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Chapter 203: To Communicate With Death

To begin with, the southeastern coast of Australia was the nexus of many important cities, such as the capital city of Canberra, Sydney, Newcastle, and various others. Unfortunately, Bai Yi and the rest happened to land close to Eden, which was just south of the capital. It could be considered a heavily defended place, and a military division happened to be stationed here.

After Kerami gave the order for armed defense, he looked at the missile system that he had just switched off, and suddenly felt that he was really damn... damn what? He didn’t even know how to describe this feeling. If he had known that they had to fight beforehand, why did he go and switch off this thing? Now it was already too late to reactivate it again.

“Stop them, don’t let them come onto land!” Kerami ordered loudly.

Real soldiers wouldn’t be like Bai Yi’s group of people, and would truly follow their orders strictly. After he gave the order, more than 10,000 soldiers immediately started to move busily, going to the weapons rooms and aiming all their modern weapons at the five ships accelerating toward them.

Due to the coastline being so long, Australia couldn’t build a defensive line like the Great Wall of China all along the coast. There would normally be many bases spaced some distance apart along the coastline, and their garrisons had to make use of their mobility to patrol and defend the empty space in between each base. Hence, the tanks, armored vehicles, helicopters, and other military equipment could be found everywhere. After receiving their orders, 50 tanks immediately drove out from this base and turned their cannons at the sea. The other armored vehicles and helicopters also activated one after another, heading toward the ships and surrounding the area.

The guy with the best eyesight within the fleet exclaimed, “Fuck, so many tanks! There are even dozens of helicopters!”

“If just now was really an accident, I’m afraid that with this formation, these people had planned to exterminate us long ago,” Lucretia said quietly, her expression hard to read.

“Huuuu!” Bai Yi exhaled a deep breath of air.

“Momo.” he looked at Momo.

“You have a very important mission today; don’t recklessly charge into the fray, because the tree branches of the Soul Release Tree are all with you. Moreover, the only one who can see souls is you, so if any of us die accidentally, you must at least ensure that our souls are preserved, got it?” Bai Yi said to Momo.

“En.” Momo nodded.

Bai Yi rubbed Momo’s head and said, “Good girl!” with a smile. However, the moment Bai Yi stood up again, his face immediately turned cold.

“Three outcomes!” Bai Yi suddenly projected his voice and immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

“1. We all die here.”

“2. A portion of us die here; another small portion escape and live their lives hiding and in fear of death every day here, or return to the Devil Isles; another portion gets captured and become prisoners in the hands of our opponents. As for whether they become experimental subjects or biological weapons in the hands of our opponents, that depends on how the other side wants to handle us.”

“3. We display our strength to the entire world—our mad and powerful strength! We let them know that to deal with us they have to pay an unimaginable price, and we make them put us on an equal level! Even if we have to snatch it from them, we have to fight for a safe place for ourselves, even if the price is death!!” When Bai Yi said the last sentence, his expression had already turned slightly malevolent, and that bitter air around him immediately agitated everyone else, causing a desperate and at-all-costs atmosphere to subconsciously rise in all of them.

“Those who can fly, fly close to the sea and open a path for everyone else first!” Bai Yi pulled out Red Kiss and pointed straight ahead. He didn’t stop there, but spread his magnificent wings and shot across the ocean’s surface in an instant. The high-speed flight immediately split the ocean’s surface apart, raising white waves to his sides.

Those who could fly had already been roused by Bai Yi’s words just now, and with him taking the lead, a sense of excitement and agitation immediately rose in all of them. They immediately took off after Bai Yi.

“That man is the leader,” a warrant officer said in the command room.

Kerami scolded him, “You don’t say? Even a pig would know that!”

“Get the defensive line to prepare for an attack...”

The female warrant officer suddenly interrupted Kerami’s words. “Major General, a call from the higher-ups! They are telling you to stop the attack.”

“Hang up the call and ignore them.”

“But Major General!”

Kerami grabbed the collar of this female warrant officer and shouted savagely, “Even if there is military punishment, it will be in the fucking future! I will go to the military court by myself, understand!?” Since Kerami had already said so, the rest of them couldn’t possibly say anything else. Instead, they immediately controlled all the high-tech weaponry to aim at Bai Yi and the rest of them charging over, as well as at the five ships.

More than a hundred missiles and artillery shells instantly poured down from the defense towers, tanks, armored vehicles, and helicopters toward the sea. At this time, Bai Yi’s group all opened their eyes wide and stared at those high-speed projectiles, dodging swiftly. Was it shocking, using the naked eye to judge the trajectory of the missiles and artillery, and dodging them afterwards? However, everyone here was a LV2, so this wasn’t really difficult for them.

Bai Yi flew close to the sea and charged toward the coast at a high speed. Seeing the row of tanks coming closer and closer to him, Bai Yi grabbed the hilt of his blade with both hands.

Break: Great Shockwave!

