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Chapter 204: The First Clash

A spiritualist who can communicate with the dead!

This might not actually have had a positive connotation to it; Momo’s ability was very strange and mysterious to the outside world, and many people didn’t really understand it either. People only knew that during the theft of the Tranquil Grass, it was Momo alone who had managed to stall four LV2s and close to 60 other people in that place. At this time, they didn’t know whether Momo’s actions were a good or bad thing; she couldn’t be collecting everybody’s souls at this time, right?

These kinds of actions that went against common sense immediately attracted the attention of both sides, and the Australian side even specifically ordered attacks on Momo. Honestly speaking, Momo didn’t really know much about these modern weapons since she was only nine years old, after all, and had grown up on the Devil Isles. She did watch television when she was young, but it had definitely not been some military programming.

Despite all this, Momo still went about her mission methodically, and not only Pupu but also Alodia came to her side to protect her.

Suddenly, Momo dashed forward and went up against a small-sized missile flying rapidly toward them. Alodia and Pupu immediately panicked; it was true that they followed Momo around to protect her, but her dashing forward so suddenly was still beyond their expectations. Seeing that Momo wanted to swing her sword to hack at the missile, Alodia instantly rushed forward and grabbed onto Momo’s right hand... What a joke, using a sword to hack at a missile?!

They could only say that Momo really lacked a lot of experience.

At this moment, Pupu moved even faster, running in front of them and turning his body horizontally. Instantaneously, Pupu’s energy billowed from his body furiously and protected Alodia and Momo behind him. ‘BOOM!’, an intense explosion rang out, dirt sprayed everywhere, and only after a while did Pupu appear, staggering and shaking his head. Alodia hugged Momo behind him, quickly checking if Momo had sustained any injuries.

At this time, the rest of them who saw this scene was completely dumbstruck. That was a missile! It was a miniature missile more than a meter long; could you guys be even more ridiculous?! A freaking pig could stop the missile, and it didn’t even look like it sustained many injuries. Of course, Pupu just seemed to be lazy and gluttonous usually; probably only Bai Yi’s team knew that the most outstanding thing about Pupu was his defense, and after entering LV2 his defense had become even more astounding.

Alodia saw Momo looking carefully at a particular place. “Are you OK, Momo?”

“It’s Molly’s soul. This place belongs to the normal world, and the soul will dissipate automatically in such an environment. Moreover, certain influences from the outside world will accelerate this process. If we didn’t block that thing just now, I’m afraid her soul would have disappeared completely,” Momo explained

“Momo, you really can see souls?” Lucretia, who happened to pass by, asked.

“En, daddy told me to collect and preserve everybody’s souls,” Momo replied.

“Protect Momo well, she can preserve our souls! Even if the physical body dies, we still have a chance to revive in the future!” Lucretia shouted loudly. The evolved humans basically wouldn’t advertise their own abilities to everyone else, and Momo’s ability was actually also a secret. As for something like the Soul Release Tree, Bai Yi would definitely not spread that information around either, so Lucretia didn’t have any intention of criticizing them.

“I can’t... revive them!” Momo wanted to say that she didn’t have the ability to revive them, but Lucretia secretly shook her head at Momo.

The evolved humans, who were initially extremely curious about Momo, immediately became stunned after hearing Lucretia’s voice and were suddenly even more excited. Can be revived, didn’t that mean that they didn’t have to be afraid of death anymore? This bunch of evolved humans, who were already fighting very ferociously, seemed to get an adrenaline shot, and their combat power increased by another notch.

At this time, the battle happening here was already being broadcast to various locations around the world, especially to the rest of the Australian military. As a specialized defense base, various unmanned cameras were located all over the place. Now, these unmanned cameras did their jobs and recorded a first-hand view of the battle going on, broadcasting it to various other places.

Normal humans with high-tech weaponry versus evolved humans with primitive cold weapons equal...?

Woolf roared loudly, grabbing hold of the main cannon of a tank, and savagely exerted his brute strength. “AHHHH!” Woolf gave a deafening shout, his muscles and the energy inside his body rippling intensely. This middle-sized tank, weighing more than 30 tonnes, was pulled up by Woolf just like that, and he viciously swung it toward another tank. ‘BOOM!’, the two tanks impacted against each other and the ground instantly sunk inward, sparks flying everywhere.

“Idiot, are you bragging about your strength now?” Bai Yi criticized.

“Those whose body sizes aren’t too big, go into the defense base and break it open from the inside for me!” Bai Yi shouted to the remaining evolved humans. It wasn’t that Bai Yi didn’t want to do it personally, but that he had to be the one taking command and overseeing the entire battlefield. He couldn’t be the one mindlessly charging everywhere.

“What about me?” Woolf asked. With his size, he would only be an obstacle moving about in normal buildings, and would never fit inside.

