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Chapter 85: Start Of Escape

The research facility was very big, and could be split into three general sections. The upper section was used to conduct various research, the mother hive was used to imprison the Progenitor, while the lower section was used to imprison the other experimental monsters. Comparatively, the lower section was much larger than the upper section, and even a single hive was larger than the entire upper section. After all, many of the experimental monsters were huge in size.

Right below the upper section and right above Yeye’s main computer room was the original location of the mother hive, and also the blind spot of the research facility. The so-called blind spot referred to the method of construction, concealing a section within the construction so that from the surface it seemed like that section didn’t exist at all.

However, after the Progenitor erupted, the mother hive and the upper section got ripped through and the blind spot lost all of its purpose. The Progenitor was then moved to another location, a temporarily prison.

Over this month, Bai Yi’s group also got to know of the existence of the Progenitor from Yeye, and the Progenitor wanted to meet with them as well.

The Progenitor did not say why she wanted to meet with them, but Yeye seemed to be very encouraging of them to meet with the Progenitor. Of course, they had to meet with the Progenitor before she died. After her eruption before, and due to all operations stopping in the research facility and not recovering, she couldn’t hold on for much longer.

Otherwise, Bai Yi would definitely not want to switch off Yeye’s main computer so early.

Their position was now in Yeye’s main computer room, and the Progenitor’s position was below the fourth and fifth hives. To get there, they had to return to the first hive, go to the the upper section and enter the fourth or fifth hive’s passageway from there. Then could they reach the temporarily holding location of the Progenitor.

Actually, it was actually quite ridiculous, the main computer room was actually directly connected to the fifth hive, but they couldn’t use that passageway because… Woolf couldn’t fit through.

The five hives all had a passageway towards the main computer room, it wasn’t too narrow, and a normal human would have no problems passing through it. However, with Woolf’s size now he was completely unable to squeeze through the passageway. Knowing that the rest of them had to detour and undertake more risk because of him, he couldn’t help but feel sorry and embarrassed.

After meeting up with Woolf again, they immediately rushed towards the first hive. Along the way, they met many mindless gene-fused monsters running around everywhere. The reason why Bai Yi’s group did not wait for all the monsters to leave in the main computer room was because Yeye reminded them to not drag on any longer, as the Progenitor couldn’t wait anymore.

After swallowing Hong Qi Hua, the Progenitor’s lifeforce depleted even more rapidly!

Although all the experimental monsters were running everywhere, one sure thing was that the majority of them would not leave this place. There was at least a 90% chance that this research facility would become a terrifying nest of monsters.

Since they knew the route, their movements were very fast, and they went out of the passageway before the first batch of monsters managed to rush out. Bai Yi walked in front, holding the broadsword in his hands, with his mimicry eyes already activated. Now was definitely not the time to battle, as any time wasted could result in life-threatening danger.

Everyone sprinted quickly, and Bai Yi did not intentionally use his mimicry eyes towards any particular gene-fused monsters, but simply just used the confusion effect of his eyes. When these monsters were befuddled by Bai Yi’s eyes, the group of them had already rapidly ran past them. At this time, they finally realized how useful Bai Yi’s mimicry eyes were.

Moreover, this kind of usage would not deplete Bai Yi’s energy. After all, had anybody seen any lifeform getting tired from displaying its camouflaging colors for too long? That was by nature the outer appearance of certain lifeforms.

They came through another door, and when making a turn, Bai Yi suddenly stopped. In that direction was the giant door where they had frenziedly fought for their lives. Based on what Yeye said, Hong Qi Hua had died right outside that door. After seeing Bai Yi stop, they immediately looked towards that direction as well.

“Let’s go!”

Bai Yi said suddenly just when they thought Bai Yi would want to go over and take a look; the time that he paused for was not even two seconds. After Bai Yi started running again, the rest of them immediately followed and ran after him.

Pain… It was needless to say that Bai Yi was in pain. However, since they were still alive, they needed to work hard for the friends that were still alive, and not ruminate on their past sorrows.

The group them were the fastest to leave, but very quickly they discovered a passageway blocked simply with concrete. This place was right on top of the mother hive, when the Progenitor erupted they blocked the hole simply, and nobody bothered about it anymore after that.

Bai Yi’s group ran across the ruined upper section, and entered the passageway of the fourth hive. At this time, at the passageway of the third hive, out flew a giant bat monster. This giant bat paused in mid-air in a damaged hall, and looked towards the direction that Bai Yi’s group were running in.

“Bat?” Augustine asked.

