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Chapter 33: One on Each Side

Just as Martin said, there were a lot of monsters inside the research facility, but they were definitely not friendly with each other. To these monsters, they were just prey to each other. It was just that they were all locked up separately before, so there was no chance to attack each other. However, even though they were all prey, these monsters could tell which prey were easier to attack and which was more troublesome.

The Armoured Shark Tortoise initially treated the Tentacle Slug as its prey, and its strength was also above that of the Tentacle Slug. However, the Tentacle Slug’s body was too soft and slippery, even after biting for so long it still had not managed to pierce through the skin. Now that Bai Yi’s side had suddenly made some noise, it instantly twisted its head over.

The activated cells originated from the Progenitor, and she was a human being. What Martin didn’t know was that other than the assimilating power and gene fusion capabilities of the activated cells, they still had another ability…intelligence enhancement. However, this ability wasn’t too obvious, and Martin wasn’t a core researcher so he did not know about this.

With the manifestation of this ability, the intelligence of these monsters had been gradually improving, and their wisdom awakened.

Although it wasn’t obvious yet as it had only been a short time, the Armoured Shark Tortoise looked between Bai Yi’s group and the Tentacle Slug, immediately making its decision.

Those upright-walking living things were easier targets!

Moreover, the Armoured Shark Tortoise could still remember it being imprisoned in a small and tight space, getting tortured by these two-legged animals.

With old grudges in addition to the hunger in its stomach, the Armoured Shark Tortoise paused for a moment, suddenly putting force behind its four powerful limbs, and burst forward. It then withdrew its limbs inside the shell as it shot out, the smooth and hard shell having almost no friction with the surface. The powerful forward force let the Armoured Shark Tortoise slide over blazingly fast like an out of control sleigh.

Fuck, it can also do that?

Everyone swore in their hearts. They’d initially thought that a tortoise could only crawl slowly and never imagined that it could move like this

Looking at the Armoured Shark Tortoise speeding over aggressively, everyone started to disperse in a panic in fear of getting smashed by the monster. Dai Yu Yao dashed into the driver’s seat and tried to start the car, but the more she panicked the messier things got, and the key fell onto the seat.

At this moment, the Armoured Shark Tortoise was already in front of the car with unimaginable speed. Dai Yu Yao just managed to pick up the key, and her eyes froze in that moment forever.


The Armoured Shark Tortoise withdrew its head into the shell as well, smashing into the car with tremendous impact. The entire car instantly crumpled and flew away. Although the airbag was deployed by the car in that moment, nobody had much confidence in its usefulness.

Dai Yu Yao… was probably gone.

After smashing away the car, its body spun on the spot for a while, and four strong and thick legs stretched out followed by the head. The giant tortoise gave its head a few shakes, looking perfectly fine, and then started chasing the nearest person with heavy footsteps… Ning Xue! Seeing the Armoured Shark Tortoise chase Ning Xue, everyone else immediately ran in the opposite direction.

“Save me! Save me Yu Han!” Ning Xue shouted for her life while running with all the speed she could muster.

Yu Han’s body paused for a moment, and then he gritted his teeth… Damn it! Yu Han wasn’t some noble person, but he’d just managed to conquer Ning Xue yesterday. If he abandoned her the very next day and left her to die, then it would undoubtedly make the others lose heart. Thinking about this, Yu Han started sprinting towards Ning Xue. While running, his right arm tensed and bulged, looking like it contained enormous power.

At this moment, the Tentacle Slug in the distance stopped for a moment, and then wriggled its way over here as well.

“Fuck aren’t you afraid of dying?! Your opponent just let you off! You should be running away instead!” Martin initially ran in the direction of the Tentacle Slug only to see the other monster crawling towards him. He immediately fell to the floor and skidded to a stop, then miserably climbed up again and ran in the opposite direction.

The expressions of the others weren’t too different from Martin’s. Damn it! Shouldn’t that Tentacle Slug be running away? Why is it coming over as well!

Looking at this scene, some of them even felt like crying.

“Uncle Bai!” Hong Qi Hua looked at Bai Yi, waiting for his decision.

“Stop running! Where can you run to? Are you trying to attract even more monsters here, do you feel like you aren’t dying fast enough?!” Bai Yi shouted loudly, but apparently there weren’t many people who could remain calm in this situation. At this moment, Bai Yi held onto Momo along with Sharpei at his side. He looked at the Armoured Shark Tortoise on one side and the Tentacle Slug coming from the other.

“Qi Hua, go stop the others who are running away! Martin, you and I will stall the monster!” Bai Yi said.

Hong Qi Hua nodded her head and immediately chased after those who were running away in panic. As for Martin, he could only give a miserable expression, looking like it was the end of his days. It wasn’t even this scary when he was observing these monsters from the high-reinforced glass in the lab. However, Martin was considered more rational, and did not run around aimlessly. If he accidentally attracted another one or two more monsters, then that was really just tying the noose around his neck.

