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Chapter 34: Damn Cool!

After eating Meilin, the Tentacle Slug headed towards the Giant Crab Alligator. Apparently, the smell of fresh blood was more alluring to it than Bai Yi and Martin.

Bai Yi immediately ran toward it upon seeing this scene. Woolf was just beside the Giant Crab Alligator, if he really let the Tentacle Slug approach the corpse, then Woolf would be dead for sure! While running, Bai Yi cocked the gun again, but did not carelessly fire.

Bai Yi had seen the battle between the two monsters earlier very clearly. The Armoured Shark Tortoise was immensely strong, but it was unable to leave a wound on the Tentacle Slug even after much biting and tearing. It was easy to infer just how tough the skin of the Tentacle Slug was. The gun would definitely be useless on that monster.

As though attracted by the smell of blood, the monster did not seem to care about Bai Yi, and allowed him to run up to behind its ass.

Bai Yi poked the shotgun into an area with a slight indentation on the Tentacle Slug, and fired the gun vigorously. With a ‘bang!’, Bai Yi immediately threw away the gun and ran for his life. The Tentacle Slug who did not care about Bai Yi initially instantly let out a painful ear-piercing cry, and all the tentacles on its body started to wave around in a frenzy, appearing to be extremely mad. Bai Yi couldn’t escape in time and one of the tentacles slapped him in the back and sent him flying.

Rolling a few rounds on the floor, Bai Yi felt like his entire body was falling apart. At this moment, Martin ran over and gave a thumbs up to Bai Yi.

“It’s definitely the asshole this time round, I guarantee it!” Martin exclaimed.

Bai Yi didn’t even know if he should be laughing or not. This fellow, he actually had the mood to joke around at a time like this! However, Bai Yi’s actions just now thoroughly enraged the Tentacle Slug, and the monster immediately abandoned the corpse of the Giant Crab Alligator at the side and started chasing after the two of them.

Countless tentacles brandished in the air, grabbing towards Bai Yi and Martin.

Bai Yi was in so much pain that he felt like his body was falling apart, but he knew that if he gave up now it was the same as waiting for death. Forcefully pulling himself together, Bai Yi tried to stand up again. However, the body’s capacity was really not something that could be forcefully tapped into just by willing it. Bai Yi staggered for a moment, all the strength in his body seemingly leaving him, and at this moment the nearest tentacle already started to surround him.

Suddenly, Martin pushed Bai Yi away forcefully and Bai Yi fell and rolled on the floor. However, in the process Martin got himself caught by the tentacles and the Tentacle Slug dragged him towards itself.

Bai Yi was astonished for a moment. He never expected that Martin would sacrifice himself to save others!

Sacrificing yourself to save others. It was easy to talk about it, but when somebody really found themselves in that situation, it was difficult to say if the person would really do such a thing. The decision made in a split-second really tested the deepest nature of a person’s heart.

“Shit!... Fuck, release your daddy!” Martin waved his hands as his body was dragged back, shouting curses and screams. Once he was dragged back, he would sink into that giant mouth that looked like an asshole.


Listening to Martin scream, Bai Yi bit down on his teeth. There seemed to be an intense despair roaring silently in his heart and screaming crazily. Suddenly, the muscles on Bai Yi’s body starting twitching, and the colourful patterns caused by butterfly genes on his face expanded by a third. In a short moment, all the muscles on Bai Yi’s body started to heat up vigorously and a powerful urge to destroy everything howled from the depths of his heart.

Bai Yi rolled on the floor and avoided one of the tentacles attempting to grab him. He got up rapidly and dashed towards where Martin was.

Bai Yi’s body that just gotten up was almost touching the floor as he ran. Seeing a kitchen knife on the floor, Bai Yi’s left hand quickly unwrapped the cloth covering it and held onto the handle of the knife. At the same time, his right hand also held onto the other knife on his back.

With a few up and down movements, he quickly reached Martin and ferociously raised both his arms.

Even Martin, who was wrapped in the tentacle, could see how fierce and frightening Bai Yi’s expression was like now. This wasn’t an expression that anybody in peaceful times could have! Those actors in the movies were just too pathetic, this kind of life and death struggle could never be acted out by them.

The bandage on Bai Yi’s left arm tore, and the wound on his shoulder split open again, fresh blood spilling onto Martin’s face.

At this moment, the two knives descended frighteningly fast, Martin couldn’t even see a complete shadow of the knives.


Bai Yi gritted his teeth vigorously, the two knives descended repeatedly like mincing meat and every strike would land at the same place. This kind of high-speed chopping would turn even ox skin into minced meat. Although the Tentacle Slug’s skin was abnormally tough, an opening still appeared on it.

After the opening appeared, Bai Yi’s actions became even faster. The flesh under the skin was relatively softer, and Bai Yi’s twin knives viciously chopped onto it. The tentacle that was as thick as a bucket finally got chopped off by Bai Yi and Martin landed on the floor, still in a state of shock.

“Run!” Bai Yi turned his head and roared.

The loud shout let Martin come back to his senses and hurriedly ran after Bai Yi.

After getting its tentacle chopped off by Bai Yi, it was certain that the Tentacle Slug would get even more furious, reaching the point where it wouldn’t rest until Bai Yi was dead. The giant slug completely abandoned the Giant Crab Alligator and crazily chased after Bai Yi and Martin.

