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Chapter 205: Helpless Despair

From the bitter and intense fighting at the start to the overwhelming victory at the end, this battle lasted for two hours. High-tech weapons were indeed powerful, but their greatest flaw was that they were inflexible. For example, the tank: the most powerful form of attack it had was its main cannon; as long as they paid attention to the cannon itself and avoided it, there wouldn’t be any problems even if they tank opened fire right next to them. As for other things that were more mobile like machine guns, assault rifles, and grenades, they were honestly not much of a threat to evolved humans. Unless they got hit in their vital areas, these weapons wouldn’t have much effect on them.

Excepting the artillery barrage at the start that had killed a few dozen evolved humans, the battle afterward was just a one-sided massacre.

Although the people watching the battle through the satellite feeds said that a few hundred evolved humans had died as well, in reality that was just them consoling themselves. This group of people weren’t able to honestly face this utter defeat, and counted in the injured evolved humans as well. They would probably die, right, with these kinds of injuries...? But these people all understood evolved lifeforms quite well; for evolved lifeforms, to recover from these injuries only required a period of rest.

Woolf had smashed more than ten helicopters by himself, and the rest of them had learned from him. In the end, more than half of the helicopters were shot down from the sky with rocks and various metal parts, leaving the normal humans staring with their mouths wide open.

When the battle gradually came to a halt, Bai Yi stopped his high-speed movement and slowed to a stroll. Countless bullets impacted against him, but with the protection of the thread web and special energy inside his body, all the bullets lost their momentum and fell to the ground. Bai Yi came to a defense tower on the coast and stretched out his right hand. Two sniper bullets impacted against his palm and spun for a moment, before stopping completely. Bai Yi casually flicked one of the bullets in his hand and it gave off a ‘ding!’.

The long and clear sound of that bullet seemed to ring in everybody’s hearts. Without conscious effort, the firepower initially concentrated on Bai Yi slowly calmed down.

It’s useless, there’s no chance of victory in a battle like this!

They had initially thought that Bai Yi was the one who looked the most like a human among all the evolved humans; he didn’t have a strange appearance, had no strange body parts, and had no tough exoskeleton. They initially thought that Bai Yi had dodged because these kinds of attacks could harm him. However, they never imagined that even if their bullets hit him, that they wouldn’t even leave a scratch on him. All the soldiers despaired in their hearts, and subconsciously stopped squeezing the triggers in their hands.

Beside Bai Yi, a soldier lay on the ground covered in blood, breathing faintly. Bai Yi didn’t seem to notice him. This soldier instantly climbed up and drew a military knife from his waist, viciously stabbing toward the back of Bai Yi’s head. However, even though this soldier thought that he moved very quickly and viciously, his speed wasn’t even worth mentioning to evolved humans. It took more than four seconds for him to climb up and run at Bai Yi, and just when this soldier thought that he succeeded, his head was suddenly grabbed by Bai Yi’s left hand.

Fresh blood flowed down continuously between the gaps in Bai Yi’s fingers, and Bai Yi could see the fear and struggle in the soldier’s eyes.

At this time, this soldier still slowly stabbed the military knife toward Bai Yi.

However, Bai Yi just looked at the military knife slowly approaching him with contempt and apathy. Bai Yi’s left hand closed slightly, and suddenly the head of this soldier exploded, just like a bomb. The soldier’s head instantly burst into pieces, blood and brain matter continuously dripping to ground. The corpse, which hadn’t died completely, still constantly spasmed and twitched, before finally ceasing all movement.

“Surrender unconditionally, any form of resistance will result in... death!” Bai Yi’s Reverse Flower Eyes suddenly spun, unleashing the greatest extent of his intimidation!

Just so, everyone suddenly felt like they were transported into a sea of fire in that instant. The entire battlefield seemed to be covered in flames, and Bai Yi was the man standing at the peak of this place. Not just the normal soldiers, but even the evolved humans got a fright. In just a short moment, the flames disappeared, and they suddenly realized that they were still on the battlefield they were on before. What happened, did they hallucinate just now?

Only the people on Bai Yi’s team realized what had happened... an illusion!

The flames just now were merely a scene recorded by Bai Yi’s visual imaging ability. He had recorded an area in flames previously and used his own energy to simulate that entire field of flames, transmitting this image to everyone else when they heard his voice. Bai Yi’s team members understood the theory behind it and weren’t very surprised; after all, it was just something like an electronic signal forming images on a computer screen. However, the others didn’t understand the theory behind it at all, and even if they saw it for just a short moment, it was sufficient to shock everyone.

