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Chapter 169: Black Underworld

Bai Yi looked at this heavy black longsword and really felt strange in his heart. Melvin hadn’t finished it sooner or later, but precisely at this kind of time. Of course, this so-called ‘born of fate’ wouldn’t really be some product of divine providence; many times, such a thing was just a coincidence. However, the fact that this sword appeared at this time really seemed like it was born of fate, and it almost particularly had to be, given such a deep shade of black as well.

“Black...!” Bai Yi wanted to say something, but at this moment, a ‘kacha!’ sound came from the shortsword that Momo held in her hands as it suddenly broke.

Everyone immediately stared at Bai Yi, Momo, and that black longsword in his hand.

It can’t be!

This was really too coincidental! Momo’s shortsword had been acquired from the research facility, and it was known to be a weapon made of special metal alloys. How could it break at such a time so coincidentally? No matter what others might think, at least all the people who were there right then immediately had the subconscious thought that this longsword was something heaven had prepared for Momo, although the length of it didn’t seem to suit her.

Even Momo stared at her own shortsword dumbly. This was a sword that had accompanied her for more than two years!

Born of fate!

Even Bai Yi had this thought at that moment, and he passed the black longsword into Momo’s hands. Momo blankly received it from him. Although the sword was quite heavy, it wasn’t a problem with Momo’s current strength. The moment she grabbed hold of the sword, a few Spirit Devouring Butterflies flew out from her wrists and danced around the blade. Gradually, mist started to rise from the surface of the sword, and in the end, it looked like a slow burning flame.

Momo immediately looked at Bai Yi. “Daddy, my special energy is flowing toward the sword by itself.”

“Does it affect you?”

“No, but it feels much easier to use it,” Momo said seriously.

In Wellington, Momo’s special energy and the Spirit Devouring Butterflies had merged and granted her the ability to attack spiritual lifeforms. However, it was quite difficult for Momo to use this power normally; apparently, the compatibility of this kind of energy with metals wasn’t too good. Bai Yi knew that the durability of Momo’s shortsword was slowly deteriorating, and every time she used special energy the shortsword would become slightly more fragile. However, even if it became more fragile, it was still a lot better than a normal blade, so Momo had never changed her sword.

How unexpected that the shortsword would break at such a time, that another new sword would pop up at such an opportune moment, and that this sword could conduct Momo’s energy easily too.

All these coincidences combined together really turned into a true ‘born of fate’ in everybody’s eyes.

“Is it? This sword belongs to you now, you can give it a name!” Bai Yi said and rubbed Momo’s little head. Bai Yi wasn’t a dual-wielding swordsman, and not only was he very comfortable with using Red Kiss, but the sword had a special meaning to him as well. Hence, the black sword wasn’t really necessary for him. Since everything was so auspiciously coincidental, he naturally gave the sword to Momo.

“Black...!” Momo looked at the longsword in her hands and said a word, but she only said that one word. This was the word that Bai Yi had also just used—the appearance of the sword was black, after all. However, Momo was a bit clueless about what word to say after ‘black’.


After hearing Momo utter that word from her mouth, Woolf immediately said, “Black Underworld1? Momo your preferences are really special, even the name is so domineering.”He had learnt some Chinese as well since they'd been together. Only heaven knew that Momo had actually wanted to ask them what would be a good name, but due to her hesitation,she had said it quite slowly. And at this time, Woolf just had to try and be smart, and assumed that Momo wanted to give the sword the name of ‘Black Underworld’.

Momo didn’t have time to correct him and immediately rolled her eyes at her Uncle Woolf when she heard his words.

However, it was apparently not the time to dawdle. Bai Yi saw the myriad evolved lifeforms gathering around them once more and immediately took the lead to charge outwards again. Momo didn’t say anything either, carrying her new Black Underworld as she followed behind her daddy. Anyway, she really had no talent in choosing names, so she might as well really call it Black Underworld.

After Woolf and the others joined them, the strength of the group suddenly shot up, and all of them finally managed to move forward again. At this time, the group of people following behind Bai Yi finally realized just how astounding the strength of Bai Yi’s team was. If not for there being simply too many monsters, handling a few monsters of this caliber would just be like chopping up fruits and vegetables for them. At this moment, all of them suddenly remembered that before Bai Yi’s team had chosen to stay permanently in New Christchurch, they had already been an extremely powerful team. It was just that Bai Yi's team hadn’t fought in front of them for a long time and all of them had forgotten about this.

Even so, the monsters were really too numerous. Putting aside the large-sized ones, it was actually the small-sized, insect type evolved lifeforms hiding within this monster army which gave them the most trouble and were the most dangerous. Slowly, some of those on Bai Yi’s team received injuries as well, and the group of them split into two batches in order to take turns being the vanguard. Nancy had completely become their medic now and hurriedly administered emergency treatment to them whenever the two groups swapped.