After the explosion of power, Bai Yi felt that his body became even more fatigued. Even while running, his legs felt empty as if it they didn’t belong to him. At this moment, the Tentacle Slug that had a tentacle chopped off burned with fury and the wriggling speed of its body seemed to increase multiple times.

Even if Momo didn’t understand much of what’s going on, she could still tell that her daddy was in great danger.

“Sharpei, go help daddy!” Momo told Sharpei at her side.

“Woof woof~!” Sharpei barked twice, seeming to reject Momo. Bai Yi wanted him to protect Momo, this was his mission.

“Sharpei be obedient!” The small Momo also grew angry and said loudly, stamping her feet twice. Sharpei looked at Momo, and Momo’s face was full of anger and seriousness.

“I’ll hide well. Nothing will happen to me.”

Sharpei looked at Momo’s small body shrinking behind the corner and hesitated for a moment. It then looked at Bai Yi’s situation and saw that it was really precarious. In a moment, it bared its teeth and sprinted out at a shockingly fast speed.

Momo was the little owner and Bai Yi was the big owner. No matter what, Sharpei wanted to protect both of them. This was the simple core belief that Sharpei had as a ‘dog’. Ever since three years ago, when a young adult, a female baby and a small sharpei dog met, they were already tied to each other by an unbreakable bond of fate.

Bai Yi who’d just crazily exploded earlier on felt his legs go weak, and Martin held onto Bai Yi as they tried desperately to escape. However, the situation looked more and more bleak, and Martin despaired and gave up as he saw the giant tentacle stretch over for them.

In the end, I’m still going to die here today!

Just as Martin gave up, a shadow dashed in front him. Sharp teeth ferociously bit down on the tentacle and knocked it to the side at the same time.

Sharpei landed on the floor and barked viciously.


A trace of hope grew in Martin’s heart as he saw Sharpei. Wasn’t this dog the sharpei dog that Bai Yi brought around? Martin immediately got up and held onto Bai Yi as they continued to run away. As expected, Sharpei frantically tried to stop the Tentacle Slug behind them.

Sharpei jumped and moved around continuously, dodging the tentacles, and when it had the chance it would viciously bite the tentacles too. However, the skin of the Tentacle Slug was just too tough. Coupled with the sticky and slippery mucus on the skin, even the Armoured Shark Tortoise couldn’t bite through it, let alone Sharpei. Although Sharpei couldn’t deal any damage to the Tentacle Slug, stalling it for a moment was still possible.

However, at this moment, Martin was in too much of a rush and he accidentally tripped on something, falling flat onto the ground. Bai Yi, who was being held up by him, also rolled a few times on the floor before hitting a car. However, the impact from hitting the car made Bai Yi’s head become slightly clearer. Bai Yi was face down on the floor when he suddenly detected a strong smell of gasoline.


As Bai Yi looked again at the flames burning in other places, his hazy head suddenly came up with an idea.

“Martin, strip your clothes!” Bai Yi immediately instructed.

“What? Bai Yi, what are you thinking of doing now? Let me tell you I’m not gay!” Although Martin was muttering some nonsense his hands weren’t moving slowly at all. He knew very well that Bai Yi wouldn’t ask him to do something without a reason.

At this moment, as Sharpei rolled in the air and landed, the wound from the bullet extraction surgery split open. Sharpei suddenly staggered for a split-second, and because of this short pause, a tentacle wrapped itself around Sharpei.

Hearing Sharpei’s pitiful cry, Bai Yi turned his head and saw the scene of Sharpei getting caught by the tentacle.


Even Momo hiding in the corner stood up. She really wanted to go out, but she still remembered that her daddy had told her to hide well.

Bai Yi ignored the nonsense coming out of Martin’s mouth and immediately snatched his clothes over, soaking it into the broken gas tank of the car. Holding the gas-soaked clothes, Bai Yi immediately ran towards the Tentacle Slug. At this moment Sharpei was already almost at the asshole-like mouth of the monster.

Save Sharpei! I must save Sharpei!

Bai Yi ran crazily and lightly passed the bundle of clothes over an unextinguished flame along the way. The gas-soaked clothes caught fire easily and Bai Yi looked like a flaming human right now.

He rushed over, wrapping the flaming clothes around the tentacle that held Sharpei.

As expected, in a split second the Tentacle Slug became agitated again and it instantly retracted its tentacle, ignoring Sharpei completely. Sharpei landed on the floor, and more than half of its body was covered in blood from the suckers on the tentacles. However, it was already much better than being eaten. At this time, Bai Yi’s hair and right arm that were in contact with the gas were still burning in flames.

Extinguish the fire!

Bai Yi didn’t want to become a barbequed human, so he looked around in a hurry and found a sand pit not far away. Without time to hesitate, he immediately ran towards the sand pit and dove into it, rolling around vigorously in the sand. After a few minutes, the fire finally went out, but his entire body became dark and swarthy, completely unlike his original appearance.

“What a pity, actually the scene of you holding the fire just now was really damn cool!” Martin teased as he also ran over and shook his head at Bai Yi’s sooty face.

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