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Chapter 84: Gush

“Great, if you guys are ready. Oh wait, I want to hug Momo first!” Yeye hadn’t been serious for too long before going back to her bubbly self, and rushed towards Momo. Momo saw how Yeye was like and immediately dodged towards the side. Yeye pounced onto Momo in an instant, but all that happened was that she passed through Momo. In the end, she was still just a hologram.

Yeye circled around Momo for a while, and just felt very frustrated at the end. No matter how real she seemed to be, her ‘body’ was just a supercomputer created by humans.

Bai Yi did not immediately switch off the main computer, but let Mavis bandage Momo up first. What they had to face next was an incomparably dangerous run for their lives.

Yeye was teasing Momo, but after realising that Yeye could not actually touch her, she became immune to Yeye’s teasing, causing Yeye to become disappointed.

“Oh right, remember what you guys promised, protect my main computer well.” Yeye said at the end.

“En!” Bai Yi nodded.

Bai Yi looked at everyone, his gaze sweeping over all of them, and everyone looked back at him seriously, their expressions composed and solemn. Any person who had lived through so many experiences would have gained a deep maturity and understanding.

“Let’s start then!” Bai Yi turned around.

Following the steps laid out by Yeye, he stopped the operations of the main computer. After seeing the appearance of Yeye’s main computer, all of them were shocked for a moment, Yeye’s main computer…actually had a brain-like flesh membrane covering it. After the shock, Bai Yi immediately calmed himself down. Although he didn’t know how this thing had appeared, it was clear that this was the reason that Yeye could develop her own autonomous consciousness.

Bai Yi carefully extracted Yeye’s main computer, put it in a protective case that they prepared long ago, and locked it shut. This protective case had the best defenses to Yeye’s knowledge. After all, this was directly related to Yeye’s new-born life.

The silver-colored protective case made of special materials closed shut, and Bai Yi lifted up the case, taking in a deep breath.


The group of them immediately started running towards the passageway outside, and on Bai Yi’s wrist was a high-tech holographic watch that displayed a translucent 3D map of the place. A few small dots rapidly moved on the holographic map. Although everyone had long memorized the entire layout of the research facility, it was still quite easy to lose their way in this huge place if they didn’t have a map for reference.

The moment Yeye’s main computer was switched off, all the electricity got cut off at the same time throughout the research facility, and the entire place descended into extreme darkness and silence. After more than 10 seconds, the backup generator finally activated and lit up the place again. However, at this time, all the experimental subjects realised that their prison doors… had opened.

It’s open!

Those lifeforms with low intelligence may not have realized it immediately, but the 7 perfect LV2 Metamorphose Stage lifeforms, and the other intelligent experimental subjects immediately realized this.

What happened?

This thought immediately arose in all those experimental subjects that could think. They carefully walked out of their prison cell, and when they found that the other prison cells were unlocked as well, a thought immediately arose in their heads… something big had happened to the research facility. Thinking back to the commotion more than 2 months ago and how there weren’t any researchers left around, this wasn’t a difficult thing to guess.

No need to waste brain cells on the details, the important thing is that we can go out now!

Ever since the first experimental subject found that they could get out, all of them instantly went crazy and ran out of their prison cells. They roared crazily, wrecking havoc along all of the passageways. This wasn’t simply the excitement from being able to escape, but there was still the two months plus of starvation that caused them to prey on each other. The mutual massacre and frenzied escape turned the entire research facility into an unimaginably vicious battleground.

The 7 LV2s gradually walked out of their prison cells, and the No. 0721-2 ‘human’ still had his usual cheeky smile on his face.

“HAHAHA…!” He did not know what happened, but this was still an optimal chance.

A Hypersomnia Stage monster woke up from its sleep, and immediately pounced towards No. 0721-2 in its extreme hunger. At this time, No. 0721-2 spread its claws and indulged in the moment, breathing in the outside air. This is… the feeling of freedom. The moment the Hypersomnia Stage monster pounced on him, his body suddenly disappeared, and the Hypersomnia Stage monster forcefully flew backwards. However, the monster didn’t even manage to fly for 10 meters before it abruptly stopped in the air, its neck tightly held in No. 0721-2’s hands before getting it ripped off by an immense force.

‘Puchi!’, the powerful Hypersomnia Stage monster’s head immediately flew into the air, its hot blood spraying everywhere like a geyser.

