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Chapter 69: Regret and Change

Martin’s body burst into pieces, his flesh and blood splattering all over the floor. Everyone was shocked speechless from the brutal and cruel scene.

Even if there was Martin blocking for him, Bai Yi’s still felt an enormous impact. An immense force transmitted to Bai Yi’s body, his clothes instantly got shredded as he landed and slid a long distance on the floor.

Spewing blood from his mouth, Bai Yi slowly climbed up. A piece of flesh from Martin’s body slid down from his head and landed on his hand. Bai Yi raised his hands in front of him, and all he could see was a patch of red now. He bit on his lips, gently shaking, his eyes containing frustration and regret… My fault, this is all my fault, if only I didn’t let Yu Han go at the start!


Bai Yi gave a long-drawn-out sigh in his heart. A line of red fluid flowed down from his right eye, not knowing if it was blood or tears.

Bai Yi was actually a very kind person. When he was a chef he always carried a smile on his face, letting him gain a small ‘fan club’ in Waikato University.

However, at this moment, Bai Yi’s heart transformed rapidly.

Bai Yi breathed out deeply, tore off the remnants of his clothes and stood up again. After tearing off his clothes, Bai Yi revealed his entire body full of colourful fur. With the fur stained with Martin’s blood, it appeared to be even more brightly-coloured and bewitching, almost sucking everyone’s gazes into it.

At this time, Bentham also spat out the broken tip of the blade from his mouth and a mouthful of blood.

That was really too dangerous just now, the broadsword almost stabbed into my brain through my mouth! If that really happened, even he probably wouldn’t have survived. However, even though he didn’t die his mouth still suffered a great injury. His tongue almost got cut off and his throat was also severely injured. The Bentham now could barely speak, not to mention continue using his soundwave attack.

Bentham closed his mouth, and blood continuously flowed from his open wounds, very quickly filling his entire mouth. However, this time Bentham did not continue to spit the blood out but swallowed it down.

Bentham stared at Bai Yi in the distance. He could clearly see that Bai Yi did not fuse with many genes, and from the clash just now he realised that Bai Yi’s physical strength wasn’t as large as his other teammates. However, somebody like that actually caused him the greatest amount of damage.

I mustn’t take them lightly anymore and settle this fast, or else an accident really might happen.

“Yu Han, go save Noel.” Bentham instructed Yu Han at the side.

“Ok, team leader!” Yu Han was abnormally respectful, looking just like an incomparably loyal subordinate. In truth, Bentham also trusted Yu Han a lot, treating him like his right-hand man.

Everyone in the world always fantasized about how capable and awesome they were, but to put it bluntly, in reality 80% of people were ‘nobodies’. All their so-called intelligence and capability couldn’t be seen when something truly went wrong. However, no matter who, even if it were the smallest ‘nobody’, people would grow and become the powerful character in their minds as long they were given a chance and survived their experiences.

As long as they didn’t die, everyone could learn something from their various experiences!

Yu Han ran towards Noel, and Woolf immediately chased after him after getting a glance from Bai Yi. At this time, Bai Yi and Hong Qi Hua gripped their weapons and stood to the front and back of Bentham.

The front 30 plus centimeters of Bai Yi’s broadsword had broken off, but it was still considered to be a decent weapon. Hong Qi Hua held two short swords now, one was her own and the other was Martin’s poison-coated short sword. Both of their expressions were extremely solemn, even if Bentham had his most powerful attack ‘soundwave’ crippled, he was still not an easy opponent to deal with.

Actually, the two sides didn’t have any grudges against each other, other than the grudges between Bai Yi and Yu Han, or Bentham and the researchers, everyone else had just met for the first time.

However, after Martin’s violent death, a burning fury surfaced in everyone’s heart… A cruel and brutal air manifested around all of them.

LV1-2: Brutal Stage!

They did not lose their rationality, but that rush of fury and killing intent couldn’t be suppressed. All they desired now was to tear their opponents to pieces. Yu Han was still running over to Noel. If he could save Noel then he would definitely do so, but if not, he of course had other plans.

However, Woolf fiercely caught up with him from behind, glaring at him with hostility and swinging his great sword viciously.

Yu Han immediately used his tortoise shield to block in front of him and a giant ‘dang!’ rang out. Just as Yu Han expected the shield was extremely tough, and even with such an attack no cracks appeared on it. However, Yu Han miscalculated Woolf’s strength. A ridiculous power transmitted from the shield, his left arm instantly fractured and pressed against his own body, resulting in his entire body flying away.