The Tentacle Slug was considered a mollusc, so its speed wasn’t too fast, but it wasn’t too slow either, roughly the speed of a person jogging.

Bai Yi looked at the Tentacle Slug a few hundred metres away and analysed it meticulously, hoping to find a way to kill this monster. A few cars that were smashed, scattered supplies all over the floor and a few kitchen knives… No matter where he looked, he couldn’t find anything that could help him fight against this monster.

Bai Yi turned his head again. On the other side, the Armoured Shark Tortoise and Yu Han clashed together. Yu Han was moving around in a sorry state, trying to lure the giant tortoise towards the buildings. The Armoured Shark Tortoise chased after him, smashing the buildings into rubble everywhere and falling many of them. From the looks of it, Yu Han could still survive for a while. At this moment, Yu Han also hurriedly got up from the ground and looked at the situation on the other side.

Although he disdained Yu Han’s character, Bai Yi had to admit that Yu Han’s mental resilience and caliber were among the top in the group.

Although they were definitely not friends now, they both understood the intentions in each other’s eyes.

Handle the monster on their side!

Bai Yi turned back, in that short while, the Tentacle Slug was now only a few dozen meters away. Martin was barely restraining his urge to run, continuously turning his head to look at Bai Yi, hoping that he would think of a solution.

“Lure this guy away first.” Bai Yi said.

Woolf was lying down beside the Giant Crab Alligator, looking like he was bathing in a pool of blood. Bai Yi made Woolf eat as if his life depended on it, putting all his hopes on the power of the activated cells. However, honestly speaking Bai Yi had no confidence that it would actually work. He didn’t even know if Woolf was just unconscious or already dead. No matter what, luring the Tentacle Slug away came first.

Bai Yi grabbed a chopper. This was still the thing that he was most used to using.

“Momo, hide well.” Bai Yi didn’t have the extra capacity to look after Momo now.

Luckily, although Momo was still young, she was rather intelligent. The things that she’d seen during these few days had already changed her young and tender heart. After Bai Yi spoke, Momo immediately ran towards a mansion by the side and squatted carefully in a corner. She then stretched out her little head to stealthily look at Bai Yi. Sharpei immediately followed after her as well, guarding Momo by her side.

Bai Yi smiled in his heart. Although that place wasn’t completely safe, it was considered more hidden.

Bai Yi rushed out, and although Martin’s expression was incomparably bleak, he still followed after Bai Yi. The more afraid of death you were, the faster you would die. If at the start Qin Kai Rui wasn’t cowardly enough to run way, then they wouldn’t have been in such a crisis after killing the Giant Crab Alligator.

While running, Bai Yi saw the shotgun laying on the floor. He immediately hung his chopper on his belt, and picked up the gun. This thing was still more useful for attracting attention.

Bai Yi cocked the shotgun and ran to the other side of the Tentacle Slug. Seeing Bai Yi running over, the Tentacle Slug immediately shot out an octopus-like tentacle trying to grab hold of Bai Yi. The giant tentacle that was as thick as a person’s waist was covered with mucus, looking incomparably disgusting and sinister.

‘Bang!’ The shotgun rang.

The shotgun instantly spat out more than 10 pellets but the tentacle reaching for Bai Yi only paused for a moment, not even scratching the skin. The tentacles reached over at an even faster speed and Bai Yi immediately dived to the side, however his right arm was still caught by the tentacles. Bai Yi struggled fiercely and managed to pull his arm away from the tentacles. However, from this simple and short contact, the sleeve on Bai Yi's right arm was ripped to shreds, and the skin underneath was also scraped off, revealing the bloody flesh underneath.

They finally understood how Qin Kai Rui and Meilin’s injuries came about!

The suckers on the tentacles were like countless mini blades. Bai Yi rolled on the floor, and without any pause or hesitation, started sprinting again. Sure enough, in the next moment the tentacle reached for Bai Yi again. Bai Yi managed to dodge it, but Meilin, who was lying on the floor with barely a breath, was caught by the tentacles.

Seemingly due to her extreme fear of death, Meilin, who was initially on the verge of dying, suddenly started to struggle frantically.

“Wuuuu, wuuuu! No! NOOOOO…!” Tears and mucus dripped down from her face, screaming words that she herself did not understand. However, this final radiance of the setting sun (TN: chinese idiom that means a sudden period of lucidity or activity right before demise) was completely useless. The tentacle very quickly pulled Meilin towards the monster’s mouth that looked like an asshole.

From her head, she slowly slid into the hole while the rest of her body was still struggling and her legs kicking. However, very quickly her entire body completely sunk into the monster’s mouth.

“That was its mouth? I thought it was the asshole!” Martin suddenly said.

“Pfft…!” Bai Yi heard this and uncontrollably produced a laugh for a moment. However, it was only a split second, nobody could truly laugh in a situation like this.

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