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Chapter 171: Crossing Swords

There was no need to say anything more for the people in Bai Yi’s team. They'd known about Bai Yi and Yu Han's grudge long ago, and at this stage there wasn’t any room for compromise, or even coexistence. As for the people from New Christchurch that had nothing to do with their grudge, such as Betsy and Bellamy, although they didn’t get much out of the conversation between Bai Yi and Yu Han just now, they could at least grasp some things... like how the disaster in New Christchurch was all caused by that Yu Han.


The two sides clashed together, and what immediately followed was a brutal fight to the death. The people on Bai Yi’s team knew that their bodies couldn’t hold out for long, and so from the very first instant of the battle they exploded with terrifying destructive force. Sharpei, Woolf, and Heloise all killed somebody at the moment of the clash.

The combat power that erupted at that instant made everyone look at them in awe.

However, there were also people among Bai Yi’s group that tried to conserve their strength so as to last for a while longer, and in that instant they paid the price for that in full as well—with their lives. They were already exhausted; to dare to try and conserve their energy at a time like this was nothing other than asking for death.

A guy said, “Idiot, Boss Yu Han already chose the people we'd fight from the start, but you still stupidly charged ahead. Did you think that you could deal with them just because they had to fight their way out of the city?” This guy was more than five meters tall, looking to be bigger than even Woolf by a size, and resembled a crocodile or a T-rex. He kicked his ‘companion’, whose left leg had been chopped off by Woolf, and sent him flying away.

An absolute lack of camaraderie among companions!

It could be seen that the companions that Yu Han accumulated this time were different from the ones he had gathered the last time. If during the previous time Yu Han had still possessed dreams of becoming a hero and was still walking on a proper path, then now he had completely fallen from grace. Most of the ranks of these subordinates of his were made up of scoundrels—they were basically all people who had zero regard for laws or morality after New Zealand’s order had collapsed.

It was apparent that Yu Han had made arrangements specifically for fighting against Bai Yi’s team, and every member of Bai Yi’s team had one or two opponents allocated to them. When Bai Yi had achieved great fame, the composition of his team was also exposed to the entire world.

This won’t do!

Vala saw the bunch of people heading toward their targets and immediately knew that she couldn’t allow the matchups to be set up as the enemy had planned them. Their opponent had definitely planned this in advance to exploit everyone's weaknesses, and if they really just dumbly faced up with the opponents planned for them then they would definitely suffer greatly. Moreover, they had already gone through a long stretch of fighting, and things like their physical strength, reaction speed, and other metrics had all fallen significantly.

“Woolf, ignore that big guy! Go and deal with that second tallest guy. Heloise, you stall this guy for now, you should be used to the fighting style of large-sized people. Raymond, you deal with the two on the right side. Alodia....” Vala stood behind everyone and quickly observed the group coming for them before she immediately made her own arrangements.

Everyone knew that Vala’s plans may not result in the best matchups, but at the very least they mustn’t fight according to the enemy’s plans.

“What about us?” Betsy asked after Vala had finished giving her instructions to everyone in the team.

“You guys...!” Vala actually really wanted to say ‘it's up to them’, but it would be too hurtful if she really said that, plus it would give them a sense that she didn’t trust them. Vala was very skilled at planning and organizing, and after those two undercover agents had appeared in the group she'd already realized it was becoming unstable. The members of the group were probably all suspecting and doubting each other, wondering if the people around them were actually their enemies.

“You guys split apart like this; our difference in numbers isn’t too big, but the most crucial thing is our level of fatigue, so...” Vala immediately started to plan again. At this time, both sides had already chosen their opponents and clashed together. Due to Vala’s deployment, things were quite messy at the start, and the people on the opposing side didn’t know who to go after. In the end, they just chose the closest person to them, deciding they would just think about it after hacking up their opponents.

However, Vala’s deployment didn’t last too long either. They were already short on numbers, so how would there be very much time for her to deploy them so clearly? After generally giving them instructions, Vala also met with enemy attack and she promptly drew her sword to parry the opponent’s strike.

However, Vala immediately had a bad feeling, and the opponent in front of her revealed a cruel smile. All the hair on his body suddenly stood on end, just like a hedgehog’s, but the only thing different was that all these hair spines shot out instantaneously, practically sealing off all her possible paths of escape.

Although she immediately waved her blade into the curtain of spikes, Vala hadn't fused with any battle-specialized genes at all, and her sword skills couldn’t possibly be as outstanding as Bai Yi’s.

With a miserable scream, Vala immediately fell backward.

“Your team has a good strategist, but it seems like her combat strength is lacking,” Yu Han said mockingly as he fought with Bai Yi. The scene just now was clearly captured in both their eyes.

“It’s just an injury, Vala will stand up again.” Bai Yi’s Red Kiss clashed together continuously with the longsword in Yu Han’s hands.

“Haha, what you don’t know is that I made Barodin apply the poison of the Hell Pool Poison Lizard on his spikes today.” Yu Han again spoke as if he was just playing around.

