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Chapter 40: Chased Away

In this base that wasn’t too big, the atmosphere became abnormally weird after the battle between Bai Yi and Yu Han. On that day Yu Han did not directly admit anything but just said that he lost to Bai Yi. However, anybody whose brain wasn’t too slow would know what Yu Han had meant what he said he lost. Those initially on Yu Han’s side didn’t know how to describe how they felt inside.

Was it anger? Of course, they were angry, but even more of it was sorrow, feelings of sorrow towards themselves!

Qin Kai Rui went to look for Yu Han once, but that bit of courage that he had completely disappeared under Yu Han’s icy snake slit-eyes. It should be known that Yu Han at that time was severely injured, so he was basically immobile. At that moment, Hong Qi Hua also happened to appear and Qin Kai Rui took the chance to escape with his tail in between his legs, not daring to do anything in the end.

Yu Han looked at Hong Qi Hua and she stood there silently, giving off upright and charming disposition. Compared to Ning Xue or Dai Yu Yao, Hong Qi Hua was like a proud and aloof cedar tree, causing others to can’t help but become enchanted. The aura that belonged to Hong Qi Hua was staunch, independent and unaccommodating.

It was too bad that a girl like this… did not belong to him!

“Leave the base!” Hong Qi Hua only said three words.

Yu Han looked at Hong Qi Hua and nodded his head in the end. Just as Hong Qi Hua had said, Yu Han was very ‘smart’, so he knew what should be done at certain times. Now that he had undoubtedly lost, continuing to stay here was just humiliating himself. However, he still had a chance, that was to reach the Tongariro National Park Research Facility before Bai Yi’s group.

Bai Yi was injured now. Although the severities of their injuries were about the same, his recovery speed was much faster than Bai Yi’s. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been just Bai Yi who fell unconscious previously. Bai Yi’s group would definitely wait for Bai Yi to recover to a certain degree before leaving, and this period of time was his chance.

Yu Han believed that Bai Yi would definitely think of this. The reason he would let him leave first in spite of that would be for those few people.

They wouldn’t appreciate what you did! Or should I say they wouldn’t even think of this!

“We are just doing the things we think we should be doing!” Hong Qi Hua seemed to have guessed what Yu Han was thinking and left him with those words. The meaning of the words was obvious, Bai Yi and Hong Qi Hua didn’t care whether Qin Kai Rui and the others were grateful to them.

When Hong Qi Hua found Khina, she was chatting with Little Warner. She performed some actions exaggeratedly, causing Little Warner to burst out laughing. On the side, Little Warner’s pet pig Pupu laid on the floor oinking.

To think of it, although Khina was a bit plump initially, she was still quite cute. Her personality was also very bubbly, and so she had a lot of friends.

“You guys seem happy! What are you chatting about?” Hong Qi Hua asked.

“Oh, it’s Qi Hua!” Khina was surprised to see Hong Qi Hua walking over and her smile slowly faded away. Honestly speaking, Khina did not know how to react, she always felt really awkward in front of Bai Yi and Hong Qi Hua’s group. Hong Qi Hua and she were very good friends, however in just a few days they’d become like this.

Hong Qi Hua nodded and wanted to stroke Little Warner’s head, but the meaty boy who fused with genes from his pet pig immediately avoided her.

“No, no don’t touch me, I don’t want to pass Pupu’s genes to you.” Little Warner said shyly.

“All of the others don’t want to touch Little Warner. They are afraid that they would fuse with his pig genes.” Khina explained. It actually didn’t stop at not wanting to come into contact with Little Warner. In truth everyone avoided him like the plague, deeply afraid of fusing his genes.

“It’s like that?”

“I have something to talk to you about. Come with me.” Hong Qi Hua said to Khina.


“Just come with me!” Hong Qi Hua said and then left with Khina.

After the two of them left, Little Warner hugged his pet pig and Pupu immediately started oinking. Little Warner’s parents died in the chaos previously. He then followed his neighbour Uncle Hopper to this base, but because he fused with Pupu’s genes, he wasn’t too welcomed. Even his friend from before, Little Jones, wasn’t willing to come close to him either.

“Yu Han will leave this base very soon. Are you going to follow him?” Hong Qi Hua asked.

“What? Isn’t he severely injured? How can he leave now??” Khina said anxiously and then looked at Hong Qi Hua in shock, unable to believe her.

“It’s you… or is it Uncle Bai?”


“……!” Khina opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but nothing came out in the end. What could she say? That Bai Yi was cold and heartless?

“I’ll leave with him.” Khina said seriously.

“I really don’t understand why you would make this kind of decision, but since you already made your decision then I won’t say much either. Since you chose to leave with Yu Han, then I have some things that I want to tell you. This is very important. If possible, I hope you can keep it a secret from Yu Han. Don’t think that I am selfish! If you can’t promise me this then I won’t talk about it anymore. Can you promise?” Hong Qi Hua said seriously while looking at Khina.