At this time, Bai Yi and Hong Qi Hua also suddenly burst towards Bentham from the front and back.

Heloise and Mavis were always apprehensive about hurting Noel, since they needed him to open the door. However, at this time the both of them dropped all apprehensiveness, and even somebody as calm as Mavis was agitated. Her body lowered as she rapidly circled around and rushed towards the two of them.

Behind her cover, Heloise also stood up, a submachine gun in her left hand and a sniper rifle in her right, helping Mavis to give covering fire.

While running, Mavis reached her hands into her white overcoat, and when she took them out again both hands held three scalpels each.

In the battle earlier, Noel and Balawi both realised that the two women opposite them were afraid of harming Noel, and so used that against them. However, when Noel stretched out his head again, immediately a white light flashed in front of his eyes.

Instinctually, Noel tilted his head and suddenly a piercing pain came from his ear.

Fuck, if I didn’t move fast enough that blade would have stabbed into my brain! Aren’t those two women scared anymore?

Without waiting for Noel to be happy about dodging, the scalpel violently impacted the observation deck and bounced back, stabbing deeply into Noel’s thigh. Noel immediately opened his mouth, but he couldn’t scream even if he wanted to, why was his life so sad? Most importantly, how were these two women so powerful? Mavis and Heloise who turned ruthless were definitely not people these two guys could stop, because the genes they fused with were specially picked for adapting to this world.

On the other side, Balawi was sympathizing with Noel, and wanted to stretch out his head to counterattack. However, the moment he raised his head a sniper bullet flew past him, almost getting his head burst. Balawi instantly shrunk down, but his heart grew more and more anxious, because when he raised his head just now he saw Mavis rapidly running towards his direction.

“On top!” Balawi pointed at the sky.

Noel had yet to understand what was going on and instinctively raised his head to the sky, and the two of them suddenly found Mavis’ figure above them.

It’s that female doctor…Mavis!

Balawi and Noel immediately raised their submachine guns, but at this instant Mavis threw a scalpel into the muzzle of Noel’s submachine gun and simultaneously pounced at Balwai.


Balawai immediately triggered his gun, but he saw that the female doctor directly used her finger to block his muzzle, while a scalpel in her right hand viciously stabbed towards his head. Blood flew all over from Mavis’ left hand, and two broken fingers flew into the air, but she still violently pushed the scalpel all the way into Balawi’s brain.

‘Puchi!’, Balawi’s shocked eyes lost its life, his body twitched, and the submachine gun fell onto the floor.

Noel also got stunned. Fuck, are doctors this strong? However, even though he was shocked, he was still used to the cruelty in New Zealand now and immediately wanted to counterattack. However, Mavis’ actions were even faster, and a scalpel on her right hand pressed directly on his neck.

“You guys need me, you won’t… harm me.”

Without waiting for Noel to finish speaking, the scalpel in Mavis’ hand sliced across his neck. A sharp pain, and blood started to flow profusely from his neck. Noel was stunned speechless. Did this doctor intend to kill him?

“External jugular vein, although you won’t die immediately like if it were the artery, you definitely won’t have the opportunity to treat your wound now. That is to say, you will die, and your only chance of survival is to obediently stay here and help us to open the door.” Mavis looked at Noel coldly.

“Ok… Ok!” Noel replied dumbly, deeply afraid that this female doctor would kill him just like that.

Although Bai Yi and the rest always treated Mavis like a medic and protected her behind them, it didn’t mean that Mavis had no fighting ability. On the contrary, Mavis was already close to being middle-aged, so she was calm and rational when facing things. If she truly got serious, she wouldn’t be inferior to even Bai Yi or Hong Qi Hua.

Yu Han was flung far away from the immense force, and slid on the floor for a distance. After climbing up again, Yu Han stared at Woolf in shock. When they split up previously Woolf’s strength should have been inferior to his! This powerful strength… Ant’s genes! Yu Han immediately realised that Woolf had fused with ant genes as well.

Coincidence…No, it wasn’t a coincidence!

Yu Han wasn’t stupid, it was just that he didn’t think in that direction. Now that he thought of Khina’s increased strength during this period of time, Yu Han immediately thought of a possibility… Active fusion of genes.

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