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Chapter 8: Giant Devil Snake

New Zealand is a big country with sparse population, resulting in a lot of space so the highways were built to be more spacious. Even though there were a few accidents on the road, it was still possible to drive through. Bai Yi didn’t dare to stop, driving the car along the expressway and heading southeast. Everyone was still in shock from what happened just now. We actually made it, we actually made it!

The car sped towards the urban district in the southeast side and everyone felt like they had a new lease of life after the calamity.

However, in an instant this kind of mood turned for the worse. Bai Yi, who was driving the big truck in front suddenly swerved and tried to stop. Even so, the truck still went into a giant concave hole in front of them. The few cars following behind were also alarmed and they stopped, realising that the floor suddenly started moving. A round, two meters plus wide mouth suddenly rose from underground and the sharp teeth inside constantly rotated and grinded.

Looking at the unfamiliar and sinister monster in front of them, everyone was stunned.

What the fuck is that thing?!

Even the most demure girl would curse in her heart at this time.

Great Devil Snake – Fused genes unknown, highly probable to be a mutated creature. Length ranges from 20 to 40 meters, the head is a circular mouth with countless sharp teeth inside, looking just like a meat grinder. Around the head are a few tentacles that have mouths of their own, as well as weak light sensitive organs to detect the presence of other organisms.

Great Devil Snake is just a general term of reference, God knows how many similar creatures those researchers made.

When Yu Han saw the great devil snake, he immediately knew that going forward absolutely meant death. He unhesitatingly reversed the car and tried to escape the other way. However, the cars following behind were also trying to escape from the monsters coming from the north. Those cars didn’t stop and they crashed into each other. Yu Han’s car only managed to reverse by dozens of meters before crashing into the other cars. He was lucky that he was sitting in front or else he would have been squashed into meat paste. 

“Fuck!” Yu Han forcefully opened the car door and brought his katana with him.

“This way!” At this time, the others also got out of the car and Hong Qi Hua shouted towards the rest of them.

Everyone could see that both the path in front and behind were completely blocked. The road in front was ruined by the great devil snake and impossible to cross. The cars colliding also caused the road behind to be blocked. At this moment, everyone was panicking and without any idea of what to do. Since somebody took the lead and said to run in that direction, everyone looked in the direction that Hong Qi Hua pointed to and ran towards it.

Running at the very back was Gan Zhi Ming, he very quickly got caught by the great devil snake and was swallowed in one month. The monster’s mouth filled with rings of teeth squeezed shut…a meat grinder! A short scream cried out and Gan Zhiming was grinded into meat paste.

Hearing the scream, everybody shivered and summoned every last ounce of energy to run for their lives.

All of them thought that Bai Yi’s group was finished. They even fell into the hole that the great devil snake came out from, how could they be alive? However, when the great devil snake was chasing the rest, a sharpei dog suddenly ran out with Momo on its back. Following behind were the two guys Bai Yi and Woolf.

Coming into close proximity, Bai Yi and Woolf could smell the terrifying stench coming from the great devil snake’s body. Nobody had a deeper and more personal experience than them being suffocated by the stench.

“Sharpei, take Momo and run, hurry!” Bai Yi shouted at Sharpei.

Sharpei was already sprinting from the start, it was very smart and followed Hong Qi Hua and did not run around thoughtlessly. Of course, Bai Yi and Woolf were also running, but they were also paying attention to the great devil snake’s movements. Sure enough, it immediately discovered the ‘food’ that came out from the metal lumps and stretched a tentacle over.

Although it’s called a tentacle, it was at least as thick as a person’s forearm. Even smaller tentacles grew from that tentacle and similarly the smaller tentacles had large mouths dripping with saliva.

“JUMP!” Bai Yi roared.

Woolf followed Bai Yi’s words faithfully and threw himself forward and the tentacle instantly passed right over his back. The hard ground was pierced like tofu by the tentacle and it went down and then back up again, viciously biting towards Bai Yi.

“Fuck you, die!”

Bai Yi grew vicious and when the tentacle stretched over again, he abruptly turned around and hacked with the chopper in his hands. ‘Kacha!’ The chopper didn’t even manage to cut 1cm into the tentacle! This action only served to enrage the great devil snake and it let out an ear-piercing roar. At the same time, the main mouth of the great devil snake approached from another direction. Woolf stumbled while running and almost ran inside the giant mouth.

Woolf could see in front of him the flesh and blood from an unlucky guy stuck inside the mouth and numerous sharp teeth!

