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Chapter 32: Brain-sucking Leech

After the experiences over the past few days, everybody’s mindsets finally started to change. Under Yu Han’s instructions, the remaining people started getting busy, moving all usable resources from the heavy truck and broken cars to the two untouched cars.

Khina looked at Yu Han walking over to Ning Xue and gently hugging her in his arms, feeling really upset.

At this moment, they suddenly heard a car driving towards them. Everyone immediately turned around, looked, and got surprised. That car…isn’t that the car that Qin Kai Rui and Meilin drove away in?

With a screech, the car braked hard and stopped on the spot. Qin Kai Rui and Meilin rushed out of the car with their faces full of fear. Qin Kai Rui’s face was stained with blood, and a patch of skin was even ripped off from his face that contained great joy.

“Monster, we met a monster! Monster chasing us!” Qin Kai Rui said incoherently.

Everyone only noticed now that the car that they’d escaped in was covered in a faint black sticky liquid, and the windows were all shattered. Qin Kai Rui’s clothes were ripped to shreds, and the top layer of skin on his face and torso was also ripped off, causing his entire body to look bloody. Meilin’s condition was a bit better, but her face was also covered in blood.

“Bastard! What monster did you meet!” Yu Han wanted to murder this guy so badly now. With everyone’s condition now, all of them would get eaten if they encountered another monster.

“Octopus…it should be an octopus but not completely. A few tentacles attached themselves to the car and we barely escaped by desperately stepping on the accelerator.” The skin on Qin Kai Rui’s face was torn so the flesh and blood could be seen moving underneath while he spoke, appearing extremely frightening. If they didn’t know that he was Qin Kai Rui and that he was still alive, the few girls would have vomited by now.

“Octopus?” Somebody questioned. Octopus is a sea creature, how did it come inland? However, they immediately thought that it just looked like an octopus. It probably had the genes of an octopus, but wasn’t one completely. It was an evolved lifeform, being able to come onto land wasn’t too hard to believe.

“You are a fucking pig!” Yu Han scolded ferociously.

“Ignore the stuff. Get in the car and leave immediately!” Yu Han knew that in reality it hadn’t been too long since the battle started, the monster that Qin Kai Rui met was definitely not far away.

Everyone started getting busy. With the car that Qin Kai Rui drove back, they now had three cars. However, even with these three cars they could not fit so many people, as it was already filled with supplies. They could barely squeeze two people inside a car.

“No way, I want to live, I don’t want to die with you guys!” Meilin saw the situation and suddenly felt that returning was completely a mistake. Her expression was incomparably anxious, and her pupils kept dilating and contracting. She looked just as crazy as a mental patient.

Yu Han initially wanted to shout at Meilin, but when he turned his head, he saw a fat dark coloured bug lying on top of her head.

A bug?

“Meilin, what’s on your head?” Yu Han asked.

“What, just ignore me, I want to leave!” Meilin said and ran towards the car. She thought that she would be safe once she came back, only to find that she was in even more danger here. However, before she could take more than a few steps, blood started flowing out from her nose and then she fell onto the floor, her whole body spasming and twitching.

The girls initially wanted to console her, but seeing her become like this, they were immediately frightened and didn’t know what to do.

Yu Han approached carefully, using his katana to poke the bug on Meilin’s head. However, the thing seemed to be stuck to her head, refusing to move. Only now did everyone see the thing lying on top of her head. it looked just like a leech about 10cm in length. After receiving the shock from the katana, the bug suddenly started to inflate like it was filled with air.

Yu Han was startled for a moment, and the katana swiped across the body of the bug. The sharp edge of the katana split the bug into half, and from inside splashed out reddish-white…brain matter.

Yu Han got a fright in his heart, and then turned his head to look at Qin Kai Rui.

“What are you looking at me for?” Qin Kai Rui was extremely terrified now.

Yu Han’s eyes swept across him and then stared at the back of Qin Kai Rui’s head, there was also a bug lying there but it hadn’t inflated yet. No, it wasn’t that it didn’t become bigger but that it hadn’t received any shock, so it did not suddenly start to forcefully suck the blood and brain matter out of his head.

“There’s one on your head too, this thing can pierce through the skull and directly suck a person’s brain matter and blood.” Yu Han said apathetically.

“No, no don’t scare me!” Qin Kai Rui’s entire body started to tremble.

“The bug must be removed or you will die for sure.”

“Save me, please please save me!” Qin Kai Rui’s tears and mucus had already started flowing out. Meilin was still lying on the floor, continuously spasming and twitching. From just a look they knew that she wouldn’t live for long. Even her brain matter was sucked out, how could she still live? Qin Kai Rui did not want to become like her.

“Stay still, this thing will start sucking vigorously once it receives any shock.” Bai Yi suddenly reminded. Although Bai Yi did not have a good impression of Qin Kai Rui, he did not want him to throw away his life for no reason as well.

