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Chapter 68: A True Battle

Compared to Yeye who had a simpler consciousness, and could only judge based on what she saw on the surface, the Progenitor could see deeper and clearer. She could even clearly hear every person’s thoughts at every moment.


A long lingering gasp rose from the bottom of her heart!

Bentham managed to reach the door before everyone else. The door slowly opened before him, but he did not go out, he instead turned his back on the door and revealed a cruel and delighted smile to Bai Yi’s group.

Martin and Woolf each held a submachine gun, never releasing the trigger once they pressed it. ‘Dadadada’! A torrent of bullets flew out, and they ran towards Bentham at the same time. However, Bentham just used that pair of giant wings of his to cover himself in front, as the bullets impacted them and instantly bounced back.

Normal guns were already completely useless to Bentham!

The two of them immediately threw away their submachine guns and held their hand-picked swords. Just like Bai Yi said, firearms which had limited power was already lacking compared to the power of cold weapons now.

Woolf was huge, so he gripped his greatsword and rushed in front. He wanted to see if that guy could take a blow of his. One must know that Woolf felt very confident lately as well, as his powerful strength and the frightening weight of his greatsword put his destructive power at the top of the team.

Behind Woolf, Martin bit on the blade of his short sword, and his sharp teeth slid across the blade. A trace of transparent fluid from his two sharp tooth covered the blade.


The spider genes that Martin fused with were actually very vicious, as he could produce deadly poisons, haemolytic poisons and neurotoxins. However, no matter what, he was still a human being, so he really did not have the habit of using his mouth to hunt. Moreover, he did not think that he could get the opportunity to bite Bentham. Due to Woolf’s huge body blocking, Bentham seemingly did not see Martin’s actions.

“Ha!” Woolf roared and the greatsword descended with great power.

Even if it was Bentham, he could not ignore such a strike. However, he just smiled in ridicule and his body moved instantly to the side. He then punched the greatsword’s body as it fell beside him.

So fast!

The thought flashed across Woolf’s head and he instantly felt an immense force coming from his greatsword. ‘Dang!’, the impact's huge sound rang, and the greatsword instantly got redirected to the side, bringing Woolf’s body with it. At this moment, Bentham’s two right arms rose, his face carrying a blood-thirsty smile… How nostalgic, those times when I fought to the death with my opponents on that platform.

Two times… Heavy punches!

Bentham’s two right fists landed on Woolf’s face mercilessly one after another. Woolf’s big alligator mouth instantly bent, and the shockwaves seemingly rippled through his entire body. He then like a giant sandbag flew backwards and landed heavily. Fuck, this bastard is fucking strong…This was what’s going through Woolf’s head at this moment. During his first time clashing head on with someone at the LV2 Metamorphose Stage, Woolf finally experienced what was called absolute strength.

When Woolf flew out, Martin bent down and dashed forward, his body almost touching the floor. The short sword viciously swung towards the wound that Bai Yi created just now. Martin had no confidence that he could cut through Bentham’s skin, but it didn’t matter as long as the poison entered the wound.

Martin’s eyes squinted, the short sword in his hands moving shockingly fast, yet unbelievably steady… Blade force!

Kill him…!


However, in that instant Bentham revealed a cruel smile again, his body defied common sense and jumped up in a split second. He then gripped his hands together, and sent them crashing down with a boom.

Two times… Hammer blow!

‘Boom!’, the first hammer blow struck Martin’s back, and the immense force instantly transmitted to the floor, creating a tremor. Martin’s eyes bulged instantly, but in the next moment the second hammer blow impacted him again. With another ‘boom!’, Martin’s body bent at an unnatural angle, his back almost being smashed into mush.

“MARTIN!” Woolf shouted in fear, and Hong Qi Hua also pushed her speed to its limit.

“Now you know, the strength of a LV2!” Bentham grinned cruelly and whispered beside Martin’s ears.

Martin’s body twitched all over, blood flowing from his eyes, nose, mouth and ears. After hearing Bentham’s words, Martin slowly raised his head, and slowly raised the short sword in his right arm, swinging it towards Bentham’s calf. His actions were painfully slow, seemingly without even the slightest threat. None of them could bear to continue watching this scene, and even Hong Qi Hua who was rapidly sprinting turned her head away and closed her eyes.

“I saw it you know, your actions just now…HAHAHAHA.” Bentham suddenly started laughing, his left foot brutally stepped down, and ‘kacha!’, Martin’s right arm instantly shattered into pieces. Bentham laughed mockingly, and his left foot grinded on the floor continuously. Martin’s body instantly spasmed in extreme pain, but he still forced himself to not even let out a single cry.

After torturing Martin for a while, Bentham raised his left foot again and placed it on top of Martin’s head.