‘DANG DANG DANG!’, sounds of collisions rang out continually. The three tanks in front were sliced apart instantly, and the soldiers inside stared wide in open disbelief even upon their deaths. Deep dents appeared in the other ten plus tanks as well, and they were forced backward a distance by the impact. The satellites captured this scene, and everyone watching this right now instantly became dumbstruck. In truth, at this time, Bai Yi was still lamenting that the tanks were too tough; his strongest attack only managed to destroy three tanks.

Using the attack twice in rapid succession caused Bai Yi’s body to become slightly tired; he couldn’t use this kind of skill frequently in such a short period of time either. However, it wasn’t just Bai Yi now; the rest of them also flew onto the shore and immediately charged towards the tanks and armored vehicles on land, engaging the soldiers in battle. On one side were normal humans operating various forms of high-tech modern weaponry, while on the other side were individually incredibly powerful evolved humans using cold weapons.

On the sea, the five ships were continuously bombarded by missiles and intense explosions erupted all over them. With enough preparation, most of them could avoid the missiles, but the speed of the ships gradually decreased, and at the same time they started to sink. However, rather, fortunately, they weren’t too far from the shore at this point in time and were only about three to four hundred meters away.

“Wooden boards!” Alodia said.

“En!” Woolf replied loudly and carried the wooden boards that Bai Yi made everyone prepare out from the storeroom. He then quickly threw the wooden boards out in front of them into the sea. In a moment, a few hundred wooden boards were thrown out with immense force from the five ships and floated on the sea.

At this time, Momo grabbed onto her black blade and shouted “Sharpei, Pupu!”

The huge Sharpei immediately stopped by Momo’s side, and she jumped onto his back with a flip of her body. Immediately after Momo sat securely on his back, Sharpei jumped forcefully off the deck of the ship onto the wooden boards on the sea. Sharpei didn’t stop moving and continuously jumped from board to board, changing his landing point on the many unceasingly rocking platforms, and rapidly approached land. When Bai Yi had asked them to prepare these things before, Woolf still thought it was for them to hold onto in case the ships sank, but it was actually for this purpose.

“Hahahaha, even Bai Yi went up, we can’t fall behind now!” Truman started laughing loudly again, immediately following what Sharpei did, and jumped across the wooden boards to head toward the shore.

This kind of landing method!

All people felt incomparably shocked watching this scene from the satellite feed. Furthermore, it wasn’t just one person who had this kind of balance and charging ability—every single one of them could do it.

“Sharpei, go to the military defense base!” Momo said to Sharpei.

This place was a military defense base, and all the tanks and other stuff came out from this place. Moreover, many of the missiles flew out from it as well. After hearing Momo’s words, Sharpei immediately dashed forward, sprinting in that direction. As for Pupu following behind, he stopped there with Momo. Momo didn’t forget Bai Yi’s instructions before; her mission was to collect the souls of the dead.

Sharpei had very high attack power, and it was too much of a waste to keep him here to protect her. However, Pupu had always had a very good defensive ability and good intuition, and most importantly, Pupu was definitely more than willing to slack off by Momo’s side.

Momo’s eyes gradually changed, and she immediately discovered some confused souls roaming around the battlefield. In such a short period of battle, many people had already died. However, the majority of them were the soldiers, and the souls of these soldiers wandered around the battlefield in a daze, seemingly unable to maintain a clear mind.

Suddenly, Momo saw the soul of one of her companions, and she recalled he seemed to be called Muar. Muar probably already knew that he was dead, but he was still roaring, tearing away at the soldiers’ souls unceasingly. Their souls were different from the souls of normal people; even if the physical bodies of evolved humans died, their souls could contain their consciousness, and so this guy still remembered everything.

Muar saw Momo walking over and said instinctively, “Miss Momo!”

However, in the next moment, this guy started to mock himself. He tried talking to a few of his companions just now, but they couldn’t hear him or sense his presence at all. There was even a guy still holding onto his corpse and roaring loudly in anger.

“En!” Unexpectedly, Momo nodded to him, and there was nobody else in that direction.

“Me?” Muar looked around himself in confusion, and back at Momo afterward.

“If not you, then who? Muar, I have something that can store souls here. Although I don’t know if you can be revived in the future, we can preserve your soul.” Momo brought out a section of the Soul Release Tree branch. “Do you want to come in?” Momo asked.

“It can actually store souls? OK, I’ll go in.” Muar nodded.

Momo heard his words and held the tree branch close to Muar, and the branch immediately sucked his soul inside. Afterward, Momo looked at the few other sections of the Soul Release Tree’s branches in her hands and took a new section, sucking in all the normal human soldiers’ souls into a branch as well.

Everybody very quickly noticed Momo’s actions. In this desperate battlefield, Momo’s actions were really too strange. Among the evolved humans, they immediately recalled that hidden rumor—Momo was a spiritualist that could communicate with the dead!

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