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Chapter 170: By Means Fair Or Foul

New Christchurch had previously had a population of about 140,000 people, and that was basically half of all the remaining evolved humans who still retained their minds. After this so-called ‘big project’, Bai Yi guessed that the number of people who would survive wouldn’t exceed 10,000. Bai Yi didn’t want to pursue whether Yu Han had really done this just because of their personal grudge, or even how he'd manage to do it. He only knew one thing—this was unforgivable!

“Do you even know what you are doing?” Bai Yi’s tone was very heavy.

“Don’t talk about it as if I’m not in my right mind, of course I know what I am doing. Thinking about it, after being through so many things, I really realized that all the things that happened between us in the past were so trivial and boring. Completely meaningless.”

“That’s right, absolutely meaningless.” Yu Han looked into the sky, a trace of loneliness appearing on his face.

“But since this has already started, there needs to be an end to it. From today onward, New Christchurch will be called City of Graves. This is my magnificent parting gift to you!” Yu Han spread out his hands, doing a curtain call send-off in the direction of New Christchurch. That kind of elegant yet slightly mentally unsound gesture caused everyone to subconsciously crease their eyebrows.

After experiencing so much and witnessing all the changes to New Zealand and the rest of the world, Yu Han had discovered that the stage on which one lived was actually so huge. Why should he fight over and for small things like he had at the start? But, since those things had already happened, he couldn’t pretend that they didn’t either. If it was not for his past, why would he have to walk this path today? All his actions now were completely and thoroughly evil, but if given a chance, would he want to make these choices!?

Yu Han gradually explained this, and slowly, more than 30 evolved humans walked out from behind him to stand at his side. Seemingly, Yu Han thought that victory was already in his hands, so he did not immediately order them to attack.

The difference in numbers between the two sides was too huge; Bai Yi only had slightly more than twenty people on his side, but more than ten of them were innocent bystanders. These people had only managed to make it out of the tide of monsters due to the protection of Bai Yi’s team, and it was already impressive that they could still remain standing now. This was even true for those on Bai Yi’s team, as all of them bore different injuries as well as fatigue from a long period of battle.

Yu Han was right though: it was time to put an end to things. Unfortunately, it had to happen in a situation where they'd fallen for somebody’s else scheme. Apparently, Yu Han had changed much over this period of time too; he had become absolutely ruthless for the sake of victory this time around, using all means available to him. Using the entirety of New Christchurch as bait and luring a ridiculous number of evolved lifeforms to the city, the goal of all of this was just to consume the strength and energy of Bai Yi’s team. After that, he gathered manpower that was many times greater than theirs and waited in ambush for them.

That’s right, he was absolutely ruthless!

After Adams had left him previously, Yu Han could have practically been considered to be depressed and downhearted. If not for Ning Xue never abandoning him and always staying by his side, it was very likely that Yu Han would have never recovered and died silently in some random corner. Even so, Yu Han took a long time to regain spirit again, and his epiphany was—since I can’t be a good person anymore, then I’ll just play the bad guy all the way to the end!

The world was very big, and dark powers were spread far and wide throughout it as well. It was just that Yu Han was a university student who had been brought up by a normal education system, so at the start he wanted to be a hero too, and not fall into darkness completely.

As Yu Han stood on the top of the floating dragon, he asked the bunch of people beside Bai Yi, “What about you guys? Are you going to stay here and wait for death, or scram somewhere else?”

One of the guys beside Bai Yi’s team immediately roared, “How could we leave now, you bastard?! Do you still think that this is a private grudge between you and Bai Yi?! Do you know just how many people you've killed!? Your father wants to bloody devour you now!” An air of fury toward a common enemy gradually rose among them when they heard those words. That’s right, it wasn’t just a private grudge between Bai Yi and Yu Han anymore; when New Christchurch was flooded by the tide of monsters, they had already become blood enemies with Yu Han.

“Then die, I’ll fulfill your wish.” Yu Han revealed a mocking smile and raised his hand.

In an instant, the air around them ignited. Even though they knew that their chances of victory weren’t high—or rather, their chances of survival weren’t high—all of them felt a rush of hot-bloodedness rise from the depths of their hearts. At this time, Bai Yi grabbed onto Red Kiss, took a deep breath, and exhaled slowly. Both of his eyes abruptly shot open, and his expression turned incomparably malevolent.

“COME!” Bai Yi roared in an instant., That one word was pure anger suppressed to the limit.

Yu Han revealed a cruel smile and the floating dragon shot across the sky in a fraction of a second. The other 30 plus people charged toward Bai Yi’s group as well. At this time, the group of people on Bai Yi’s side that had just fought their way out of the wave of monsters revealed fierce and resolute faces as they rushed toward the opposing group. There was already no room for compromise at this point, the two sides would fight until the last drop of blood was shed.

‘Ding!’, a sudden sound of impact rang out and landed on all of their hearts!

Everyone discovered that Momo was using the black sword she had just gotten to parry an attack from somebody, while another person stabbed his tail spike into Momo’s clothes.