Hong Qi Hua turned her head, and stared at Bentham’s icily, a short knife appearing in her hands. ‘Sou!’, the short knife flew out from her hands, shooting towards Bentham’s eyes. After that short knife flew out, another short knife appeared in Hong Qi Hua’s hands again, and she pushed her speed up by another level.

Bentham instantly turned his head to face away. Without waiting for his left foot to step down, Hong Qi Hua rapidly closed on him, and a short knife spun and cut. At the same time, Hong Qi Hua’s body twisted strangely, her right foot kicked Martin’s body away while her left hand grabbed onto Martin’s short sword.

Bentham squinted his eyes, though he was unbelievably powerful right now, he was still more afraid of things like poison. However, without waiting for him to move Hong Qi Hua flashed past him, and at that moment the 7 vicious monsters had already caught up to him. These 7 monsters wouldn’t care who was blocking them in front, and their frightening jaws instantly opened wide and clamped down.

Hong Qi Hua steadied her body and regained her balance, preparing to take advantage of the opportunity to attack. However, what she saw was Bentham opening his mouth wide.

Hong Qi Hua immediately covered her ears with both her hands, and shot backwards.

“ROARRRRR…!!” A powerful soundwave exploded. This wasn’t a concentrated and directed soundwave like before, but an indiscriminate soundwave attacking everything around him. The few monsters that had clamped their jaws on him instantly released their mouths and flailed about in pain.

However, at this time Bai Yi bore with the soundwave and retreated towards Bentham, seemingly like he was pushed back by Yu Han temporarily.

No, it wasn’t like that!

Yu Han immediately chased after him, but had a moment of hesitation due to the soundwave attack. He still couldn’t risk his life like what Bai Yi was doing. The soundwave that continued for 4-5 seconds finally stopped, and Bai Yi’s orifices on his face started bleeding from the shock, appearing incomparably terrifying. At this moment, Bai Yi suddenly turned around and dashed towards Bentham. From the very start, Bai Yi never felt that Yu Han was the biggest threat this time.

With his absolute strength, the true obstacle to Bai Yi’s group was Bentham.

Bai Yi jumped up and his broadsword viciously stabbed towards Bentham’s open mouth. At this moment Bai Yi appeared exceedingly frightening, the tremors from the soundwave only attacked the internal organs. There weren’t any wounds on the surface, but only Bai Yi knew just how serious his injuries were.

“DIE!” Bai Yi gritted his teeth and spat out.

Bentham’s eyes opened wide, wanting to release his soundwave again, but the breath of air in his lungs was just finished, it wasn’t possible to release another soundwave now. Their eyes stared at each other, and Bentham could clearly see resoluteness and ruthlessness in Bai Yi’s eyes. Ruthlessness not only towards his opponent, but also to himself. For the sake of victory, he was a man that could sacrifice to the largest extent.

‘Dang!’, Bai Yi’s broadsword stabbed in Bentham’s big mouth, but at that moment Bentham’s big mouth snapped shut, his teeth fiercely biting onto the blade.

‘Clink clink clink clink!’, Bai Yi pushed with all his strength, and the blade shook continuously due to the force on the broadsword being too huge.

A trace of blood flowed down from the side of Bentham’s mouth, but at this time his four arms slowly drew back, and he clenched his fists tightly.


Bai Yi screamed viciously, his right hand brutally smashed onto the hilt of his sword, the powerful impact instantly sent the broadsword in by another inch. Bai Yi’s right palm continuously pounded on the hilt of the sword, and there was finally a sign of loosening in Bentham’s mouth. However, at this moment, with a ‘dang!’, the tip of the broadsword suddenly snapped, the broken blade flew away and landed on the floor with a clang.

Four times…Heavy punch!

Blood flowed out from Bentham’s mouth, but his four arms smashed towards Bai Yi with immense force…The person to die will be you, Bai Yi! Bentham was somebody who managed to survive among all the killing within the experimental monsters, so he wasn’t lacking in brutality and ruthlessness.

However, at this time, a figure suddenly jumped up from the floor and put himself in front of Bai Yi. Martin laid on the floor on the verge of death and his was spine broken into pieces, so nobody knew how he’d managed to jump up in that state, but he had put himself right in front of Bai Yi.


Four giant fists brutally smashed into Martin’s head, neck, chest and abdomen, and the immense force erupted within his body. Martin’s initially tough body instantly suffered from a massive force of destruction, tearing his body apart into pieces.

With his own eyes, Bai Yi saw Martin getting torn apart right in front of him, his blood, flesh and brain matter splattered behind, coating Bai Yi’s body.


Bai Yi roared sorrowfully in his heart, his eyes turning blood red.

TN: Oh shit Martin died?!

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