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Chapter 70: Desperate!

At this time, Woolf chased after him again, and Yu Han immediately dodged to the side. The greatsword landed on the metal floor, instantly breaking the floor apart and leaving behind a huge hole. The broken metal pieces flew across Yu Han’s eyes, and in that instant his eyes became incomparably focused. From the reflection in the broken pieces, he happened to see the scene of Noel being subdued.

Tuning his head, Yu Han abruptly twisted his body on the spot, and he sent his right fist flying towards Woolf.

After splitting up, Yu Han had seriously thought about where it was he had lost in. Undoubtedly, the first would be his plotting. As a university student, although he had his own plots inside his heart, he was still pitifully tender compared to those experienced veterans who experienced life in society. Other than that was absolute strength… In this lawless world, absolute strength was the best safeguard. If he had the power to kill whomever he wanted, then he could disregard any covert or overt plot.

When Woolf raised his greatsword again, Yu Han didn’t retreat but instead pushed forward, sticking close to Woolf. This kind of huge weapon needed enough space to swing it around.

Sure enough, when Yu Han closed onto him Woolf immediately found that he had no space to swing his greatsword, and it ended up being cumbersome instead. The two of them engaged in a messy battle, and very quickly the golden snake on Yu Han’s left arm managed to bite Woolf. This extra snake growing on Yu Han’s arm was really too agile!

Yu Han revealed a cold smile, and blocked Woolf’s powerful punch with his tortoise shield. He borrowed the power of the punch to rush towards Noel and didn’t care about Woolf anymore. Woolf felt his body stagger and he knelt on the floor, immediately realising that the area that he was bitten on in his left arm had started to change colour.


Woolf squinted his eyes and roared fiercely, the poisoned arm bulged and brutally smashed onto the floor. A loud boom came from the metal floor, leaving behind a fist-shaped dent. After roaring, Woolf immediately stood up and chased after Yu Han again.

“I’ll manage things here, you go and help Bai Yi and the others.” Mavis said to Heloise, and looked at Yu Han who was running over.

“Ok!” Heloise nodded her head.

They trusted each other, Heloise believed that Mavis could definitely hold on to Noel, and Bai Yi’s battle on the other side was really not looking very optimistic. After Heloise finished speaking, she immediately ran towards the door, where Bai Yi, Hong Qi Hua and Bentham were battling each other.

Bentham, LV2 Metamorphose Stage, active control and usage of special energy. To any experimental subject, this was a new experience, as nobody could act as a precedent to tell others what to do. Hence, they had to figure everything out themselves. However, even if it were this kind of blindly-discovered and crude way of using special energy, it still gave Bentham immense strength.

Energy left Bentham’s body now like a layer of wispy smoke, covering his entire body. In this state, Bai Yi and Hong Qi Hua’s attacks could not cause any effective damage to him. Moreover, Bentham’s speed was shockingly fast in this state and the two of them had to spend more effort and energy to dodge.

Bai Yi crossed his broadsword in front of his chest, and heavily blocked Bentham’s powerful attack, but he still flew backwards from it.

“Throw me over!”

Bai Yi shouted. Beside him, Hong Qi Hua suddenly stretched out her hand and grabbed Bai Yi. Spinning around and making use of the rotating force, she threw Bai Yi away again. Bai Yi curled his body slightly in the air, flying faster back towards Bentham than when he flew away. The moment before impact, Bai Yi stretched his body open like a giant bow, and powerfully brought the broadsword down with this elastic force.

After throwing Bai Yi out, Hong Qi Hua dashed towards Bentham again as well.

Bentham saw Bai Yi risking his life to that extent, and couldn’t help but to reveal a cruel smile. He stretched out two hands and raised his head to wait for Bai Yi to land.

Kill you, I must kill you!

Bai Yi roared malevolently in his heart, and all the colored fur on his body started to wave bewitchingly. Even Bai Yi himself did not realize that the colored patterns on his body now were exceedingly bright and enchanting.

Bentham looked at Bai Yi with bloodlust, waiting for Bai Yi to land to split his body apart. However, looking at Bai Yi’s bewitching fur on his body, Bentham suddenly lost focus slightly. In that instant, Bai Yi’s broadsword came down brutally.

Bentham hadn’t reacted yet, but Bai Yi’s broadsword landed heavily in his outstretched hand. ‘Puchi!’, this blow carrying Bai Yi’s immense fury finally broke Bentham’s defence, chopping off one of Bentham’s hands.

Intense pain transmitted into Bentham’s body, immediately clearing up his dazed mind.

