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Chapter 10: Rendezvous

Martin’s insider information was about the series of events following the super-rich Carma Dovich and his quest for longevity. At first, it was only Carma Dovich who sought longevity, but very soon the same desire took over the entire world.

Plenty of civilizations in history had tried to achieve longevity. For example, the old Qin dynasty from China looked for the immortal island, Egypt had its pyramids and various other historical remains are evidence of humans seeking the path to longevity. However, very sadly, from our point of view these people undoubtedly failed as none of them truly acquired long life. Hence, most people felt that it was impossible.

On the other hand, some people just didn’t accept it. Moreover, with all the technological advancements, maybe humans really could find some way to achieve longevity?

When a civilization reaches the peak of its time, it will start having thoughts of longevity. This time is no exception. However, this time, it was not just a single civilization but the entire world.


“I was invited to take part in the research 4 years ago, but only after I joined did I realise what was being researched in the lab. At that time, I wanted to leave, but I could no longer do so. I didn’t have a chance; although the experiments were extremely cruel,they were something all 195 countries of the world secretly supported.” Martin became silent for a while, then started explaining in a low tone.

“If it was not for those damnable experimental subjects escaping, I would not have had the chance to escape as well. You guys should know, although I had the qualifications to participate in the research, I had no freedom to enter or leave so as to prevent information from leaking.”

“Those damnable experimental subjects you were talking about are human beings!”

“Not just humans, animals are also able to accommodate activated cells. However, I can only say that a portion of them…were humans! If I did not do anything, I would very quickly become one of them, fused with genes from other organisms and then transformed into a hideous monster.” Martin shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently. After seeing so much, he wasn’t really surprised by these matters anymore.


“Yes. Although the research in activated cells was successful, there was a huge side effect: the ability to fuse genes.” Martin did not hide anything at this point, telling them everything that he knew.

Gene Fusion Capability:

Other than the activated capabilities of the cells, one huge side effect of activated cells was that they had a powerful gene fusion capability. If an organism that contained activated cells came into contact with fluids from other organisms, it would begin to undergo gene fusion.

This gene fusion capability coupled with consumption of large amounts of food results in evolved lifeforms experiencing big changes to their physical bodies. The number of times gene fusion can occur depends on the level of the activated cells, normally ranging from 1-9 times. The higher the level of the activated cells, the more times other genes could fuse into the body. The more genes fuse into the body, the number of times the physical body changed would increase as well, becoming further and further away from the initial physical shape.

This was the origin of those monsters!

“Then what do you plan to do now?” Bai Yi wanted scold him really badly now but endured the urge in the end. Since Martin knew so much, he definitely could not run around as he wished.

“I am only a researcher. Although I did participate in this matter, I had limited power. Two days ago, everyone suddenly started experiencing extreme hunger. Though we did not know what happened, there was only one possibility: activated cells had occupied our bodies. I did not want to become a monster, so I intended to look for the drug to regain human form. I overheard by chance that the research facility inside Tongariro National Park was researching the drug,” Martin said, looking at Bai Yi.

“This guy, are you trying to get us to go with you?”

“Haha...” Martin laughed awkwardly but did not deny it.

“You guessed it, I have no confidence to reach there alone, so I wanted to look for some reliable companions.” After Martin was seen through, he did not feel awkward but casually shrugged his shoulders instead.

“You are so confident that we will follow you?”

“Ha, Bai, Bai Yi, do you think I am joking? Nobody knows the power of activated cells better than us researchers. Maybe you guys haven’t realised it yet, but you have already fused with genes from other organisms, be it through coming into contact with them or consuming their meat. The hunger started from the 23rd; by the 26th at the latest you will be able to see for yourself the changes in people. When you guys start transforming into monsters, you will definitely follow me.” Martin said while smiling.


If Martin wasn’t lying, then they definitely did not want to become monsters. Going to the research facility in Tongariro National Park and finding the drug to regain their human form was their only choice, even if it was extremely dangerous. In any case, they were currently heading towards the southeast now, so in conclusion...they would wait and see. Everything would be discussed when they met up with the group of students.


Only on the night of the 25th did Bai Yi manage to meet up with the rest at the Memorial Park in Ohaupo. Although they knew that Bai Yi and Woolf had escaped from the Great Devil Snake, seeing the two men in front of them again still caused everybody to be extremely surprised. When they left, they briefly saw two people being chased up the building, how did they manage to survive?

“Daddy, Daddy, wuuuuuuuu.” The instant Momo saw Bai Yi, she immediately ran over and hugged his leg tightly, refusing to let go no matter what. Sharpei also came over and ran around Bai Yi, sticking out its tongue. Bai Yi consoled Momo for a while then walked towards the center.

