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Chapter 202: Accidentally Made History

Although the five ships that Bai Yi and the rest were on could move, their movement really wasn’t too fast or efficient. Being able to fix these few ships to such an extent was already very unexpected, and their initial estimates put the amount of time required to reach Australia at a few days. At the start, all of them were still quite worried that they would run into some unfortunate events along the way, but unexpectedly, the sailing was surprisingly smooth, and they didn’t even encounter a powerful sea monster.

This kind of good luck was inconceivable, even to Bai Yi; could it be that their luck was finally getting better?

However, what he didn’t know was that Australia had sent out helicopters four times; but every single time, the helicopters would be destroyed by various evolved lifeforms before they could make contact with Bai Yi’s fleet. By now, the Australian military refused to send out any more helicopters because it was just like throwing meat buns at dogs; there would be no return once they sent any out. The highest commander of the Coastline Defense, Kerami, had even pushed the blame for these incidents onto Bai Yi and the others’ heads.

If not for them approaching with this fleet, how would they have lost so many helicopters?

Of course, even though Kerami was angry, he still received the orders from his superiors and prepared to send more helicopters out to make contact with the fleet when they approached near enough. He was somebody in a high position, after all, so he still knew quite a lot of things.

After sailing warily and on edge for a few days, Bai Yi and the rest finally approached the coastline of Australia in the early morning. None of them knew how to read a nautical map, so even though their general direction was correct, nobody actually knew where exactly along the coastline they would land. After finally seeing the coast in the distance, Bai Yi and everyone else became slightly emotional.

That was Australia, the closest human region to the Devil Isles!

“There seem to be helicopters coming.” There were plenty of people with good eyesight on the five ships, and moreover, it was easy to get an unobstructed, panoramic view from the sea, so they could see the helicopters coming from a long distance away.

“Are they welcoming us, hahahaha!” Truman started laughing loudly.

“I’ll go take a look.” A guy who could fly bravely volunteered, and started to fly over toward that direction.

“I’ll go as well, I'm not sure if we will scare them.” They were about to reach Australia’s coast, and most of them were apparently quite excited. At this time, without Bai Yi’s orders, the two guys who could fly immediately flew up and went to receive the helicopters. Everyone else stayed on deck and stared from a distance, hoping that they would bring back good news.

However, the next scene immediately stunned everyone on board, and immense fury rose in all of them.

The two evolved humans that flew over were immediately hit by something that flew in from the coast. These two guys practically turned into fireworks in midair in an instant without any ability to resist. Although the speed was too fast and none of them could see it clearly, they could more or less guess that it had to be something like a guided missile.

Automatic Coastline Missile Guidance System!

Australia was close to the Devil Isles; it could be said that this was the easiest place for evolved lifeforms to journey to. Land creatures couldn’t go over the sea, and aquatic creatures couldn’t come onto land, but it was different for flying creatures. Flying lifeforms had fast speeds and high mobility, and there had even been evolved humans who had turned into monsters coming to Australia to seek revenge before. All in all, because of various causes, the Australian coastline now had a very complete and thorough Automatic Coastline Missile Guidance System.

This missile system’s satellites automatically selected its targets and locked onto them, before controlling the weapon towers to fire missiles to intercept the targets. This system had already existed for a very long time, and the helicopters assigned to the coastline’s defense all had their identification transponders, so there were never any problems. However, when those two guys rushed out toward the helicopters full of excitement and expectations, it became a huge problem.

“Hahaha... BASTARDS!”

“Is this their attitude?!”

After a moment of being stunned into silence, various furious voices cried out all over the place. Truman’s laughter stuck in his throat, and anger immediately exploded after he registered what had happened. The eight scouts that they had sent out had all never returned; Truman knew what had probably happened as well, but he had tried to think positively in his heart. Perhaps they were received by the normal humans, or couldn’t make it back for some other reason? However, the mishap of their two companions just now immediately let all of them confirm their guesses about what had happened to the previous scouts.

Is this what he meant by saying normal humans did not bear much goodwill towards evolved lifeforms!?

Bai Yi had initially thought that, at the very least, they would be able to communicate peacefully at first. However, he had never expected that something like this would happen the moment they approached by sea. Bai Yi raised his head slightly, hiding his own emotions, and suddenly opened his eyes.

“Go ashore!”

“Don’t act first; maybe it was an accident, but be wary of anything that comes,” Bai Yi shouted loudly.

They had to land on the shore first, otherwise, they would be stuck in a very passive position on the sea. As for whether it was war or peace, it really depended on the other side’s attitude. Although everyone was quite agitated, Bai Yi’s words still held a lot of sway; the situation so far could still be suppressed.