Using the resistance of the broadsword against Bentham’s arm, Bai Yi threw himself into the air again and reached the ceiling more than 10 meters above him. He planted his feet on the ceiling, and fiercely pushed off, his body carrying the force of both gravity and his kick, the broadsword swinging towards Bentham’s head. At this time, Hong Qi Hua also rushed over, the poisoned short sword mercilessly sliced towards the open wound on Bentham’s calf.

I don’t believe that you can take all the attacks!


Intense anger arose mysteriously from Bentham’s heart, and the special energy hanging around his body suddenly exploded outwards

Bai Yi’s broadsword almost pierced into Bentham, but he suddenly felt an enormous resistance. At that moment Bentham’s pair of wings abruptly closed, like two palms brutally slapping into Bai Yi at the center. Hong Qi Hua’s short sword got sent flying as well, and Bentham’s fist landed heavily on her tummy.

‘Sou!’, Hong Qi Hua flew into the distance, across the open door, and landed beside Ning Xue and Khina.

Bai Yi only felt a buzzing trembling in his ears, as if his entire body and brain had exploded from the impact of the slap, and his entire head felt empty. Bai Yi fell onto the floor weakly. Bentham had wanted to take the chance to kill Bai Yi in that moment, but he himself did not know what happened in that explosion of fury. Bentham only felt like his body was thoroughly exhausted, not even able to move an inch.

At this time, Heloise in the distance used her sniper rifle to aim at Bentham and squeezed the trigger unhesitatingly, a sniper bullet flying towards Bentham’s head.

Bentham wanted to dodge instinctually, but his body suddenly became extremely slow, and the bullet instantly impacted right in between his eyebrows.

‘Bo!’, Bentham’s head instantly shot backwards, but he still slowly raised it back up. A bloody hole appeared in the middle of his eyebrows, apparently left behind by the sniper bullet, but even so Bentham did not die. Of course, even though he did not die, it still caused Bentham to feel the fear of death.

At this time, the door which had opened to its widest was starting to slowly close. This was what Bentham had made Noel do, not letting the door stay open for long. Initially Bentham thought that with his strength, he only needed to drag things on for a while and he could send his team members out and make Bai Yi’s team stay here. However, things turned out in a very unexpected way. The strength of Bai Yi’s team was weaker than his, but this group of people were far more willing to put their lives on the line than he imagined.

“Get out!” Bentham did not care about killing Bai Yi now, and with how he was lying motionlessly on the floor he looked like he had already died.

Bentham ran towards the door, and at this time the rest of them couldn’t help but to become anxious. After the door closed, there was no way of getting out.

The battle became even more heated, and everyone started to put their lives on the line.

“Kid, go away, if not I’m going to get serious!” Moses, who had encountered a little kid, threatened fiercely.

“No!” Just like a real kid, Warner replied wilfully, and blood flowed profusely from his fat and sturdy body. The pet pig Pupu lay on the floor beside him, not knowing if it was dead or alive. Warner did not understand what this cruel battle was for, but he could feel Uncle Bai and the other’s resoluteness and courage to risk their lives.

“Ha, then I’m not going to be nice anymore.” Moses said viciously, his heart growing more and more nervous as he saw the door close.

At this time, Heloise found that Yu Han and Noel were rushing towards the door, and she looked at observation deck in shock and fear. She found Mavis lying on the floor, not knowing if she was dead or alive, and Woolf fighting a desperate battle with a monster that got attracted by the smell of blood.

What happened just now?!

The question flashed past Heloise’s head, but no matter what, Noel must stay, otherwise when the door closed there would really be no way out anymore. Heloise immediately ran towards Yu Han, but at this moment she suddenly heard an ear-piercing howl of grief.

Sharpei’s cry!

Heloise immediately turned her head, and found a monster viciously biting into Sharpei’s neck. That indescribable monster shook his head vigorously, increasing the power behind his bite and the damage. Beside Sharpei, Sara already lost her normal clean and tidy look, her hair was all over the place, appearing very miserable but also carrying a desperate air. Momo, hid in the side of the prison cell, stretching her head out with eyes filled with fear and anxiousness.

What happened… Wasn’t Sharpei and the rest of them in the prison cell? How did such a powerful monster appear?

Heloise hesitated in her heart, and in that moment of hesitation Yu Han had already helped Noel past the door.

The chance is gone! 

Everyone in the circular walkway instantly had this thought flash past their heads, they definitely wouldn’t be able to make it with their speed now.

Despair rose in everyone’s hearts!

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