Even so, the number of people following behind Bai Yi was still gradually decreasing, and at the very end, there were only Bai Yi’s team and slightly more than ten other people remaining.

Yu Han stood on top of a floating dragon. Although this creature was called a ‘dragon’, in reality it was just a flying snake with wings. Moreover, this snake was extremely ugly. Countless evolved lifeforms flew past Yu Han, but one after another, all of them avoided the snake, seemingly loathing it greatly.

This was a mutated floating dragon. Its genes had mutated, and its body produced a unique smell that was hated by the vast majority of evolved lifeforms. When Yu Han had met this creature, its intelligence hadn’t fully awakened yet, and it seemed to be very miserable and lonely. Yu Han didn’t know why, but when he had seen this floating dragon, he had a feeling of understanding and empathy for it.

Was it because they were in similar situations?

A strange flying bug flew toward him from the side. It seemed to be moving too quickly and was about to collide with Yu Han. However, at that moment the bug suddenly stopped, and its simple face actually revealed a look of disgust before it farted.

However, just when the bug wanted to continue flying away, Yu Han raised his left arm, and the mouth of the tortoise on the back of his hand abruptly opened its mouth. The flying bug, despite being about the size of a small calf, immediately encountered a powerful suction and was dragged backward. In the next instant, while this flying bug was panicking and didn't know what to do, the floating dragon below Yu Han abruptly turned its head around and bit at the bug, crunching it in its jaws a few times before swallowing it.

“Hmph!” Yu Han sneered coldly and continued to wait patiently.

After a period of time had passed, a flying evolved human flew over to Yu Han and said something to him. Yu Han’s eyes immediately dipped slightly, appearing to be incomparably hazy. Yu Han said something back to the flying evolved human and nodded at the floating dragon below him. The floating dragon immediately understood what he meant and suddenly flew forward.

This time, I won’t lose again!

Bai Yi’s group was still fighting their way out of the tide of monsters, and that flying evolved human headed to a few locations to gather up some people. These people were also looking for Bai Yi and carried the fluids of the floating dragon on them, so they weren’t subjected to many attacks from the wave of monsters. Even those evolved lifeforms that had gone berserk had a natural loathing toward that smell on their bodies.

Very quickly, these people were all gathered together, and there were more than 30 of them in total. In reality, there were more people than this, but they were all too widely dispersed, so there wasn’t time to gather everybody.

Bai Yi’s group met another two evolved humans when they were about to break out of New Christchurch. From the looks of it, these two people appeared very miserable and they pleaded to join Bai Yi’s group.

Bai Yi glanced at the two of them and nodded.

However, at this moment Bai Yi patted Vala beside him, and gestured with simple sign language: ‘be on guard against anyone not from our team.’ It wasn't only these two people that had just joined their group, but Bai Yi was even suspicious of the ten plus people that fought their way out with his team just now.

Betsy was off to one side and happened to see Bai Yi’s hands. She was immediately taken aback and shocked—she could recognize sign language, after all.

Be on guard! But why?

Although she didn’t understand his reasons, she still secretly told the exhausted Bellamy to be careful as well. After another half an hour of fighting their way out, Bai Yi’s group finally managed to break out of New Christchurch to the town of Ralston, which was also the small town that Woolf’s group had stopped at before.

Just when everyone thought that it was safe, Bai Yi breathed heavily a few times, and blood started flowing down from his eyes all the way to his neck. He then walked two steps forward.

“Come out, Yu Han!” Bai Yi’s tone wasn’t heavy, but the words were like exploding thunder in everyone’s ears.

“HA! Hahahahaha, I knew I couldn’t hide from you. I don’t know why, but we seem to be just like archenemies! We actually have this mysterious sense for each other now!” After hearing Bai Yi’s voice, a floating dragon came out from the shadows in the distance. Yu Han looked down at Bai Yi from atop it and started laughing loudly.

Bai Yi fixed his eyes on Yu Han. “You can say whatever you want about things like this, but answer me one thing: are you the one responsible for New Christchurch’s changes?”

Yu Han’s laughter stopped as well and he answered coldly, “That’s right, it was really a big project.”

“YOU BASTARD!” Bai Yi gritted his teeth in incomparable fury. “You got so many innocent evolved humans involved in this just because of our private grudge?!”

“Who knows, but you guys actually managed to survive. How impressive,” Yu Han said, and actually started to clap slowly. At this time, everyone realized that Yu Han’s right arm had already grown out again, but it didn’t seem like the arm of a human. It actually seemed more like an arm formed from multiple types of insect flesh.

Yu Han’s goal was of course not just to kill Bai Yi, but why should he tell them that?

Translator Note:

So when Momo said ‘name’, the word for it is ‘ming' (名) in Chinese, which happens to sound the same as another word (冥), which means underworld. So Woolf thought that she gave it the name of Black Underworld, when she actually just said ‘black’ and wanted to ask them what a good name was.
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