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Chapter 41: Apocalypse Equipment

Bai Yi closed his eyes after seeing that Yu Han had left. He also had to hurry up now; he didn’t know what might happen if he let Yu Han reach the research facility in Tongariro National Park first.

“Old Harvey, why don’t you bring us to see your apocalypse equipment? I heard that it’s really impressive.” Bai Yi said to Old Harvey. The rest who became rather down from the departure of Yu Han’s group immediately started to pay attention.

“Of course, that’s all the equipment that I’ve collected!” Old Harvey was a fanatical apocalypse believer, so he instantly became excited talking about his apocalypse equipment.

The others were quite surprised as well. Apocalypse equipment?

In reality, Hopper and his family, as well as Mavis and the others, only entered this base half a day earlier than Bai Yi’s group. After that, the monsters appeared, and they found Bai Yi and the other severely injured people. A lot of them didn’t even know that Old Harvey had this ‘apocalypse equipment’. After all, not everybody was as meticulous and thorough as Hong Qi Hua.

Old Harvey collected a lot of weapons, both hot and cold.

Katanas, machetes, broad swords, sabres!

Fire axe, heavy axe…!

A flamethrower and a hook gun!

Other than that, they were still 20 handguns and more than 10 submachine guns, 3 sniper rifles, 2 assault rifles and an uncountable number of bullets. Maybe when compared to the military this was nothing much, but when one realized that this was all acquired by Old Harvey himself, then it was absolutely astounding. Of course, Old Harvey’s status wasn’t that of just a fanatical apocalypse believer. This medium-sized base, along with those weapons, wasn’t something a normal citizen could acquire.

However, nobody was in the mood to care about Old Harvey’s status now; they were all dazzled by these rare military weapons.

“These things were modified; you can’t buy them outside! Although they still can’t compare to the weapons that the military use, their power is already really amazing. Of course, these things aren’t standard issue in the military.” Old Harvey explained as he walked. The people walking behind were all curious. Just how powerful were these weapons? Could they be used against those monsters?

“This is the flamethrower, who wants to try?” Old Harvey said to everybody.

“I’ll try! How do you use this?” Qin Kai Rui was the most excited, and the others didn’t fight with him over it either.

“You hold this here, this is the safety. Remember, do not point it at any of your allies, the destructive power of this thing is amazing.” Old Harvey said seriously first and did not immediately pass the weapon to Qin Kai Rui. This wasn’t a joke, if the person treated it as a toy and fooled around then somebody really could die.

The flamethrower used butane gas cassettes as the fuel source, it could be carried around on your back, and it connected to a muzzle on your hand. It could spew out high-temperature flames of more than 1000 degrees Celsius up to a distance of 400 meters away. The destructive power of this weapon was extremely huge, but it was also heavily dependent on fuel for its effectiveness. Old Harvey only had 20 butane cassettes and every cassette could only last for half an hour, so it couldn’t be used carelessly.

Everyone listened to Old Harvey explain but didn’t pay it much mind.

After Old Harvey finished his explanation and demonstration, Qin Kai Rui grabbed hold of the flamethrower and squeezed the trigger, pointing it at an iron pot three meters away.

With a ‘Pu!’, everybody got a shock!

Blue flames instantly shot out from the muzzle and halfway through the flames became as wide as a plate in size. The flames frenziedly consumed the oxygen in the air for combustion and within 10 seconds, the iron pot started to show signs of melting. Even though they were all quite far away, everyone could still feel the scorching air.

“Hahahaha! How awesome!” Qin Kai Rui laughed excitedly, already treating the flamethrower like his own.

“The flamethrower was initially meant to be used for welding, but this one went through some modifications and resulted in the power and distance of the flames increasing greatly. However, this caused the temperature of the flames to fall but I think you guys understand that.” Old Harvey explained proudly.

They understood, of course they understood!

With the flamethrower as the first demonstration, everyone was filled with expectations over the hook gun.

The head of the hook gun was a 3-hooked claw; it used liquid nitrogen as the propellant and was connected to a high tensile strength titanium cable. Within a distance of 20 meters, it could even pierce through a 1-meter thick bridge pier. Moreover, the 3-hooked claw would automatically open up upon piercing through an object and lodge itself in it. Using the high tensile strength titanium cable, it could grab a hold of anything. Of course, if it really was used against a monster then it was more likely that the monster would pull you over.

After Qin Kai Rui tested the flamethrower, he wanted to try out the hook gun as well. However, Hong Qi Hua walked over and took the hook gun from Old Harvey. Seeing that it was Hong Qi Hua, Qin Kai Rui blanked for a while, and stepped back timidly.

Hong Qi Hua carried this nearly 1-meter long hook gun and aimed at the wall in the distance.

Everyone else had expressions of excitement on their faces while waiting for Hong Qi Hua to test the gun. After aiming at the wall for a while, Hong Qi Hua pressed the trigger.