These two people were from Bai Yi’s group and were precisely those two guys that had joined them when they were about to break out of New Christchurch. Why... The moment those in Bai Yi's group asked that question in their hearts, the answer followed immediately as well. These two people were apparently not really people from New Christchurch, but probably Yu Han’s men that he had intentionally placed in Bai Yi’s way when he discovered Bai Yi’s movement vector.

As for why they chose Momo and not Bai Yi, that was likely similarly at Yu Han’s instruction. Yu Han and Bai Yi had fought many times already, and they understood each other to an extent. With the strength of those two undercover operatives, the chances of actually harming Bai Yi weren’t too high even if they launched a surprise attack. However, if it was somebody else, then it was of course another story entirely. Didn’t Bai Yi dote on his daughter the most? If Momo died at this time, what would happen to Bai Yi?

Everyone was stunned in that moment, their faces stupefied and shocked.

However, in the next instant, the sword rang with a ‘zheng!’ and Momo’s body suddenly twisted. Momo’s new Black Underworld which was almost as tall as her spun as well, and a black light sliced through the air. With two ‘kachas!’, the weapon and tail spike of the two guys instantly flew into the air, split apart by the sword strike, and deep gashes appeared on both of their bodies.

Black Underworld—this was a longsword that took a year and a half to forge! It was still unknown if there would be a better longsword in the future, but at least for now, this sword was definitely incomparably sharp.

Completing her spin, the two guys that were attacked by Momo immediately jumped backward. At this time, the rest of them realized that a broken shortsword had appeared in Momo’s left hand. She swung the broken shortsword along an inside arc, cutting across a part of her clothes. This shortsword was the one that Momo had been using previously; although it was broken, she had still been using it for more than two years and didn’t want to throw it away yet. The tail spike had been stopped by this broken shortsword just now.

Without waiting for Momo to pursue the two guys, Sharpei and Pupu had already begun to lunge for them from the sides. The two undercover agents had just been injured, and they didn’t have time to dodge before Sharpei and Pupu pounced on them in an instant. Sharpei tore the guy that he targeted apart in a second, blood and limbs flying all over the place, and even his head was pulverized by a strike from Sharpei’s claws. Pupu rammed into the other guy, and the last thing he felt was that he'd been smashed into by a high-speed train as he was sent flying away towards Yu Han side. After smashing through a few damaged walls, his body slumped onto the ground like a pile of meat paste.

Actually, the moment the two of them were injured by Momo, their deaths were already certain. However, they died even more thoroughly this way.

The battle had been about to begin, but then something like this suddenly happened, causing all of them to pause again. At this time, Betsy finally understood the meaning behind Bai Yi’s earlier sign language. Did Bai Yi see through the ruse long ago, or was it that everyone who wasn’t part of his team were within the range of his guard?

Bai Yi looked at Yu Han. “How sad, it didn’t succeed. You really became hopelessly ruthless; I still thought that the target would be me.”

Yu Han unexpectedly started to laugh, as if they were old friends. “Ha, would it have been effective against you? I don’t wish that you would die so easily either.”

Bai Yi started to laugh as well. “That’s right too!”

The two of them started walking toward each other, moving faster and faster, and when there were still a few dozen meters between them they both abruptly shot forward. In the next moment, the two of them collided bitterly, Bai Yi’s Red Kiss clashing against a longsword in Yu Han’s hands. At the beginning of New Zealand’s change, Yu Han had a katana with him. It was easy to tell that Yu Han liked swords quite a bit too, it was just that his right arm was broken in that period before, so he'd had no choice but to abandon using them for a time.

“All of you will die here for sure!” Yu Han said viciously, as the two of them stared at each other through the gaps in their swords.

“That’s hard to say!” Bai Yi didn’t back down with his words either; even if he was really very exhausted now, he didn’t want to lose in spirit.

Reverse Flower Eyes!

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Bai Yi’s eyes changed instantaneously. Bai Yi knew that his body had been through a long, continuous battle, and was already extremely tired. Although he had consciously been trying to conserve his energy, the amount of time that he could sustain further battle for wouldn’t be long either.

At the same time that Bai Yi’s eyes changed, Yu Han abruptly increased his force and his domineering strength immediately split the two of them apart. Both of them then flipped two rounds in the air before landing on their feet. When Yu Han raised his head again, there was an additional layer of membrane over his eyes, which from its appearance looked just like a layer of special eyeshadow. This wasn’t just for decoration; in reality, this was the solution that Yu Han had come up with to deal with Bai Yi’s Reverse Flower Eyes.

The hypnotic power of Bai Yi’s Reverse Flower Eyes would only display its greatest effect when his opponent looked at his eyes. However, in Yu Han’s eyes now, Bai Yi had lost his general appearance, and all he saw was a ‘human shaped’ shadow. If one really had to describe it, it was similar to the infrared vision of snakes. On this human figure, Yu Han couldn’t even see Bai Yi’s facial features, let alone his eyes.

Yu Han’s consciousness went into a brief daze before he regained his normal senses in the very next moment.

Heh... as expected!

While Bai Yi and Yu Han clashed together, the other two groups of people ferociously charged toward each other at the same time.

I found this chapter quite interesting too, if given a choice who would want to be bad people? Are evil people inherently evil, or it's just circumstances forcing us to do so?

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