At this time, the cannon of a tank aimed at them. Bai Yi immediately lowered his body and dashed forward, grabbing hold of the cannon in an instant and sending special energy to his feet. ‘DANG!’, with an immense sound of impact, the cannon of this tank immediately bent slightly. Before the shell could be fired, it suddenly exploded inside the cannon itself. Bai Yi fell backward from the shockwave of the explosion and at that moment two bullets immediately fired toward him.

However, a stream of air lifted and pushed him slightly, and Bai Yi’s body gently shifted a distance to the side, the two bullets brushing past his face in the next moment.

A sniper cursed from his firing position, “Fuck, he can dodge like that?!”

Ah, sniper!

Anybody could tell that Bai Yi was the leader of this bunch of evolved humans, so it was obvious that he be the target of sniping. Bai Yi looked toward that direction, his Reverse Flower Eyes spinning. The sniper, who was still cursing, immediately went into a daze and fell flat onto the ground with a ‘pat!’.

Bai Yi ignored the sniper and looked at the dozens of helicopters in the sky. The two guys who had flown from the ship earlier had gotten blasted by guided missiles, so all the evolved humans who could fly didn’t dare to fly up into the sky to attack. There weren’t many evolved humans with a long-range attack, so these helicopters rained bullets and missiles onto them without care or worry.

Bai Yi quickly stepped backward and said to Woolf, “Woolf, you have a lot of strength, right? Smash all the helicopters down for me.”

“Smash them down?” Woolf looked at the helicopters in the sky. Woolf was now already a bit far from Bai Yi, because Bai Yi was absolutely a firepower magnet. It wasn’t just a small amount of firepower raining down on Bai Yi at all times.

“Right, smash them down,” Bai Yi said.

Woolf looked at a ruined armored vehicle beside him, and with a jerk, he pulled off a heavy machine gun from it. Although the heavy machine gun weighed more than a hundred kilos, it was nothing at all to him. One must know that with Woolf’s all-out effort now, he could even flip a tank weighing more than 30 tonnes.

After that, Woolf stretched and threw the heavy machine gun at one of the helicopters. His unreasonable strength instantly forced the helicopter back by a few hundred meters, crashing into another helicopter. ‘Kacha! Kuang! Dang!’, sparks immediately burst out from the propeller of this helicopter and it fell toward the ground.

Woolf clenched his fist and raised it up high. “Yeah! Call me genius pitcher Woolf!”

After that, Woolf just started throwing everything that he could see into the sky. His powerful strength instantly turned these normal items into lethal weapons. He didn’t need to blow up the helicopters, but just destroy their balance and flying ability, and these seemingly powerful helicopters would fall to the ground by themselves.

As for Bai Yi, he activated his Reverse Flower Eyes and rapidly stalked around the battlefield. His Reverse Flower Eyes captured all the attacks clearly; he only had to make the right movements at the right times and he would just barely slip through all the bullets and shells flying at him. The firepower aimed at Bai Yi was clearly the most intense, but his movements were neither too fast nor too slow, carrying a challenging yet leisurely feeling to them.

Moreover, Bai Yi wasn’t moving around randomly. He walked quietly across the battlefield just like that, and every light swing of Red Kiss would easily take away the lives of some of the soldiers. Unless it was something like a tank with good all-round defense, even armored vehicles couldn't escape him.

This was the difference, the difference between normal humans and LV2 evolved humans. Even if the normal humans were well-trained soldiers, even if they carried or crewed various high-tech weapons, it was still the same. Unless they really used a weapon of mass destruction here, the normal soldiers wouldn’t have much ability to resist them.

If the normal humans still had some power to fight back at the start when the artillery barrage and firepower were still intense, then toward the end it was just a one-sided massacre. The evolved humans here had all entered LV2; they were people who had all their basic specs enhanced to unthinkable levels.

Of all the evolved humans here, which one of them wasn’t an elite who had managed to survive in the treacherous Devil Isles? It could be said that for a normal hot weapon to injure these people, it had to at least be at the level of a high-explosive shell, and that was if it could hit them in the first place.

At this time, the various world leaders stared at the battlefield from their screens, subconsciously holding their breaths.

“Annihilated!” The American, General Loucks, said, with a trembling voice at the end.

With this word, the Australian military representative practically passed out in his seat. Actually, the world hadn’t had a war in a long time; there might not be much military merit needed to sit in this position. As for the level of resilience to various war scenarios, it was obviously incomparable to that of true World War I or World War II veterans.

Just like the American General Loucks had said, the soldiers at this base were practically wiped out. This was the result of the first clash between evolved humans and normal soldiers. Although a few hundred of the evolved humans had died too, there were 10,000 soldiers guarding that base! Moreover, based on what the little girl wandering the battlefield had said, she could revive these people’s... souls!

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