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Chapter 168: Born Of Fate

Beside Bai Yi were Momo, Vala, Nancy, Alodia, and Chinchilla; basically, the few members of his team who didn’t have high combat power. Bai Yi had initially planned to leave the city in two days for the place they had prepared to pass through the Hypersomnia Stage, but who would have thought that something like this would suddenly happen? Of course, Betsy, Bellamy, and the other people in the recovery center left with Bai Yi’s group—staying in the city now was basically just seeking death.

“Where are Woolf and the others?” Bai Yi asked.

“To the south, close to the outskirts of the original town of Rolleston,” Vala immediately said.

Bai Yi nodded and immediately said, “En, let’s move!” There were more than a hundred people from the recovery center with them. Some of them had been guards to begin with, so they immediately wanted to form a circle around Bai Yi’s group in order to protect them. However, Bai Yi just waved his hand and pointed at the medical personnel.

“Protect them, we’ll be fine,” Bai Yi said.

This group of guards was quite hesitant when they heard Bai Yi’s words; after all, Bai Yi’s status was too high to ignore. Additionally, people in his group like Momo and Alodia really didn’t seem like they had much combat ability. However, what these people didn’t know was that this notion of ‘not much combat ability’ was only relative within Bai Yi's team. The goal of the team in coming to New Christchurch had been to increase their individual strength anyway, and the combat power of all of them had significantly increased over this period of time.

“Keep up!” Bai Yi said, without caring about the bunch of hesitating guards. He immediately ran ahead.

The fastest group of flying evolved lifeforms at the front consisted of two strangely shaped monsters with wingspans of more than three meters. They dived down from the sky instantaneously, and their target was Bai Yi, who was leading the group. In that instant, Bai Yi drew Red Kiss from its sheath. Momo, who wasn’t even 1.3 meters in height, drew her short sword as well behind him.

Bai Yi and Momo crossed past each other from the right and left, and after that there was only the sound of their swords being sheathed before the two unknown flying creatures heavily slammed into the ground. Fresh blood instantly spurted out from the necks of these two monsters. The outcome was completely different from what might've been imagined, and the group of guards who had initially thought that they were too late to save Bai Yi’s group were shocked dumb.

It wasn’t strange that Bai Yi was so strong, but the surprising thing was that little Momo was so strong as well! Momo was only eight years old, and this was something that almost everyone knew. What eight-year-old little girl would be this strong and unwavering?

“Keep up!” Bai Yi shouted backwards again, and lead the way, charging ahead with Momo.

Along the way, various types of evolved lifeforms continuously attacked them from the land and sky. They also met a few other evolved humans, but at this point in time it was already difficult to tell the difference. At the start, Bai Yi’s group was still quite safe, and the other evolved humans they encountered slowly joined their group after recognizing him. However, once the number of people grew too large, Bai Yi wasn’t able to take care of everyone, and the speed of the entire group also slowed greatly.

Slaughter, fresh blood, excitement, madness... various elements formed the theme around them now.

Slowly, the evolved humans and lifeforms were influenced by this savage and brutal fighting and fell into the berserk state. Within this kind of situation, they couldn’t afford to care about it too much either. Without his notice, Bai Yi’s entire body was slowly dyed red, and at this time all he could do was act as the tip of the spear to force open a pathway in this meatgrinder of a battlefield. As for those companions who fell into the berserk state and lost control, at this time Bai Yi could only wish them all the best.

Pitiful cries came continuously from the group. There were monsters being killed constantly, but similarly, there were evolved humans who died under their fangs and claws. Unknowingly, an unimaginable savagery and fury grew in Bai Yi’s heart.

This wasn’t the kind of fury one felt from falling into the berserk state; the source of Bai Yi’s fury was the endless blood being spilled. The long, arduous efforts of all the evolved humans crumbled into nothingness before this tide of monsters that came out of nowhere! Even if they managed to survive this, there probably wouldn’t be many evolved humans left in total.

Damn it!

After killing another monster in front of him, Bai Yi finally couldn’t take it anymore and roared furiously from his heart. His eyes abruptly opened—Reverse Flower Eyes: Intimidation!

This wasn’t mere hypnosis, but Bai Yi’s greatest degree of intimidation. Instantly, all the frenzied evolved lifeforms and humans went silent on the spot. It was as if, in that moment, no matter whether evolved lifeforms or humans, they all saw something extremely terrifying at the same time, and subconsciously retreated away. The initially frenzied and chaotic battlefield turned quiet and stifling in that split second.

At this time, Bai Yi stood on top of the corpse of a huge evolved lifeform, Red Kiss stabbing into its head. His body was slightly bent, as if all his weight was leant on Red Kiss in his hands. Bai Yi looked down on everyone from atop the gigantic corpse, giving all of them a sense of unimaginable pressure.

Everyone who regained their focus stared at Bai Yi, subconsciously swallowing their saliva.

The patterns on Bai Yi’s eyes gradually dimmed, and he pulled Red Kiss out from the head of the monster he was standing on. “Stop zoning out, move!”

After that, Bai Yi jumped down and continued leading everyone in running away from this place. In that moment, the 40–50 people still surrounding Bai Yi immediately reacted and hurriedly followed after him. At this time, why would they think too much? For the more powerful Bai Yi was, the better it was for them.

