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Chapter 71: Transformation

Am I dead?

Bai Yi laid on the floor, his mind becoming more and more blurry as the world darkened around him. I’m not satisfied, I really can’t accept this!!…Bai Yi screamed frenziedly in his heart. If only the gene I fused with was stronger, and not utterly useless like this body full of soft butterfly fur… so hateful!

As Bai Yi crazily resented in his heart, his body started to burn again, just like the previous two times. However, this time Bai Yi could truly feel the changes in his body. As his blood heated up and circulated rapidly, the soft fur that extended from his eyes started to wave by itself.

Lifeform Mimicry!

Mimicry: A phenomenon where a lifeform mimics another lifeform or its surrounding environment to its own benefit.

Warning Coloration: Many incredibly smelly or poisonous lifeforms are brightly-colored or have brightly-colored patterns.

Protective Coloration (Camouflage): The colour of the lifeform imitates the color of its surroundings, using that to confuse and avoid its enemies.

Bai Yi’s fusion slots were all filled with butterfly genes, and the colored soft fur growing all over his body was a type of mimicry. However, the activated cells influenced this kind of mimicry and caused it to be slightly different from the lifeform mimicry commonly seen in the natural world…While Bai Yi barely retained his consciousness, the colour on the patterns on his body gradually moved towards his eyes.

While everyone despaired, Hong Qi Hua, who was helped aside by Khina and Ning Xue, suddenly opened her eyes. She immediately pushed the two of them away and dashed out again.

When Yu Han and Bentham weren’t paying attention, Hong Qi Hua suddenly rammed herself into Noel. Noel only felt a giant force coming from his back, and his body flew out again, falling into the circular walkway. Hong Qi Hua knew that as long as Noel was still inside, then the rest of them still had the chance to come out.

Heloise squinted her eyes and immediately dashed towards Noel, this time she must definitely not let Yu Han bring this guy away!

Yu Han glared at Hong Qi Hua viciously, only to realize that Bentham had already grabbed Hong Qi Hua by the neck, a cold light flashing in his eyes.

“They will never get out!” Yu Han said frostily, as he threw the broken katana in his hand. Heloise rushed towards Noel, being on guard against Yu Han or Bentham coming to rescue Noel again, but what she didn’t expect to see was a spinning katana flying over.

Noel slowly climbed up from the floor, completely in the dark about what was flying towards his back.

Heloise stretched out her hand in horror while running, wanting to warn Noel but that katana brutally stabbed into the back of his head. In that moment, Noel’s expression froze, and he slowly turned his head, wanting to see who wanted to kill him. However, his head only managed to turn a small angle before he fell onto the floor heavily.

“I’m sorry team leader, I didn’t want Bai Yi and his team to get out.” Yu Han said to Bentham.

Bentham who was initially shocked at Yu Han killing his own teammate immediately thought of the expression that Bai Yi’s group had while fighting for their lives, and couldn’t help but to agree with Yu Han’s actions. If they really let the group of them get out as well, that kind of life and death battle was enough to make his heart palpitate. The two of them stood at the side of the door on the left and right, quietly looking at the despairing faces of the group of people in front of them.

We won!

‘Sou!’ All of a sudden, they heard the sound of something cutting across the air and a metal hook reached them in an instant from far away. The piercing power of this metal hook was extremely shocking, as it penetrated Bentham’s abdomen and the right arm of Yu Han who was standing diagonally behind Bentham. After piercing through the two of them, the claws on the metal head opened up into 3 curved hooks, lodging itself into Yu Han’s right arm.

The two of them suddenly felt a mind-numbing pain, discovering Woolf standing in the distance and laughing aloud at them bitterly. At this time, there was even a monster viciously biting onto Woolf’s left shoulder, but Woolf did not care about it at all and only focused on the hook gun in his right hand.

A high-tensile strength titanium cable connected the three of them, and Bentham immediately grabbed the titanium cable and tried to break it. However, how could this thing be so easily broken? To put it bluntly, not even Bai Yi’s broadsword could break this high-tensile strength titanium cable.

At this moment, Woolf suddenly roared out loud and fiercely pulled.


Woolf wrapped the titanium cable around his right arm and pulled vigorously, the cable which was as thick as a thumb tightly carved itself into Woolf’s flesh. Bentham and Yu Han on the other side instantly felt an intense pain again, both of them getting pulled towards Woolf. That guy is so freaking strong!

Bentham immediately threw away Hong Qi Hua in his hand, and pressed against the door with his 3 arms, resisting together with Yu Han.

The three of them pulled with all their strength. Bentham and Yu Han had an incomparably harrowing experience, because the metal alloy hooks were lodged inside their bodies, so any slight movement was enough to cause them bone-numbing pain. However, Woolf was very desperate at this point in time as well. The monster behind him was viciously biting on his left shoulder and trying to pull him backwards. However, Woolf did not care about the monster at all, but tried to use that pulling force from the monster to aid himself in dragging the two of them over.

