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Chapter 9: You Actually Managed to Survive?

“Shh!” Bai Yi put his finger to his lips, hiding at a hidden location at the 10th floor with Woolf. The great devil snake let out a few sharp roars, being especially unhappy due to losing the two of them. It continued to burrow everywhere around the building in search of them. Bai Yi and Woolf were so anxious that they felt that their hearts were at their throats, in fear of being found by the monster.

All of a sudden, their bodies shook and the floor gradually started to tilt.


The two of them looked at each other and Woolf’s eyes were full of despair. Due to the great devil snake burrowing in and out of the building, the supporting pillars broke and now the 20 plus floors above started to tilt slowly towards the east. The two of them were still at a height of 10 floors, if it falls then other than death the only other thing awaiting them was still death.

100% chance of death!

Neither wanting nor willing to just die like this, Bai Yi grew ruthless and resolute in his heart and suddenly pointed to the window at the west side.

“Follow what I do later, our chance of escaping isn’t high but I will not die like this.” Bai Yi said softly, revealing unyielding determination in his eyes. Bai Yi did not look at Woolf but paid attention to the great devil snake who was still causing destruction. The more chaotic the world became, the more Bai Yi didn’t want to die like this. Momo is only 4 years old, if he wasn’t there to take care of her then how is she going to survive in this chaotic world?

Woolf looked at Bai Yi in surprise. Even at this time you still have not given up hope on living?

Silently nodding his head, Woolf waited for Bai Yi’s signal.

Bai Yi stared silently at the tilting floor. When the angle reached 30 degrees, he pointed at the west side of the building which is now tilted upwards.


With a single word, Bai Yi and Woolf immediately ran towards the west side. The building was quite big, there were 30 plus stories to it and the area of each floor was rather large as well. The two of them did all they could to sprint to the window at the west side while the floor had already slanted to a 45 degree angle. Along the way, Bai Yi grabbed a chair on the floor and violently smashed it against a window on the west side wall.

With a crash the glass window shattered!

“Get out and run upwards!” Bai Yi said and climbed out first. He then ran on the slanted wall towards the east side. With the building continuously tilting towards the east, the initial vertical wall became more and more horizontal. Woolf did not expect Bai Yi to be so crazy to think of this idea. As for why he did not head downwards, the part that broke was between the 9th and 10th floor so there was no way to get down from there.

Woolf felt that the entire world was going crazy but he was no exception, the two of them panted heavily and frantically sprinted towards the top of the building. At this time, the tilting of the building became more and more severe and almost hit the floor.

“Jump!” Bai Yi’s voice was already somewhat hoarse.

Woolf did not think of anything but when he heard Bai Yi’s voice the two of them jumped up with all their strength.

With a huge boom, the broken part of the building crashed onto the ground, the entire building shook tremendously and all the glass on it shattered. If the person was observant, he would notice that although the two of them did not jump too high, but it was just enough to escape contact with the building’s walls. That small gap allowed the two of them to avoid the moment of impact where the building crashed into the floor.

With not even a second of air time they landed again. Bai Yi stumbled and fell on top of the wall, rolling towards the east side. That location was originally the top floor, but now it has fallen to the ground. Woolf was not much better, rolling downwards with Bai Yi.

The two of them could not control their momentum and were only able to roll continuously towards the edge. Along the way, countless glass shards cut into their bodies and left numerous injuries.

Suddenly, Bai Yi felt his body lose its weight and abruptly fell off the side of the building. At this moment, he was still 4-5 stories away from the ground.

However, a hand suddenly appeared and grabbed Bai Yi, Woolf revealed his big face that was full of cuts and blood.

“Hahahaha, we are even now.” Woolf laughed and told Bai Yi.

“Fuck, you can still laugh, hahaha…” Bai Yi looked like he was scolding Woolf, but as he spoke he started laughing as well. No matter what, they were still alive now, their luck seemed to be quite good.

Bai Yi managed to climb up with the help of Woolf’s right hand and returned to the surface of the wall. Without waiting for Woolf to say anything, Bai Yi covered his mouth and told Woolf in a soft voice: “quietly!”

The great devil snake completely lost track of the two of them after destroying the entire building. At this moment, that guy was still burrowing in and out of the building not far away. Luckily it had its butt facing the two of them, if it was the head and they were to be found now, even Bai Yi had no confidence that they could escape.

The two of them headed towards the tip of the building which was now in shambles after smashing on the ground.