Even if it was Bai Yi’s intimidation, he couldn’t use it continuously either. Although the surrounding evolved lifeforms were intimidated and retreated for the time being, they were very quickly influenced by the environment and gathered toward the survivors again.

Using the Reverse Flower Eyes' intimidation effect to the greatest degree for six times continuously, Bai Yi’s eyes started to become bloodshot again. This was a state where blood started to fill his eyes, and at this time Bai Yi began panting mildly as well. As for the group following him, there were only slightly more than 20 people left. Those who were weaker had all basically been left behind in the city. Even if there were people protecting them, who could do that so thoroughly at a time like this? That was why the only person that one could rely on at the very last moment of facing danger was oneself.

After seeing that Bai Yi was going to use his Reverse Flower Eyes yet again, Nancy immediately went to support him, as he was becoming unsteady on his feet.

“Bai Yi, stop using your eyes already. If you continue like this, there will be serious repercussions,” Nancy reminded him.

Bai Yi nodded. “I know.” Even if he could still do so, Bai Yi wouldn’t use them at a point like this. These monsters couldn’t possibly have united and attacked New Christchurch without any reason, and Bai Yi still wanted to see who would appear at the end of everything.

Bai Yi’s Reverse Flower Eyes gradually receded, and he only maintained his basic observational ability. At this time, Bai Yi relied more on the sharpness of Red Kiss, his blade techniques, and the combat skills of Tai Ji Fist, slowly slaughtering a pathway out with his group of people. Along the way, they saw many other evolved humans that had been surrounded by a bunch of monsters, and they struggled frantically, trying to kill their way out.

By the end, even Bai Yi felt incomparably tired, but the group seemed to be completely stationary. They could only continuously try to fend off the attacks from numerous monsters now.

Slowly, the group of people following Bai Yi started to fall into despair, and at this time Bai Yi also prepared to use the Reverse Flower Eyes again. However, suddenly, the sounds of battle and savage roars came from outside their perimeter. One voice was extremely familiar—it was Woolf and the rest! The spirits of Bai Yi’s group immediately rallied, and they slaughtered their way outward in the direction of that voice.

Woolf and the others had been at the outer area of the city, and they were actually the ones who had encountered these monsters first. However, the further they were from the city, the more room they had to maneuver, and they had still found places to avoid the monsters. Very quickly, Heloise had felt that something was wrong—the location that these evolved lifeforms were gathering toward was New Christchurch!

After discovering this, Heloise had made the decision to let everyone fight their way toward the city. Bai Yi’s group fought outwards in this direction as well, and at this time they finally met up again, right at this spot.


“Sharpei!” Bai Yi and Momo couldn’t help but shout to the two large figures at this time.

Hearing Bai Yi and Momo’s shouts, the bunch of them battling immediately rallied, and fought even harder. Ferociousness became brutality, and they tore the evolved lifeforms around them apart in the blink of an eye, running toward Bai Yi’s group immediately afterward. Sharpei ran the fastest. He stopped shortly after a few jumps, his tall figure carrying terrifying pressure. At this time, Sharpei’s second head was completely exposed, and it was even more sinister than the original.

Two-headed dog!

The people following Bai Yi immediately jumped in fright, but luckily all of them more or less recognized that this was the giant dog that followed him and Momo around all the time. It was just that Sharpei’s second head had always been hidden before.

“Sharpei!” Momo immediately jumped toward Sharpei, hugging his head. Momo’s body was now similarly covered in blood to Bai Yi's, and half of her initially white clothes were dyed red.

“Woof!” Sharpei barked and turned around again, facing all the monsters around them.

Bai Yi looked at Woolf, Heloise, Raymond, Melvin, and Pupu gradually approaching them, and revealed a tired but gratified smile.

“I will skip the greetings, let’s just fight our way out together! But we need to be careful at all times; I suspect there’s some force pushing this tide of monsters along,” Bai Yi said. At this time, Melvin suddenly approached Bai Yi, carrying a wooden box behind him.

“Bai Yi, wait!”

“What is it?”

“Initially, I just wanted to bring this here to show off, but I never imagined that we would meet with something like this. I think, this should be the so-called ‘born of fate1’.” Melvin took off the wooden box behind his back and held it horizontally in his hands.

Bai Yi received the box from him with puzzled eyes and opened it. Everyone else beside Bai Yi looked upon his actions and watched him take out a long sword from the wooden box. This was a real long sword, around 1.2 meters long, similar in length to Red Kiss. However, when Bai Yi held it in his hand he realized that this sword was at least five times heavier than Red Kiss. The blade was pitch black, thick and heavy, and carried a subtle domineering aura about it.

This is...!

Bai Yi considered the long sword in his hands and immediately thought of what was going on around them. The fang that Bai Yi had passed to Melvin long ago—Melvin had said that he would need a year to finish forging this sword. In reality, more than one and a half years had passed since then. Melvin had probably finally finished forging the sword and wanted to give Bai Yi a surprise.

Born of fate, huh!

Translator's Notes:

Born of fate has the connotation of something appearing because it was needed at that moment, so it was fated to appear to fulfill a purpose. It’s a Chinese idiom btw!
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