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Chapter 86: The Magical Pupu

That’s right, there weren’t any stairs leading down. Not every building had to have stairs, and this place didn’t have one. In truth, during construction, nobody planned of going all the way down on foot. Looking at the head of the Great Devil Snake only a hundred plus meters away and the numerous gene-fused monsters running around messily looking for the exit, everyone turned to look at Bai Yi instead.

“Go down!” Bai Yi said.

Everyone felt quite confused, they knew they had to go down, but how? Very quickly, they understood what Bai Yi meant by go down. Bai Yi came to the front of the lift that had a gap in it due to the destruction, and pressed the down button. The lift doors slowly opened, however Bai Yi did not enter, but stared upwards through the ceiling.


Everyone had guessed how Bai Yi intended to get down, he wasn’t planning on taking the lift but through the cables moving the lift on top. In actuality, based on everybody’s physical abilities now, it was better to use the cables to slide down rather than to wait inside the lift anxiously. However, they must first wait for the lift itself to descend, otherwise, none of them would be able to survive if such a large steel box fell on their heads halfway.

Bai Yi looked at the lift, thinking about how he should do this. If this was a spoiled lift, they would have been able to access the cable more easily and not be so troublesome.

Just when Bai Yi was thinking, a few gene-fused monsters pounced towards them. These gene-fused monsters wouldn’t think about whom they were attacking, and of course wouldn’t purposely avoid Bai Yi’s group. A few of the brainless and mindless gene-fused monsters saw Bai Yi’s group, and judged them for a moment. Upon discovering that they didn’t seem to be as powerful as themselves, they immediately pounced over.

Really so troublesome!

Looking at the five gene-fused monsters, Bai Yi couldn’t help but to pause his thoughts for now and put his attention into dealing with these monsters. His strength hadn’t reached the stage where he could instantly kill any of these monsters, and it would be quite an effort to deal with any one of them.

Woolf and Heloise blocked one monster, Sharpei and Pupu blocked another, Mavis and Warner blocked the third one while Bai Yi went up against the remaining two. While running, Bai Yi’s eyes already looked towards one of the monsters, and his pupils abruptly contracted, the colored patterns blooming in his eyes, appearing extravagantly beautiful.

Mimicry eyes!

Confusion hypnosis!

The gene-fused monster with its wide open mouth immediately blanked out in the air. After pausing for a moment it turned its head around clamped its jaws onto the neck of the other monster that came with him.

Why do I suddenly feel that the meat of this guy is tastier?

After getting attacked by his initial ‘partner’, the other monster would definitely not do nothing and immediately struggled and counterattacked. The two monsters started clashing and rolling on the floor, blood and flesh flying everywhere.

At this time, Bai Yi had jumped up fiercely from the floor, and borrowing strength from Sharpei’s tail he flipped across over the head of Sharpei’s opponent. While spinning in the air, Bai Yi’s eyes stared directly into a pair of eyes that grew on the crown of the monster’s head. Their gazes locked, and the monster’s body instantly paused for a split-second. Behind Bai Yi, Sharpei’s scorpion-like tail took the chance and shot out like a bullet, piercing into the head of this monster.

When Bai Yi landed, Pupu suddenly looked at Bai Yi and it fell on the floor with a ‘pa!’.


Weird, did I hypnotise this guy?

Just when Bai Yi was feeling surprised, Sharpei suddenly barked ferociously towards something behind him. Bai Yi then realized that in the other direction, an initially ferocious looking gene-fused monster was constricted by the body of the Great Devil Snake. Multiple ‘kacha!’ sounds came from all over its body, and an enormous force ripped and broke apart its flesh and bones. After that, the Great Devil Snake viciously crunched down upon its head and pulled, the sharp teeth of Great Devil Snake immediately twisted off the head of the monster that was about as big as the head of a car, ferociously grinding and crunching.

The Great Devil Snake raised its head and roared, extraordinarily vicious and sinister.

So it’s like that, Pupu this fat pig saw the Great Devil Snake and pretended to be dead… Pretend to be dead, huh!

Although he became familiar with Pupu’s intelligence and laziness over this period of time, when he saw Pupu like this now his eyebrows still twitched involuntarily. This bastard, what are you acting dead for?! That Great Devil Snake wasn’t even coming over here, coming… Bai Yi immediately turned his head around and suddenly discovered that the Great Devil Snake seemed to be attracted by something and was really slithering over here.

Damn it, Pupu wasn’t actually acting dead for no reason, this pig actually realised one step ahead that the Great Devil Snake was coming over.

Bai Yi now didn’t have the time to think about just how Pupu knew of the Great Devil Snake movements one step earlier. At this time, Bai Yi’s mind and body were extremely tense, and he rapidly analyzed how to deal with this Great Devil Snake. He didn’t even help Woolf and the rest out, but carefully analyzed the surroundings and the Great Devil Snake.

Hurry, hurry up and think of an idea!

Just when Bai Yi was still thinking, the Great Devil Snake had already slithered over and raised its huge head high up. In the end, Bai Yi’s brain still couldn’t think fast enough, he really couldn’t figure out how to deal with this guy in such a short period of time.