Khina looked at Hong Qi Hua, not knowing how to reply. She’s only telling her and not Yu Han!

“What is it?”

“Can you promise?”

“…ok!” Thinking for a long while, Khina finally nodded her head.

Hong Qi Hua gazed at Khina, making her feel very uneasy inside. In the end, Hong Qi Hua only sighed inside her heart. I will never suspect my friends, unless they do something wrong to me first! Hong Qi Hua thought to herself in her heart and then smiled sweetly.

“Little Warner’s pig genes cannot be fused by other people, so you can relax and touch him. However, if you come into contact with Pupu then you can still merge with its genes, so you still need to be careful of that.” Hong Qi Hua said.

“What?” Khina asked, puzzled.

Hong Qi Hua repeated herself again.

“Wait wait, what I meant was, how did you know this?” Khina interrupted Hong Qi Hua.

“This is the reason why I came to look for you… Active fusion of certain lifeform’s genes.” Hong Qi Hua said after Khina interrupted her. This sentence instantly shocked Khina to the spot. Is Hong Qi Hua joking? Actively fusing genes from other lifeforms, does she want to turn into a monster! However, Hong Qi Hua completely didn’t seem like she was joking right now.

Rather than fusing with some useless genes outside your control, you might as well fuse with some more useful genes!

“Remember your promise, do not tell Yu Han!” After she finished talking, Hong Qi Hua reiterated again.

Khina finally woke up from her shock, before she could ask any questions Hong Qi Hua had already left this place. She only reminded her to not tell Yu Han, and didn’t make her swear an oath or anything. Hong Qi Hua was just like this, believing in her friends and never doubting them first.

Hong Qi Hua knew, and Bai Yi had definitely guessed long ago that something like this would happen. After all, the only one who pleaded on Yu Han’s behalf was Khina, but Bai Yi still agreed.

Returning to where Little Warner was, Khina’s mind was still quite preoccupied.

“Older sister!” Little Warner’s voice woke Khina from her daze.

“Little Warner…Little Warner, probably sometime not long after, the people in this base will leave. If you have the chance, then you must follow that older sister just now.” Khina said, and left in the middle of Little Warner’s puzzlement.

She was being stupid, but she still hoped that Little Warner would walk on the right path.

After two days, Yu Han took the initiative to say that he was going to leave the base. Although it was expected, many people still felt surprised. It must be known that Yu Han’s injuries hadn’t healed yet, and those people who were initially following him would definitely not do so anymore.

However, unexpectedly there were still two people who were willing to stay by Yu Han’s side.

One was Yu Han’s current girlfriend, Ning Xue. No matter her body or heart, both seemed to be already conquered by Yu Han. The other person was of course Khina. Clearly Yu Han was already in love with another girl, but Khina was still so foolish. When the others knew of Khina’s decision, they weren’t in much of a position to say anything. When it came to emotions, there really wasn’t much rationality to talk about.

“Wait!” Bai Yi said.

“Is there something else?” Although Yu Han was the loser, he did not want to show weakness in front of Bai Yi.

“Old Harvey, you have quite a few weapons here right? Can you give a few to Yu Han’s group?” Bai Yi asked Old Harvey.

“Oh, sure, sure!” Old Harvey nodded.

“Is this pity?” Yu Han squinted his eyes at Bai Yi.

“Pity? Don’t be mistaken, my pity won’t be wasted on you. Ning Xue and Khina are willing to follow you. I just don’t want them to not even have a weapon to defend themselves with when they are in danger.” Bai Yi said coldly.

Yu Han clenched his fist tightly, but did not continue saying anything. It was true that he didn’t have a single weapon, even the katana was broken in the battle with the Armoured Shark Tortoise previously.

Very quickly, Hong Qi Hua carried the weapons over. She threw a 1.2 meter long katana to Yu Han, similar in form to the katana that he previously had. Two machetes roughly 80 cm long were given separately to Khina and Ning Xue. Two handguns and one shotgun were also all passed to Khina.

Yu Han drew the katana from its sheath. Although he didn’t understand swords very well, he could tell that this katana was a lot better than the one he previously had.

Why are they being so nice? 

Seeing Hong Qi Hua repeatedly nag Khina, Yu Han immediately understood why. With Bai Yi and Hong Qi Hua’s personalities, they wouldn’t try to sabotage him in things like this, especially if Khina and Ning Xue were following him.

“Take care!” Hong Qi Hua hugged Khina and Ning Xue. Although her relationship with Ning Xue wasn’t so close, they were still friends. No matter what, Hong Qi Hua respected their decisions.

The three of them sat in the car that Bai Yi’s group prepared and left through the front door of the base. When the car drove past them, Yu Han looked at Bai Yi. Their gazes crossed, and they grew farther and farther apart as the car drove away.

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