At the last moment, Bai Yi pulled Woolf from behind and with a ‘kacha!’ the giant mouth closed, practically brushing against Woolf’s body. Smelling the obnoxious stench from the teeth in front of him, Woolf felt goose bumps rise all over his body.

“This way!”

Bai Yi grabbed Woolf and pulled him towards a lobby of an unknown building. Both of them were acting instinctually and did not think about where they were going. Moreover, the great devil snake seemed to have locked on to Bai Yi as an enemy that injured it. It immediately chased after them and the lobby echoed with a series of crashing noises.


Bai Yi and Woolf ran for their lives up the stairs and at the same time running with them were the people who were initially in the building. What white collared workers, elites of society, none of it counted for anything now. All of them were scared to the point of peeing themselves, only wishing that they could grow two more legs to run with.

Fuck, how could you not run! To chase Bai Yi, the great devil snake revealed half of its body. Just the diameter of the snake was more than 1 meter and its length was more than 20 meters. The head was a circular hole with countless teeth rotating and grinding inside and five tentacles as thick as a forearm surrounded it. Countless tiny centipede-like legs like grew from all over its body and no matter how it was looked at, it was just disgusting and sinister. With a pounce from the snake, a big chunk of the building was bitten off like a piece of tofu.

“Ahhh… !” Woolf was slower by a bit and the staircase underneath him was bitten off by the great devil snake. All of a sudden, it was just empty air below his feet and he started to fall.

If he fell, it would basically spell his death. However, Woolf suddenly felt a grip on his hand and realised that Bai Yi had caught him in the nick of time.

“You bastard, don’t die!” Bai Yi scolded him, but Woolf felt that there were no better sounding words in the world.

The two of them frantically ran up the building. At times like this, things like thinking of an escape route was all meaningless, running away from this terrifying monster was the priority. At first, the great devil snake just followed the two of them up the stairs, but very quickly it discovered that this method was too slow and changed to a different method.

Boring a hole!

The entire building became like a toy for the great devil snake. When the gigantic mouth bit down, the sturdy building would instantly have a big hole appear and this guy would use the hole to go around the sides of the building, constantly spiralling around the building to chase upwards. Only now could everybody see the full figure of this monster.

A diameter of roughly 2 meters and a length exceeding 30 meters. In front of it was a sinister head and from its body grew countless thin legs that looked like centipedes wriggling around. There was a fork at its tail and at the end of it were two long stingers. The snake burrowed in and out of the building, moving upwards in a spiral motion revealing its entire figure. The people in the surrounding area were shocked into a daze looking at this monster.

“This…what the fuck is that thing?” Qin Kai Rui and the rest were on another street, looking at the great devil snake spiralling around the tall building. All of them were staring dumbly with wide open eyes, muttering meaningless questions from their mouths.

“Who cares what is that thing, run away first!” Yu Han didn’t want to stay here and wait for his death.

“Daddy, I want daddy… wuuuuuuuu.” Momo laid on Sharpei’s back, crying sorrowfully.

Bai Yi didn’t come out? At first, they thought that Bai Yi had come out, but with Momo’s crying everyone’s hearts dimmed. Hong Qi Hua hugged Momo tightly and did not say anything. At this time, no matter how much confidence they had in him, all of them felt like Bai Yi and Woolf would not be able to escape death. No ordinary person can live after facing this kind of monster.

“I’m sorry Momo, but your dad probably isn’t coming back anymore, let’s just leave quickly.” Yu Han creased his eyebrows and told Momo.

“How can you say things like that!” Tang Ping immediately criticised.

“What I say is none of your business, I only spoke the truth. These monsters came from the north and we do not know how many of them there are. Do you think that this place is safe? If you want to die, then carry on staying here. I will not accompany you.” Yu Han said coldly and looked towards Hong Qi Hua.

“Go!” Hong Qi Hua immediately carried Momo and ran in front.

Unexpectedly, of all the people here only Yu Han and Hong Qihua were extremely decisive. Yu Han was an ordinary person, and Hong Qihua from the looks of it was also a quiet and introverted girl, there was nothing particularly outstanding about them. However, in reality, the majority of people would only be able to show their brilliance under special circumstances and in special times.

With somebody leading, nobody else continued to stand around. There was no meaning in them continuing to stay here other than becoming food for the monsters.

Momo was carried by Hong Qihua, her small hand pointing towards the building and wailing non-stop. Hong Qihua stretched out a hand to gently stroke Momo’s head, a trace of sadness flashing past her eyes. Behind the group, the building was crumbling under great devil snake’s destruction.

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