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Chapter 167: What Was The Use Of This?


Two different men said the same thing at the same time in their hearts, but their moods were completely different.

The eyes of the man standing at the top of a mountain looking in the direction of New Christchurch were calm, yet it seemed like a violent undercurrent was raging within him. He didn’t know how to describe how he felt inside now; had he not been resolute when he had made his choice back then?

Within his research lab, Ji Hua Qing looked at a special red plant growing in the center of a cultivation pool. This plant looked like a small, unique tree, and under it was a giant cultivation pool, stuffed to the brim with the flesh and blood of evolved lifeforms and humans, and the stolon of plants. This was a thing that was created through the connection between activated cells, a thing that laid between the boundary of plants and animals. Ji Hua Qing couldn’t have succeeded in this research without the help of one the researchers under him, who had given him crucial hints from time to time.

But, just what is the use of this thing?

Ji Hua Qing looked down at the giant cultivation pool below. Although the flesh and blood of evolved lifeforms and humans were plentiful inside, they were apparently not sufficient for this strange plant to absorb them. If he wanted to speed up the growth of this thing, this amount of flesh and blood was clearly not enough. But, if he wanted to make this thing even bigger, it wasn’t something achievable with his current status, and this thing would be exposed as well.

When it came to research, Ji Hua Qing was just a fanatical researcher, and he didn’t care about whether this kind of research was moral or bloody. However, after finishing the research, Ji Hua Qing regained his calm again. Now that he thought about it, that assistant of his seemed to be very extraordinary, she seemed to always provide some important bit of information whenever he reached an obstacle in his thoughts. It was just as if that assistant of his seemed to know the complete procedure.

How is that possible!?

 Ji Hua Qing laughed in ridicule at himself, and suddenly thought of the small research facility that he had acquired the information about the connection between activated cells from. When they had reached that place, they found that there had already been people there before them. Moreover, the information about the connection between activated cells they acquired was something recovered by that artificial intelligence. Although that artificial intelligence was very powerful, in the end the data it had recovered still had a very big portion of information missing.

Was this assistant the person who had acquired the research data before him?

Ji Hua Qing decided to get to the bottom of this, but after searching for half a day, he realized that the assistant had taken her leave three days ago when the research was on the brink of success. Ever since then, she hadn’t returned.


Bai Yi decided to entrust Chinchilla to Betsy and Bellamy, letting them take care of it for the time being. The Binging Stage had been difficult to go through in the past, but food already wasn’t a problem in the Devil Isles any longer. Of course, Bai Yi would provide the two of them with sufficient Devil coins, as at the very least he wasn’t lacking in money. As the number one Hypnotist, Bai Yi enjoyed special status in New Christchurch.

As for the genes that Chinchilla would fuse with, Bai Yi had only picked one type.


Animals from the cat family were already upper tier predators in the food chain on Earth, so Chinchilla would already possess sufficient strength just from fusing with ant genes. Moreover, since they'd started out they had also concluded that real top-tier strength basically relied on mutations. Even fusing with a seemingly completely useless gene could result in an abnormally powerful ability. Bai Yi was the best example of this. Who knew that the butterfly genes would result in such a change in Bai Yi’s body?

Since he'd chosen ants, he of course had to pick the best kind. There were very few pure ants that could be found now, so what Bai Yi chose in the end was arguably the most ferocious ant that people had discovered so far... the Golden Marked Flying Ant. This kind of ant totally went against the original hive nature of ants, and had became completely independent. These ants were usually about five to ten centimeters long, and had three pairs of black wings. On these wings were magnificent golden patterns. These ants had incredible strength, abnormally fast speed, powerful poison, and most importantly, their bodies were unbelievably hard. A normal adult human male probably wouldn’t be able to even leave a scratch on a Golden Marked Flying Ant if he hacked at it with a knife using his full force.

Of course, they knew that Chinchilla would only fuse with the lifeform’s original genes, as the genes that the evolved lifeform had fused with in later stages wouldn’t transfer to any other lifeform. However, this ant was relatively stronger, and after all, what if Chinchilla only had one gene fusion chance?

Bai Yi still needed to provide treatment to Betsy and Bellamy, so the mission of capturing this ant fell to Woolf and the others. Vala informed Woolf and the rest, who were outside of New Christchurch, and after that they waited.

Woolf and the others didn’t expect that the little kitten Chinchilla would enter the Binging Stage at this time either, but they still followed Bai Yi’s instructions and started to look for the Golden Marked Flying Ant.

After looking for three days, when Bai Yi’s side was about to leave New Christchurch, Woolf finally sent over a Golden Marked Flying Ant. Fortunately, although this thing was powerful, its size wasn’t particularly big, so it was still able to be imprisoned. Nancy came back with it as well, helping to extract the genes from the Golden Marked Flying Ant and injecting them into Chinchilla.

