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Chapter 66: Main Character?

Fortunately, not every monster targeted Bai Yi or Yu Han’s group. These monsters had no clear goal in mind, as they were just driven by their intense hunger to kill and consume anything in sight. However, as the number of monsters killed by Bai Yi’s side increased, the stench of blood got heavier and heavier at their location, and attracted more monsters over to them.

“Damn it!” Noel looked around the door and swore.

“What is it?” Bentham asked.

“There’s no data port on this side of the door!”


“Data port! If there isn’t a data port for me to connect to, then I can’t even enter the facility’s intranet, and there’s obviously no need to think about opening any door!” Joel punched the door in frustration.

“You must open this door!” Yu Han looked at Noel viciously, he didn’t want to die in this place.

“Fuck, do you think I need you tell me that? You think I want to die here?” Noel replied agitatedly.

“Go to the control panel, there should be a data cable that can access the facility’s intranet there!” Bai Yi suddenly said and pointed to the control panel that had just exploded and was still smoking. Everyone instantly looked over and hope rose in their hearts again. Although the control panel was still smoking, there must be a data cable inside that connects to the intranet since it was a control panel. Now they just had to place their bets on Noel’s abilities.

Noel didn’t hesitate. He immediately ran to the control panel and frantically tried to put out the fire. He then quickly took the outer layer apart and searched for a data cable that he could use to connect to the facility’s intranet.

Everybody else saw the situation now and did their best to protect Noel.

After a few minutes, an expression of joy showed on Noel’s face, he could finally connect to the facility’s intranet! However, after more than 10 minutes later, more and more monsters surrounded them, and everyone gradually started to panic and become anxious.

“Is it still not done yet?!” Bentham shouted.

“Wait, wait…The programming is completely different from just now, I need to decrypt the code from scratch, and even the encryption method is totally different from before!” Noel cursed. Everyone else swore in their hearts. Just what was going on here?! At this time, Yeye sat in her main room and looked at everyone’s anxious expressions arrogantly… Hehehehe, foolish humans.

“Momo, go hide in that prison cell first, we may not be able to protect you in the upcoming battle.” Bai Yi found a gap in battle and retreated to Momo’s side to tell her.

“Orh!” Momo nodded obediently. (TN: Orh is another sound that Chinese people make for expressing consent/approval, just like ‘ok’.)

“Sharpei, go and protect Momo. Once you hear my shout take Momo and rush out, got it?” Bai Yi said to Sharpei. At this time Sharpei was covered in blood as well, making it seem even more sinister.


“Sara…you should go as well. Help me to protect Momo, thanks!” Bai Yi swept the rest of them with his eyes and stopped at Sara.

Sara felt a jolt in her heart, and looked at Bai Yi in surprise. She wasn’t stupid, and she very quickly guessed that Bai Yi was trying to protect her. In the team, other than Momo, the person with the least battle ability would be her. Anybody could imagine how fierce the battle at the door would be later, and Bai Yi probably thought that Sara didn’t have the ability to protect herself in such a battle.

“O…Ok.” Although Sara understood Bai Yi’s intentions, she didn’t object and nodded her head hesitantly. At this moment, Sara felt immense resentment in her heart, resenting that when they had to fight all she could do was hide by the side. The monsters already left the prison cells, by then they just needed Sharpei to block the door and there wouldn’t be any danger. There wasn’t any need for her to protect Momo.

Bai Yi fiercely hacked off a claw from a monster, and Woolf immediately brought his greatsword down mercilessly, chopping off the monster’s head. Bai Yi took the chance to lean back to back with Woolf.

“This is the hookgun, didn’t you like to play with this normally? If we can’t break our way out later, shoot Yu Han with this. We must at least pull that bastard back. You have the greatest strength here, so I’ll leave this to you.” Bai Yi slung the hookgun onto Woolf’s body, and immediately shot out towards another monster without waiting for Woolf to reply.

“Later when the door opens, don’t let Noel leave. Actually, it is impossible for all of us to be able to get out later, but if Noel is here we can open the door again. Remember well!” Bai Yi said to Heloise, and at same time he swung his broadsword viciously, helping her out of her situation.

“En!” Heloise’s face was covered with blood as well, appearing to be very miserable. However, she still replied very seriously.

“Everyone else, do as you see fit.” Bai Yi said lastly.

No matter if it was Hong Qi Hua or Mavis, Bai Yi trusted that they had their own plans, and as for Martin and Warner, he did not have any special instructions for them. Oh right, there was still the pet pig Pupu. It was already more than a meter long now, and so fat that it almost looked like a ball. It normally just lazed around doing nothing all day. If it’d been in other teams, then it would’ve probably been killed and eaten. However, Pupu actually managed to become so fat in Bai Yi’s team.

