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Chapter 93: Why?

Under the pacification of Bai Yi’s mimicry eyes, the few of them finally calmed down slightly. At this time, Bai Yi only wanted to quickly leave and find a safe place to seriously study the Tai Ji Fist they had gotten from Yeye.

“Let’s get out of here and find a safe place.”

“Why do we need to leave? What’s wrong with the city?”

“We can’t stay here; the rats just now weren’t completely killed. Also, do you guys know just how many rats are there living in this city? It’s unimaginably dangerous if you guys engage in battles continuously right now.” Bai Yi said, and brought everyone towards the outside of the city. However, just when they had been running for 10 plus minutes, they suddenly realised that the rat monsters were here again, and in much greater numbers than before.

If there were about 100 of them last time, then this time there were at least 1000 rat monsters gathering from all over the city. Everyone looked at the mass of rat monsters crawling out from all over the city, their eyes turning serious and solemn. They weren’t afraid that they couldn’t win the battle, but that Woolf, Sharpei and the few others would lose control completely.

“How are there so many rat monsters? Isn’t it the Binging Phase, how did they pass that stage?” Heloise asked.

“It’s because rats are more suited to this world than humans. Humans and rats are both omnivores. If we say that humans are pickier towards food due to our habits developed over time, rats in comparison are willing to eat anything. Meat, plant stems, leaves, wood… They have the habit of gnawing on all of these. Now that the vegetation in New Zealand is growing so quickly, they’re definitely not lacking in food. However, they’re probably thirsting for meat after such a long time of not eating any.” Bai Yi explained solemnly.

 As if proving Bai Yi’s words right, a group of the rats that left just now were chewing on something in their mouths. On a closer look, it was actually the corpses of their fellow rats that they brought away earlier. Rats didn’t have as many rules as humans, and their original companions looked so much more different from them now. After death, they could completely serve as the meat that they had not enjoyed for such a long time.

With so many rats, there must be a leader. Bai Yi looked towards the sky and immediately found that ratman directing the mass of rats before, was it this guy?

Anyway, it was better to kill that guy first.

After this mass of rats appeared, they seemed to receive some order and paused for a moment before ferociously charging towards Bai Yi’s group again. At this time, they couldn’t care so much either, they couldn’t not retaliate just because they were afraid of losing control. If they did so, they would probably get torn into pieces by the rats in just seconds.

The moment the battle started, Bai Yi looked at the rat monster in the air, his pupils rapidly expanded and bright colored patterns swiftly appeared in his eyes.

Mimicry Eyes – Intimidation Hypnosis!

Bai Yi’s eyes slowly changed, although his limbs never stopped moving while in battle, his eyes never left that direction either.

The two rat monsters in the sky were apparently observing the battle carefully as well, as their gazes immediately crossed with Bai Yi’s the moment they looked. It was a strange hard to describe feeling, that flying rat monster stunned for a moment after looking at Bai Yi’s eyes, and started flying towards Bai Yi. The ratman on its back fell into a daze as well.

Come here, come here!

Bai Yi slowly said in his heart, and suggested to the two rat monsters through the hypnosis in his eyes. However, all of a sudden, an immense force came from Bai Yi’s kitchen knife. A 3+ meter tall rat monster stood on its legs like a human, and a huge metal rod that it picked up from somewhere collided with Bai Yi’s knife.

‘DANG!’, an immense sound of the impact rang out, Bai Yi’s kitchen knife instantly broke, and he also got sent flying by this huge impact. Bai Yi didn’t suffer much damage, but his heart dipped when his body started spinning and his gaze involuntarily shifted away from the two rat monsters in the sky.

Not shifting your sight even while in battle was really an extremely difficult thing to do, and not even Bai Yi could do it.

At this moment, Mavis had swiftly intercepted Bai Yi’s opponent, and Bai Yi immediately turned around and looked towards the two rat monsters in the sky again. He then discovered that the two rat monsters flying did not pause their actions at all, but the ratman standing up recovered his consciousness and pulled on the hair of the flying rat to make it fly back. Under the hard pulling of the ratman, the flying rat monster stopped as well and prepared to turn around.

It would be bad if I really let you turn around.

Bai Yi thought ruthlessly in his heart. So far, Bai Yi realised that they power of his eyes was maximised when he had direct eye contact with his opponents. In a split-second, Bai Yi completely stopped everything that he was doing and just used his eyes to seriously look at the flying rat monster, the colored patterns in his eyes ever changing and shifting, just like a world inside a kaleidoscope.