At this time, one of the other evolved humans instantly clutched at his eyes, seemingly in great pain, and the energy in his body circulated rapidly. If not for the battle having come to an end, this kind of accident would very likely have resulted in his death.

After a long while, this guy looked at Bai Yi through his eyes, which were still in pain, and something vague grew in his mind. Somehow, he seemed to understand both the illusion and the pain that had suddenly appeared just now. Due to Bai Yi’s stimulation of his body, something seemed to awaken in him, but this thing was still just a vague idea, and couldn’t be expressed in words in so short a time.

At this moment, nobody noticed this guy’s changes; they all stared at Bai Yi, standing in the center of the battlefield.

Immense intimidation was conjured in everyone’s hearts through his voice, and in an instant, everyone seemed to see Bai Yi’s bewitching eyes and apathetic expression in their minds. There was no mercy or pity there; just like with the headless corpse in Bai Yi’s hands, and just as he said, anybody who resisted would die!

Seeing their comrade dying so terribly, the soldiers should have been furious; they should have continued to fight back; but all of them couldn’t help but stop whatever they were doing, and raised their hands.

Brutal actions would cause people to fight back, but brutality to the point of causing despair would completely shatter even the hope of resisting.

Bai Yi threw the headless corpse to the ground. “Clean up the battlefield, treat the injured, and capture all the soldiers. Kill anybody who resists; there's no need to ask about this. Bring any signaller among the soldiers to me, I need to make a call to the United Nations,” Bai Yi said coldly.

Everyone subconsciously nodded after hearing his words and started moving.

At this time, Bai Yi looked at his left hand in puzzlement. When he had grabbed onto the head of that soldier just now, he realized that he seemed to be able to control the air in his brain, mouth, and airways. Subconsciously, Bai Yi had compressed the air inside the soldier's head and set off a miniature explosion.

Strange, Bai Yi thought in his heart. He had never had this feeling back on the Devil Isles—the feeling of being able to control other people’s bodies.

Bai Yi walked toward the closest soldier to him and placed his hand on top of this soldier’s head. When Bai Yi’s hand landed on the soldier’s head, the soldier’s body trembled uncontrollably, and he couldn’t even stand properly anymore.

A female warrant officer immediately scolded loudly, “What are you doing?! We already surrendered!” but most of the other soldiers just hung their heads low.

“Nothing much, it’s not like I killed him,” Bai Yi said, and he grabbed the female warrant officer’s head, before slowly sliding his hand downward, brushing past her chest and abdomen. The female soldier, who was still scolding him, immediately started to tremble as Bai Yi’s blood-soaked left hand slowly brushed past her cheek, and she couldn’t help but to fear as she smelled the pungent stench of blood on it... This devil!

Had Bai Yi taken a fancy to this female soldier?

The other evolved humans were slightly taken aback, but it was hard to blame him since there wasn’t a single normal-looking woman on the Devil Isles at all. Although the female soldier wouldn’t be considered pretty, she still had quite the attitude about her. After being ‘thirsty’ for five years, it wouldn’t be strange if Bai Yi really wanted her. However, nobody knew that Bai Yi was actually testing some things. After experimenting on the two normal humans, Bai Yi could confirm that he could control the air within their bodies, their airways, internal organs, and even the oxygen inside their muscles.

“Aphra, come over.” Bai Yi looked at Lucretia’s student nearby and gestured for her to approach.

“Orh!” Aphra immediately jogged over. Because of Lucretia, Aphra had managed to interact with Bai Yi a few more times, and she wasn’t as scared as she had been the first few times she had met him.

After Aphra came over, Bai Yi placed his hand on her body and slowly slid it down again. At this time, even an idiot would know that Bai Yi had definitely not taken a fancy to the female soldier, but was instead sensing something. What was he sensing? A few other evolved humans tried copying him, but they couldn’t sense anything. Only Rose by the side tried to feel for a moment and suddenly stood on the spot in shock.

“Did you feel it?” Bai Yi looked at Rose.

“En.” Rose nodded. “I can control the water inside their bodies,” she said. As she closed her hand around the air, countless transparent water droplets slowly gathered from the guy’s body on her hand. The guy’s chest immediately started to dry up, and his skin started to wrinkle.

The female officer now started shouting again, “Stop, you bunch of devils, what are you thinking of doing?!”

“That’s enough, you can stop now. Don’t spread this matter for now. Come and find me later, Rose,” Bai Yi said, and then he looked at the female officer. “Relax, he won’t die. The body is made up of as much as 65% of water, it's just that you can’t see it with the naked eye,” he said plainly.

Controlling the components of a normal human, but not having the same effect on an evolved human’s body, was this… the absolute life field?

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