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Chapter 67: Everyone

“However…You know, a world that only revolves around a single person like in the novels… doesn’t exist.”

Bai Yi said while slowly walking towards Yu Han. At this moment, the two monsters chasing behind them finally caught up with the two of them. With a ‘kacha!’, the monsters’ jaws snapped closed but suddenly, both of them accelerated at the same time and the two monsters only bit onto empty space.

‘Dang!’, Yu Han used his tortoise shield to block Bai Yi’s broadsword, and a sharp and clear collision sounded. Bai Yi instantly felt his arm go numb but there wasn’t even a scratch on the tortoise shield. The shield was damn hard, and at this time the golden snake leaned forward and fiercely bit towards Bai Yi. Simultaneously, Yu Han did not throw away the broken katana in his left hand but stabbed it towards Bai Yi’s abdomen.

Bai Yi’s broadsword appeared in front of the snake head, and at the same time his left hand grabbed a kitchen knife and blocked the katana. A long ‘clang’ rang out, and Bai Yi revealed a cold smile… Bai Yi – was a chef!

Escaping through the metal door?

No, the most direct method was to wipe out the other team. To speak of it, both sides were already fighting a life and death battle, they stopped only because of the appearance of the monsters. While the giant door slowly opened bit by bit, both sides instantly abandoned the front of ‘cooperation’ and started fighting again. Within the two groups of people were more and more monsters of many different kinds, making their battles even more hair-raising.

Bentham rushed towards the door, as he had the confidence that if he stood guard at the door, nobody from Bai Yi’s team could escape. They want to protect an inhumane researcher? Then let them stay at this place together and battle it out with those monsters, just like what those researchers had done before.

Bai Yi’s team saw Bentham rushing towards the door and they immediately got very anxious, Woolf and Martin immediately wanted to rush after him.

Although Martin was severely injured just now, his recovery ability was actually the best among all of them. Just like the Tentacle Slug back then, his recovery ability and toughness were top-notch.

Moreover, Martin felt that everything was caused by him, so he needed to put an end to this himself.

The Woolf now felt a brutal excitement gradually filling his heart, as he wanted to see just how powerful this guy that injured Bai Yi and Heloise so badly was.

A life form’s transformation was continuous and gradual. Although the researchers categorized the evolved lifeforms based on LV1-1 Binging Stage, LV1-2 Brutal Stage, and LV1-3 Hypersomnia Stage, there was no such clear boundary in reality. At least, there wouldn’t be any situation where somebody would suddenly level up and become stronger by dozens of times in an instant.

In reality, Woolf had already entered the Brutal Stage, but the presence of his good teammates and friends had suppressed that kind of impulsiveness and brutality.

At this time, Heloise and Mavis managed to stop Noel and Balawi.

“Hehe, these two beautiful ladies, actually we don’t have any conflict, right? Why is there a need to be so fierce?” Balawai said with a frivolous expression, pointing his submachine gun and looking at the two ‘beautiful ladies’ stopping him. Heloise and Mavis both fused with genes from other animals, but due to their intentional choices of genes they still looked like a ‘demi-human’.

“Stay here!” Heloise was still bleeding from her eyes, giving her a demonic beauty.

“Stay here? Pretty girl are you inviting me? But even if you say so, there’s no need to do it now!” Balawi still wanted to continue speaking but Noel stopped him.

Both of them knew that Heloise’s target was Noel, because Bai Yi just now did not hide his instructions to them in the slightest. This was just like how Yu Han hadn’t bothered to hide his plan to trap Bai Yi’s group here. This wasn’t an overt or a covert plot. This was undisguised antagonism that the both of them had against each other. At the same time, both of them had full confidence that even if they told each other… They would still be able to achieve their goals!

This undisguised attitude from both Bai Yi and Yu Han was the attitude of the strong!

After being pulled by Noel, Balawai stopped his joking around and stretched his neck, seriously pointing his submachine gun at them. On the other side, Heloise and Mavis held their own weapons steady. They had to make Noel stay, but not kill him and also be wary of their counterattack.

“Fat pig!” The seventh person in Yu Han’s team Moses looked at the human and pig in front of him and sneered.

“My name is Warner, 10 years old!” Warner said seriously with his fat body approaching 1.8 meters tall. Bai Yi did not give him any mission, but Warner still blocked somebody from the other team. Warner was still young and did not understand a lot of things, but from the short period of interaction he could tell that Uncle Bai and the rest were good people.