The two of you bastards, come over here and let’s die together!

Woolf’s clawed feet dug into the metal floor, causing the floor to screech as he fiercely exerted his strength again. The two people opposite to him instantly felt the titanium cable moving inside their bodies again, causing them unbearable pain. Yu Han even felt his left arm fracture from the immense force on it… No, it was more like his arm was almost ripped off.

“AHHHH!” Yu Han shouted fiercely and forcefully twisted his body, a ‘kacha!’ came from his right arm and it was ripped off by the triple-hooked claw, and the hooked claw lodged itself instantly onto Bentham’s back anew.

Bentham’s body jolted, and two of his hands lost their grip on the door. At this time, the door had already closed to the point where it was only as big as Bentham’s body. If he just endured for a while longer, it would become impossible for Woolf to pull Bentham out anymore.

However, at this time Yu Han did something that Bentham would never expect. This ‘right-hand man’ that he had immense trust in suddenly rammed into him from behind, and at the same time used the sharp edge of his tortoise shield to hack into the last remaining hand still grabbing onto the door. Bai Yi had already chopped off one of his hands. His other two hands lost their grips from the sudden pain just now, and with Yu Han’s sharp tortoise shield slamming onto his last hand… Bentham instantly lost all his strength, and got pulled all the way inside by Woolf.

While Bentham was flying through the air, he looked back at Yu Han who had lost his right arm through the opening in the door.


That’s right, why… After his last failure, Yu Han thought about it seriously. He was still too rash before. If he didn’t act that way, then he wouldn’t have had to go through so much difficulty along the way. However, now seemed like a good time. Bai Yi’s life or death was unknown, and the Bentham who’d always put himself on top of him couldn’t escape now either.

However, just as Yu Han relaxed, a short knife swung at him viciously from the side, from the corner of his eye he saw Hong Qi Hua’s face that was both familiar and yet strange to at the same time.

Now that Hong Qi Hua was severely injured, it was difficult for her to even move, but Yu Han wasn’t in a much better state. His right arm got torn off from his shoulder, only leaving his left arm intact. Hong Qi Hua’s attack was incomparably sharp, and she desired greatly to kill Yu Han off there and then. However, every movement she made caused more blood to flow from her nose.

Ning Xue and Khina were stunned for a moment, and immediately rushed forward to stop the two of them.

“Scram!” ‘Dang!’, Hong Qi Hua’s short knife bounced off the tortoise shield and she slipped to the side. Before she could recover her stance, she heard a shout from the two of them.

“Hong Qi Hua!” Khina shouted.

“I told you to shut up! You still want to stop me? Like how you stopped Uncle Bai back then?!!” Hong Qi Hua didn’t even turn her head, and said icily. Blood continuously dripped down from her mouth and nose as she spoke, falling onto the floor. These kind of decisive words instantly stunned Ning Xue and Khina on the spot, immense guilt and hesitation rising in their hearts.

That’s right, am I still going to stop them?

“Hong Qi Hua, actually I really like you. Are you willing to follow me?” At this moment, Yu Han suddenly said opposite them, and all of them were taken aback.

“Just like the kind of ‘like’ when a man subconsciously wants to dominate a pretty girl he sees?” Hong Qi Hua said with an extraordinarily sneering tone.

“I admit, when I saw your real appearance I felt quite attracted, but now, haven’t we all turned into monsters? I actually really like the qualities in you: unyielding, proud and independent. How about it, are you willing to follow me?” Yu Han seriously looked at Hong Qi Hua.

“Just how ignorant are you to ask me something like this at this time?”

“Bai Yi and the rest won’t be able to come out anymore, so what’s wrong with my invitation? Ning Xue and Khina are both also your friends.” Yu Han slowly walked towards Hong Qi Hua, while Ning Xue and Khina by the side stood still blankly.

“Ha……!” Hong Qi Hua revealed a mocking smile on her face.

“They won’t die. I believe in Uncle Bai and the rest.”

“You like him.”

“That’s right, I like Bai Yi, and I like Momo!” Hong Qi Hua admitted to this calmly, and slowly walked towards Yu Han as well. “But the most important thing is, I hate you.” Hong Qi Hua rapidly accelerated and dashed towards Yu Han, and the eyes of Yu Han opposite her also turned cold and a resoluteness rose in his heart.

Since I can’t have you, then I’ll send you to meet Bai Yi!

The tortoise shield and short knife violently collided together. In that instant their gazes crossed, and only Yu Han and Hong Qi Hua could see the resolution to kill in each other’s eyes. Only Khina and Ning Xue at the side still maintained the delusion of ‘friendship’ in their minds… Since Yu Han said that he liked Hong Qi Hua, he wouldn’t, right…

Unknowingly, Yu Han was also transforming, transforming into an ambitious and ruthless character… Fake, patient, resolute, and heartless!

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