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Chapter 42: Picking Weapons

“Old Harvey, can we get some weapons too?” Qin Kai Rui was quite envious looking at those weapons.

“Sure, of course! You guys come pick some too. We are not leaving but we can turn this base into a super fortress, impenetrable to any monsters, humanity’s last bastion…” Old Harvey’s eyes became brighter as he talked, appearing extremely excited. He was still quite normal before but immediately showed his true colours once they talked about the apocalypse.

Was he really going to give out weapons like that to everybody? Military strength had always been always one of the ways to keep in power.

Bai Yi looked at everyone who was staying, Qin Kai Rui, Dai Yu Yao, Hopper and his family, and also Pedro from the hospital. Forget about it, the people staying back are quite simple. We are already leaving this place so let’s not care so much. Bai Yi gave them a glance but did not say anything in the end. Hong Qi Hua saw Bai Yi keeping quiet and didn’t say more as well, since Bai Yi was the leader now.

Everyone picked their weapons with excitement, after all, these things were hard to come by for normal people.

The two eight-year olds Little Jones and Little Warner were especially excited. After all, men always loved swords by nature, let alone boys of their age. Little Jones’ mum Julia saw him like this and wanted to stop him. What if her son accidentally harmed himself or others?

“I don’t want to. Momo is so young, but Uncle Bai Yi is picking one for her too!” Little Jones objected.

Julia looked over and saw that Bai Yi was really helping Momo to pick a knife. It wasn’t even half a meter long, but to Momo it seemed like a long sword. Bai Yi helped Momo strap the knife to her back, and stroked her little head with a smile. Julia was quite baffled, Momo is only four years old, just what was Bai Yi thinking… The weapons here were all real weapons; they were all extremely sharp!

“I think you should let Jones pick his weapon, he needs to learn to carry a heavier burden since he’s a guy. In this new world, you can’t possibly continue protecting him forever.” Bai Yi said as he saw the commotion.

“En… Thank you!” Julia replied patronisingly, and promptly dragged Little Jones to the other side without letting him say anything.

“Somebody doesn’t like you!” Woolf teased beside him.

“It’s understandable.” Bai Yi didn’t show much change. He fought with Yu Han immediately after waking up. Hong Qi Hua told him that the battle was so fierce and brutal that it was evocative. To put it another way, it was the same as saying shocking and terrifying. Rather than saying Julia disliked Bai Yi, what she felt was actually more like fear.

“Speaking of which, you didn’t choose any weapons?” Bai Yi asked Woolf.

At this time over at the Little Warner, he was tiptoe-ing and trying to reach for a knife on the table. Hong Qi Hua happened to pass by him and helped him retrieve it, putting the knife in his fat hands.

“Hold it properly. Remember, this is a weapon for you to protect yourself and your friends!”

Little Warner looked at Hong Qi Hua and suddenly remembered what his older sister Khina told him before.

“Older sister, can I go along with you?” Little Warner looked at Hong Qi Hua.

“En? Why do you want to go along with me?”

“Older Sister Khina told me that you would leave and to follow you.”

“Oh, it’s like that…” Hong Qi Hua looked at Little Warner and didn’t know how to respond for a moment. Khina you idiot, you clearly knew that it was the wrong choice, but you still ended up following Yu Han. Does this thing called ‘love’ really have such great power? After that Hong Qi Hua finally said to Little Warner: “Ok, follow me then!”

“Why, nothing catches your eye?” Bai Yi asked.

“I’m too big now, probably only that heavy axe could barely fit my needs.” Woolf said scratching his head. Woolf was now 2.5 meters tall, his body was also extremely thick and sturdy, and he was still growing. These weapons to Woolf was really quite small.

“Then I guess you just have to use this for now!” As for this, Bai Yi had no solution as well.

“Actually, I’m quite satisfied with the Giant Crab Alligator’s pincer. It’s both hard and heavy, just that the shape is quite unwieldy and unsuitable to be used a weapon.” Woolf waved his bandaged left hand and said sillily. Bai Yi couldn’t help but to chuckle at his words, what an optimistic fellow.

“For weapons, there’s two here that might be suitable for you guys.” Hong Qi Hua walked over with an additional fat follower behind her.

Coming to a corner, Bai Yi and Woolf found the weapon that Hong Qi Hua said was suitable for them.

Broad Sword

It was roughly 1.2 meters long, similar to Yu Han’s katana before, but it was much thicker and wider. Bai Yi held it and immediately felt his arms drop. It weighed at least 30 pounds, several times more than a typical katana. However, this kind of weight was more suitable to Bai Yi now. Bai Yi pulled the sword out from the sheath. The back of the sword was a faint black colour, shining with a metallic glint, and metallic patterns automatically appeared on the edge of the sword.