‘Pachi!’, Hong Qi Hua felt a powerful recoil pushing her body backwards, the half-meter long alloy claw reached the wall almost instantly and pierced into the concrete wall. Behind the alloy claw was the high tensile strength titanium cable forming a straight line.


The metal alloy claw went in at least half a meter deep into the concrete wall. If it were used on a normal monster, then the gun would definitely pierce through its body. If they had this kind of weapon earlier, then it wouldn’t have been so dangerous facing those monsters. However, it was best to be more careful using this weapon. Being connected to the monster through the cable could possibly be even more dangerous.

“I think there’s no need for demonstrations of the other guns. At the start I was looking forward to bursting some zombie heads, but it wasn’t a zombie outbreak in the end, what dogshit luck! That time I fired my gun for half the day but I didn’t even kill one monster in the end…” Old Harvey started scolding and retrieved the guns. In New Zealand guns were legal. Not every family would have one, but it was still quite common.

Bai Yi and Hong Qi Hua looked at each other, the apocalypse in Old Harvey’s mind really was a zombie outbreak! However, now the gene-fused monsters weren’t slow-moving targets like those zombies. It probably wasn’t possible for Old Harvey to hide in his ‘fortress’ and enjoy bursting zombie heads.

The bunch of them came to another processing workshop-like place. Steel materials and half-completed swords were messily placed in this room.

“Some of these swords are completed products that I directly purchased, while the others were produced myself. The raw materials used range from the common high-speed steel to the more rare and durable alloy steel such as this San Mai III steel. It uses multiple thin sections of steel pressed together with a high-carbon content core. After tempering both sides, the toughness and hardness of this material is extremely amazing. Other than this, there’s still ATS-34 steel. This material…” Old Harvey appeared extremely excited once he started to talk about cold weapons.

At this time, amazement flashed across everyone’s eyes as they looked at the weapons Old Harvey had collected.

“Be careful, these swords don’t seem to be much on the surface, but the quality is definitely much better than those you can find on the market!” Old Harvey reminded.

These swords didn’t have racks to put them on display, but were just randomly placed inside the storeroom. Everyone grabbed hold of one and observed them interestedly. The swords seemed to be rather crude, as they were apparently processed by Old Harvey himself. However, all of them seemed to be extremely sharp, and some of the premium products made them look at it in wonder.

“Old Harvey, I have something to ask of you. It may be quite demanding, but I can’t help but request this of you.” Bai Yi suddenly said to Old Harvey.

“What is it?” Old Harvey asked. At this time, the rest of them also heard the conversation between Bai Yi and Old Harvey and involuntarily started to pay attention. Bai Yi now was the most ‘powerful’ person in this base. If he wanted to do anything, then nobody else could stop him.

“Actually, a few of us are also intending to leave this base, so I wanted to request some equipment from you.” Bai Yi looked at Old Harvey and said seriously.

“You guys are planning to leave too?”

“En!” Bai Yi nodded.

“Really…” Old Harvey sighed.

“Ok then, how many do you guys want?” he continued and asked.

On the other side Qin Kai Rui and a few others became anxious. They wanted to say something, but did not dare to stand out and speak. After going through so much danger, Qin Kai Rui and the others really didn’t want to continue risking their lives over something that they weren’t sure existed or not. However, if there were no weapons and supplies in this base, then they wouldn’t be able to stay here as well. They were all afraid that Bai Yi would ask for too much.

“One cold weapon for each person, the hook gun, five handguns, two submachine guns, one sniper rifle and sufficient bullets. As for supplies, we only need the Tentacle Slug and Giant Crab Alligator’s corpse, as well as one ton of wheat powder, one ton of rice…” Bai Yi said.

Gradually, those who intended to say something didn’t speak in the end. Honestly speaking, the things that Bai Yi wanted wasn’t a lot compared to the resources stored in this base. The amount of resources collected in this base by Old Harvey was quite abundant.

“Ok then. Since you guys want to leave, then I guess it can’t be helped.” Old Harvey nodded.

“Speaking of which, who exactly are the ones who want to leave?”

Bai Yi smiled, and a few companions came to his side. 1) Bai Yi, 2) Momo (Pet: Sharpei), 3) Hong Qi Hua, 4) Woolf, 5) Heloise, 6) Martin Anderson, 7) Mavis and 8) Sara.

Bai Yi didn’t ask who wanted to stay in the base or who wanted to go to Tongariro National Park Research Facility. He knew that if he asked then there were bound to be other people who wanted to go along with them. However, honestly speaking, after the incident with Yu Han, Bai Yi didn’t want unfamiliar people who didn’t have the same goals on his team anymore.

“Seems like you guys have made your decision long ago. Well, I don’t have many things here, but as for cold weapons I do have quite a lot of them.” Old Harvey nodded.

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