“Thank you so much for taking care of Momo.” Bai Yi said to Hong Qi Hua and the others, then saw that they were now eating their food. Everybody’s food was not placed together but instead was rationed out and held in their own hands. Was the food insufficient now? They had started to distribute food to each person.

Originally Bai Yi wanted to move the food from the car down, but all of a sudden, he looked at Momo.

“Where is Momo and Sharpei’s share?” Bai Yi asked.

“Over there.” Huo Qiu Yang pointed at a plate on top of a stone stool, on top of which was Momo’s unfinished food.

With Bai Yi’s knowledge of cooking, he could immediately tell that the food inside the plate was the least tasty part and low in nutrition. Moreover, there was only 1 portion.

“Momo is just a child, how can she eat as much as us? Sharpei is also just a dog, letting the two of them count as one is quite appropriate.” Huo Qiu Yang said, as if giving Momo and Sharpei one portion of food was already doing a good deed.

“Oh so it’s like that.” Bai Yi said coldly and carried that plate of food over.

Any bit of food was extremely important now, and this was also what Momo should have gotten; Bai Yi was not one to be willful and reject it. After taking the food over, Bai Yi stroked Momo’s head. “It’s ok, Daddy brought quite a lot of food here. I’ll make a feast for Momo.”

After saying that, Bai Yi brought out quite a few ingredients from the car as well as a simple stove. Now that they were outdoors, cooking wouldn’t be as convenient as in their homes with a fully equipped kitchen. Even so, Bai Yi still had ways to make food delicious. Huo Qiu Yang was stunned upon seeing this; who knew that Bai Yi would come here at this time, bringing the thing that everybody needed.

Smelling the aroma coming from the stove, all of them instantly regretted their decision. The food that they made was only barely able to be considered ‘cooked food’. It was like the difference between heaven and earth when compared to the food that Bai Yi cooked. The most crucial thing was that Bai Yi seemed to be pissed over the original distribution of food.

Although Bai Yi was angry, he did not really intend to eat everything by himself. In the end, Momo was just a little girl. If they hadn’t helped, she would not have been able to make it to this relatively safe place in that chaotic situation where everybody was busy running for lives. Moreover, even though some among them were more annoying, the rest of them were still his friends.

“Come and eat together.” Bai Yi said to the group after he finished preparing the food.

The few of them who were planning how to repair relations with Bai Yi in their hearts felt quite embarrassed. Only Hong Qi Hua and a few others were calmer and walked directly towards him. Bai Yi’s words opened a hole in the quiet and awkward atmosphere, causing the atmosphere to be not so silent anymore. When the group of them started to eat quietly, conversation also gradually started to flow.

“Uncle Bai, how did you run away? We almost got frightened to death seeing that monster from afar!” Khina asked curiously. This was also the question that the others were curious about.

“Actually, it wasn’t anything much.” Bai Yi did not say more and continued cooking. The conditions here weren’t good, so it required more patience to cook well.

Although Bai Yi didn’t bother saying anything, Woolf held nothing back. Honestly, thinking about the scenes from before, he still felt his knees go weak, but it was also because of this that he felt especially proud in his heart. Hell, living for dozens of years, his entire life did not add up to be as thrilling as today. Most importantly, he managed to survive in end.

Woolf described the situation they were in before. Upon hearing that Bai Yi got the two of them to run up the wall, everybody was so shocked that they could not close their mouths. That was too daring! Who would have known that the two of them could survive from that kind of dangerous situation! After Woolf finished his story proudly, even though everybody knew that there was bound to be some exaggeration in his story, they begun to look at Bai Yi with more respect.

Even Martin didn’t expect Bai Yi and Woolf to be so daring and escape the mouth of the Great Devil Snake. Martin knew the Great Devil Snake was a mutated experimental subject; among all the evolved experimental subjects, its strength was one of the highest.

Upon seeing this scene, Yu Han felt a bit of jealousy in his heart.

It must feel nice being respected and trusted, if only it was me in that position. Being able to react calmly when facing danger, planning in a clear and orderly manner, and being strong were the conditions for getting people to follow you. Yu Han knew the only thing he could do was to feel jealous, if there were no big changes...his place in the world would just remain the same.

“Let’s not talk about all this, we need to discuss the next truly important matter.” Bai Yi clapped his hands and attracted the attention of everybody around him.

Truly important matter?

Everyone stood there confused for a while. The initially lively atmosphere gradually cooled and they looked at Bai Yi with their minds full of questions.

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