As expected, Bai Yi’s body paused for the briefest of moments after hearing Yu Han’s words. Even though it was very brief, Yu Han still managed to capture it. In the next instant, Bai Yi’s sudden eruption of attacks made Yu Han feel like laughing even more. He still wanted to say something to agitate Bai Yi further yet, but extreme joy turns to sorrow1. Due to his slight loss in focus, Red Kiss sliced across his arm, and he nearly had to say goodbye to the newly regrown right arm of his.

Looking at the blood flowing out from his arm, Yu Han focused his attention again.

At this moment, Bai Yi raised Red Kiss parallel to the ground in front of him with an incomparably solemn expression, his left hand stroking the sword from the crossguard to the tip. Bai Yi had already discovered that his Reverse Flower Eyes were pretty much ineffective after the special layer of membrane had appeared on Yu Han’s eyes, so all he could rely on now were the sword techniques that he had practiced diligently over the years. His blood rushed around rapidly in his body, slowly starting to boil, and the soft fur on his face lazily swayed due to the hot air coming off his body.

In a split second, Bai Yi suddenly charged forward, and numerous ‘dings!’ and ‘dangs!’ rang out, merging together into a long metallic cry.

Bai Yi and Yu Han crossed each other, and Yu Han touched his neck in shock; a stream of red slowly flowed out from it. In that instant just now, Yu Han completely lost sight of Bai Yi’s movements; he had only raised his sword to block in front of himself just now by instinct. If not for that subconscious move, his head would probably be rolling on the floor right then.

After that short burst, Bai Yi felt a sharp burning pain in his chest, as if even breathing was proving difficult for him. In the initial charge to break out of New Christchurch, Bai Yi had already experienced many battles and his body was already reaching its limit. Now, Bai Yi had even used the eruption of power from his blood boiling, and his body instinctively urged him to stop and rest.

However, how could he rest at this time? Bai Yi turned around, forcefully suppressing the discomforts of his body, and rushed toward Yu Han again.

It was purely a clash of swords, without the utterance of a single word. A stifling atmosphere accumulated between the two of them, almost suffocating anybody that got close to them.

Both of them understood each other’s determination very clearly: they must kill their enemy, they must!

At this time, the situation of the others wasn’t too optimistic either. Although Vala had quickly disrupted the matchups and deployment of this battle, the opponent was, after all, well-rested and fighting against fatigued combatants. Very quickly, casualties started to appear on Bai Yi’s side. Those who had fought their way out with Bai Yi only had their hot-bloodedness sustaining them in the first place, and before long there were two of them who couldn’t dodge in time and died on the battlefield.

However, their miserable screams agitated the rest of them even more, and they exploded with whatever little strength remained in their bodies.

After Sharpei and Momo worked together to kill off an opponent, Sharpei suddenly stopped and howled like a wolf. “AOOOOO~!” His cry resonated across the entire battlefield.

On the other side, the floating dragon, which had just killed somebody from Bai Yi’s group and was still crunching half of its opponent’s body in its jaws, roared as well. Although it wasn’t a real dragon, it was, after all, a lifeform that was evolving toward being a dragon-type. After hearing Sharpei’s howl, both of them looked at each other at the same time. Floating in the sky, a false dragon more than ten meters long. Standing tall on the ground, a sinister and ferocious two-headed dog with more than half of his muscles exposed on the outside.

Sharpei slowly started walking, and abruptly sped up. His movements became impossible to see with the naked eye, leaving countless afterimages as he dashed toward the floating dragon in the distance and pounced onto it in an instant.

Momo saw Sharpei charge over and immediately surveyed the battlefield. At this time, there wasn’t anybody specially protecting her anymore. Very quickly, Momo realized that Teacher Vala was continuously dodging, and retreating with great difficulty from a hedgehog-like guy. Her body swayed after every movement that she made.

“Teacher Vala!” Momo immediately started running, rushing over to her.

Vala could be considered Momo’s First Teacher2, and was also her only teacher. Although Momo didn’t normally like to study, she still held a lot of respect for this teacher who had taken care of her all along and taught her many things. Seeing that her Teacher Vala was in a bad situation, Momo immediately ran over.

Momo swiftly entered their confrontation from the side, forcing the hedgehog guy back in an instant.

“Be careful, his spikes are poisoned,” Vala said. Her skin was starting to change color around the areas where the spines had hit her. Fortunately, the poison had been manually applied onto them, and the opponent hadn’t dared to apply too much of it either. Otherwise, if it’d really been the Hell Pool Poison Lizard, Vala would have probably died within ten seconds of being poisoned.

Momo glanced at Vala and her little face turned red from anger as she grabbed onto the umbrous sword Black Underworld. “You... deserve death!”

Translator's Notes:

Extreme joy turns to sorrow is a Chinese idiom that means not to celebrate too soon because things may turn for the worse.First Teacher actually has some special significance in Chinese, it’s a more respected title like the teacher who first helped you to grow significantly and get started in a certain area.
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