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Chapter 155: Welcome

Everyone waited excitedly for the data that Yeye had recovered, but the information stunned all of them the moment they saw it. Then, they turned their heads away with incredibly awkward expressions on their faces. How to describe this…the data recovered completely exceeded all of their expectations, it was really too shocking. That’s right, way too shocking. A black man hugged a white woman, as they were crazily ‘rode’ each other.

Fuck, classic uncensored blockbuster movie!

Nobody expected that the ‘data’ that Yeye first retrieved would be something like this. The contrast between reality and their expectations, in addition to the scene they saw, really left them stupefied.

“Yeye, did you do this on purpose?” Bai Yi asked.

“What on purpose? I don’t have that kind of interests! In the end, I’m completely unable to understand this weird behavior of you humans. Is this the so-called ‘mating’?” Yeye’s face looked like it was in deep thought. An image of a cute little girl thinking about something like this so seriously, was it really ok?

“That’s not exactly right, mating usually refers to what animals do. Humans usually call it sex.” Ji Hua Qing corrected her with a straight face.

“Oh really? But what is the difference between what animals and humans do? Moreover, you humans named this file ‘Crazy Mating Party’.”

The old guy and little girl actually started to discuss this issue seriously. Bai Yi and the others couldn’t help but look at each other in dismay, and after that Bai Yi immediately hurriedly tried to stop them. However, at this moment, Yeye suddenly brought the topic to Heloise and Woolf.

“It’s clearly mating. Look at this if you don’t believe me!” Yeye said and played a video. This video was actually the video of Heloise and Woolf making love back in Tongariro National Park Research Facility. Their actions were very frenzied and many dirty words were mixed inside, such as…mating.

Heloise’s face instantly changed, and she became extremely awkward.

That’s enough!!

Bai Yi immediately hit Ji Hua Qing with his Reverse Flower Eyes, and the old man immediately fell asleep on the table. After that, Bai Yi knocked on the table seriously and said, “Yeye that’s enough, don’t talk about this thing anymore. Recover the rest of the data seriously, and don’t display the content anymore, let us look at it for ourselves.”

“Hmph, a classical example of tearing the bridge apart before even crossing it!” Yeye pouted and look at Bai Yi angrily. (TN: This means offending the person before the person helps you.)

“A demure lady wouldn’t discuss something like that like you,” Vala suddenly said.

“Is that really the case?”

“That’s right, I’m a noble etiquette teacher!” Vala slowly nodded her head. Vala could tell that this artificial intelligence called Yeye seemed to mind her image quite a bit. Based on what she showed them, she should be a refined lady as well in her settings. Hence, Vala planned to guide her from this aspect.

“Noble etiquette, I don’t have complete data on this thing! What is it like?” Sure enough, Yeye felt interested in this topic.

After a random farce, Yeye continued recovering the information, while Bai Yi headed outside to check on Woolf and Raymond. When Bai Yi went out, he discovered the two of them being bored to death training their battle techniques.

“Bai Yi, how is it?”

“A portion of the data was recovered, but it was completely useless, so it’s still ongoing now.” Bai Yi didn’t talk about the farce inside.

It was still quite difficult to recover data that had already been deleted, and the amount of data inside a research facility was also unimaginably huge. Needless to say, in this huge amount of data, there were still many trash files similar to ‘Crazy Mating Party’. After taking up half a day, Yeye finally recovered all the data. At this time, they finally had the chance to look at this research data.

The research data was all in English, so Bai Yi could only understand a few commonly used words and not the unfamiliar technical terms. If he combined these words together, Bai Yi became even more clueless about it. However, just from looking at Ji Hua Qing looking at the research data with an incomparably serious expression, Bai Yi knew the importance of this data.

“Can you explain what all this mean?”

“En, en,” Ji Hua Qing replied to Bai Yi absent-mindedly, seemingly patronizing him. After he got a hold of what was going on, Ji Hua Qing started to explain things to Bai Yi, but it still contained many technical terms. Bai Yi couldn’t understand most of it still. Most importantly, he could tell that Ji Hua Qing, this old man, was hiding something.

Bai Yi rubbed the center of his eyebrows, as his mood turned for the worse.

Regarding the research into activated cells in the future and the research into regaining their human form, they had to pass all these to the researchers. If none of them could understand this research, then how would they know what were these people were researching exactly? This bunch of people might even trick them and turn them into their lab rats.

Bai Yi didn’t continue pressing Ji Hua Qing for the true content inside, but he took out all the books on biology he could find in this research facility.