“Pu pu!” The pet pig Pupu also shook its fat body and oinked.

“10 years old, still a kid! This is very dangerous for you eh?” Moses was taken aback for a moment, and then said with a slight cruel smile. Bilbo was different from Noel who still retained his kindness from the past world. He was somebody who truly liked this new world with no rules and no need to fear anything.

“Khina, what do we do?” Ning Xue asked Khina.

“Get out!” Khina replied resolutely and brought Ning Xue over to rush out of the door that had just opened a crack. Inside her heart, Khina definitely did not want to fight with Bai Yi and the rest, what more a life and death battle like this. So, the only thing they could do was to leave the battle.

Bai Yi’s team knew that Bai Yi had no intention of harming the two of them, so nobody attacked them either. Bentham obviously would not attack somebody from his own team as well. Hence, the two of them were the first to exit the door smoothly without obstructions, arriving outside.

Hong Qi Hua moved the fastest, but she did not head to the door because it wasn’t a success if only one person made it out. Hong Qi Hua’s rapidly dashed forwards, her body incomparably agile. Every time she passed by a monster, she would use her short knife to swiftly cut it once. In just a few dozen seconds, without even completing half a round, Hong Qi Hua had 7 monsters following behind ferociously chasing and biting at her.

Even if it was Hong Qi Hua, this kind of situation was like dancing with death. When one of the monsters bit down, Hong Qi Hua abruptly dashed up the wall and did a backflip, landing on that monster’s head and jumped off again into the air. That direction was the direction where Bentham and the entrance were.

From the initial confrontation, Hong Qi Hua had been thinking, how do we deal with a powerful enemy like Bentham?

Undoubtedly, a head on confrontation had no chance of victory, as a real battle was just this strict and cruel. If a head on confrontation wouldn’t work, then let’s mess up the playing field by introducing a third party.

Hong Qi Hua landed on the floor and shot out again with her body bent low, her speed almost producing afterimages now.

Sara and Momo looked nervously at the battle going on outside, their hearts going all the way to their throats, fearing that any of their friends would meet with mishap. Suddenly, Sharpei’s voice become low, his growl immediately causing Sara to turn her eyes back. Following Sharpei’s gaze, Sara instantly felt her heart turn cold.

What a malevolent and ugly looking monster!

This monster couldn’t be described by any single animal, or rather it didn’t look like any animal. Although it was ugly, it seemed to be extremely powerful. The monsters surrounding it were all starving, yet they still involuntarily walked around this guy. That monster slowly walked along the circular walkway to their location.

Sara instantly looked towards Bai Yi and the others in fear, wanting to shout for help. However, in the next instant, everyone appeared in her eyes.

All of them are fighting for their lives now!

“Sara, you go over as well. Protect Momo for me!” Bai Yi’s gentle smile flashed across her mind. Sara blanked for a moment, and slowly breathed out, drawing the katana that she seriously picked behind her back. To think of it, this sword had never been seriously put to use ever since she picked it.

“Momo, stay in this room, ok?” Sara squatted down and said to Momo.

“Older sister Sara!” Momo stared at Sara.

“Be obedient, I’m fine.” Sara stroked Momo’s head and smiled.

“Sharpei, when I first saw you, you were only as big as both of my palms. I never thought that you would be so big now, huh?” Sara smiled as she touched Sharpei’s neck; its tough skin was slightly rough to the touch. She then stood beside Sharpei. Sharpei turned around and looked at Sara, suddenly opening its mouth wide to the point where the edges of its mouth seem to tear, revealing the razor-sharp teeth inside.

The true battle erupted in an instant!

However, only two people stood as audience to a battle like this.

Yeye at this time didn’t have her giggling expression either, but seriously observed every action taken by every single person through the surveillance cameras. Yeye’s consciousness emerged not long ago, and she still relied largely on her original AI. An AI had no emotions, and only knew how to judge based on an object’s characteristics, but what was this feeling? It felt that her judgement was being influenced by everyone, it was really weird.

“Hmph~~!” Yeye used more than 60% of the free processing power of her AI to do a simulation and got a result. However, Yeye just gave a light ‘hmph!’ at the concluson.

As for the other audience, the Progenitor that laid at the bottommost part of the facility did not move in the slightest. However, everything that was happening was being reflected in her right iris, including every change in expression and even… their internal struggles.

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