The only pity was that the handle and blade of the sword seemed to be melted together, looking like there was an extra piece.

“This is made from ATS-34-03-G special steel, a complete product that I bought. This kind of steel is extremely hard, so normal grinding wheels can’t even grind it. The most it could do was polish the sword. As you guys can see, this sword has a very a large flaw. The mold broke while casting, resulting in a large flaw on the handle of the sword. If not for the flaw I wouldn’t have been able to buy this sword…” Old Harvey explained excitedly.

“Good sword!” Bai Yi exclaimed.

It was really a good sword. Although it had a flaw, it was just an aesthetic flaw. In reality, when talking about the sword’s actual purpose… battle, it had completely no effect on it.

Great Sword

1.5 meters long, the handle, sword guard, and blade formed a complete body. They used the same type of metal with a wide blade, and the closer to the head of the knife, the heavier it was. The tip of the sword was angled slightly inwards, increasing its destructive power. The sword seemed to be dark navy in color, and the color should have come from the process of refining the metal. The edge of the blade hadn’t been sharpened completely yet, and the sword as a whole gave people a very massive feeling.

Bai Yi gradually used his strength to lift the sword and his hand immediately dipped while holding it… This thing was at least 70 pounds. If it were before, then he’d probably have needed both hands to lift it.

This sword wasn’t particularly good, and it didn’t look like a premium product either. Bai Yi couldn’t see anything special about the sword.

“I made this sword myself. I was inspired and couldn’t help but want to make a sword myself after seeing that broadsword. In the end, the special steel was controlled very strictly by the country, so I was unable to purchase it. I only used a slightly better quality metal in the end. It’s especially heavy as the metal used was not as good as the broadsword’s. Based on the weight and hardness of the sword, however, if it were to clash head to head with the broadsword then I’m afraid the one to break would be the broadsword.” Old Harvey explained in glee.

Hong Qi Hua’s weapons were two short knives. The entirety of one of those knives wasn’t even 25 centimeters long, and she strapped them horizontally on her back. Hong Qi Hua was the first to come in contact with Old Harvey. This pair of short knives should be quality products as well, so she didn’t ask for anything more. However, Hong Qi Hua really favored these kinds of small and delicate knives.

“Hong Qi Hua said that you guys loved swords, so she made me specially prepare them.” Old Harvey said.

“Oh, so it’s like that, thank you!” Bai Yi thanked him seriously.

“Hey Old Harvey, military might is the most stable way to maintain power, you better be careful giving out weapons like this.” Bai Yi suddenly said to Old Harvey. Honestly speaking, Bai Yi felt that it was not safe for Old Harvey to stay in the base. Not because of monsters but because the most dangerous thing was… the human heart.

However apparently, Old Harvey did not mind Bai Yi’s words.

Qin Kai Rui, Pedro, and the rest were glancing over from time to time. Seeing Bai Yi’s group and Old Harvey chatting together, the rest of them did not come and disturb them either, but their eyes still revealed some ineffable expressions. The weapons that Bai Yi’s group is picking, are they the best weapons in this store?

Not long after, everyone picked their weapons and left this weapon store. In a short while, this cold weapon store was emptied by almost half. In the end, there weren’t as many weapons here as they thought there were. One person’s passion and energy were not unlimited after all.

“Uncle Bai, I still don’t understand completely. Why do you keep emphasizing that everyone must pick their own weapon, especially cold weapons?” Hong Qi Hua asked. The hot weapons in this base weren’t low in numbers too, but Bai Yi didn’t pick many guns.

“I thought you would know.”

“I thought of one thing, it’s because bullets are consumables, after using them it’s not easy to get more?” Hong Qi Hua said.

“That’s one of the reasons. The other reason is that the propelling force behind guns are machinery and gunpowder, so the power of guns is fixed. If it were before, then these guns would definitely be lethal weapons to all lifeforms on Earth. But now as the evolved lifeforms and humans ourselves become more and more powerful, the threat of these guns would become smaller and smaller. In that case, it is better for us to start getting used to cold weapons, since their power would increase along with the owner’s individual strength.” Bai Yi said seriously.

At this time, Woolf was swinging around the great sword, his mouth unable to close in joy. The sound of the wind as he swung the sword revealed the scarily destructive power of the great sword.

If it were before, not many people could wave this 70 odd pound great sword with both hands, but now Woolf was swinging it around with one hand without breaking a sweat.

Looking at Woolf, Hong Qi Hua immediately thought of everybody’s transformations and nodded.

Activated cells could produce special energy. It comprehensively raised the host lifeform’s physical strength, senses and nimbleness. After fusing with genes from other lifeforms, the individual strength could be increased even more quickly. Guns, with their fixed power, would become redundant sooner or later.

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