“Dr. Ji, from now on, you will teach me about basic biological research,” Bai Yi said.

“En, wait what?” Bai Yi’s sudden request apparently left Ji Hua Qing stunned.

“Teach me about basic biological research,” Bai Yi said without leaving any room for negotiation.

“If you really insist, but don’t expect to learn anything in this short period of time. Which true researcher wasn’t developed through countless experiments and accumulations?” Ji Hua Qing understood his position in the team, so he didn’t have the option to reject Bai Yi.

Bai Yi nodded. His goal wasn’t to participate in research after all, as he didn’t have so much free time. Bai Yi just wanted to be able to understand this research data. At the very least, he had to know what these people were researching so as to not get scammed.

They stayed in the research facility for a whole day and finally left after they made a copy of everything useful inside. Moreover, Bai Yi similarly asked Yeye to delete all the data this time, a complete wipe of the data so that not even a trace remained. Even if there were people who came here afterward, they probably wouldn’t be able to find any useful information any more. Bai Yi didn’t know why, but he felt that the group of people who came before him were people who could really understand this data, and they understood it even better than them. In the future, perhaps…

Anyway, they had to go to New Christchurch first.

Bai Yi’s team walked for one and a half months before they reached the outskirts of New Christchurch. Even from the outside, they could see the city hidden within the forest, and it was a unique city that had a fantasy feel to it. This was because the people living in the city were indeed a bunch of monsters. There weren’t too many people in this New Christchurch city, only about 100,000 people. However, these 100,000 people were already a rare bustling scene in New Zealand now.

Although there weren’t many people in this new city, the buildings were all very huge. After all, more than 90% of the evolved humans experienced huge changes in their bodies. If they followed the original blueprints to build this city, most of them would not be able to stay in this place.

Bai Yi’s team could tell that the construction of the city was just at the beginning of the beginning stages. After all, it had only been half a year. The organizing, planning, looking for talents, new construction blueprints, defending against evolved lifeforms outside, all of these took up a lot of time. Moreover, the evolved humans were all newly gathered in this place. Amongst them, how to lead, who to lead, all of these were very critical problems.

Bai Yi’s team walked into the city without drawing any attention to themselves, but there were still people who felt that something was off.

There was a guy whose lower half of his body was that of a scorpion. His 6 legs moved around on the floor, as he tried to build a house for himself. Suddenly, he stunned for a moment and looked toward their direction. After taking another look, this guy completely blanked out, That guy, that team, it’s so similar to the rumors! After blanking out for a long while, this guy immediately threw the wood onto the floor and crawled over to Bai Yi’s team. His 6 legs made sounds as they cut through the air.

It was very apparent that this guy had grown used to his 6 legs after such a long time and crawled extremely swiftly.

“Wait, the team in front, please wait!”

“En, is there anything?” Bai Yi’s team turned around and looked at this scorpion-like fellow.

“Can I ask if you are Bai Yi team leader?” The scorpion-like guy replied.

“That’s right, I am Bai Yi.” Bai Yi nodded.

How could he describe this? Although he had already guessed that it could be Bai Yi previously, when Bai Yi really admitted it himself, this guy unexpectedly went dumb. It’s Bai Yi, it’s really Bai Yi! One must know, even if somebody really wanted to impersonate someone else, they still wouldn’t impersonate Bai Yi. It was because that pair of eyes couldn’t be faked!

“You are really Bai Yi team leader, that’s great, that’s really great!” This scorpion-man immediately became incoherent, as a mysterious scorpion’s cry mixed into his voice. Apparently, he was really too agitated.

“Calm down, calm down. Is there anything you want?” Bai Yi immediately tried to pacify this guy.

“Please save my companions! My team leader and two of my teammates went berserk! Bai Yi team leader, please help them.” This scorpion-man immediately kneeled down with all 6 of his legs. This scene seemed a bit out of place somewhere, but Bai Yi still felt a great shock from this.

“Get up first, we’ll talk about it after you get up.” Bai Yi immediately went to help this guy up.

At this time, a few other evolved humans nearby saw the commotion going on and their initial surprise very quickly turned into shock. It was Bai Yi, that man was really Bai Yi! The Bai Yi who disappeared for more than half a year reappeared in New Christchurch city! There’s hope for their companions that fell into the berserk state now! In a short while, the people nearby immediately crowded around Bai Yi’s team and surrounded them.

This is serious!

Bai Yi said in his heart, as he looked at the crowd growing bigger and more agitated. Bai Yi himself never imagined that he would be so welcomed in this place!

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