At this time, in the command room, the highest commander of the Coastline Defense, Kerami, cursed loudly; who could tell him why the Automatic Coastline Missile Guidance System wasn’t switched off?! Perhaps this wasn’t anybody’s intentional mistake; after all, nobody had thought of this issue. One could only say that this was just a slip up in their thought processes; it was just that this slip up had ignited irreversible consequences.

Initially, the two helicopters that flew over were only supposed to make contact with Bai Yi’s fleet, and the missiles that had blown up the two evolved humans gave them a fright as well.

Was this... did the higher-ups intend to exterminate this bunch of monsters?

In the next instant, one of the helicopter pilots went wild with joy. “Bastards, this is good, this is good. Megrez, watch me take revenge for you!”

He and Megrez were both helicopter pilots, and belonged to the same section; many of the pilots were friends with each other. Tate and Megrez were just like best buddies, and Megrez had been one of the pilots that went out to make contact with Bai Yi previously but had unfortunately died along the way. At this time, Tate saw the missile being shot out from the shore and immediately thought that higher-ups had changed their attitudes. He didn’t bother asking if that was really the case, and immediately and happily prepared to take revenge for his best friend.

The five ships sailed toward the coast, and practically all the evolved humans had gone up onto their decks, carrying cold and solemn expressions on their faces.

The Coastline Defense commander, Kerami, busily switched off the missile system in a hurry, in case any more accidents happened. At this time, he could only hope that the people on the ships wouldn’t be too impulsive and give him a chance to explain. However, what he completely didn’t expect was that one of the helicopter pilots that he had sent out would make a careless and reckless judgment, opening fire toward Bai Yi.

The main ship that Bai Yi was on had always sailed in front, and at the time, Bai Yi stood at the head of the ship. Looking at the two helicopters flying over from the distance, his eyes squinted slightly.

Suddenly, Bai Yi drew Red Kiss in a flash and rapidly waved it around. ‘Ding’s and ‘dang’s rang out endlessly, and countless bullets were deflected. At this time, the rapid gunfire of the machine gun also came from the helicopter; the speed of the bullets had seemingly already exceeded the speed of sound.

This actually wasn’t a big problem, but the most important thing was that Bai Yi made a crucial judgment from this—just like Augustine had said, normal humans harbored hostility toward all evolved lifeforms.

Bai Yi sheathed Red Kiss in an instant. After that he twisted his body toward the back, his left hand holding onto the sheath, and his right hand making a pose of drawing the sword.

They’re dead!

Behind Bai Yi, the members of his team all said this quietly in their hearts when they saw Bai Yi make the pose. One helicopter fired its high-speed machine gun from afar and flew at them, and at the same time, two armed missiles also left its weapon rack and shot toward them.

Great Shockwave!

The same skill with a different method of gathering power resulted in a completely different level of attack. Bai Yi’s pose of drawing his sword from the back instantly turned into a forward diagonal slash. ‘Weng!’, the powerful sword qi wave instantly shot toward the helicopter; both guided missiles collided with the sword qi halfway and exploded in bursts of flames. In the next instant, the Great Shockwave reached the two helicopters. The people in the helicopters suddenly felt like something formless passed through them, then a sense of pain abruptly exploded from their bodies, and the next thing they knew, they had already descended into darkness.


Bai Yi’s icy voice rang in everyone’s ears. The rest of them already bore an intense fury from the incident just now, and Bai Yi’s words only ignited their fuses. At this time, Bai Yi stared at the coastline, which was almost within reach... Even if it was through force, they had to carve out a territory from the hands of the normal humans!

“Who did it? WHO FUCKING ORDERED THE HELICOPTER TO ATTACK?!” The face of the Coastline Defense commander looked like he was about to devour everybody there, and his angry roar frightened everyone else into silence.

After a long while, a female officer finally said carefully, “Nobody ordered it, he probably decided to do it himself...”

“A bunch of morons! Lay out the defense line, prepare for armed interception!” Kerami shouted loudly.

“Aren’t we going to contact them peacefully first?”

“Are you guys stupid?! You think the other side would peacefully communicate with us now?!” Kerami shouted again. They had already started fighting! Peaceful contact my ass! Bunch of retards.

Kerami’s gaze stopped on Bai Yi’s face. One slash from the ship a few hundred meters away from the helicopters; all it took was one slash to destroy both helicopters. Although Bai Yi was the one who looked the most human on board, he was probably the one that was most like a monster.

Sometimes, the truth of history wasn’t like what the majority of people thought, that wars were fought for some great ideology or cause. In reality, a lot of the time, they were actually caused by some unassuming, trivial matters.

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