The rat monster that Bai Yi looked at paused in the air again, and even the ratman whacking his head with its walking stick did not wake this guy up.

Heloise saw Bai Yi’s actions and the ratman in the air, she immediately spread her wings and flew towards that direction.

Just when Heloise was about to contact the two rat monsters, Bai Yi finally could not endure the pain in his eyes anymore and closed them. I can leave the rest of it to Heloise, she probably can handle those two rats. Bai Yi’s ability in his eyes was really not bad, but he didn’t want to use it to the point where it bled every time. Mavis even said that Bai Yi hadn’t actually recovered fully, and just like the berserk state of Woolf and the others, the more times he overused his eyes, the more likely he would lose his sight forever.

After Bai Yi closed his eyes, the flying rat monster got hit on the head by the ratman heavily again, and it instantly woke up. Apparently, with its simple brain it still hadn’t understood how it got here. At this time, Heloise’s transparent wings vibrated and came right in front of this guy.

The ratman holding the walking stick reacted in fear, but Heloise did not care so much and her long sword cut down heavily from the sky.

‘Clang!’, they could hear a clear ringing sound and her sword broke apart the walking stick that the ratman used to block with. Her sword then continued to hack into its head, body, and the flying rat monster below it.

Heloise and the rest were different from Bai Yi, as they had all fused with the genes of an ant. Although ants could be easily killed by humans with a press of their fingers, it was just because of the huge difference in size. Now when this kind of strength manifested in Heloise and Woolf’s body, it could completely display the terrifying power of this level of physical strength.

‘Kacha!’, Heloise’s sword sliced the ratman and the flying rat monster in half at the same time, and they both fell bloodily towards the ground.

There was immediately a great commotion in the mass of rats, and the rest of Bai Yi’s group immediately grabbed hold of the chance and killed some. However, these rat monsters still hadn’t retreated.

It wasn’t effective, or?

Looking at the ferocious mass of rats, Bai Yi’s brain quickly spun and thought about the situation. In this brutal world, it was probably not easy to sit on the position of rat king with just brains. That is to say, the ratman in the air was probably an ‘advisor’ at best. The real rat king was probably at a different place.

At this time, the weaker rat monsters in their surroundings were either killed or retreated towards the rear. The rat monster surrounding them now were all at least the size of a normal human and relatively more powerful. With their great numbers, there would definitely be some rat monsters that fused with more useful genes by chance.

At this time, Woolf and Sharpei were being very cautious and apparently restraining themselves. The simple clash just now already caused them to fall into the berserk state, so they didn’t dare to continue battling with no worries. However, this kind of restraining caused them to fall into dangerous situations multiple times, and an oppressed feeling slowly gathered in their hearts.


Bai Yi thought as he saw the increasing brutality in Woolf and Sharpei’s eyes.

“Woolf, Sharpei, no need to hold back, charge out in the direction we entered the city from!” Bai Yi suddenly said. At this time, they couldn’t continue to worry about so many things, as the important thing was to leave this rat nest city now. As for things in the future, they would think about them later.

After getting Bai Yi’s approval, Woolf and Sharpei paused for a moment and raised their heads. The wide open mouths of these two guys revealed the savagery and excitement inside. Almost instantaneously, the two of them charged out fiercely and the rat monsters blocking them were instantly ripped apart by the greatsword or sharp fangs. The flying limbs and splattering blood immediately caused a layer a red to slowly appear in their eyes.

Momo seemed like she wasn’t willing to fall behind as well, she bared her sharp little canines just like a small ferocious tiger, charging towards her opponent.

However, Bai Yi followed closely by Momo’s side, deeply afraid that something would happen to her in this state.

“Daddy, I’m fine!” Momo suddenly said.

“En?” Bai Yi was suddenly taken aback.

Bai Yi looked at Momo’s expression and suddenly recalled something. In the laser passageway in the research facility, Momo also seemed to enter into this state but she didn’t really lose her rationality, she just seemed more excited than usual.

Why though?

This question was apparently very important, if they could think of the answer to this question then perhaps they would be able to find the solution to the Brutal Stage. Bai Yi pondered in his heart, slowly looking at his teammates’ changes. Woolf, Sharpei and Warner descended into the berserk state around the same time, and only knew how to kill their way through that direction. Only Momo seemed to be able to maintain her consciousness, but from the looks of it, it didn’t seem like she could last for long either.

“Momo, are you still ok?”

“Still… ok!” Momo turned her head and looked at Bai Yi irritably.

Sure enough, Momo had not completely overcome the brutality inside her, but only seemed to fall into the berserk state less easily than the others. However, why was it like this?

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