“Hisss~~!” The bat hissed and looked towards where Bai Yi’s group was now, although in reality it neither needed its eyes to see things, nor did it need to face anywhere.

As long as the gene-fused monsters did not lose their rationality during the LV1-2 Brutal Phase, they would all possess decent intelligence in the later stages. This giant bat initially wanted to fly outside. Actually, if they passed through this level and flew up a few hundred meters more, they could enter the giant hole created by the Progenitor and get out.

“What’s over there?” Augustine asked.

Augustine was also very smart. From the bat’s appearance, he could tell that it had definitely used its ultrasonic waves to ‘see’ something.

“Hissss~.” The bat suddenly hissed again, and fiercely flapped its wings, ramming itself into the ceiling above it. ‘Kacha!’, the bat immediately smashed a huge hole into the ceiling. The bat then continued to smash its way upwards for over a hundred meters, then suddenly changed its direction and flew into the giant hole left behind by the Progenitor, escaping into the sky.

Augustine stunned for a moment but started laughing after, and powerfully jumped up after the bat.

Bat is really quite decisive! Even if it saw something special it didn’t go to look at it out of curiosity, but it followed through with its original goal, escaping!

Clearly knowing that things were strange, but still managing to control the curiosity and desire in its heart was something not common even in humans. One must know that many times curiosity had killed the cat.

If Bat could endure that kind of desire, Augustine would obviously not be willing to lose to it. Augustine understood as well, even if they would miss their fate with something by doing so, it was also similarly a way to take advantage of their fortune and avoid disaster. At the very least, they wouldn’t die for some unknown reason. However, even if these two LV2 beasts could resist, it didn’t mean that the others could. For example, Qin Tian He who came out from the second hive.

In that direction… Is there something there?

Qin Tian He hesitated for a moment and suddenly changed direction to run towards the fourth passageway. He wasn’t afraid because he was a LV2. Among all the experimental subjects here, he was at the top.

Monsters had already appeared in the passageway entering the fourth hive, and in much larger numbers than in the first hive. With so many monsters getting red-eyed from all the killing, they had no choice but to act this time.

Confusion, and in that instant of hesitation in their enemies Bai Yi demonstrated his exquisite sword skills. With Bai Yi being the vanguard, all the normal monsters who met with him did not have much ability to fight back; perhaps they would only awaken due to the immense pain when they are died. The increasingly dense smell of blood in the air agitated all the gene-fused monsters, causing the killing to become even more savage.

“Bai Yi, Woolf.” Heloise reminded.

Bai Yi turned his head, and realised that Woolf had signs of going berserk again. Sure enough, after entering the Brutal Phase it was very easy to enter the berserk state under conditions of battle and blood. However, fortunately Heloise had always been paying attention to Woolf and discovered it early. Bai Yi immediately looked towards Woolf’s direction.

“Woolf, look at me.”

After hearing Bai Yi’s words, Woolf immediately looked over. After all, Woolf had not completely lost his mind now. In that instant when Woolf turned his head, colored patterns appeared on Bai Yi’s eyes, appearing very extraordinarily fantastical.

Mimicry Eyes – Intimidation Hypnosis!


The brutality in Woolf’s eyes gradually started to calm down, and his mouth cracked open into an embarrassed smile to Bai Yi. Along the way, they really had spent much energy and effort because of him. If not for him, they could have entered the fourth hive through the main computer room and reached where the Progenitor was. However, Woolf didn’t say anything more as well. Bai Yi would never abandon him in that place by himself, so he just had to remember all this in his heart.

After Woolf calmed down, the rest of them continued killing their way out, entering a passageway at the fourth level of the fourth hive. There was a really huge lift here, after all the Progenitor was extremely large as well. They could reach where the Progenitor was through taking this lift.

“Are we taking the lift?” Woolf asked.

Before Bai Yi could reply, all of a sudden sounds of crashing and crumbling came from below them, and they felt intense shaking all around them, almost like if the entire place was going to collapse. Bai Yi’s eyes squinted, and in the distance, he could see a familiar head… Great Devil Snake!

This guy was definitely the most terrible LV2.1 defective Metamorpohse Stage lifeform to meet. Of course, other than having something wrong with its head, its power was absolutely terrifying.

Looking at the broken wall by the passageway, Woolf did not continue speaking as well. Taking the lift at this time was the same as looking for death, the Progenitor was more than 500 meters below them. If the lift got damaged while they were in it, they would be squashed like a sandwich cookie when they fell. However, the most important thing was that there weren’t any stairs leading downwards.

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