammed into Warner’s stomach again.

After slamming into Warner, Pupu actually oinked happily and shook its butt.

Bai Yi looked at everyone’s situation in an instant. He abruptly dashed forward and jumped over a small abandoned car, ramming into Woolf in the air. At this time, Woolf just happened to open its jaw wide in the pose of an alligator hunting its prey, biting toward Heloise. Although Mavis was also in danger, she wasn’t in as fatal a situation as Heloise. If Woolf really managed to bite Heloise, she would definitely be crushed into two. Woolf now had this capability.

Bai Yi rushed out from Woolf’s side, his right foot shooting upward and kicking Woolf’s chin from below.

‘Pa!’, with a dense sound of impact, and the broken sword striking Woolf’s head at the same time, the three of them collided together almost immediately. Woolf managed to pounce onto Heloise as he wished, but his mouth was shut by Bai Yi’s violent kick. In the end, he only heavily slammed into Heloise’s waist.

With this heavy impact, Heloise ignored the gashes on her waist caused by the sharp teeth and quickly grabbed onto Woolf’s big alligator mouth. She forcefully flipped her body and twisted her waist as well. Woolf’s giant body was instantly manipulated by her actions to flip as well, as the two of them rapidly plummeted to the ground together.

Heloise was only caught off guard by Woolf’s sword throw, one must know that nobody in Bai Yi’s team could be underestimated anymore.

At this moment, Bai Yi also grabbed onto Woolf’s right arm tightly. When Woolf landed on the ground, Bai Yi and Heloise mercilessly pinned him to the ground. Just when Woolf turned around and glared at them viciously, Bai Yi immediately opened his eyes wide. At this moment, Bai Yi could only hope that his mimicry eyes would still be effective on Woolf.

“Woolf, quieten down!”

The colored patterns bloomed in Bai Yi’s eyes, but Woolf still struggled ferociously. The two couldn’t hold him down at all. Bai Yi’s heart squeezed; Damn it, this level was enough to wake Woolf up previously, it’s really harder to wake people up from the berserk state the more times they fall into it!

Woolf’s giant alligator mouth opened wide again, biting toward Bai Yi who was directly in front of him. Bai Yi couldn’t dodge in time so Woolf’s giant mouth clamped down onto his shoulder. ‘Kacha!’, Heloise could seemingly hear the sound of Bai Yi’s bones breaking, and blood instantly burst out from his body. At this moment, Woolf turned his neck, preparing to twist his body. This would increase his jaw’s tearing force, allowing him to rip his prey into pieces.

Heloise’s heart beat intensely!

Don’t tell me that Bai Yi is actually going to die in Woolf’s hands?

How can I get killed by my own teammate!!! Bai Yi screamed viciously inside. Suddenly, he closed his eyes and abruptly opened them again. Even Bai Yi could feel like something had broken inside his mind, and blood immediately started to flow from his eyes. In that instant, Bai Yi could seemingly feel something being moved in his body, automatically flowing toward his eyes.

This is…special energy!

Recalling the data, special energy always existed in the body ever since assimilation with activated cells, it was just that lifeforms could not actively control the special energy before LV2. He wasn’t able to actively control the special energy, but what if his body instinctively used the special energy?

It was just like that for Bai Yi’s eyes right now. In that instant, the special energy in his body instinctively felt that his eyes needed their support, so it gathered toward that location.

Woolf’s big mouth viciously crunched Bai Yi’s shoulder, but it stopped there. The sharp teeth deeply pierced Bai Yi, but gradually Woolf’s severe brutality and savagery calmed down and he became quiet.

“I’ll settle this with you later.” said Bai Yi as he pushed Woolf’s giant mouth aside. He seemed angry.


Woolf heard Bai Yi’s threat but didn’t feel scared or anything; he just laughed in embarrassment. Only now did he recall what had just happened; Heloise and Bai Yi had really almost died in his hands. The Brutal Phase was really too dangerous, it made them disregard even all their loved ones, only seeking death and destruction.

Bai Yi continued to run toward Sharpei. At this time, Bai Yi suddenly felt like his eyes had changed again. Something seemed to be flowing from his body toward his eyes, supporting the consumption of power. Although Bai Yi’s eyes were bleeding again, he was actually much more comfortable than before. The bleeding was just because of old injuries opening again in the moment he broke through.

This flowing thing is special energy?

Bai Yi vaguely sensed the existence of this energy. Although he couldn’t actively manipulate the energy like in the novels, this energy was still naturally flowing and gathering toward his eyes.

Many insects had compound eyes, but Bai Yi’s eyes did not transform into compound eyes like that of a butterfly’s. However, as Bai Yi ran, he suddenly felt that his range of vision had reached a 180 degrees in front of him. Anything seen in the peripheral of his vision was reflected clearly in his eyes.

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