After giving the injection to Chinchilla, Nancy said to Bai Yi, “Oh right, over this period of time, I've discovered that some of the evolved lifeforms around New Christchurch are behaving quite abnormally.”

“What’s so abnormal?” Bai Yi asked.

“They are too concentrated. The evolved lifeforms around New Christchurch are usually very sparsely distributed due to their expulsion and extermination by humans, but there seem to be a lot of evolved lifeforms around now. They are all seemingly gathering around New Christchurch,” Nancy explained.

“Really?” Bai Yi asked in doubt.

Nancy nodded. “En, it’s true.”

Bai Yi heard her words and fell into deep thought. Just what kind of cause was behind this abnormal situation? Regardless of the nature of it, Bai Yi still decided to inform the city of this discovery. Very quickly, Bai Yi informed Freud and the others, but after talking on the phone, he found out that Freud had known of it long ago. After all, his ministry had been the ones fighting on the front lines all the while.

Bai Yi had already entrusted Chinchilla to Betsy and Bellamy, but now he was a bit worried about New Christchurch’s abnormal situation. Bai Yi had to remain in New Christchurch for a few more days anyway, so he instructed Woolf and the rest to continue observing the situation, as well as getting more details about the circumstances from Freud.

Bai Yi didn’t know why, but after discovering this abnormality he couldn’t help but feel an uneasiness in his heart.

At night time, Bai Yi stood on the roof of the recovery center and stared at the black clouds in the sky, feeling some slight heaviness in the air. Just what is this feeling? Just when Bai Yi turned around, he suddenly discovered a patch of dark clouds flying in from the south, but the next moment he was instantly stunned. Were those even clouds? It was clearly a gigantic swarm of flying evolved lifeforms that covered the sky! At this time, the sounds of fighting and pitiful screams slowly drifted in from the perimeter of the city.

Bai Yi’s eyes contracted for a moment, and he immediately turned around, heading for the broadcast room.

“Attention please! To all personnel in the recovery center, I am Bai Yi. A huge number of evolved lifeforms have just appeared on the perimeter of New Christchurch. Everyone get ready for battle! Let me repeat, this is not a joke.” Bai Yi immediately turned around and left the broadcast room after he finished speaking.

Why, why were all these evolved lifeforms gathering around New Christchurch like this?

Bai Yi thought at a frenzied pace, but he couldn’t think of any reason. At this time, the evolved lifeforms in the outside world, species by species, gradually gathered toward New Christchurch. Among these evolved lifeforms, a black oriental dragon-like creature flew in the sky, and a human figure stood on top of it.

When Bai Yi released the announcement, the other five ministers discovered this emergency as well. They immediately broadcasted a warning over the entire city and went on full alert. Just like Bai Yi, nobody knew what was going on right now, or why. This was exactly like the legendary ‘monster attacks on the city’ events! But this wasn’t any freaking game! Just what was going on?

However, now was apparently not the time to pursue the matter of what was going on, as evolved lifeforms numerous enough to cover the earth and skies gathered against New Christchurch, unleashing a brutal attack on all evolved humans.

At the start, people could still generally tell who was an evolved human and what was an evolved lifeform, but very quickly everyone started to fight each other in a bitter slaughter. Fresh blood and broken limbs scattered in the air, and many evolved lifeforms started to devour all of these greedily. The people in the recovery center went outside under Bai Yi’s lead and immediately discovered this shocking scene.

“Chairman Bai Yi!” Everyone in the recovery center looked at Bai Yi.

Bai Yi looked at the evolved lifeforms swarming in from everywhere and gritted his teeth viciously. No matter what the reason was behind the attack on the city by these evolved lifeforms, after this incident New Christchurch, which had just been built up for a year plus, would be ruined. This was the city that all evolved humans had shed an untold quantity of blood and sweat for, spent a countless amount of effort to build, and it represented the hope of all evolved humans! However, this hope had been broken at such an early stage.

However, Bai Yi still immediately gathered himself and shouted, “We’ll break out!” bringing everyone toward the outskirts.

New Christchurch had turned into a complete meat grinder by now, as countless evolved lifeforms and humans slaughtered each other continuously in the city, and the streets were dyed with fresh blood. Bai Yi could tell that there was absolutely no point in staying in the city and trying to defend it. After all, the construction of the city hadn't included walls like in medieval times.

The center of the city was also the location of the mini research lab that Ji Hua Qing was at. At this time, Ji Hua Qing was also awakened by the sounds of frenzied battles outside, and he immediately opened the door of the research lab and looked outside in shock. Just what had happened here? Ji Hua Qing was totally unaware of how the blood that fell from all the evolved lifeforms gradually followed the terrain and flowed all the way toward the research lab, collecting at the strange plant at the bottom of it.

Ning Xue was in the bottommost part of the lab. She tidied her lab coat and stared at the plant, which beat continuously like the pulse of a human. She issued a deep sigh in her heart.

She was that assistant of Ji Hua Qing, and now her mission was complete.

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