When the Great Devil Snake reached right in front of Bai Yi, his mind was still empty. Damn it… Bai Yi could only open his eyes once again, pushing the power of his mimicry eyes to the biggest. The Great Devil Snake did not have eyes, but the few tentacles on the side of its head had some light sensing organs. Bai Yi could only pray that his eyes had an effect on this monster.

The Great Devil Snake stopped, raised its head and paused for a split-second. Just when Bai Yi was feeling glad that it seemed to work, the Great Devil Snake suddenly opened its enormous mouth and ferociously bit downwards. This time, no matter how Bai Yi used the mimicry eyes, there was no effect at all and the Great Devil Snake was completely unaffected.

Pupu who was initially acting dead immediately rolled and ran faster than anybody else, hiding at the rear-most area. However, when Pupu passed by Sharpei, it suddenly got slapped hard by Sharpei’s tail, and rolled on the floor. After climbing back up, Pupu looked at Sharpei and Sharpei also opened its sinister-looking mouth at Pupu, releasing a low growl. Seeing Sharpei’s viciousness, Pupu immediately walked back timidly in fear, and stood behind Sharpei. From the looks of it, Pupu seemed to be quite afraid of Sharpei, or rather, Sharpei was Pupu’s boss.

At this time, Bai Yi swiftly crossed the broadsword in front of his body and blocked the Great Devil Snake’s teeth. However, his entire body immediately got sent flying by an enormous force.

After getting rammed away, Sharpei immediately came up to clash with the Great Devil Snake, while Pupu hesitated for a moment, but followed in the end. However, Pupu just didn’t seem to be too enthusiastic about it.

At this time, seeing the appearance of the Great Devil Snake, the few gene-fused monsters who were quite ferocious initially and wanted to run in here immediately turn tailed and ran as far away as they could. Even if they weren’t too smart, a living organism’s natural feelings about relative strength were quite clear, and they could obviously feel that the Great Devil Snake was something that they couldn’t mess with. Even the two gene-fused monsters that were battling with Woolf, Mavis and the rest couldn’t help but to feel fear rising in their hearts, and the few of them took this chance and killed the monsters.

Bai Yi bounced off the floor, and following the powerful momentum smashed into the wall behind him.

Woolf and Heloise had just finished off their opponent, and immediately charged and clashed with the Great Devil Snake with Sharpei. At this time, Bai Yi looked at the lift with its wide open door, and the wall that had cracks gradually appearing on it. Suddenly, an idea shot through his mind. Sure enough, ideas and things like that had an element of chance to it.

“Lure the Great Devil Snake to the lift, and shut the lift door! We must trap this guy inside! This guy will definitely destroy everything inside, and at that time the lift will fall down itself.” Bai Yi shouted loudly towards everyone. The Great Devil Snake couldn’t understand human speech anyway, he wasn’t afraid of it hearing even if he shouted loudly.

The rest of them immediately understood the plan, this was actually a feasible plan. However, being able to think of a plan doesn’t mean being able to execute it.

All of them were dancing on the edge now fighting the giant snake, and this passageway wasn’t any wide open space to begin with. Or rather, luckily this place wasn’t spacious, so the Great Devil Snake couldn’t completely extend itself and couldn’t even change direction easily. Every time the Great Devil changed direction it moved rather slowly, otherwise its head would smash into the wall of the passageway. Only by making use of this split-second of buffer could Woolf and the rest get enough time to dodge.

At this time, Woolf and the rest after the few attempts finally reached the center of the Great Devil Snake’s body and started a full-out attack.

Perhaps, without using Bai Yi’s plan they could finish this guy off.

However apparently, everybody was thinking too optimistically. The body of the Great Devil Snake was made of some unknown material, and it was incomparably hard. Their attacks couldn’t even break the skin of the monster, and only a heavy strike from Woolf’s great sword could leave a shallow wound on its body.

After a few iterations of this, the Great Devil Snake became smarter as well. Even if its head couldn’t make a turn fast enough, its body could still move and shake about inside the passageway. Woolf had managed to hack its body a few times before its similarly huge body flicked Woolf away, and he smashed into the side of the passageway. Without giving Woolf time to dodge, the Great Devil Snake pressed its body against Woolf, dragging him along and grinding his body against the wall. Not to mention raising his sword, Woolf felt like all the bones in his body were getting crushed.

It wasn’t just a feeling, but Woolf’s bones were really getting crushed, and even the walls of the passageway continuously fell apart.

The Great Devil Snake also seemed to rise in its viciousness and playfulness, it was so hard to kill these few guys and they even made its body hurt. The relatively sturdy walls of the passageway started to crumble due to the writhing of the Great Devil Snake.

Bai Yi looked for Momo, and found her squatting cautiously at a corner of the passageway. Seemingly, Momo was quite safe now under this kind of attack from the Great Devil Snake. However, that was only for now.

Everyone tried to dodge miserably, and at the same time thought they probably had to use Bai Yi’s plan.

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