To climb down from a height of 4-5 stories without the help of any tools, this was something the two of them would not even dare to think about before. However after experiencing the building collapsing they felt like it was just a trivial matter now. At the end, though the two of them were in a sorry state they managed to safely reach the ground from the collapsed building. Only now did Woolf feel his legs go soft, but they did not have time to stop and rest.

Only when they were far enough that the building was no longer in their sights did Bai Yi and Woolf stop, panting heavily for air. At this time, Bai Yi took out his phone only to see that it was reduced to a few broken parts. However, Bai Yi still retrieved his SIM card and quickly searched a corpse that was lying nearby for his phone. Nowadays, almost everyone had a phone, finding a replacement was quite easy.

Switching the SIM card, Bai Yi immediately dialled Momo’s number.

At the other side, Hong Qi Hua was carrying Momo while escaping when Momo’s phone suddenly rang.

“Momo, where are you now?”

“Daddy! Daddy is still alive! Wuuuuuuuu!” When Momo heard Bai Yi’s voice she became excited again.

Still alive! Hong Qi Hua and the people around her got a shock. Bai Yi actually managed to survive in that kind of situation, should I say that he has a tough life or that he has a tough life? Seeing Momo having signs of continuing to cry, Hong Qi Hua immediately took the phone from Momo.

“Uncle Bai, we are running towards the south, intending to go to Ohaupo.” Hong Qi Hua said.

“This voice, so its Qi Hua. I will have to rely on you to take care of Momo. I will rush over asap, keep in contact.” When Bai Yi heard this voice, his heart eased slightly. If Momo still has somebody familiar with her then it wasn’t too bad. Now was not the time to talk so after a few words and deciding on the meeting location Bai Yi hung up the call.

After the call, Bai Yi discovered that Woolf had already found a car. Bai Yi smiled to Woolf and gave each other a high-five to celebrate their successful escape. Afterwards, the two of them got onto the car and with Woolf as the driver headed towards Ohaupo.

Along the way, anybody they met was frantically running, apparently the news of monsters appearing on Hamilton’s north side had spread. On the road, Bai Yi got Woolf to stop a few times to pick up food that people have left behind. These people ran away in such a panic that they even left food behind. Bai Yi would not do something like this especially in such a critical situation, he knew how hard it was to bear that extreme hunger.

“Stop the car, stop the car!” When they were reaching the highway, a skinny middle-aged man waved by the side of the road. However, everyone was frantically trying to escape from the north side, why would anybody bother about him? Quite a few times the man almost got knocked down instead. When the man was about to despair, all of a sudden a small car stopped in front of him. The man stunned for a moment and then reacted, excitedly walking to the car door.

“Get on.” Bai Yi opened the car door and said to the man.

“Thanks a lot! My name is Martin, Martin Anderson!” This guy introduced while squeezing himself beside the pile of food in the car.

“I am Bai Yi, he’s called Woolf.”

“Really so grateful to you guys, those bastards really have no sympathy, none of them stopped for me. None of them realised that saving me was better than running away blindly in such a chaotic manner. Unless they managed to escape out of New Zealand, the only possible end waiting for them is death.” Martin started rambling after getting on the car.

At first Bai Yi did not pay much attention to it, but when Martin said those words his heart suddenly grew suspicious. What did this guy mean? Does he know the reason behind the changes and the appearance of monsters in New Zealand?

“Hi Martin, could you explain it clearer, what do you mean when you said that the only thing waiting for them is death if they could not escape out of New Zealand?”

“Bai Yi, you are really smart, as repayment for saving me I will tell you guys some things.”

“I am one of the researchers for the Northern Hamilton Research Facility. You’re not sure of which facility is that? It doesn’t matter, you will find out very soon. See those monsters? You are right, those monsters all came from the Northern Hamilton Research Facility, a total of 3311 of them.” Martin said composedly, while Woolf got a fright and slammed on the brake hard.

With a ‘dong’, Martin’s head hit the seat in front and he gave a cry of pain.

“Bastard, how do you drive like this!”

“How I drive is none of your business! You said that those monsters were created by you guys?!” Woolf questioned back rudely. Seeing that the two of them had signs of quarrelling, Bai Yi stretched out his hand to stop the two of them.

“Woolf, focus on driving in case those monsters catch up with us. Martin, tell us everything you know, absolutely everything.” Bai Yi’s voice became colder.

Woolf now was quite willing to follow Bai Yi’s words, and though Martin wanted to retort, the words in his mouth got stuck upon seeing Bai Yi’s bloodshot eyes.

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