No. 0721-2 opened his mouth wide, collecting the falling blood into his mouth and licked his lips greedily, revealing a maniacal smile. From now onwards, Qin Tian He is back! Just wait and see you damnable fellows! I bet that you guys would never imagine that I can return alive after sending me to this place!

On the other side, the other human LV2 was much calmer. He looked at the opened door and the frenzied experimental monsters outside, and slowly headed towards the door.

Finally, I can go out!

Augustine slowly moved his huge body and headed outside. Any experimental monsters that tried to attack Augustine got slapped aside by him.

He could finally go out, but Augustine did not feel much excitement in this heart. With his appearance of a monster now, how would he face his family and friends again even if he got out?

Other than the two humans at the LV2 Metamorphose Stage, the other five LV2 Metamorphose Stage monsters also exited from their own prison cells. One of them, a bat-like lifeform, suddenly opened its mouth wide and the surrounding experimental monsters immediately fell onto the floor and flailed in pain. After a few minutes, the bat finally stopped its soundless roar and flew away, ignoring all the experimental monsters fallen onto the floor.

“Hey, Bat, have you found the way out? If you don’t mind, let’s go together.” Augustine saw the bat’s actions and immediately went after it.

The giant bat only glanced at Augustine and ignored him after that. As long as the experimental subject did not lose its rationality during the Brutal Phase, their intelligence would all be quite decent. Moreover, as the only 7 perfect LV2 Metamorphose Stage experimental subjects, even though they were not familiar with each other they still knew of each other’s existence.

The other experimental monsters weren’t too dumb as well, immediately running and flying after the two of them towards the outside.

At the same time, the 30 LV2.1 defective Metamorphose Stage monsters imprisoned in the deepest areas of the five hives escaped as well. These guys were overjoyed and roared in incomparable excitement, and started to destroy and kill everything around them aimlessly. Very quickly, even the other savage experimental monsters very intelligently avoided those 30 monsters.

The research facility was undoubtedly built to be very sturdy, but other than the special prison cells, it wasn’t possible for the entire facility to be built using special materials. Under the destruction of the 30 defective LV2.1s, the buildings started to crumble and get destroyed. Out of all them, the top contributors to this were the two ‘Great Devil Snakes’ that they met earlier on. Of course, the name of Great Devil Snake was also a general term of reference, after all there wasn’t a fixed pattern to the changes in the experimental monsters.

“Did you hear anything?” Yu Han asked Ning Xue.

Yu Han and Bai Yi’s judgement were similar, rather than risking their lives out in the wild, it was safer in this research facility. As for food, with the number of experimental monsters in this research facility there wasn’t a need to worry about that. Moreover, all the changes started with the activated cells, so Yu Han and Ning Xue found many information in the upper section of the research facility, and they wanted to study them in detail.

“What sound?” Ning Xue was processing the information in her memory and felt quite puzzled by Yu Han’s question. Ning Xue had followed Yu Han unwaveringly all the while, a woman’s feelings were really difficult to explain.

“Really?” Yu Han was suspicious for a while, but continued to read through all the information they collected.

However, after a few minutes, Yu Han’s heart just couldn’t be at east. At this time, Yu Han recalled what Hong Qi Hua said before. She believed that Bai Yi and the rest would definitely make it out, definitely!

Why was she so certain?


Yu Han’s heart skipped a beat and he immediately rushed outside. Coming out, he could immediately clearly hear the roars of the gene-fused monsters, and they were rapidly approaching their location.

In the end… Bai Yi, that guy really didn’t die, and used some unknown way to release all the gene-fused monsters!

Bastard, why are you so hard to kill! 

Yu Han cursed in his heart and immediately grabbed Ning Xue who was still staring blankly.

“Hurry! We have to leave this place now, the monsters below have all escaped!” Yu Han still took more care of Ning Xue who always followed him unwaveringly, otherwise he would really have to be alone.

The two of them swiftly collected all the more important things and ran for their lives. At this time, Yu Han suddenly felt like it was such a waste, there were so many important things that they couldn’t take away! However, after seeing a sinister ‘Great Devil Snake’ boring its head through the wall, Yu Han had no choice but to leave no matter how important it was.

The powerful and sinister Great Devil Snake that they first encountered back then, heaven knew just how many of those there were in this research facility.

The two of them ran like crazy, and behind the two of them was a wave of countless gene-fused monsters gushed towards the exit. After running crazily for a long time, Yu Han and Ning Xue finally stopped and looked towards the direction of the research facility. Shit, how frightening! We would’ve probably been devoured completely without even bones remaining if we were just a bit slower!

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