Actually, Bai Yi had another plan to get out in his heart, but that plan was too dangerous. Dozens of times more dangerous than it was now.

While dealing with the numerous monsters, everyone still paid a bit of attention to the control panel, waiting anxiously for Noel to open the door.

Everyone’s minds became more and more tense. Even Bai Yi did not realise that other than feeling anxious, there was something else there… impatience, brutality! Especially for Woolf, who’d changed the most, a trace of agitation and hysteria started to appear in his eyes, just that it wasn’t very obvious.

LV1-2 Brutal Stage, just what did it mean?

Suddenly, an expression of great joy appeared on Noel’s face. Seeing his expression, Hong Qi Hua immediately spun her two knives and quickly killed her opponent, dashing out instantaneously. Sure enough, when Noel pressed the ‘Enter’ key, the giant door which had been shut all along started to move, slowing opening towards the two sides.

Moving at the same time as Hong Qi Hua was Bai Yi and Yu Han. The others were slower by a beat, but similarly reacted very quickly.

Bai Yi and Yu Han sprinted towards the giant door at the center from the left and right, and there was even a monster they had yet to finish dealing with chasing behind each of them. While running, Yu Han took out his handgun and Bai Yi touched a table knife behind his back. Almost at exactly the same time, the bullet and table knife shot out towards their targets.

The table knife collided with the bullet with a ‘ding!’ and started spinning in the air. In the next instant, the two of them collided together forcefully.

‘Dang!’, the two swords crossed, and they tried to push each other back.

“Do you regret it?” Yu Han said with a twisted face. The two swords pushed against each other, creaking due to the enormous strength behind them.

“Regret… No, if I can defeat you once, I can do it a second time.” Bai Yi’s soft fur on his face slowly opened up.

“HA!” Yu Han laughed insolently, and started to put more strength in his arms. His strength from the ant genes greatly exceeded Bai Yi’s. However, suddenly Yu Han’s expression changed, a small crack appeared on his katana! Yu Han immediately released his strength and abruptly flew backwards. Sure enough, in the next moment his katana broke in the middle, as half of the blade flew into the sky and landed, bouncing on the floor a few times.

“So your weapon is better than mine!” Yu Han touched his face, one of his feelers got sliced off and there was also a small cut on his face from Bai Yi’s blade.

“To think of it, I only noticed now that you don’t have characteristics of any other animals. Let me guess, you only fused with the genes of a butterfly? Ahahaha…LV1 activated cells? Forget about it, no matter what, I had better luck than you from the start.” Yu Han, becoming more and more arrogant as he spoke. The wrapped-up bundle on his left arm also finally revealed its appearance.

A shield?

No, it was a tortoise shell, but it grew solely on Yu Han’s arm, looking just like a shield. The patterns on the shield were clear and defined, carrying a slight greenish-black light on it. With just a look one could tell that it was extremely tough. A golden snake extended from the top of the shield where his upper arm was, coiling around the shield and raising its head at Bai Yi.

Tortoise, snake…Xuan Wu!

“Xuan Wu!” Bai Yi said softly. (TN: Xuan Wu is also known as the Black Tortoise, which is a combination of a tortoise and a snake. It is one of the guardians of the four compass directions in Chinese mythology, along with Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, and White Tiger. But Black Tortoise sounds quite lame by itself so I’m gonna call it Xuan Wu.)

One of the four Divine Beasts in Chinese mythology, the Xuan Wu was a famous creature. Although Yu Han’s left arm and Xuan Wu had no relation at all, it was enough for him to be arrogant. Apparently, Yu Han was very prideful over it as well. Although it couldn’t be compared to the Divine Beast Xuan Wu now, it was still a very good omen. Yu Han waved his left arm and the snake immediately hissed and glared at Bai Yi.

“I don’t deny that your luck is really good. You were ahead of the others even in the beginning stages of the change. Even the genes that you fused with suggests such fortune…But don’t tell me that you think you are the main character in this world?”

“However…You know, a world that only revolves around a single person like in the novels… doesn’t exist.” Bai Yi’s tone was very light, just like he was casually chit-chatting with a normal person. At the same time, Bai Yi squeezed his broadsword and slowly walked towards Yu Han again.

At this time, the other people who were battling subconsciously avoided the two of them, even Bentham. Even though his strength was undoubtedly number one here, he could still feel an intimidating atmosphere between Yu Han and Bai Yi.

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