After Qin Kai Rui heard his words, he immediately stood still on the spot but he couldn’t stop the uncontrollable trembling all over his body.

“If we can’t give it any shock, then how do we remove it?” Dai Yu Yao asked nervously. All of them saw the scene just now, the leech-like thing on Meilin’s head had started sucking vigorously the moment it received a shock and inflated like a balloon in an instant. If they did not get it off, however, then Qin Kai Rui could only wait for death.

Yu Han held the katana in his hand tightly… If I’m fast enough and cut close enough to the scalp, then it should be fine, I think? Just as he raised his katana, Hong Qi Hua carried a burning wooden stick over.

“Use this, this thing looks a lot like a leech so it’s probably an evolved version of it. A creature like a leech cannot be pulled off with brute strength, the sucker and teeth will remain if you forcefully do it.” Hong Qi Hua explained and then brought the flame close to the leech-like creature on the back of Qin Kai Rui’s head. As expected, as soon as the fire approached it the creature immediately started to curl up, and fell off from his head.

Hong Qi Hua checked carefully and found another evolved leech on Qin Kai Rui’s back. She repeated her actions and only after she confirmed that there were no more leeches did she nod her head.

“I’m saved, thank you, thank you guys so much!” Qin Kai Rui’s body went weak and he fell onto the floor, lacking even the strength to stand up. A pale yellow liquid flowed down his lower body, the fear of death actually made him pee himself. At this time, even Dai Yu Yao who had a good relationship with Qin Kai Rui couldn’t help but cover her nose and move backwards.

All of a sudden, rumbling sounds echoed over from the direction that Qin Kai Rui had escaped from, and then a house suddenly collapsed, raising a huge cloud of dust. After hearing the noise, everyone immediately turned around and looked. Two savage cries immediately sounded from that direction, one high and the other low-pitched.

“What’s going on now?!”

“They’re probably fighting!” Martin said.


“It’s just two monsters fighting. Although they’re both monsters, it doesn’t mean that they have an amiable relationship. In the eyes of different monsters, the other side is either an enemy or prey.” Martin explained. That seemed to really be the case. Everyone looked at Qin Kai Rui. This guy ran around like a pig and actually didn’t die.

“Let’s move, we must leave this place immediately.” Bai Yi said.

“But how do we leave? We only have three cars now, can we really cross Otorohanga?” Khina asked.

“Woolf and the girls, get in the car. The other guys can run on foot. Grab ahold of your weapons and cross the city.” Bai Yi said.

“The car is filled with so many supplies, how can he lie down with such a big size??” Dai Yu Yao asked, dissatisfied.

“Throw them away!”

“Throw? What are we going to eat if we throw them away!” Dai Yu Yao retorted again.

Seeing that Dai Yu Yao was still being so wilful and annoying even at such a critical moment, Bai Yi really wanted to kill somebody. He went to the nearest car and shoved everything inside onto the ground. Seeing the angry look on Dai Yu Yao’s face, Bai Yi became even more furious.

“Hurry! Are you waiting for death here?”

Dai Yu Yao wanted to retort, but suddenly the rumbling sounded again. The two monsters fighting at the end of the road suddenly pounced into view. Everyone looked over and finally saw clearly the two fighting monsters that Martin talked about.

One of them looked like a giant leech, or it could be said to be a slug as well. It was 7-8 meters in length, and on the surface of its body waved around more than 10 giant tentacles. This was probably the octopus-like monster that Qin Kai Rui had described. In the end, he didn’t even see the body of the monster clearly and missed the main point entirely.

The other one was a ‘tortoise’ with giant greenish-black tortoise shell that was 4-5 meters in diameter. The lower part of its body was streamlined while its head looked just like that of a vicious shark.

Tentacle SlugArmoured Shark Tortoise

The armoured shark tortoise viciously bit the tentacle slug, its head continuously shaking and violently pulling on the surface of the tentacle slug’s body. The tentacle slug shrieked sharply and arched its body, spraying out a jet of acid from its giant mouth in front. The armoured shark tortoise instantly released its jaws, its short and stout legs moved very quickly to dodge the acid. White smoke instantly rose from the corroded ground where the acid landed.

Just as the armoured shark tortoise released its big mouth, the skin of the tentacle slug on the place it bit into instantly sprang back up. Other than a few indents, there wasn’t even a wound on it. The toughness of the tentacle’s slug body was just ridiculous. The armoured tortoise shark was so ferocious when biting that even Bai Yi’s group was all stupefied.

As the group looked at the two monsters in shock and fear, Bai Yi suddenly started moving and carried Woolf inside the car.

“Hurry, leave now!” Bai Yi said.

At this moment the rest of them started panicking as well, immediately squeezing inside the cars. However in the panic and hurry, somebody accidentally created a loud noise, and the armoured shark tortoise instantly twisted its head around.

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